Labrador booed over 'nobody dies' comment

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  • Jake Tapper discusses this past week in politics with the State of the Union panel of Bakari Sellers, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Jen Psaki, and Amanda Carpenter
  • Runtime: 8:07
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  • Dan Jakmel
    Dan Jakmel Month ago

    It's funny watching cuntservstives fight trumptard. Most of these people voted for Trump anyway. 60% have some type of preexisting condition.

  • yuvileyris
    yuvileyris Month ago

    this guy who brings on point the wider range of uncovered pre-existing conditions for next president! :D

  • Fiona Corliss
    Fiona Corliss 2 months ago

    SEVEN YEARS. Over 60 votes. And no plan not even an outline. NOthing. Not one day or even a minute was spent actually doing their jobs. Now we have sitting legislators trying to explain Why their colleague is clueless about healthcare. and while they complain about aforementioned healthcare they themselves reveal they are just as clueless. What takes this over the top is that they continue the narrative of repeal and replace, completely oblivious and criminally disengaged from reality. Hey dummies..WE NOTICE!!! you are lazy and still have no plan. 7 years!!! 5 months into the republican golden age TOTAL POWER. TOTAL CONTROL. All your buddies have their dream jobs and you crushed all your enemies. Still not doing your jobs. sad.

  • PineApple TV
    PineApple TV 2 months ago

    because we are....nobody?

  • Liz Frolick
    Liz Frolick 2 months ago

    She is outrageously rude.always interrupting
    To cover she knows nothing.

  • Connie Cook
    Connie Cook 3 months ago

    That really takes the Marie Antoinette Prize of 2017.

  • First Last
    First Last 3 months ago

    The winners with TrumpCare are the uber wealthy that will get a hugh tax reduction. every year until eternity.

  • Bill
    Bill 3 months ago +1

    Am I the only person that listen to this shit and only got more confused.

    What's the point of your panel discussion if noone is going to confirm what the facts are. This is why listening to news from these huge news stations makes no sense because the goal of your station is not to make everything clear to the public, its just to tell everyone what all the sides are saying. So at the end of the day NOONE knows whats TRUE.

  • craig DK
    craig DK 3 months ago

    bakari dumb

  • vriendelijkegroet
    vriendelijkegroet 3 months ago +1

    Hahaha, nobody dies, hahaha, how stupid. "No billionaire dies when paying more tax", he means!

  • hongbongbingbong
    hongbongbingbong 3 months ago

    weird. i almost died because i didn't have health care. i went to the hospital, they have me an IV, kicked me out the next day, and charged me, a jobless 21 year old (at the time), 7,000 dollars. Republicans are disgusting.

    • TheBookWorm1718
      TheBookWorm1718 2 months ago

      And a lot of people died because they either went broke buying Obama care then couldn't afford a doctor's visit, or no doctor would take the insurance.

  • Smitty Smiff
    Smitty Smiff 3 months ago

    his name is Labrador huh, he better golden retrieve some common sense lol

  • Miss Nina972
    Miss Nina972 3 months ago

    This is what happen when you put a billionaire into the white house...

    • TheBookWorm1718
      TheBookWorm1718 2 months ago

      And what's your comment to everybody who went broke and died, or had to go on welfare because they lost all insurance, because the premiums were more than their monthly income, when Obama was in office?

  • YoDee
    YoDee 3 months ago

    Jake asked her a simple question ''people dont die because of lack of healthcare...true or false''....instead of just saying its FALSE...she goes into a bullshit rant. Don't bring her rude ass back on. Dickhead

  • Alkhair Adam
    Alkhair Adam 3 months ago

    Obama is greatest america

  • David Klavakwonskwi
    David Klavakwonskwi 3 months ago

    Let poor people die, I thought you Democrats loved Magraret Sangher who believed in Eugenics some people are born to be a burden on the rest if poor people die we have solved crime in this nation

  • Pfokrehrii Peter
    Pfokrehrii Peter 3 months ago

    Fake news network

  • N W112
    N W112 3 months ago

    She is like a hillbilly Hillary.

  • ezlorulz
    ezlorulz 3 months ago

    You are fake news

  • Samuel Ieuan Williams
    Samuel Ieuan Williams 3 months ago

    Just pass single payer, problem solved. oh wait all of the government are pawns for their corporate masters

  • xxxxmimi
    xxxxmimi 3 months ago

    can that bitch congresswoman just shut up for a second? Okay its not 24 million, its 9 million so the 9 million lives dont matter bitch?

  • snovismom
    snovismom 3 months ago

    Blackburn is so corrupt!

  • Karen Anderson
    Karen Anderson 3 months ago


  • Richard Alexander
    Richard Alexander 3 months ago +1

    It's true, no rich folk like those in congress die without access to healthcare.

  • Ken Jeter
    Ken Jeter 3 months ago +1

    That GOP Rep. need to die for saying that.

  • sun dial
    sun dial 3 months ago

    CNN is FAKE news

  • Williiam Windsor
    Williiam Windsor 3 months ago

    What a bunch of crap, Obama lied, he mistated just like Trump does every day. The health insurance industry doesn't guarantee you the same policy from year to year and are constantly changing things. The Republican bullshit that you will have more choices, most Americans on their company plan only have ONE choice take it or leave it.

  • Brian Coffey
    Brian Coffey 3 months ago +1

    Is this the first known instance of a Labrador trying to be a pit bull and sounding like a Pekingese?

  • Brian Coffey
    Brian Coffey 3 months ago +1

    As a Tennessean, I'm not sure who I'm more ashamed of: Marsha Blackburn or Scottie Nell Hughes?

  • Orvo Shaboinger
    Orvo Shaboinger 3 months ago +1

    its crazy that youre still debating who should get insurance when 7 other nations above "America" have Universal health care and are proven by fact to have better economies then "America"... #makeAmericasmartagain fuckin sad!!

  • Paul Chapman
    Paul Chapman 3 months ago +1

    Single Payer, Lady. That's all you need is medicare for all and we could pay 10x less than we are now and actually be able to negotiate prices of medication as well.

  • Matthew Charman
    Matthew Charman 3 months ago +2

    "ACA isn't perfect! So we need to have no healthcare instead!"

    Er... hang on...

    I feel the rage, I really do. All my life I've had the NHS to provide free healthcare. Now a government so despicable and incompetent that they make Thatcher look like a saint is trying everything it can to defund, cripple and ultimately destroy that. And like a collection of bloody turkeys putting up Christmas decorations, the British public may well return them to the government on the 8th June. I can well feel the rage of everyone who is experiencing the Republicans basically screaming "die poor filth!" at them.

  • shadowcat 10110
    shadowcat 10110 3 months ago

    can you spell pandemic

  • Ann Paris
    Ann Paris 3 months ago +1

    Goodness she's such a truly unintelligent person. She can't come up with facts to even hold a decent debate for her viewpoint. It's embarrassing to watch. Rich people have always had so much money theyve been able to buy their way out of every problem or argument. Theyve never been required to understand facts or research or basic debate skills, because money has been their manipulative tool. Thats why they fight lije dogs to make laws that hold onto their money. They know they're not intelligent and that without money to buy their way through life they wouldn't be able to survive. Theyre scared. Her back woods accent doesnt help her either.

  • upstartmike
    upstartmike 3 months ago

    As a Canadian watching this, it's like seeing people debate over what the price of air should be. It'd be funny if it weren't sad how duped half of the US is to think that universal healthcare is anything but amazing. I've never once had to think twice about going to the doctor. When my infant son had issues I didn't hesitate to take him to the doctor. It's a non-issue.

    Much like how tobacco companies confused the public with campaigns like "smoking is good for you" Republicans have put out so much misinformation to scare people away from universal healthcare like long waiting times and shoddy service, it's total bullshit. Canadian healthcare is far from perfect, we're still perfecting it but God damn I'm thankful for it and it's easy to take for granted until you look south and realize how ass backwards things could be. Remember, Republicans don't want it because it'll mean higher tax for billionaires. Instead the Trump regime is cutting billions from healthcare so rich people can get massive tax breaks. And they have the working class suckered into believing that they're looking out for them.

  • soonersdevil
    soonersdevil 3 months ago

    Do the Insurance Companies care about YOU or their profits???

    • TheBookWorm1718
      TheBookWorm1718 2 months ago

      Insurance has never been about the people. We had insurance for tornadoes, our house got ripped apart by a tornado, instead of paying the $30,000 to repair the damage, the company said 'that wasn't a tornado, it was a straight line wind, so we'll give you $3,000 instead.'

  • Oniza Chaman
    Oniza Chaman 3 months ago

    What people don't die because of Obamacare, its socialist agenda and this country is not socialist

  • Patty Smith
    Patty Smith 3 months ago

    It's way past time for single payer in the US. Healthcare is a human right and should be measured by health outcomes--not dollars. US insurance companies add unjustifiable costs. Big-pharma cheats the American people. And care policy is driven by profit, rather than efficacy. Wake up America!

  • Alan Johnson
    Alan Johnson 3 months ago

    You can keep your own Doctor? ACA was a lie . Hopefully most of the deaths will be liberals.

  • Katilyn Whitson
    Katilyn Whitson 3 months ago

    A patient centered and patient protecting healthcare system? Yeah, that's universal healthcare. Any other plan casts people who WILL die aside so the companies can make a profit.

  • G L
    G L 3 months ago

    Jake, the first question wasn't answered by her, it's a yes no answer.
    Do people die without access to healthcare?

    • G L
      G L 2 months ago

      They take it in Spain pretty well

    • TheBookWorm1718
      TheBookWorm1718 2 months ago

      Yes they do, just like people die WITH access to 'healthcare', especially when it's healthcare the law forced you to have, but NO doctor will take.

  • Shonoiki Abayomi
    Shonoiki Abayomi 3 months ago

    These Republicans are just in denial

  • VicInNocal
    VicInNocal 3 months ago

    CNN is very fake news.

  • Mike Godsom
    Mike Godsom 3 months ago

    I wonder what those "dislikes" people don't like ? The info ? The opinions?

  • Lori Burnip
    Lori Burnip 3 months ago

    Notice NONE of them brought up single payer! C'mon Americans, this shouldn't be so damned difficult, just copy any of the other modern nations in the world. We ALL have some type of single payer system & it works! Want change? Vote in progressives like Sanders who will fight for you instead of the insurance & pharmaceutical companies. Medicine should not be a for profit business!

  • IvyleagueCutie89
    IvyleagueCutie89 3 months ago

    Just because you think Obamacare doesn't work doesn't mean you should vote on an act without knowing its impact - particularly whether it will make things worse.

  • dukky fuzz
    dukky fuzz 3 months ago

    Trump cunt

  • Derek Martin
    Derek Martin 3 months ago

    why else would trump try to defend the Russian hack

  • Derek Martin
    Derek Martin 3 months ago

    fuck with nafta ..........fuck with Canada

  • 666th PROFET
    666th PROFET 3 months ago

    only facts that republicans care about are the ones they pull out eachothers ass

  • Jame
    Jame 3 months ago

    nobody dies because they die

  • Captain Crunch
    Captain Crunch 3 months ago

    HR.676 Big Pharma would have to negotiate with Medicare for all!

  • Captain Crunch
    Captain Crunch 3 months ago

    HR'676! Medicare for all with no insurance companies!! plain and simple!

  • hendrsb33
    hendrsb33 3 months ago

    Notice how these peeps can't seem to give a direct yes or no answer to anything? They immediately go into conciliatory word salad obfuscation and then argue irrelevant details with each other.

  • SWSimpson
    SWSimpson 3 months ago

    That lady said Democrats should help republicans with a new healthcare plan? REALLY? Well, first of all, republicans refused to help FIX it. They just vowed to repeal it. They obstructed everything president Obama wanted, and now they are working to undo everything he accomplished... but they want Democrat's help on replacing the ACA now? lol The GOP talks a good talk, but they do not know how to govern. They don't know how to make these things happen because they hate poor people, they hate minorities, they hate sick people and old people. A GOP senator said that people are "living too long" these days, and wanted to raise the S.S. age- well, poor people don't live that long w/out health insurance so they will never see social security- that's the GOP plan. The Republicans always vote on the side of the wealthy and corporations. They vote against unions and workers. They won't raise the minimum wage, and they want to eliminate all the social programs that have been developed over the years by many presidents in response to national need. If republicans got everything they wanted, the US would be ruled by corporations, banks, and a wealthy "ruling class" of billionaires and super rich families. The rich would be super rich and everyone else is lazy and needs to work harder. How anyone could think the GOP cares about working people is a mystery... unless they are glued to FOX network for their very slanted news.

  • videoguyinfinity
    videoguyinfinity 3 months ago

    6:15 - ...we took our ideas and Obama didn't accept our ideas, then proceeds to describe two of "their" ideas that Obama accepted without pausing....

  • David Porter
    David Porter 3 months ago

    Utterly Bullsh*t discussion from MSM. No policy solutions discussed. Insurance companies making billions, pharma making billions, Congress taking millions in lobbying. Corporate cronyism has killed healthcare. There is no solution without addressing that.

  • rederick primus
    rederick primus 3 months ago

    racist white bitch from tn

  • rederick primus
    rederick primus 3 months ago

    white people are dying off. we don't have to do anything. inferior DNA. no melanin.

  • The Hacks-By-Jack Channel
    The Hacks-By-Jack Channel 3 months ago +3

    Silly me I've been paying all this money every month for years to have health insurance coverage because I was afraid I could die without it. Had I known before that nobody dies from not having health insurance I would never have paid a red cent. Thank you Rep. Labrador for imparting your wisdom on us all. Now I will be saving a ton of cash.

  • kettle chips
    kettle chips 3 months ago

    I clicked cause I was upset someone was picking on a dog.

  • Jwxo Weeye
    Jwxo Weeye 3 months ago

    who voted for this lady

  • fos sch
    fos sch 3 months ago

    Unsurprisingly, Obama’s decision to travel to a lecture about climate change using a private jet and a massive convoy of SUVs is a much-discussed topic, with many accusing the former President of hypocrisy.

    “Private jet, 14 car convoy to talk about climate change? Hypocritical,” wrote one Daily Mail commenter.

    Another wrote, “if he were really concerned about climate change, why is he jetting all over the world? Why not stay put and give his $400k speech to fight the cause?”

    “He and Al Gore have huge carbon footprints,” wrote another commenter.

  • brian hutton
    brian hutton 3 months ago

    Being British, i am so glad , that despite all its faults, I have the the National Health Service. I feel sorry for the millions of Americans who have to prey they don't get sick.

  • Vegan 7
    Vegan 7 3 months ago

    New study finds 45,000 deaths annually linked to lack of
    health coverage. Uninsured, working-age Americans have 40 percent higher
    death risk than privately insured counterparts (David Cecere, Cambridge Health

  • trinifun99
    trinifun99 3 months ago

    That life saving procedure that doctor's say you need is not necessary.

  • Jorge Bravo
    Jorge Bravo 3 months ago

    Is she speaking English?

  • Jason Kachuk
    Jason Kachuk 3 months ago +3

    Single Payer (patients protected) + Single National bid on contracts (lower prices) = Step in the right direction

    "In this together" instead of "sucks to be you" mentality. Simple.

  • Brian Rapp
    Brian Rapp 3 months ago


  • Ian Patrick
    Ian Patrick 3 months ago

    Sure it has. Things are getting worse. The USA is going backwards.

  • pete walsh
    pete walsh 3 months ago +1

    The woman that first spoke is as thick as pig shit.

  • pete walsh
    pete walsh 3 months ago

    Labrador, what an idiot.

  • mike carson
    mike carson 3 months ago

    ....and people still vote republican. why?????

  • Beth Ward
    Beth Ward 3 months ago


  • Beth Ward
    Beth Ward 3 months ago

    Marsha Blackburn is one the dumbest women in congress... she needs to be voted out ASAP...

  • rivobravo
    rivobravo 3 months ago

    The health in USA is a legal scam in the hands of insurance companies with the approval of bribed politicians. Before the ACA, 45.000 Americans died every because of no medical insurance.

  • dave canterra
    dave canterra 3 months ago

    Labrador... what an appropriate name. After all, he's the lapdog of the
    rich pricks that put him in office. He's the face of evil... really,
    he's evil. But ya know what, Idahoans will continue to vote for
    republicans because they are the dumbest people in America. As extreme
    as that may sound, it really is true. They can't understand that the
    republican party is the most evil institution in the world. I'd say to
    them.. WAKE UP!!... but I've tried to educate them and they are beyond
    help. They just allowed for the privatization of their hospital too.
    Labrador.... FUCK YOU!!!

  • Derrick Benford
    Derrick Benford 3 months ago

    The only solution is single payer. Not one person on this panel mentioned it in the length of this video.

    Obamacare is a right wing program that may be replaced by a right wing program that's worse.


    I wonder why #CNN is not reporting on the cost savings of single-payer.

    Do actual journalism CNN.

  • Hector Espinosa
    Hector Espinosa 3 months ago

    American People with no access to health care .... MUST BE IMMORTAL I GUESS !

  • Frank Colletta
    Frank Colletta 3 months ago +7

    Republicans live in an alternate fucking dimension. I am so sick and tired of hearing their bullshit.

  • PeaceFan1
    PeaceFan1 3 months ago +3

    Labrador ...What a DUMB ASS ... Saying that Nobody dies from NOT having Healthcare " ... That is like saying " Nobody dies from Cancer, if they don't get treatment " as if they'll just get better on their own!! VOTE This MORON OUT of Office!!!!

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 3 months ago

    This absurd "nobody dies" comment just proves how "out of touch" our esteemed President & the Republican Party really are! But I'm not sure the Dems are any more realistic either.

  • James Piece
    James Piece 3 months ago +3

    those States that refused Medicaid they still received the amount for the people like Wisconsin the received money for medicaid 25 billion for WI. then gave to the corporations of the state to rebuild

  • jim allen
    jim allen 3 months ago

    Another Republican that does not understand what they are saying or doing. If his
    statement is true then why do we even need health care? Congressman
    Hansen is not thinking clearly because he is influenced by the money
    from the health insurance companies, no
    insurance company wants to insure the sick because it hurts them
    financially, so they pay politician to make laws that benefit their
    bottom line.
    Please, go to
    and type in your address and click on their picture to see if your
    House Republican voted for this and all pieces of legislation. Remember,
    all of the house seat are up for reelection in 2018, help clean the
    LEGISLATION THEY VOTE ON. Helen Keller wrote, "Alone we can do so
    little; together we can do so much."

  • Jax
    Jax 3 months ago

    Wow! I'm convinced these assholes think we are fucking dumb. Answer the fucking question straight out! Will people fucking Die asshole? Let me help you! YES! I'm so fed the fuck up with these games with our lives!!!

  • Joshua Cloud
    Joshua Cloud 3 months ago

    She stated the limited insurance available in counties. How many happened in states where Republicans blocked instituting the AHC in their states until the last minute and complained it didn't work, when they were the roadblock?

  • billy
    billy 3 months ago +2

    Two questions... 1- will that wide waist line of Labrador brand him with a preexisting condition? 2- I can't remember the second question.
    Marsha Blackborn has become the House's "Kellyanne ConHerWay". She has zero credibility, seems to be totally disingenuous and dishonest. I can see why the simple minds of TN would vote for her. She is a perfect charlatan. She can not answer a question with a straight answer. She just can't. AND she thinks, as KellyAnne the lost does, that LOUDER makes RIGHT.... but it doesn't. She comes off as a fool to any educated person.

  • gary duran
    gary duran 3 months ago

    Trump administration is all about "lie to Americans" they will believe anything!

  • E Land
    E Land 3 months ago

    Its simple. To stay in power, given the little people healthcare. Then do what you want.

  • ron hat
    ron hat 3 months ago

    None of them will answer a straight forward question. They are all just stringing the common man along. They never mention how all these doctors are so rich. How about the smirking jew who came out with his 600 dollar pill. where is he now? Still selling his pill. And look at epipen. Supply and demand I have heard. Hogwash I say! These people and their politicians are robbing tiny people blind.

  • Gorilla Jones
    Gorilla Jones 3 months ago

    Vote these evil bastards out in 2018. The GOP literally is The Legion of Doom.

  • sheila taylor
    sheila taylor 3 months ago

    They all drank the tang....

  • Jerry Henderson
    Jerry Henderson 3 months ago

    Wow... lying hillbilly Blackburn is determined not to allow opposing opinion heard.

  • Blazed and Confused
    Blazed and Confused 3 months ago

    Booooo CNN

  • Valencia Moss
    Valencia Moss 3 months ago +3

    I'm so tired of lying old Marsha! She's done NOTHING for our state but make her own self interest known!

  • Mark Danis
    Mark Danis 3 months ago

    Why don't you Americans put those guns you love so much to some good use and visit Capital Hill?

  • HakuRules1133
    HakuRules1133 3 months ago

    I have been saying all along my health care plan under Trumpcare is to die. Now the republicans are confirming it...

  • Jan Valach
    Jan Valach 3 months ago

    CNN = Cuckold News Nwtwork

  • Courtclerkk
    Courtclerkk 3 months ago

    That congress woman just deflected from answering the question. What is wrong w these republicans??? Just admit to the truth!!!! Then let's fix it!!!

  • Political Addict!
    Political Addict! 3 months ago

    Blackburns health insurance is medicare and just because she has a senate job she will get full blown coverage paid by taxpayers. She will back up the repeal while we pay for what she voted to take away from taxpayers. Our democracy voted and put Trump in power and now the repubes will make sure they keep the power.

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