Master of Tides - Lindsey Stirling

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  • Alliewashere
    Alliewashere 24 seconds ago

    With all that water I'm concerned for her violin.
    Water+violin=not good

  • xhesi baxhija
    xhesi baxhija 10 hours ago

    If you ever come in Albania for a concert I'll buy all the tickets

  • Thanh Pham
    Thanh Pham 13 hours ago

    Lindsey always Makexim me move in a way that only liquid can understand. Thank you Lindsey.

  • Jin Is My Husband

    I'm an 11 year old double bassist, and I'm writing bass parts to your songs. I love your music, and I know I can't do exactly what you do, imagine trying to dance with a double bass XD, but I always strive to match your determination and skill, and you are my greatest inspiration to continue with orchestral music and bass solos. I know I'm only 11, and I have my whole life ahead of me, but I think I know what I want to do with it. Music is a big part of my life, and it will always be.

  • Bjornybear
    Bjornybear Day ago

    I dont know where you live but we need things like this in america right now, this type of music is really healing for the heart and soul.

  • Sena Elhassan
    Sena Elhassan Day ago

    All I'm thinking while watching this is FREE CONCERT!!!!!

  • Pascal Parmentier
    Pascal Parmentier 2 days ago

    You're The Kraken Lindsey.

  • Jimmy Mai
    Jimmy Mai 2 days ago

    I do violin 🎻 too

  • Gabi Jacobs
    Gabi Jacobs 2 days ago

    i can hear a bit of elemants and crystalise in this and i am not mad at all.

  • jorge francico perez mora

    Because you do not aces a video or a spot in mexico as well as the historical area of ​​jalisco

  • Roelof den Otter
    Roelof den Otter 2 days ago

    Ermelo promotie

  • Polymar1
    Polymar1 2 days ago +1

    il signore delle maree

  • Felice Marcello
    Felice Marcello 2 days ago

    Sei fantastica...sei talentuosissima e bellissima.
    Ti adoro 💖💘💖

  • Maria Dudar
    Maria Dudar 2 days ago

    I was six Back Then. ;_;

  • Mitchell Kamlay
    Mitchell Kamlay 2 days ago


  • T FS
    T FS 2 days ago

    This is Las Vegas

  • Myrthe Koning
    Myrthe Koning 2 days ago


  • Jose Sosa
    Jose Sosa 3 days ago

    ven. tu. y. el. grupo. para. los xv. de. mi. hermana

  • Martha Miraba
    Martha Miraba 3 days ago

    Quiero aprender y ser como tu

  • Igor Holod
    Igor Holod 3 days ago

    Lindsey you are awesome, awesome, awesome!
    and you are a beautiful!

  • Brandy V
    Brandy V 3 days ago

    Wow. Just. Wow.

  • Kevin Lane
    Kevin Lane 3 days ago +1

    I wonder if their music was pirated. ;-)

  • Altis Plamenniy
    Altis Plamenniy 3 days ago

    Ребята спасибо вам за великолепные клипы)

  • Javier Olvera
    Javier Olvera 3 days ago

    love this video

  • Aidan Lee
    Aidan Lee 4 days ago

    salmon roe

  • Sylvia Lesniak
    Sylvia Lesniak 4 days ago

    She is unbelievable good .

  • Karen ordoñez
    Karen ordoñez 4 days ago +1

    she is so good.

  • AllieGamez
    AllieGamez 4 days ago

    a "spontaneous" live performance? i think not but it was freaking incredible! this girl makes me wanna do things in my life

  • Viviana Vargas
    Viviana Vargas 4 days ago


  • MMJ Specials
    MMJ Specials 4 days ago

    Majestic, I love it.

  • Meli Yuna
    Meli Yuna 4 days ago


  • Jimmy Mai
    Jimmy Mai 4 days ago

    I wish

  • Wan Asz
    Wan Asz 4 days ago

    Such an amazing music Lindsey,keep it up,hope u can make a music like this again,i really like it..anyway 👍👍👍

    • Wan Asz
      Wan Asz 4 days ago

      Perhaps u can be my teacher😅😂😂😂

  • Todd Angeles
    Todd Angeles 4 days ago

    Not sure she could be more adorable. I hope that doesn't sound offensive, but still.

  • Theirishdemon 720
    Theirishdemon 720 5 days ago +1

    Ls for president

  • Esteban fitness model
    Esteban fitness model 5 days ago +2

    oh lindsey losiento por no haber hido a tu concierto en colombia de verdad queria ir

  • Rin Kotegawa
    Rin Kotegawa 5 days ago +1

    Вот почему меня не было в том месте, в то время...

  • Maxim Zaikin
    Maxim Zaikin 5 days ago +2

    Thanks for the cool cover I'm not an Englishman and a Pole From Europe !!!! (POLAND, WARSAW) English know not badly. Thank you again for simply masterpiece performance ^^ 3 years I've been reviewing everything and re-examining it! WITH EVERY VIEW ALL ENCOURAGES AND COMES TO ALL!

  • star_inmyheart
    star_inmyheart 5 days ago


  • AnimeFreak PlusManga101

    she is crazy amazing she just makes you sit there and listen to her music for hours and hours on end

  • Jaidyn Costa
    Jaidyn Costa 5 days ago

    I play like her and I'm 14 and every time I listen to her I have my violin and watch carefully at her notes😋

  • Вадимир Фатеев


  • Elizabet Celis
    Elizabet Celis 6 days ago

    Que talento hermoso de esta mujer me encanta 😙

  • Jakub Rajewski
    Jakub Rajewski 6 days ago

    hi lindsey i love your video they are awesome i play the piano but i have never seen suck a talented person , i am not saying the rest arn't but you are the most , i like the dancers they were cool i liked the king of the sea he done some interesting moves , but anyway here's my g-mail if you ever could reply to me please do so i love to read e-mails and reply to them as well i would want to know how you started off. I hope to see more of your videos <3

  • Manfred Murlaschitz
    Manfred Murlaschitz 6 days ago


  • Lillith Sappho Cole
    Lillith Sappho Cole 6 days ago

    She always looks like she's having so much fun!

  • yehia el farargy
    yehia el farargy 6 days ago

    anyone watching in august?

  • Karlos M
    Karlos M 7 days ago

    0 0

  • rui monteiro
    rui monteiro 7 days ago

    o.0 again best sound and video :)

  • Android User
    Android User 7 days ago

    Now the Song is 3 years old

  • ara botardo
    ara botardo 7 days ago

    Wow Lindsey is very cool at playing an violin!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Erin Rowley
    Erin Rowley 8 days ago


  • Cleiton Haney
    Cleiton Haney 8 days ago

    Deus é fiel

  • raul ramos
    raul ramos 8 days ago

    hora ya no tienes nuevos videos me gustan

  • leo loin
    leo loin 8 days ago

    i wish i go to one of her concerts !!! LOVE HER !!!!!!

  • rachid chayeb
    rachid chayeb 8 days ago

    let's kill the jewich they kill jésus yor jésus.

  • Abner Manuel Garcia Gonzales

    this is a cool !!!!!!

  • nelly moreau
    nelly moreau 8 days ago


  • Krabman
    Krabman 9 days ago

    I can't even imagine how many people get inspired by her to play!

    ABDELKADER MOULAï 9 days ago

    (.DZ)..1..2...3....WE ARE THE CHILDREN..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....VIVA ALGERIE..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....MARWAN BARGHOUTHII..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....SAHARA OCCIDENTAL..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....NELSON MANDELA..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....We are the World..!!

    ABDELKADER MOULAï 9 days ago


  • Julie Marcellus
    Julie Marcellus 9 days ago

    Where was this played??? <3

  • Joanna Buczkowska
    Joanna Buczkowska 9 days ago


  • justo dominguez
    justo dominguez 9 days ago


  • Ozathia
    Ozathia 9 days ago

    Camping L'Emeraude- Anais Show haha 💪🏻❤️

  • Ксюша Ксюша


  • shania vanorder
    shania vanorder 9 days ago

    Wow I don't see why people dislike this or feel the need to put a thumbs down. She is amazing. Butt hurt over not having this kind of talent. Keep rocking that violin.

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 10 days ago

    3:03 Fizz E

  • Faith Angelina Music
    Faith Angelina Music 10 days ago

    She is awesome.

  • A Jar of Jam
    A Jar of Jam 10 days ago


  • Тимур Хисамов

    I like it :-)

  • chaos_chaomaster_phoenix_poof

    I wishes i was there

  • WILK 79
    WILK 79 10 days ago


  • Marisela Ojeda
    Marisela Ojeda 10 days ago

    man her music makes life feel so magical just listening

  • Victor Ayala
    Victor Ayala 11 days ago

    me significa EU

  • 1010101010101010101
    1010101010101010101 11 days ago

    One day these legends will pass away and a new one will be reborn

  • VeteranOLI
    VeteranOLI 11 days ago

    amazing :)

  • Alecsandru Ostrovschii

    Game and fals

  • Zater_H_Craft Acensão

    Incrível, incrivelmente incrível, o may God

  • Brynnon Eatherly
    Brynnon Eatherly 11 days ago

    I love her musoc

  • Brynnon Eatherly
    Brynnon Eatherly 11 days ago

    I listen to her music to get me to sleep

  • Katie Hodgson
    Katie Hodgson 11 days ago

    Is there a version of this without the vocals or is anyone able to edit them out for me? Want to use it for a dance but we're not allowed to use vocals

  • lore leiva
    lore leiva 11 days ago

    Hermoso lo amo lindsey!!!!!!!!🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻

  • Anna Kijowski
    Anna Kijowski 11 days ago

    3x Brawooooo ;)

  • Andry Haming
    Andry Haming 11 days ago

    i like it

  • Reyna Retalia
    Reyna Retalia 11 days ago

    "Wait wait what if she falls in the water???"
    Next moment
    "Nevermind she's already in the water"

  • Angela Ly
    Angela Ly 11 days ago

    Trying to frantically get a piece of hair off the screen without pausing

  • Hanah Stevens
    Hanah Stevens 12 days ago

    lindsey stirling is the BEST!:D

  • Victor Ferreira da Silva

    Sem graça pra porra.

  • Emily Brooks
    Emily Brooks 12 days ago

    Who else's first Lindsey song was Roundtable rival?

  • Natalia Francino
    Natalia Francino 12 days ago

    que lindo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Mari Frasão
    Mari Frasão 12 days ago


  • Romana Geisschläger
    Romana Geisschläger 12 days ago

    Wow, tolles Video. Sehr cool. Die Videos sind immer so toll.

  • Aslı
    Aslı 12 days ago

    Turkey loves youu ♡♡

  • Young Oddy
    Young Oddy 12 days ago

    I always get turned up with Lindsey violin music LOL i use my imaginary violin

  • Sarah Ramos Benjamin Fernandes

    Í 'love

  • Katia Celene
    Katia Celene 13 days ago


  • ISNO NameNo
    ISNO NameNo 13 days ago

    wauw amazing performance

  • Litzy Vazquez Espinoza

    ʍɛ ɛռċaռta ċօʍօ tօċa ɛsɛ ɨռstʀʊʍɛռtօ ʟօ ɦaċɛ ɢɛռɨaʟ, sօʏ sʊ ʄaռ😍😍😍

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