Migos - Bad and Boujee ft Lil Uzi Vert [Official Video]

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  • MusicMusic
  • Runtime: 5:35
  • migos  migos yrn  yrn mixtape  yung rich niggas  bando  versace  bad and boujee  lil uzi vert  

Comments: 172 625

  • Andoni Cruz
    Andoni Cruz 10 minutes ago

    Offset 💥

  • Anthony Cava
    Anthony Cava 39 minutes ago

    Lil pump: you think I was left off bad and boujee?

  • Yassar Asser
    Yassar Asser Hour ago

    boi y u barking at me

  • Staceyloves Dvilla

    Modern day CRAP!!! Smh

  • Joly Centeno
    Joly Centeno 2 hours ago

    Offset did the rapping to the final then Quavo did the 2nd part

  • Hannah Askar
    Hannah Askar 2 hours ago

    Dadka qaar lama so dhawasto club is lose drug

  • tiffany Grove
    tiffany Grove 2 hours ago

    Red is dead

  • New Jersey
    New Jersey 3 hours ago +1

    The People that are calling the Migos Mumble rappers are retarded. If you can understand every word their saying then their not mumble rappers. Lil Uzi is the real mumble rapper.

    SAMI OFFICIAL OFFICIAL 4 hours ago +1


  • Maxwell Stylo
    Maxwell Stylo 4 hours ago

    Yo, why does Joe Budden seem like he could do a limp cock slap on all of these dudes....I know that seems gay, but as they say in the hip hop community, "No homo." I am white.

  • Robo_Destroyer / Darth Troller

    I like Migos songs but Quavo ruins it, and here, Uzi's pussy ass rap ruined it

  • carlos valencia
    carlos valencia 6 hours ago +1

    ayo and teo

  • Count Dracula
    Count Dracula 7 hours ago

    lil uzi is the haley joel osment of rap

  • 10,000 Subscribes Without Videos

    This makes me wonder.... does anyone ever click the dislike button on comments and why don't they count the dislikes on comments? Like if you click dislike button

  • Chantelle Frugtniet
    Chantelle Frugtniet 7 hours ago

    Rain Drop Drop Top get this comment to the top top

  • Hannah Askar
    Hannah Askar 9 hours ago

    I can't stoped my power because I'm 2 man

  • Hannah Askar
    Hannah Askar 9 hours ago

    Intan halkan joogo een pilaa balasha ahay waxba ma hagayaan wayo meshan iyo Alberta is not same people here is to much joilis block my self I need drugs u know baby kaylynne u block the Muslim I'm key WAlahi

  • Poltergeist OD
    Poltergeist OD 9 hours ago

    I want to poop or die. Both are going to happen.

    FATIMA MOTLEKAR 10 hours ago

    im young and rich + im boujee :-)

  • Sinister Venom827
    Sinister Venom827 10 hours ago

    I've seen trash but damn, this has to take it to the top

  • Zain Haq
    Zain Haq 11 hours ago

    Uzi the type of nigga to pull his pants to his ankles when he piss

  • Hannah Askar
    Hannah Askar 11 hours ago

    Dadku sooqado askar xaguu geeyaa canada fakhriba

  • Hannah Askar
    Hannah Askar 11 hours ago

    Niga wasup

  • Hannah Askar
    Hannah Askar 11 hours ago

    Ha badalin madaxayga adoon igaranayn busy young go naar

  • Hannah Askar
    Hannah Askar 11 hours ago

    Hhhhh waxba ma waso anigu qofkan jecelay wuxuu helaa awoodiyo farxad iyo lacag

  • Hannah Askar
    Hannah Askar 11 hours ago

    Abti malaga lalama ciyaro walahi

  • Garrett Rosio
    Garrett Rosio 11 hours ago

    fucking love the migos

  • Bean Dar
    Bean Dar 12 hours ago

    I like the wii version better tbh lol

  • Brendan Walsh
    Brendan Walsh 12 hours ago

    rain drop drop too dubadabuda

  • Edgar Taracena
    Edgar Taracena 12 hours ago

    Omen, venir,beaches_+,2,@,$7,5,6,9,12,0,

  • Edgar Taracena
    Edgar Taracena 12 hours ago

    Por Te migos_3z,, que a los los los la partir de estar al pendiente

  • Jessie Plays
    Jessie Plays 13 hours ago

    I just came here for the YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH 3:47

  • Just Kevin
    Just Kevin 13 hours ago +1

    Uzi is that type of nigga who say Hiroshima is the bomb

  • cp30 _909
    cp30 _909 14 hours ago


  • S R
    S R 14 hours ago

    keep the meme going non-stop-stop

    • S R
      S R 13 hours ago

      or not-not

  • Strange Juice
    Strange Juice 14 hours ago


  • L14mst
    L14mst 14 hours ago

    How are these selling records?? i don't get it?? I'm 100% convinced everyone who listens to these clowns is mentally retarded! It's the only answer.... They have zero musical talent..

  • manuel valeriano
    manuel valeriano 15 hours ago

    da fuck is this?

  • Ascension
    Ascension 15 hours ago

    anyone else notice the banshee?

  • Clara Davis
    Clara Davis 15 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Junior Junior
    Junior Junior 15 hours ago

    The song its okay

  • Nate Pritchett
    Nate Pritchett 15 hours ago

    460millon views daaang

  • Edgar Taracena
    Edgar Taracena 15 hours ago


  • Hannah Askar
    Hannah Askar 16 hours ago

    Waa wada sheekaysi hadaydan awoodin inaa dadka wax la cuntan waa sadex diimod mid rac waan idinka tagaya niggz ayaan ku noqonyayaa iyo Muslim ka Montana lil Wayne iyo dayb amusa wuxun cunaa hadaa wakhti gii aan idin siyay waad ku ciyarten dhiiga dunarka aya ku sarqanten 9 wuu kaa xishona jeelka ayan idin barayahadaa

    VINI GTAY 16 hours ago

    Je suis français et toi tu es américain

  • Armin Shady
    Armin Shady 16 hours ago

    Both Migos and Uzi went from avarage artist to superstars after Bad and Boujee blew up!

  • Martin Lopez-Servin
    Martin Lopez-Servin 17 hours ago

    Chill Bill.

  • Martin Lopez-Servin
    Martin Lopez-Servin 17 hours ago

    Witches eat Voooooodos lol sike that life aint real

  • Raphael Johnbaptiste
    Raphael Johnbaptiste 17 hours ago

    nique ta mère

  • The Adventures of Ish rovins


  • Isaias Estrada
    Isaias Estrada 17 hours ago

    Tbh I only like quavos part

  • Bianca Kadenyi
    Bianca Kadenyi 17 hours ago

    Uzi the type of guy to dislike his own song

  • Ayse Naz
    Ayse Naz 18 hours ago

    Turk yok mu aga

  • Bailey Fuller
    Bailey Fuller 18 hours ago

    throw back

    GPT PC GAMES 18 hours ago

    Eai seus niggas cadê os BR ?

  • יקיר פרץ
    יקיר פרץ 18 hours ago +1

    Migos they are real niggas

  • Dom Jú
    Dom Jú 19 hours ago

    Make your own brand

  • TTRacer Hiro
    TTRacer Hiro 19 hours ago

    One simple question were the fuk are the white guys or girls???

  • red falcon
    red falcon 19 hours ago


  • funmilola ajibola
    funmilola ajibola 19 hours ago

    This never gets old just like juju on that beat and whip nae

  • Norbel Mercado
    Norbel Mercado 20 hours ago

    I hear music like this and my kids wanna get mad!! Wtf?? Shit i throw it down 2!!!

  • Christian Belga
    Christian Belga 20 hours ago

    Who's listening to this on 1964?

  • jack restart
    jack restart 20 hours ago +2


  • dantdm fuck
    dantdm fuck 20 hours ago

    Can i get 10 likes cause my grandpa died yesterdady

  • Shri Khiran
    Shri Khiran 21 hour ago


  • canal do davi
    canal do davi 21 hour ago

    *dab dab dab*

    FIRE BLASTER TV 21 hour ago

    these is a bad ass song

  • Bunny Overlord
    Bunny Overlord 22 hours ago

    wow this video is actually hot

  • Miles Stavely
    Miles Stavely 22 hours ago

    Favorite song

  • Machete Mixtape vl4
    Machete Mixtape vl4 22 hours ago

    Questa è una cazzo di bomba

  • John Gomes
    John Gomes 22 hours ago

    UFC uhh. Can 🤡😞

  • Dalil Azam
    Dalil Azam 23 hours ago

    Ou à toi

  • Louis Cuff
    Louis Cuff 23 hours ago

    Sorry lil uzi vert makes me think of birds

    TWO HAYTCH 23 hours ago


  • Isaiah Warner
    Isaiah Warner 23 hours ago

    They don't even rap that fast yet I still don't understand half of what they say (except quavo I could understand most of it)

    • Isaiah Warner
      Isaiah Warner 22 hours ago

      gZUS lol it was a joke cause everyone is like what are the mumble rappers doing I can't understand what there saying it was just a joke

    • gZUS
      gZUS 23 hours ago

      Isaiah Warner go read the lyrics while listening to a song then come back without the lyrics and you would understand what they say

    #BULLS #MOOSEMILK 23 hours ago


  • jan ko
    jan ko Day ago

    That Shoudlve been Takeoff at 3:45

  • justllln
    justllln Day ago

    Am I tripping or is that Carti's girl in the middle at 1:46

  • Chris Morgan
    Chris Morgan Day ago

    I love the song bad and boujee

  • Eveline Erfolg
    Eveline Erfolg Day ago

    LOVE the video!

  • Filip Black
    Filip Black Day ago

    Nice boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • NiggerFaggot
    NiggerFaggot Day ago

    wtf is this bullshit
    apparently "rap" in 2017

  • MLT05
    MLT05 Day ago

    The new Hobbit film search for the good music starring lil uzi vert

  • hannh.sanders_
    hannh.sanders_ Day ago


  • Pietro Smusi
    Pietro Smusi Day ago

    99% came here for 0:15

  • Gijsje van Gestel

    Lil Uzi didn't fit in with the Migos flow i'd rarher see Take Off in it, why wasn't he in it mannn

  • Clout Emperor
    Clout Emperor Day ago +2

    Quavo the type of nigga to do Ad-libs when he smashing his girl

  • FaLL_sNooP
    FaLL_sNooP Day ago


  • Davian Pacheco
    Davian Pacheco Day ago

    Nice song

  • Nicholas Ramirez

    3:19 When a student tells a substitute theres homework

  • Dorothy Bell
    Dorothy Bell Day ago


  • Shakim Lesporis
    Shakim Lesporis Day ago

    me: hiding from a killer I can't let the killer find me

    killer: raindrop

    me: DROPTOP

  • Crendan Pires
    Crendan Pires Day ago

    all u children that think this shit is cool u guys r reatrded :)

  • Serigne Ndiaye
    Serigne Ndiaye Day ago

    Quavo !!!!!!L!

  • Ellie Mac
    Ellie Mac Day ago

    this reminds me of bo3 bubble gum ragin drops

  • Alejandro Silva
    Alejandro Silva Day ago

    fuck the songs

  • ArielleNavarreteMusic

    you know what makes me laugh my ass off every time? nothing to do with the video itself, but Uzi fucking coughs in the right channel at 4:49 (or more specifically at 4:51 ) while recording his ad libs and they left it in

  • nwabshero gcolotela

    I will never get over this song especially when I know the lyrics

  • 21 Seltzer
    21 Seltzer Day ago

    wild La Flame spotted at 4:33

  • Sarah Dippity
    Sarah Dippity Day ago

    offset got the best verse

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