10 Human Experiments That Baffled Scientists

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    Science is known for pushing the limits of what we can change and understand about the world around us. What about when it comes to what is inside the human body? You would think we know all that there is to know about them-after all, we each own one. But we are discovering new things all the time, and many of these discoveries are quite shocking-even for scientists.

    We know different areas of our brain are used for different things, but can they be rewired somehow? Human anatomy is too complex to be combined with an animal’s to make a chimera, right? Where do we draw the limit to the experiments we conduct in the name of science? And then there is the realm of medicine and the possibility of cures for all sorts of ailments, as well as vaccines for preventing them altogether.

    We have access to a wealth of information about how our bodies work. Find out how we made some of those important discoveries we so often take for granted. Do you think the amount of patience you showed as a child can impact your SAT scores? You might be surprised by the answer!
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  • Amori Fulcher
    Amori Fulcher 3 months ago +96


  • Peyton cool girl love's

    If I got experimanted on I Wold what a tail and a body whith feathers and wings big wings

  • Anti roblox ODer corp.

    I'm scared to eat bacon

    POTATOMAN 2 days ago


  • unicorns 101
    unicorns 101 2 days ago

    Alphys did experiments on people and look where that got her.

  • XxChelseaHTxX
    XxChelseaHTxX 3 days ago

    This ruined bacon for me

  • Chungdeon
    Chungdeon 3 days ago

    Video reported for thumbnail pornography.

  • King of kings
    King of kings 3 days ago

    7:01 trying to get as many people into space? ha why not send as many as they can of all those funny looking hybrids into space instead.!

  • Gizelle Lopez
    Gizelle Lopez 4 days ago

    I hate scientists mostly the ones who test on animals😡😭😭😭

    • Gizelle Lopez
      Gizelle Lopez 3 days ago

      True except the hypocrites

    • Alex15
      Alex15 3 days ago

      Gizelle Lopez
      I get your point of view but without all those test on animals, a lot of what we have nowadays in the medical sector wouldn't exist. I love animals, I really do but I also love the fact that if I'm sick I can find medecine, if I have an accident, I can find a blood or organ donor. Without those tests on animals, these solutions wouldn't exist. Scientists are the reason you are able to cure yourself when you're sick, the reason you have technology, the reason humans can live longer and many more. People who don't believe in science or hate it are downright hypocrites.

  • Purge TV
    Purge TV 4 days ago

    Everyone should be tested on. We must know EVERYTHING

  • RaeRae like a boss
    RaeRae like a boss 5 days ago

    if you think about it pig humans are just promoting cannibalism

  • Daisy Hernandez
    Daisy Hernandez 5 days ago

    The cover is nasty is that a dog and human

  • Michael Kelligan
    Michael Kelligan 5 days ago

    love the thumbnail......MAN+DOG=MOG.......I'm my own best friend!

  • Abby Becker
    Abby Becker 6 days ago

    If scientist make a titan. Im moving to Europe.

  • ReZaHydra - Gaming
    ReZaHydra - Gaming 7 days ago

    Salk... Salk... Jonas Salk?

  • Golden Grimoire
    Golden Grimoire 7 days ago

    I have a fetish for your videos

  • Shina Pak
    Shina Pak 8 days ago

    11 is their!!

  • MiaVLOGSwithCreamy creamyloveforever

    Dear god please stop ppl from doing expermints on animals and ppl Amen

  • Craig Lloyd
    Craig Lloyd 8 days ago

    I got a heart condition

  • Bert H
    Bert H 8 days ago

    I have seen some of these on the News been filmed from Beach Competitions making SAND SCULPTURES, You are a FAKE & LOOKING FOR ATTENTION, You need HELP!!

  • Grace Spies
    Grace Spies 9 days ago

    better to test on animals than people

  • Liam Hoag
    Liam Hoag 9 days ago

    whoa that girl was from stranger things

  • Savage kieran Johnson
    Savage kieran Johnson 9 days ago +1

    this is creepy

  • Chris Daldy-Rowe
    Chris Daldy-Rowe 9 days ago

    i want to do experiments on Scientists to see what makes them tick!!

  • LetsRandomize
    LetsRandomize 9 days ago

    Sooo... the monkey was teaching the baby to speak...

  • Xandy Floss
    Xandy Floss 9 days ago

    Just so you know, The government is against you!

  • DestroKind
    DestroKind 9 days ago

    And Remember Kids, Drugs Are Bad, Unless They're For Science.

  • Wolfie713
    Wolfie713 10 days ago

    You know you're desperate when you think the human/pig hybrid chick looks hot. (I don't, but you know you're desperate if you do.)

  • Chara Dreemurr _Undertale_

    How fucking DARE those scientists test on animals!

  • Madilyn Mercer
    Madilyn Mercer 10 days ago +1

    You are bad at this

  • The Joker
    The Joker 10 days ago

    This sucks

  • Pamela Racki
    Pamela Racki 10 days ago

    Kellogg messed up his kid & the monkey.He left out the most important part. The heart soul,& real feelings
    The proof is in the damage they have done in this world & the lies to do it

  • Erin Martin
    Erin Martin 11 days ago

    5:40 that's not going to help

  • savannah Byrd
    savannah Byrd 11 days ago +1

    poor pigs :( say no to experiments on animals!

  • Carol Handy
    Carol Handy 11 days ago

    Huh, interesting.

  • Dont Even Try
    Dont Even Try 12 days ago


  • scarlet roseshade
    scarlet roseshade 12 days ago

    .... (~•-°)~ fak dis crap I'm out.

  • Ordinary
    Ordinary 12 days ago +1

    You can test on humans if they say it's okay, not on animals, that's cruel.

  • snowy woods
    snowy woods 15 days ago

    The thumbnail.........

  • Benjamin Bryant
    Benjamin Bryant 15 days ago

    American horror story come true the pig man

  • OJMaster 5150
    OJMaster 5150 17 days ago

    "Is it possible to make a chimera?"

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson 18 days ago

    nope do not mention kaimeras I still can't get over that full Metal alchemist episode soooo fucked up

  • One Piece 4 1if3
    One Piece 4 1if3 20 days ago

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    KILLERCLOWN22 22 days ago


  • RaVe x Tacozz
    RaVe x Tacozz 26 days ago

    You really misinterpreted the Milgram experiment... which was an experiment to see how far being would go when given orders by an authority figure it had nothing to do with people being decent or not

  • Lea
    Lea 26 days ago +2

    Has anyone actually listened? The human pig hybrid doesn't have a half human pig brain, it's a pig with organs more compatible for human transplantation, so it could save a lot of lives. Most ppl don't care about pigs when we eat them but if we want to use their organs to save someones life it's suddenly evil.

  • Zachzm01
    Zachzm01 27 days ago


  • Deepika Kathirvel
    Deepika Kathirvel 27 days ago

    Plz stop testing on Animals. Please test on the rapists and criminals. where there s no point in having them by providing all the facilities:(

  • Ziri E
    Ziri E 27 days ago

    The monkey one was actually interesting, maybe Tarzan wasn't so far off.

  • BadBitchEnterteinmentTv #OnFleek BBETV#ONFLEEK

    I think that drugs are not bad people abusing them are bad!

    • Alex15
      Alex15 3 days ago

      Well but the problem with drugs is that precisely they have an addictive effect. That's what makes them dangerous (and also the fact that they mess up your brain for some of them to make it short). It depends of which drugs we are talking about but I still think that drugs are mostly bad

  • Jesus Patrick
    Jesus Patrick 1 month ago

    how is it ironic that lsd can help addiction

  • Livi Grace
    Livi Grace 1 month ago

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  • Jimmie Shepherd
    Jimmie Shepherd 1 month ago

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  • UnsetTheMindset
    UnsetTheMindset 1 month ago +1

    I still don't understand why the placebo effect is just pushed to the side like a fun fact.

    It is genuine proof that the mind can heal the body beyond most people's imagination.

  • Shana Medley
    Shana Medley 1 month ago

    That type of shit should not be allowed

  • NatrulyVivaciousVegan
    NatrulyVivaciousVegan 1 month ago +1

    hard to understand some things you saying cus you speak too fast for my ears. Imo I'm against A LOT of these experiment. Most are uncalled for, stupid, idiotic, nonsensical; so much so I can't think of any of them to be ok.

  • tyler ramak
    tyler ramak 1 month ago

    I love the hub also!!

  • just do it
    just do it 1 month ago +3

    pls god help they can't do this to poor animals and humans

  • Jayne Kennedy
    Jayne Kennedy 1 month ago


  • Temmie Cat
    Temmie Cat 1 month ago

    I say HELL NO to da vid

  • Hinkinator S
    Hinkinator S 1 month ago

    heh heh road hog

  • Rosita Cruz
    Rosita Cruz 1 month ago

    No more doing test on animals and humans😡🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🦁🐯🐨🐼🐻🐮🐷🐒 👩👧👦👶

  • Rhonda Honor
    Rhonda Honor 1 month ago +1

    ok people just think about it.remember scooby doo.these are the animals for the new world.its 2017 baby.scientists doing everything.playing God. controlling the weather.now this shit but look. Google what fema don't want you to know.get ready people.

  • Niki Skullripper
    Niki Skullripper 1 month ago +1

    The Human - Pig hybryd is plain disgusting.

    • Curry
      Curry 10 days ago

      Niki Skullripper
      What's wrong with an unfertilised pig embryo to be given human cells to give it human organs and just live life as a normal pig to help people desperate for an organ transplant when the pig dies?

  • Carloyn Fulmore
    Carloyn Fulmore 1 month ago


  • Tyresha Walker
    Tyresha Walker 1 month ago +1

    why would you want to make a pig human? Just stupid and wrong

    • Curry
      Curry 10 days ago

      Tyresha Walker
      What's wrong with an unfertilised pig embryo to be given human cells to give it human organs and just live life as a normal pig to help people desperate for an organ transplant when the pig dies?

  • Diron Mitchell
    Diron Mitchell 1 month ago

    love you videos so much 😙😗😚❤💚💙💛💜🖤💗💖💓💝

  • Ashley Hopkins
    Ashley Hopkins 1 month ago

    They do the electric shock treatment to celebrities

  • Allen Edward
    Allen Edward 1 month ago

    I see

  • Johny Iorga
    Johny Iorga 1 month ago +2

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I got click bait, and so did you

  • Andrea Posadas Rivera
    Andrea Posadas Rivera 1 month ago

    why do scientest have to be so cruel

  • George Witchley
    George Witchley 1 month ago

    what have you done now if the baby grow up then kids will pick on them and don,t  you dare killing them

  • Jahmelia Hoffman
    Jahmelia Hoffman 1 month ago


  • Kikz Lopez
    Kikz Lopez 1 month ago

  • the skit channel
    the skit channel 1 month ago

    please stop doing click bait

  • Pam Zasucha
    Pam Zasucha 1 month ago

    Dear god the picture title is creepy plz plz change it!!

  • GamingRaven
    GamingRaven 1 month ago

    My doctors are debating about giving me growth hormones because they think something might be going wrong with mine

  • Victoria White
    Victoria White 1 month ago +1

    Awww poor animals

  • Redford
    Redford 1 month ago

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  • David Hansen
    David Hansen 1 month ago

    I know, waste of my time.

  • EYE's
    EYE's 1 month ago

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  • Jacque boyce
    Jacque boyce 1 month ago

    human organs grown in pigs transferred to humans will meet with opposition when foot and mouth disease adjusts to the human makeup and goes on the rampage - no cure

  • Gail Lane
    Gail Lane 2 months ago

    speech for a human comes from 2 different sides of the brain, one of them being the limbic system, where the chimp does not have.

  • 31misscherry
    31misscherry 2 months ago

    How is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide pronounced?..... :D

  • xlzgaming
    xlzgaming 2 months ago

    look at 1:20 on the left it's thingy of ncis

  • xlzgaming
    xlzgaming 2 months ago

    look at one 20 it's what's his name from ncis

  • Stella Sparklez
    Stella Sparklez 2 months ago +1

    Hey Narrator, are you from The Talko?

  • Horror Ninja!!
    Horror Ninja!! 2 months ago

    the teacher did the second one with us -.-

  • Roedy Green
    Roedy Green 2 months ago +4

    The human-pig woman was a photoshop fake. What is actually happening is bits of human tissue are being grown inside the pigs, not merging their genetics. If you pull a stunt like that again, I will not come back.

    • Shana Medley
      Shana Medley 1 month ago

      Roedy Green That sound just truly f@#$%d up

  • Korry Bowers
    Korry Bowers 2 months ago

    I subcribe

  • Paraluman Larino
    Paraluman Larino 2 months ago

    The marshmallow test looks Good

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 2 months ago

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  • SomeWhiteKid24
    SomeWhiteKid24 2 months ago

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  • Simon Olofsson
    Simon Olofsson 2 months ago


  • CairoTanGT
    CairoTanGT 2 months ago

    Guys, we dont need a pig human hybrid, we have penelope! She is a pig and human right?

  • T N Joseph
    T N Joseph 2 months ago


  • Ernesto Elskamp
    Ernesto Elskamp 2 months ago

    what about the thumbnail ???

  • Tina Roosa
    Tina Roosa 2 months ago

    The one that depresses me is the ebola vaccination, being stockpiled, because you KNOW that it won't go to those suffering with the disease in countries that can't PAY for it.

  • Jo LAKE
    Jo LAKE 2 months ago

    Humans produce stem cells in the nasal passage, all the time! There is no reason to get stem cells from aborted fetuses. Cord blood is full of stem cells that grow into any cells needed. There is no need to harvest stem cells from anywhere else.

    • Jo LAKE
      Jo LAKE 2 months ago

      +Dominique Martinez Stem cell is A STEM CELL. I have NEVER SEEM ANY RESEARCH SUGGESTING THAT the location of harvesting affects thier ability to differentiate. Please let me know where you've seen that claim. I agree that if there are usable tissues from a procedure used to remove matter that may have developed into a fetus, that it should be used not wasted. I do not agree with asking a woman that has had a miscarriage consequently, needs any matter, not expelled naturally, be extracted medically to take said matter to try to extract stem cells. I see a difference in using the miscarried matter that has to be extracted and matter that is surgically really removed for an abortion of what could nave been a viable fetus. As far as consent to dispose of and or use anything extracted should be acceptable. It's not fair to the woman who's going through a miscarriage, it's cruel to ask if that matter could be used to for medical experiments.

    • Dominique Martinez
      Dominique Martinez 2 months ago

      Jo LAKE embryonic stem cells are fundamentally different, they are more versatile. However, we are trying to find new ways to convert both these types of stem cells and normal cells into embryotic stem cells, but until that works I'm fine with the current way of getting them ONLY if it is with consent. No point in letting those cells go to waste if the embryo is aborted or dies, in this way it helps everyone else.

  • Rajeshwari Banerjee
    Rajeshwari Banerjee 2 months ago

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    #love you 💖💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘

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