Frustrated Gordon Smashes Chef's Favourite Plates | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • hAz2k3
    hAz2k3 3 hours ago

    Lmfao he dropped it on purpose !!

  • Saul Diaz
    Saul Diaz 9 hours ago

    Should have sued for millions xd

  • Sabrina Walsh
    Sabrina Walsh 10 hours ago

    "Swimming pool for Barbie" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BoxInABox
    BoxInABox 10 hours ago

    Did he just say expresso

  • YoonjiCares TideExpert
    YoonjiCares TideExpert 16 hours ago

    eBay :)

  • GangGangSquad
    GangGangSquad 22 hours ago

    How on earth do you play with plates

  • ronniegal
    ronniegal Day ago

    "It's like a fucking swimming pool for Barbie"

  • Elisha Istomin
    Elisha Istomin Day ago

    Damn that is so many plates😳

  • Totally_new
    Totally_new Day ago

    The English Logan Paul

  • Joshua Perry
    Joshua Perry 2 days ago

    Love the old guys sense of humour when his plate broke 😂 tile glue didn't sick

  • Shiva SarwaDe
    Shiva SarwaDe 2 days ago

    "Even with me to help him..."
    *throws half the kitchen in the bin as the owner watches agast*

  • Pangejanus
    Pangejanus 2 days ago


  • Nick Popik
    Nick Popik 3 days ago +1

    The chef seems so innocent

  • Mr. SodaCow
    Mr. SodaCow 3 days ago

    He probably has a hoarder problem

  • AutusticEagle
    AutusticEagle 3 days ago

    gordan was being a dick on this one

  • Tabbie
    Tabbie 3 days ago

    Does anyone know what episode this is from? I love renovation stuff

  • RyderTil IDyer
    RyderTil IDyer 4 days ago

    No comments about the plate that kinda looks like the windows sign? 2:37

  • Megan Gorrell
    Megan Gorrell 4 days ago

    Plate fetish? Does he sleep with them? I need answers.

  • Naweed Khan
    Naweed Khan 4 days ago

    4:06 WTF ...thats a girl!!!!!!!I thought that was a he

  • Nostalgia 2
    Nostalgia 2 4 days ago

    i know this owner doesnt look like him, but i felt that he really reminded me of the old guy pickpocket in Tintin. Turns out he had a shelf of his wallet collection but this guy fills it with plates.

  • Gary The Goer
    Gary The Goer 4 days ago

    Hmm cant tell if Gordon is more disgusted by this guys hoarding or eBay

  • Alexa Pere'z
    Alexa Pere'z 4 days ago

    😁Logan Paul's Heaven 😂

  • Liela Harb
    Liela Harb 4 days ago


  • CharliChu
    CharliChu 4 days ago

    I love the difference between the British and American versions of this XD

  • candymountainn
    candymountainn 5 days ago

    gotta love unscripted fuckups lmao

  • wail Pal21hail
    wail Pal21hail 5 days ago

    Friends: *Well Brian how did you meet your wife*
    Brian: *eBay*

  • wail Pal21hail
    wail Pal21hail 5 days ago


  • Divz BliS
    Divz BliS 5 days ago

    Ramsays a SAVAGE

  • Mekayl maajid
    Mekayl maajid 5 days ago +1

    Just call Logan Paul he will help you with the plate problem

  • TheDerpyBlock // TheDB

    Call logan paul!!

  • Jeremy Huang
    Jeremy Huang 5 days ago

    I feel sorry for the owner

  • Legendary Master
    Legendary Master 5 days ago

    Wow, I never knew that Gordon Ramsay Is Logan Paul

    You would understand if you know Logan Paul

  • MiByte
    MiByte 5 days ago

    What a clickbait title xD

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise 5 days ago

    Ebay, duh

  • Anime Fantasy
    Anime Fantasy 5 days ago

    The plate with a circle in the middle could serve fries and the ketchup could be in the middle circle

  • Steven Gongora
    Steven Gongora 5 days ago

    Logan Paul?

  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim 5 days ago

    That chef has an addiction for plates

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter 5 days ago


  • Gamerforlife
    Gamerforlife 6 days ago

    It's like a Logan Paul vlog

  • rus Van
    rus Van 6 days ago +1

    Hello, my name is NINOoooo

  • Daniel dore
    Daniel dore 6 days ago

    I will save my money and buy a plate..........he must hate waking up in the morning

  • eytan0127
    eytan0127 6 days ago

    For once I feel bad for the owner

  • יהלי לן
    יהלי לן 6 days ago

    the plates with 3 extra compartments actaully can be quite useful for serving nachos

  • יהלי לן
    יהלי לן 6 days ago

    plates, ppllaatteess, PPPPLLLLAAAATTTTTEEEESSSS

  • MineCraftG82 Gt
    MineCraftG82 Gt 7 days ago

    Rip Plate
    ???? - 2???
    died because of Gordon Ramsay

  • The Hebert Bros
    The Hebert Bros 7 days ago


  • X-Omatic
    X-Omatic 7 days ago


  • Da Beast Dragon guy
    Da Beast Dragon guy 7 days ago

    Is Gordon Ramsey Logan Paul?!?!

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo 7 days ago

    The guy looked like he was going to have a severe anxiety attack when the big garbage bin arrived. He has a mental disorder, he is a hoarder.

  • ndudi obichi
    ndudi obichi 7 days ago

    This plate loving guy would hate Logan Paul

  • Derpy Kermy
    Derpy Kermy 7 days ago

    Damn the clickbait is getting real

  • Kenny Nguyen,
    Kenny Nguyen, 7 days ago

    If Logan was there the restaurant won't have anymore plates

  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator 7 days ago

    "Where did you get your life"

  • MissMagicMystery !
    MissMagicMystery ! 8 days ago

    That's where Logan Paul got his plate smashing inspiration from.

  • MissAmyPink Ö
    MissAmyPink Ö 8 days ago

    I feel so bad....that's so sad the guy is already in debt and he smashed a plate worth quite a bit

  • Dylan Darity
    Dylan Darity 8 days ago

    Logan Paul would love to break all these plates

  • Fluffie Bubbles
    Fluffie Bubbles 9 days ago

    " now we've got a plate with three compartments down the side."
    One compartment of which is reserved for the lamb sauce

  • Le Smurf
    Le Smurf 9 days ago

    Gordon stop touching thing u don't own,retard.

  • iNeedHealing
    iNeedHealing 9 days ago

    Tad bit click-baity

  • Vexor
    Vexor 9 days ago

    at least theyre clean

  • Tapo Collino
    Tapo Collino 9 days ago

    Ok... so if they can afford so much equipment, why don't they hire some good chefs???

  • Alebdk Skwbdk
    Alebdk Skwbdk 9 days ago


  • Mindy Sugarsweet
    Mindy Sugarsweet 10 days ago

    Smashing it sounds like he did it on purpose. He just dropped it.

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 10 days ago

    He has more plates than food smh

  • Nicholas Frideres
    Nicholas Frideres 10 days ago +1

    Hope Logan Paul doesn't come in there.

  • Claudio Zamudio
    Claudio Zamudio 10 days ago

    man I feel so bad for that chef ..

  • Morgan Leigh hudson
    Morgan Leigh hudson 10 days ago

    Some of those plates were pretty cool but the title is wrong

  • really__ duncan
    really__ duncan 10 days ago


  • Ba Son Nguyen
    Ba Son Nguyen 10 days ago

    logan paul would be proud

  • 461 141 541
    461 141 541 11 days ago

    2:37 *windows startup music intensifies*

  • 461 141 541
    461 141 541 11 days ago


  • Harry Brown
    Harry Brown 11 days ago

    Poor chef

  • just liking and commenting

    Logan Paul who???

  • Sf films
    Sf films 11 days ago +1

    He should have brought Logan Paul

  • Dark Eagle
    Dark Eagle 11 days ago

    I thought Logan Paul was about to show up

  • Banana Bread
    Banana Bread 12 days ago +1

    Logan Paul smashing plates

  • noob0609 kraft
    noob0609 kraft 12 days ago +1

    Gordon did a logan paul

  • Adrienne Lawless
    Adrienne Lawless 12 days ago +1

    Stop with the fucking tongue! Gross AF!

  • Stealthex
    Stealthex 12 days ago

    I don't know why but I feel bad for this chill old man.

  • rewa
    rewa 12 days ago

    begger karma

  • Strong Adolf
    Strong Adolf 12 days ago



  • Jones 456
    Jones 456 12 days ago


  • Yasi Reyhani
    Yasi Reyhani 12 days ago

    When he started tiling the walls with plates I was dead 💀

  • Justine Franco
    Justine Franco 12 days ago

    Logan Paul needs to go and visit that guy

  • Nigel Whyte
    Nigel Whyte 12 days ago

    i think gordon is a logangster

  • EndlessFunctionality
    EndlessFunctionality 12 days ago

    250k In debt. Saves his pennies to by plates. What?

  • Vae's Life
    Vae's Life 13 days ago

    " Aww fuck me!!!" - Gordon Ramsey

  • Anita Umana
    Anita Umana 13 days ago

    Plz spell favorite right XD

  • XxRailey
    XxRailey 13 days ago +1

    Logan Paul would love these !

  • WillSanity
    WillSanity 14 days ago

    Were these plates frozen?

  • dora bakos
    dora bakos 14 days ago

    "the tile glue didn't stick"
    Can I say *ahem* SAVAGE

  • Farhad Kazemi
    Farhad Kazemi 14 days ago

    This guy is not a British pub owner; he is a French squirrel.

  • iMajesticFalcon
    iMajesticFalcon 14 days ago

    I liked the dishes I would have been psyched to eat on them

  • Skilled Gaming #SG
    Skilled Gaming #SG 14 days ago

    Chef Ramsey is now officially in the LOGANG

  • enter name here
    enter name here 14 days ago

    The owner is so chill

  • T-Breezy Jones
    T-Breezy Jones 14 days ago

    Is there a Gordon Ramsey soundboard?

  • Diamond Gaming
    Diamond Gaming 14 days ago

    Logan would of smashed all of them

  • Ink
    Ink 14 days ago

    Where is logan

  • The Chemical Crybaby at the Disco

    RIP that plate nobody cared about

  • Joon Kwon
    Joon Kwon 14 days ago

    When I saw this it reminded me of Logan Paul Vlogs plate smashing

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