Post Malone - Congratulations ft. Quavo

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  • Congratulations ft. Quavo (Official Video)
    Taken from the album Stoney
    Song available here:

    Connect with Post Malone:

    Directed by James DeFina
    Produced by James DeFina & Chris Velona
    For Definate Films

    Music video by Post Malone performing Congratulations ft. Quavo. © 2017 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Runtime: 3:47
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  • Nicholas Cuevas
    Nicholas Cuevas 2 minutes ago


  • Jun Qin
    Jun Qin 3 minutes ago

    razer oh w8 not

  • Brandon Chowkai
    Brandon Chowkai 3 minutes ago

    1:54 when u lose connection on round 99 on zombies

  • Herbs
    Herbs 4 minutes ago

    Quavo fucken sucks at rapping. Horrible choice for this song

  • YO! U2COOL
    YO! U2COOL 5 minutes ago

    When the teacher forgets the homework and the smart kid doesn't remind her

  • Givenoodle
    Givenoodle 9 minutes ago

    When you find the perfect In game sensitivity

  • Snigger
    Snigger 11 minutes ago


  • Wesley Simon
    Wesley Simon 16 minutes ago

    When you get more than 11 likes on Instagram

  • QuizzyYT
    QuizzyYT 16 minutes ago

    RAZER :)

  • Wesley Simon
    Wesley Simon 16 minutes ago

    When you get more than 11 likes on Instagram so it switches to numbers instead of names

  • fred castellon
    fred castellon 17 minutes ago


  • Wesley Simon
    Wesley Simon 18 minutes ago

    When lil pump doesn't do something stupid

  • Wesley Simon
    Wesley Simon 21 minute ago

    When something good actually happens

  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving 23 minutes ago

    When the cashier sees you put soda in a wata cup and he let it slide

  • Wesley Simon
    Wesley Simon 23 minutes ago

    When something positive happens

  • My dog demanded subscribers so I did this

    The number of likes is my dick length in mm
    The number of replies is my age

  • princess on fleak
    princess on fleak 25 minutes ago


  • Dezmond Turner
    Dezmond Turner 26 minutes ago

    When you made it all the way home on an empty gas tank

  • Jessuz King
    Jessuz King 26 minutes ago

    When you get out of friendzoned 🎉🎉🎉

  • PaperBoy
    PaperBoy 27 minutes ago

    When xX_pu$sy_fucka69 says he's gonna beat your ass and fuck your mom on xbox, but you can hear his mom in the background telling him to go play outside

  • Carrot_01
    Carrot_01 29 minutes ago

    When you come outta the closet LOL

  • Alex Ahn
    Alex Ahn 32 minutes ago

    My favorite song

  • Yanna Yanna
    Yanna Yanna 33 minutes ago

    When you finally figured out how to unlock your phone

  • AutumnPratt
    AutumnPratt 37 minutes ago

    When you see that Twenty Øne pilots played this song at their concert

  • Fakename Andlastname
    Fakename Andlastname 43 minutes ago

    can you stop making this song a meme ?

  • Triple J Vloxxer
    Triple J Vloxxer 48 minutes ago

    When you kiss without being stared at.

  • BRUHItsMiss_N :3
    BRUHItsMiss_N :3 49 minutes ago

    What's wrong with eyes

  • Raynerd Victor
    Raynerd Victor 50 minutes ago

    how can I make sense. if I have million things in my mind.

  • SkorpionZ
    SkorpionZ 51 minute ago

    I showed this to my grass....

    Now i got weed

  • bmo1334
    bmo1334 52 minutes ago

    When you make a meme on meme maker and it gets more then 5 hits

  • Troy C
    Troy C 55 minutes ago

    When you graduate high school and still don't have your drivers license.

  • Scurterplurt
    Scurterplurt 57 minutes ago

    When africa is your village

  • Lily Im
    Lily Im 58 minutes ago

    Quavo killed it🔥🔥

  • ImPex
    ImPex 59 minutes ago

    When you plug your phone in at 1%

  • ChrisE196 !
    ChrisE196 ! 59 minutes ago

    When u grow a cm on dick

  • Anna Villasenor
    Anna Villasenor 1 hour ago

    When you wear a white shirt all day and it doesn't get dirty😁

  • Kyren Parkman
    Kyren Parkman 1 hour ago

    When you get the succ

  • Derek Hageman
    Derek Hageman 1 hour ago

    YouTube auto play keeps putting this fucking awful song on..

  • GGdrama forever
    GGdrama forever 1 hour ago

    When u phone on 1% and plug it in on time

  • Anthony DeRosa
    Anthony DeRosa 1 hour ago

    I commented on the first YouTube drop saying if they do a music video this song will blow up. 300m views later...

  • Virginia Gam
    Virginia Gam 1 hour ago

    I listen like every day

  • Juan Tamad
    Juan Tamad 1 hour ago

    when i actually get up of bed

  • Cesar-7- -
    Cesar-7- - 1 hour ago

    when you realize post malone looks funny

  • Kayleigh
    Kayleigh 1 hour ago

    When your mom believes you and not your sibling

  • SBTv 1
    SBTv 1 1 hour ago


  • nich188
    nich188 1 hour ago

    When something happens and it is not Obama's fault

  • john moha
    john moha 1 hour ago

    Why isn't he not in the xxl freshman class

  • Justin Spivey
    Justin Spivey 1 hour ago

    When your mom picks you up before gym class.

  • Justin Spivey
    Justin Spivey 1 hour ago

    When the teacher pulls you out her room and you dont get introuble

  • Creeden Henderson
    Creeden Henderson 1 hour ago

    When you're cookie actually fits in the glass of milk.

  • Climate Change
    Climate Change 1 hour ago

    when you find the porn video you vaguely remembered that made you cum 5 times a day 5 years ago.

  • Josh Keene
    Josh Keene 1 hour ago

    When you drop your phone but u catch before it hits the ground

  • AJAX
    AJAX 1 hour ago

    When you curse in front of your mom and she doesn't hear you...

  • Torogadad
    Torogadad 1 hour ago

    when you type a text with one hand and make no mistakes first try

  • Stephen B.
    Stephen B. 1 hour ago

    When O.J. get out of prison.

  • ballsack noodles
    ballsack noodles 1 hour ago

    When you don't vomit when you're drunk

  • CupCake Baby
    CupCake Baby 1 hour ago

    love this song but to much smoke going on

  • Marquitos Ruiz
    Marquitos Ruiz 1 hour ago


  • The Purple Robloxian

    Me: calls 911
    911: "911 what is your emergency?"
    Me: "My house is on fire."
    911: "How did this happen?"
    Me: "I was listening to Post Malone - Congratulations."

  • Chavon  Taylor
    Chavon Taylor 1 hour ago


  • Nicolas Vinhal
    Nicolas Vinhal 1 hour ago

    laike Pedro gosta de vc

  • Vicente Torres
    Vicente Torres 1 hour ago

  • Elisa Cruz
    Elisa Cruz 1 hour ago

    When you're first place in Kahoot!

  • Brandi Baker
    Brandi Baker 1 hour ago

    When you find out you can rap but you white lol

    LOGANG4LIFE 1 hour ago

    when you reach lvl 100 in bo3

  • beau vlasak
    beau vlasak 1 hour ago

    When your black friend calls you nigga

  • Wassabi Martinez
    Wassabi Martinez 1 hour ago


  • Jessen Lopez
    Jessen Lopez 1 hour ago

    Random question : who is the girl at 1:07 with the glasses on the left of post??

  • HD Tigerrr
    HD Tigerrr 2 hours ago

    Metro boomin hands down one of the best producers in the game right now. Every song he produces is an instant banger

  • Charles Bishop
    Charles Bishop 2 hours ago

    When you can type without looking at the keyboard

  • blo114
    blo114 2 hours ago

    the default snare

    IT_IZ_PEANUTZ 2 hours ago

    That TV will never know how to vacation...

  • Malaiah Ramirez
    Malaiah Ramirez 2 hours ago

    This song is my favorite 👌🏻🤘🏼💸💸🔥🔥🤑🤑

  • Caden Snitker
    Caden Snitker 2 hours ago

    For he people who have broke he replay button
    Did that help?

  • Brian Pereda
    Brian Pereda 2 hours ago

    Cool song man

  • Kesi M22
    Kesi M22 2 hours ago

    wtf word is wrong with comments

  • Abe Williams
    Abe Williams 2 hours ago


  • Life Of Fry
    Life Of Fry 2 hours ago

    I'll never get why this has so many dislikes

  • moha james
    moha james 2 hours ago

    when u kiss your crush

  • brenden uzuegbu
    brenden uzuegbu 2 hours ago

    When you best the boss 40 levels higher than you

  • Kira The Unicorn
    Kira The Unicorn 2 hours ago

    When u hit puberty.....

  • Le Original Pepe
    Le Original Pepe 2 hours ago


  • AzXeH Sebastian
    AzXeH Sebastian 2 hours ago


  • Houston Harris
    Houston Harris 2 hours ago

    my gf was crying when listen to this she said she think of me lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 2 hours ago

    this guys hair though xD
    and this song i dont really like

  • Gignac Le Big Mac
    Gignac Le Big Mac 2 hours ago

    When you survive a Jake Paul video

  • Inkd Shortty
    Inkd Shortty 2 hours ago

    When u wanna smoke weeed but roll up,a joint wit parsley

  • Zougames
    Zougames 2 hours ago

    when you prove your dad wrong

  • Dubz Galaxy
    Dubz Galaxy 2 hours ago

    When you release you have your favourite teacher next 🌵

  • Nelson B
    Nelson B 2 hours ago

    This song makes 9/11 want to investigate the real story behind me while Ted Cruz sucks my mouth with his balls. Hey did you guys hear that America’s taking away all its immigrants’ jobs? I’d go protest but then a gun might shoot me with its cop. Peace out I make so much money that I donate charities to the bank.

  • The Confused Knicks Fan

    When the school shooter says to not come to school tomorrow

  • Cookie Boo28
    Cookie Boo28 3 hours ago

    good song

  • Harb's Unknown Son
    Harb's Unknown Son 3 hours ago

    Why can I smell post through the video?

  • Syd tabener Tymm
    Syd tabener Tymm 3 hours ago

    When you make a joke in class and everyone laughs 😂

  • The Duck
    The Duck 3 hours ago

    Child Birth

  • M9 Zawskii
    M9 Zawskii 3 hours ago

    When your sister lets you smash

  • Enzo Tan
    Enzo Tan 3 hours ago

    When you order Wendy's but get kfc

  • jack breach
    jack breach 3 hours ago

    Mad respect from the uk post, keep the wavey shit coming

  • Jjestevez2005
    Jjestevez2005 3 hours ago

    I like his Music "CONGRATULATIONS"

  • Boyan Delev
    Boyan Delev 3 hours ago

    When you finally get out of bronze

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