Confused Islamophobes Target American Sikhs: The Daily Show

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  • Ben White
    Ben White 22 hours ago

    Haha this is so funny their absolutely no legit concern over Islam they're all just Islamophobes.

  • Marko Rankovic
    Marko Rankovic Day ago

    You CAN'T CONFUSE Muslims with SIKHS!

  • Hannah Ndegwa
    Hannah Ndegwa Day ago

    I cannot believe Americans do not know about the Sikh community. How dumb can one nation be??

  • Flight Doc
    Flight Doc Day ago

    "A third of my salary goes to New Balance and Patagonia"
    HAHAHAHAHA I just can't..

  • Armaan Grewal
    Armaan Grewal 2 days ago +1

    Lol it's not seeeek

  • Chester Chesto
    Chester Chesto 2 days ago

    maybe it's the kids playing hide and Sikh xD

  • Simon Cortez
    Simon Cortez 3 days ago

    so the mislim living in the US...hes using taquiyya....sick fuck...

  • Gregor Erickson
    Gregor Erickson 3 days ago

    right after 9/11, i was going thru a checkstand at a grocery store. there was sikh in front of me. when it was my turn, the checker commented how uncomfortable she felt. I told her that he was a sikh and she gave me a blank look. So i elaborated and told her that if you're gonna be a religious bigot, at least get your religions right. or perhaps maybe, i don't know, be a little tolerant

  • D23 Speed
    D23 Speed 4 days ago +1


    Sarcasm :D !

  • Kevina Wright
    Kevina Wright 7 days ago +1

    Personally this has educated me so much, I wasn't prejudice before to people who wore turbans or Muslim but I was ignorant to the difference

  • Woow
    Woow 7 days ago

    that propaganda about muslims is just because everyday more and more converting to islam just to stoppning that they show islam as terrorist but play with fire and nord Korea is your end , your cowboy president is rasit and stilig all petrol from muslims but you see what ku kux done today agains jews i dont think is right but they its The start of end as you show in your movies

  • Barrack Obama
    Barrack Obama 8 days ago

    Who disliked the video?

  • Trinada Griffin
    Trinada Griffin 8 days ago

    I just can't get down with muslims... I was open to hearing and learning about Islam but I stop at the nine year old girl and prophet Muhammad... I mean I can't get past it... never will sit well with me. and the tale of how then he was born (MUHAMMAD) light came from his mother's vagina... lmao... I mean seems to be a whole lotta focus on the vagina in this religion... hide the vagina, light from the vagina, beat up the vagina in gang fashion, lmao... nah not feeling it

  • Armando Olivares
    Armando Olivares 9 days ago

    those r good razors

  • Armando Olivares
    Armando Olivares 9 days ago

    what do i want to happen thats just the way it is,sorry but unfortunately our times r fucked up so stop being such a fuckin pussy and go with the flow ,p.s. welcome to my world it's full of Mexicans blacks and cops enjoy

  • brandon wright
    brandon wright 9 days ago

    Hahahahahahaha he's on the plane

  • gurkur kaur
    gurkur kaur 9 days ago

    That makes me really sad

  • Aabidah L
    Aabidah L 11 days ago

    And that's the American way 😉

  • FixKingS
    FixKingS 11 days ago

    why is it a need to know what religion they are, its not americans duty to be informed about religions that do not concern them except for the ones that intend to harm us, (islam) nobody white hates you because you have a turbin on minding your own buisness. Stop spreading the idea of this hate that doesnt exist im so sick of people trying to force guilt for the color of your skin. white people are becoming the oppressed.

  • Isolophillia
    Isolophillia 12 days ago

    I'm a Muslim and like if someone takes me for a Non-Muslim, I go like ''I'm a Muslim.'' because in all honesty, I won't go to america in the first place the place seems... unsafe. I love the people there but like.. uh eh. I am not going to hide a religion that's being tainted by some rotten people that ''Claim'' to be Muslim.

  • Ice
    Ice 17 days ago

    Neither religion should be harassed

  • AceP40
    AceP40 18 days ago

    some Sikhs say "seek" some say "sick", so both are correct?

  • Zoie3x8
    Zoie3x8 18 days ago

    well, it doesn't really help that the most common visual denominator between muslims, sihks, and other middle eastern non-islamic countries are basically visually similar; 1 brown people, 2 big beards, 3 turbans and other sorts of head scarfs.

    • Ore B
      Ore B 14 days ago

      muslims don't wear turbans though. 99% of the time you see someone wearing a turban they are sikh....

  • Brahmjot Singh
    Brahmjot Singh 18 days ago

    Respect to Hasan Minaj, Trevor Noah, and the Daily Show! Thank you guys!

  • Sowon Best
    Sowon Best 21 day ago

    Im muslim and im proud i dont care if others are therating by me ... This me

  • Wreckless Monkey
    Wreckless Monkey 22 days ago

    holy shit white people are DUMB

  • Jingle Jungle
    Jingle Jungle 22 days ago

    I like it how Hasan plays Devil's agent

  • MeMe O.
    MeMe O. 22 days ago

    This was hilariously but educational in a way.

  • sceralline
    sceralline 23 days ago

    "Hasan you need to lead with love" my senior quote

  • eme27111
    eme27111 24 days ago

    Americans really need to watch PK, a bollywood movie about this whole religion-phobes.

  • Vrushali Dhongade
    Vrushali Dhongade 24 days ago

    Aka these people are ignorant dumb fucking morons. Ridiculous as hell. Like go educate yourself for fucks sake. Stop letting hate make you narrow minded!!!

  • Darknamja
    Darknamja 24 days ago

    Some Americans believe the world revolves around them so they are unaware of things outside of the U.S.A. proper.

  • Bhupinder Gill
    Bhupinder Gill 26 days ago

    Iproud sikhshe respect all

  • Nick de Moura
    Nick de Moura 26 days ago

    Muslims want to kill anyone who is not them

  • Raman deep singh
    Raman deep singh 27 days ago

    sikhs had fought in 2world wars ,American civil war 1863 for union army against confederate,battle of malaya,after this when I saw this video i am shocked up :( it is sad for me

  • Raman deep singh
    Raman deep singh 27 days ago

    as a sikh i can say muslim are violent species i live in india our city population is 28z% muslim they do circumcision regardless of this they kill each other in name of religion,sometime race also they dont respect other religion in our country .like Buddhism Christianity Mormon shia Jewish i am not atheist i am liberal sikh. in canada ,italy we dont get racialised but in us we face lot of racism they cant distinguished btw sikh muslim jewish we had a sikh empire that w a s 70%muslim thats i am proud to be sikh

  • eddiequest4
    eddiequest4 27 days ago

    Wow. I really am a dummy. Glad I watched this video. Thanks for sharing.

  • MarVin FeBar
    MarVin FeBar Month ago

    Loved the video.
    The show is always getting better, thank you.

  • razor break
    razor break Month ago

    an interesting thing is that Muslims had the same problem in the 1980's when they used to complain so as to why they were confused as Sikhs.
    the reason was that Sikh terrorism was at its peak in the 80's and they had blown up an entire air India 747 with about 250 passengers on, and attempted the same on another few and even succeeded in harming a few people in Japan.
    Conclusion is that standardised tests should be for everybody because a terrorist trying to bomb a plane would never show up in traditional dresses be it Muslims, Sikhs or any others

  • J.C Samson
    J.C Samson Month ago

    I think all religions are good as long as they don't hurt other essentially all religions are there to better one self and be a better person to other that is what i belive God bless you all

  • AnalKarl der vierte

    0:50 That's a cool outfit.

  • tremer 2009
    tremer 2009 Month ago

    Thanks The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.:)

  • knowitsome nobile
    knowitsome nobile Month ago

    Sikhs are among the best humans you will find on the face of earth....service is their motto

  • Naþan Ø
    Naþan Ø Month ago

    I think I have a solution.

    Make sure all Sikhs are eating bacon 24/7. Can't confuse them for Muslims then!

  • C
    C Month ago

    Not throwing Muslims under the bus. Massive respect. I didn't even think of that

  • hamburgerhelperflick

    Brilliant piece! Hilarity and humanity all in one!

  • Banshi Mukherjee
    Banshi Mukherjee Month ago

    name this as advertisement channel not the daily show channel.i am going to spread the good news.

  • Marilyn Newman
    Marilyn Newman Month ago

    Come on guys, Khan Noonien Singh. Star Trek. Kirk screaming KHAN!!!!!!!!!

    Also a producer & writer.

  • Joel Alva
    Joel Alva Month ago

    Well, I've traveled extensively to the Sikh homeland Punjab, India. They are one of the most generous, big hearted and courageous people I've seen, and not just as individuals, but as a community as well. They serve free food in their gurudhwaras(places of worship) three times a day, and their communities have free drinks available at the road side. So when I traveled there during the summer, and it was freaking boiling over there (even compared to Indian standards), and at every 5 minutes, our bus could stop at the highway and we would get free, cold rose water from the nearby Sikhs who put up stalls to ' serve our guests/public'

    It really pains me to see a beautiful community be subject to this, when even in India, where there's a lot of discrimination (inspite of Indians saying otherwise), the Sikhs are well respected all over for their generosity and bravery.

  • Kat Kelevra
    Kat Kelevra Month ago

    I am an American and I DID NOT what Sikhs are, but I treat everyone with the same respect. America has always been a country of people hating what they don't understand. I grew up in the south and that's what they teach u. Hate anyone not whit american, smh yes I hated myself for not feeling like I belonged here. Since I've grown up and moved now I see clearly :)

    DRGH DRGH Month ago

    Basically, when Muslims, Indians, Arabs, Brown and such people say they were surprised they were being screened twice they were basically okay with other people getting profiled but not them. Meaning, it was happening to black people for generations but now happening to them..oh no. so shocking...why me?

  • Psychic Surprise
    Psychic Surprise Month ago

    I think this piece is great! You tackle the point of islamophobia really well, and include outside religions who also where turbans. Without the comedy, this could be a Pulitzer Prize winner.

  • ثلج مشوي
    ثلج مشوي Month ago

    1:39 from a Muslim to christian like from 0 to 100 very quick LooooooooooooL

  • JOSE L. Zambrano
    JOSE L. Zambrano Month ago

    real Christian wear turbant as man d God

  • Hamid Ali
    Hamid Ali Month ago

    islamphobes just hates to see anyone wearing extra piece of cloth and then cry like a baby that they've got so much to wear than us 😂

  • Michelle Yung
    Michelle Yung Month ago

    WTF What did Sikhs do to us!?

  • SpaceCowboy
    SpaceCowboy Month ago

    Something I wanted to point out, not entirely related to the video but here goes.

    Isn't it ironic how Americans stereotype Muslims or Sieks entirely off of the length of their beards but yet, most rednecks and hillbillies who are proud Americans that I've run into also rock the same length beards?

    Just saying.

  • Yose MT
    Yose MT Month ago

    This is so sweet...

  • Dr Richard M
    Dr Richard M Month ago +1

    I don't belong to none religion and I am not muslin, my parents are dominicans so here what I have to say for those racist remember, you don't born being racist but sometimes it's your parents fault of how they teach you, but when you are a racist, I call it Lack of brain growth ! I do respect every religion and races I respect everybody with the same respect they shows me! and if you were born in the u.s.a then you must to understand that united state is a nations of imigrant ( U.S.A We are and always will be a nation of immigrants' no matter if have been born here remember that you were born here because you parents came here looking for the american dream, and you don't know if they were mistreat or not so please remember don't do what you don't want nobody do to your futures childresn or sons I told these words to a man on front her mom and he was upset by her mom couldn't hold her racism's pride and started to cry! because I reminded her all she went through when she first came to just try there is nothing more beautiful to respect to be respected . and not hate we all bleed red remember that!

  • Insfires man!!
    Insfires man!! Month ago

    Tbh I always thought Sikh turbans were cool because they're so neat and perfectly wrapped like that's just satisfying to look at
    - peace from a muslim sister

  • Try-One VH#22
    Try-One VH#22 Month ago

    every race should get together and beat the shit out of white people!!

  • Twinkle Singh
    Twinkle Singh Month ago

    India needs to strongly take a stand for our sikh brothers

  • zoya khan
    zoya khan Month ago +1

    fuck America........fuck you terrorists

  • The Daily Chloe Show

    Sikhism came from Buddhism and Hinduism

  • Shoaeb Hameed Mohel

    OMG i'm so shocked by his answer about throwing Muslims under the bus. The world is full of great human beings but we want double check on the basis of color.

  • Kalingo
    Kalingo Month ago

    I'm getting Sikh of them. Get it?

  • Naomi Gary
    Naomi Gary Month ago

    i'm guessing telling a sikh man to take off his turban is like telling a muslim woman to take off her hijab, you can't expect other cultures to assimilate just because you're uncomfortable with them

  • Kent McLeod
    Kent McLeod Month ago +1

    I'm American and I know what a Sikh is and where most Sikhs originate from. To hear those other people say they have no idea, doesn't surprise me much because obviously they have no care in the world to learn about other religions over their own, as well as learn about other cultures.

    I may be a cart collector, but I can hold a small conversation in 8 languages, but am still currently studying 9 others as well, including of course, Punjabi, which is one of the widely spoken languages amongst Sikhs as they originated or are descended from Punjab (which if I can remember correctly is apart of Northern India and Southern Pakistan)

  • tm502010
    tm502010 Month ago +1

    Funny, but...

    What happens when a crazy bastard just goes nuts, screaming "go back where you came from!"?

    A person beating the crap out of you only knows you are not White like him...

  • Eric Jonas
    Eric Jonas Month ago

    Waris is hot. More Waris.

  • Muhammed Sooly
    Muhammed Sooly Month ago

    Islamophobia is an example of the hardest problems to solve. but what keeps me optimistic is that the sophistication and awareness​ that the young folks have is way headed the game.

  • s ray
    s ray Month ago

    Islam....hates us! Fact. Stop bringing in refugees, keep our borders safe! Get rid of the liberal judges from the last tyrannical administration!

  • james10614
    james10614 Month ago

    White people are dumb as SHIT. 💩

  • The Elemental Sword

    It's this day and age that I can go home sit down on my patio and wonder how many MOTHERFUCKING DRUGS it will take me to look at this shit and not want to FUCKING LEAVE AMERICA FOR ALL THIS SHIT THESE DUMBASSES FUCKING PULL! Honestly how the fuck can over half of America be so fucking racist?

  • Bo Kvarv
    Bo Kvarv Month ago

    Americans are Morons. Cameljockeys don't wear turban, they wear a rag! Gods even a blind and dumb person sees that

  • Brad Alex
    Brad Alex Month ago

    As a Muslim I always know sikhs are peacefull and kind people!!

  • Sen Pai
    Sen Pai 2 months ago

    Only hindus know what sikh people did in the past, respect to all my sikh brothers.

  • Lilli Tanguay
    Lilli Tanguay 2 months ago


  • Kahuna Kahunatu
    Kahuna Kahunatu 2 months ago

    Dude, you need to make "I eat bacon" shirts...

    Just a Sikh joke... 😉

  • Bds Bruno
    Bds Bruno 2 months ago

    Trump was right though, Islam does hate us. If people just read the Quran they would know. All people from non Abrahamic religions must die according to the Quran including Sikhs. Jews and Christians can either convert or become semi-slaves and pay an extra tax.

    • Bds Bruno
      Bds Bruno 2 months ago

      This happened for 1400 years in the Islamic State until WW1... Know your history

  • jesinchen
    jesinchen 2 months ago

    Sikh extremist are the worst. They running into crowded places with their backpacks and doing abolutely no harm to anybody or anything. How dare you? That is unamerican!

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 2 months ago +4

    im an indian muslim and my best friend is sikh.they are the best of people.

  • iforgottowipe
    iforgottowipe 2 months ago +1

    Liberals hate Jews and Conservatives hate Muslims

  • Arthur Montalto
    Arthur Montalto 2 months ago

    You can hide anything in a turban, thanksfully people can't pass the security with it. If you think americans are racist, go in saudi arabia as a white christian woman, you'll learn what racism and intolerance is.

    • Brown guy
      Brown guy Month ago

      Arthur Montalto Ohh... Be happy that your country is better than Saudi Arabia. What a great achievement

  • RODNEY Schells
    RODNEY Schells 2 months ago

    I just have some really stupid people in this world lab bring This Racist problem on Donald Trump he started this whole damn mess he's a racist himself along with his daddy

  • sarah
    sarah 2 months ago

    This was really good, omg, I really liked this

  • bilal Samator
    bilal Samator 2 months ago

    the fuck is that shit in his head that's not even an Muslim thing it's just gay!!

  • Akash Bhardwaj
    Akash Bhardwaj 2 months ago

    whites r really stupid race....execept khistani motherfuckers( pseudo) Sikhs r the best sort of ppl in the world...they live on very high ideals n principle..

  • Asim Khan
    Asim Khan 2 months ago

    Sikh isn't pronounced like sicc or seek, it's pronounced like sick with a little "h" sound on the end. Sikh!

  • Jay Croix
    Jay Croix 2 months ago

    80 percent of americans think theyre not asians. (chinese looking people) the first picture in their head.

  • gede yogamahendra
    gede yogamahendra 2 months ago

    again....another burn for america

  • Ramon Loteria
    Ramon Loteria 2 months ago

    isnt it nice that a non-American point out how ignorrant Americans are in an US show.

  • Salam Kalam
    Salam Kalam 2 months ago

    i am a muslim and i love Sikh community so humble and kind

  • Robin Sly-Jex
    Robin Sly-Jex 2 months ago +1

    Sikhs are our friends. Americans just to stupid to understand it.

  • Emma Graves
    Emma Graves 2 months ago

    Warrus (forgive me I can't spell to save my life) is attractive.

  • Arzoo Yadav
    Arzoo Yadav 2 months ago

    Hasan minhaj.... I think I love u!!

  • TRob ARob
    TRob ARob 2 months ago

    when I lived in NJ this was a problem. many did not want to teach them their 2nd Amend Rights because they are "seen" as Muslims.

  • martin watvedt
    martin watvedt 2 months ago

    im not against yall. but if your beliefs dont go any deeper than some clothes... its not that important is it?

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