Who Am I? ‘The Real’ DNA Results, Part 2

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  • liz m
    liz m 1 hour ago

    Adrienne​... the Latinos didn't get around, other people got around the Native Americans... We "Latinos" really need to learn about where we come from... Especially now that Donald dump is our president

  • morgan taylor
    morgan taylor 1 day ago

    who is laughing like that at 2:33 😂😂😂

  • Jaime Michel
    Jaime Michel 2 days ago

    Me and Adrienne have similar ancestry
    28% native american i'm 25% native american
    57% European i'm 57% European
    8% middle eastern i'm 10% middle eastern
    7% African i'm 5% African my remaining 3 percent are 2% Asia 1% percent Polynesian

    we Latinos are all pretty much the same thing

  • Layla Cee
    Layla Cee 3 days ago

    So many lines 😂
    Adrienne: 'Wait, I'm white?'
    Jeannie: *when they show they map for Adrienne* 'you look like a cell phone coverage.'
    Adrienne: Wait, I'm as white as Tamera?'
    Tamera: Yep! Can't pick on me anymore, Adrienne!

  • Sheila Onynago
    Sheila Onynago 3 days ago

    None of this is surprising if you know anything about colonization

  • Dongwook Kim
    Dongwook Kim 3 days ago

    South East or North East of Asia for the first lady

  • destin omura
    destin omura 4 days ago

    adrianne wanna cry shes not latina lol

  • Joseph Mendoza
    Joseph Mendoza 5 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks Tamera's yup yup yup yup yup was cute lol it was cute the way how she said it

  • TheEllybelly17
    TheEllybelly17 5 days ago

    I mean adrienne should of known she was a bag of mix trails..all latinos should know.lol but it was funny seeing her scream about being african again duhh.kinda makes me sad tho cause Dominicans shun or are in denial about having african ancestry! And want no part of it.im dominican btw.

  • R. Pagel
    R. Pagel 5 days ago

    "I'm white" 😂😂😂🙃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Soto N
    Soto N 5 days ago

    Rachel Dolezal may actually be black, her and Adrianne look related

  • Kawaiizoey
    Kawaiizoey 6 days ago

    This is racist

  • Lell Mi
    Lell Mi 6 days ago +1

    Bruce Lee had a white blood in him too, so no, Jeannie you're not related to him!

  • Don K
    Don K 7 days ago

    It is sad when people do not realize that Spain and Portugal is in Europe..

  • Eli 아 나
    Eli 아 나 8 days ago


  • Ntsoaki Sheleni
    Ntsoaki Sheleni 9 days ago

    hay Jeannie..lmao

  • Rayne
    Rayne 9 days ago +1

    her swag came frm her 13% poly of her lolol//I'm poly

  • JayTV gang
    JayTV gang 10 days ago

    the more white people makes black race looks bad, the more people want to be black.see how happy this bitch , just to be 7 percent black. lol tf

  • Gustavo C Lan
    Gustavo C Lan 11 days ago

    Americans of Latin American ancestry are completly ignorant of their (alleged) people history, yet they to love to beat the chest and say "Oh, I am Latino(a), bla bla bla". Idiots.

  • ScholarWarrior101
    ScholarWarrior101 11 days ago

    Adrienne's results proved how dumb and made up this whole the "Latina" category really is.

  • Imerria peoples
    Imerria peoples 12 days ago

    She is obsessed with being latina.

  • Daron French
    Daron French 13 days ago

    I was confused about Jeanne 's results. If she is Vietnamese how does she have a high East Asia etnicthy. Vietnam is not part of East Aisa but Southeast Asia.

  • CochellaIsLife:3
    CochellaIsLife:3 14 days ago +1

    I'm white!!!!!

  • Cow Cow
    Cow Cow 15 days ago

    They got so hype when they found out she was african 😂😂😂

  • shawn m
    shawn m 15 days ago

    why do they act like being white is bad

  • alisandro Hernandez
    alisandro Hernandez 15 days ago

    adrinne is not a true latina than

  • kottonkandyx
    kottonkandyx 16 days ago

    I'm British and I don't understand why they are all upset with being white/European?

  • Shera Ahmed
    Shera Ahmed 17 days ago +1

    "Yo I know I'm black y'all" I died of laughter.

  • luname
    luname 17 days ago

    what did she think latina meant? i'm confused about her confusion

  • Daniel Tsang
    Daniel Tsang 19 days ago


  • LulyTubee
    LulyTubee 19 days ago +1

    Why is she so surprised? she is Puerto Rican duh!

  • Esther Petit Frere
    Esther Petit Frere 20 days ago

    omg when adrienne said 'im white' i died

  • Esther Petit Frere
    Esther Petit Frere 20 days ago +1

    Adrienne's reaction to her being Native American. haha

  • Nicole Berry
    Nicole Berry 22 days ago +1

    They were acting so ignorant about the results

  • mohd saeed
    mohd saeed 25 days ago +1

    Tamara is soooo beautiful

  • Valentino Blackmon
    Valentino Blackmon 25 days ago

    Her reaction when she found out she was black😭😭😭💗💗💗💕💕

  • Sokhna Ndiaye
    Sokhna Ndiaye 28 days ago

    Why was jeannie getting up when adrienne got up like you don't even know why she's happy lol

  • stripmakah215610
    stripmakah215610 28 days ago


  • Nicole Rivera
    Nicole Rivera 28 days ago +1

    This was well over a year ago, but I wanted to shed some light on Adrienne's background since she is very much confused as well as everyone else. When Puerto Rico was colonized, the Spaniards brought people from all over Europe, the middle East and Africa (slaves) to populate the island. Puerto Ricans are mixed with a little bit of everything and that's okay! We are all different and that is what gives us our spice that makes us stand out!

  • Raye S
    Raye S 28 days ago

    Omg these reaction so are so ridiculous, it kinda just proves how ignorant Americans are 😞

  • Déborah
    Déborah 28 days ago

    of course she white look at her hands Ive always noticed it

  • Bert Gogo
    Bert Gogo 29 days ago

    European part is most likely Spain

  • Latesha English
    Latesha English 29 days ago +1

    I'm 100% Native American

  • ibmor Joey
    ibmor Joey 1 month ago +1

    Gawd damn. adrienne bailon got fat. Dont get married homies. bitches be pretty single

  • TJ Logic
    TJ Logic 1 month ago +1

    I guess 1 good thing came out of slavery ~_~

  • House of Zuma
    House of Zuma 1 month ago

    Unfortunately native american women were also raped.

  • Court 20
    Court 20 1 month ago

    2:58 was how most of us were looking. (Tamar, and Tamera)... then we got that outspoken friend like Jeanie who says exactly what we're thinking at the exact moment.

  • Millie Reynoso
    Millie Reynoso 1 month ago

    Lmao this was very funny

  • noor samaale
    noor samaale 1 month ago

    andriana got 7% East African like Somalia and Ethiopia .when i saw her face I guessed that she got Somalian facial feature and I was telling my friend that she kinda look somali .i am not talking about skin color but her facial features and she got 7% East African .Somali y chromosome is e1b1b1 m 35 about 100% and alot of Northern and southern Europeans are also shared DNA with East African and I think that why how she got 7% East African

  • Mauro Minutta
    Mauro Minutta 1 month ago

    It's so annoying watching Latinos being ignorant about their heritage, we're constantly pointing out that Latino is not a race yet this lady still is unaware of what that means, we're a mix of primarily 3 ingredients, now if you put black, native American, and white in 3 ends of the spectrum you realize that actually a lot of latinos are primarily European, particularly Adrienne, has no visible African or native features so of course she's mostly white...

  • Zulaikha Alizadeh
    Zulaikha Alizadeh 1 month ago

    I wanna take this test so bad!!!

  • Francesca Agyeman
    Francesca Agyeman 1 month ago

    I know that my family originate from Ghana in West Africa, but I'm thinking back to black history when my great grandparents moved to other parts of West Africa. I know I may be 100 percent West African and pure black.

  • Meshia Bean
    Meshia Bean 1 month ago

    I am such a baby I am over here crying for them happy tears that is. I am getting this done real soon👍

  • Erika Luleå
    Erika Luleå 1 month ago

    Latinos should say to Trump, We are more americans then he is. :) smile

  • Donna Woodruff
    Donna Woodruff 1 month ago

    I bet her family were gypsies, they traveled all over the middle East, Europe, parts of Africa, all over spain and even the Irish have gypsies who traveled to the US and even the Irish were part of the slave trade as well as Africans so that could explain her American and South American roots as well as her native American, I love these DNA tests, always wanted to try one but worried I'm just a boring white girl

  • Black Queen
    Black Queen 1 month ago

    Adrienne was acting like she was on the Maury Show lmao

  • Black Queen
    Black Queen 1 month ago

    "I'm white?" lmao

  • Green Light
    Green Light 1 month ago

    Colors are not races, they are a detail of anatomy.
    Colors as races is racism.

  • Miss J.
    Miss J. 1 month ago

    Wow. Adrienne needs a history lesson. I guess education came second to 3LW.

  • Kassandra Martinez
    Kassandra Martinez 1 month ago

    I love this, I want to take this test!!!

  • Prince Asim
    Prince Asim 1 month ago

    I don't think Jeannie has any ancestry directly from Polynesia. Rather, the Vietnamese people (and all Southeast Asians) are genetically linked to people that would be classified as genetically "Polynesian-like." Polynesians originated from Southeast Asia themselves, but those Southeast Asians were mostly replaced by people from Northern East Asia (I.e., China) in Thailand and Vietnam and also South Asians in areas like Burma and Tibet. So it makes sense that anyone from Vietnam, Thailand, or Laos would register as having "Polynesian" ancestry. In actuality, "Austronesian" would probably be more accurate than "Pacific Islander." For example, Taiwanese aborigines are genetically more similar to Polynesians, even though Taiwan is in Asia.

  • GoodOlAllisonHarvard
    GoodOlAllisonHarvard 1 month ago +1

    Lmao Adrienne's actually the white girl of this cast! Tamera is 53% European, while Adrienne is 57% European!!!!! 😂😂😂🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Candace Middleton
    Candace Middleton 1 month ago

    I know im black yall i can feet it lol i cant with them!

  • Sara Roberson
    Sara Roberson 1 month ago

    wait you're saying a lot of white stuff???

  • Sara Roberson
    Sara Roberson 1 month ago

    because European is bad

  • MuddaCrazyJKFan
    MuddaCrazyJKFan 1 month ago

    I love Tamars laugh😂😂😂

  • 2pac _dream
    2pac _dream 1 month ago

    spanish, italian, greek is all white too. americans are so dumb. spain is a european country!!

  • Kersha Marshall
    Kersha Marshall 1 month ago

    Jeannie and Adrienne sound almost the same.

  • Phumelela Bandezi
    Phumelela Bandezi 1 month ago

    Adrienne's reaction😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • hernandezlemus3
    hernandezlemus3 1 month ago

    These girls are idiots. I can't believe simple science is just so foreign to lots of Americans. Especially the latin chick, its common knowledge that latinos are more of a mix of native and Spaniard. smh she doesn't even care enough about her own origins.

  • Agnes Zajac
    Agnes Zajac 1 month ago

    Hi, what's wrong with being white? My family is Polish and we got a full culture

  • Arsema G
    Arsema G 1 month ago

    soo that means adrienne is part Eritrean.Welcome girl 🇪🇷🙆

  • Raven Moss
    Raven Moss 1 month ago

    Im laughing so hard its obvious Adrienne's hella mestizo why is she so surprised

  • Amanda_Ivelisse
    Amanda_Ivelisse 1 month ago

    Being from Puerto Rico you have Taino Indian, European and African in you. I'm surprised she reacted this way, but that just means she needs to do some more research on not just herself but her country she is so proud of.

  • Daniel 5247
    Daniel 5247 1 month ago

    "latinos"are the true mixed race people but some can be just white or black also

  • Super Man
    Super Man 1 month ago

    Did she really not know she was Native American and European 😂

  • maricds95
    maricds95 1 month ago

    Whats PI?

    • Raven Moss
      Raven Moss 1 month ago

      Pacific islander like polynesian

  • loool jj
    loool jj 1 month ago

    Screams the whole day that she is latino gets native american and european shocked

  • Yes it's Alex
    Yes it's Alex 1 month ago


  • Alanood Alturki
    Alanood Alturki 1 month ago

    Adriennes face at 2:56 😂

  • selena johnson
    selena johnson 1 month ago

    lations get around! cheers to that:)

  • selena johnson
    selena johnson 1 month ago

    adriennes dna test says that she is native american she shouldn't be surprised native american can be any thing from navajo, mexican, aztec, zuni ect. they don't classify what type of native american are you. her dad is ecuadorian and her mother is puerto rican.

  • Feather M
    Feather M 2 months ago

    I always knew Adrienne was native, I always felt I could relate her in the cheetah girls movie lmao

  • Mackaroni Toni
    Mackaroni Toni 2 months ago

    Y'all are taking the ladies' reactions too damn personally FFS

  • Jay D
    Jay D 2 months ago +1

    Latinos are mixed with everything. These people don't study and are ignorant.

  • Jasimine Hall
    Jasimine Hall 2 months ago +1

    You look like a cell phone coverage lol

  • Chadwick Tiliaia
    Chadwick Tiliaia 2 months ago

    Yasss Jeannie!!! Be proud of your pacific islander ancestry. I'm 100% Pacific Islander Polynesian, specifically Samoan.

  • Pepe is a dead Meme
    Pepe is a dead Meme 2 months ago

    Why is she saying Latino have open arms the DNA says that's what you are so

  • julia
    julia 2 months ago

    Adrienne actually really dumb if she didn't understand this lol

  • Makaveli X
    Makaveli X 2 months ago

    I'm rollin😂😂😂

  • Emily Padilla
    Emily Padilla 2 months ago +1

    it always makes me laugh when people freak out over being mixed. If you simply learn historical trade routes and conquest you can understand​ why most of us have a mixed past. This testing dives back thousands of years.

  • LaraUAE
    LaraUAE 2 months ago +1

    Why is it like Greek italian Iberian and then African. they scammed them with this dna test. Africa is more diverse than Europe so how sway?

  • Tanee Robinson
    Tanee Robinson 2 months ago

    So we just gone let Loni slide with that outfit.....okayyy😐

  • Government Thomy
    Government Thomy 2 months ago

    adrienne you are black!!! proud puerto rican and hondorian

  • N K
    N K 2 months ago

    'I'm white??' Fucking screaming

  • King Country Prince NZ
    King Country Prince NZ 2 months ago +1

    Polynesians descend from Asia hence why she will have Poly in her mix.  I'm poly and I'll probably have Sth East Asian in me.  To my surprise also.

  • Yulissa Larios
    Yulissa Larios 2 months ago +1

    Ive been laughing at this for 1 year

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