Meg's Glittery Craps?! | Teen Mum (Season 1) | MTV

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  • İsmail Yemez
    İsmail Yemez 6 days ago

    Sehabe - Mum yazdım ordan geldım amk

  • leviny
    leviny 7 days ago +8

    Of course no one wants your stuff Megan, it looks like shit.

    • Taylor
      Taylor 1 day ago

      leviny 😂😂😂


    it's gonna take much more than this to hook me

    • Kayleigh Lowe
      Kayleigh Lowe 7 days ago

      THE REAL IS MY CEREAL JESSICA M literally this was stupid AF

  • Heathersbonnybows
    Heathersbonnybows 7 days ago +5

    These are old 😫

  • paugonu
    paugonu 7 days ago +28

    "maybe we shouldn't have gotten a horse when we can't pay the rent"..... where on earth did that look like a good idea?? YOU HAVE A KID!!!!!

    • Ni O
      Ni O 7 days ago

      paugonu I know right, a couple of weeks later they decide to try for another baby and by the time they realised it was a bad idea (financialy and living in a tiny caravan with 3/4 people), she was already pregnant 😩

    • paugonu
      paugonu 7 days ago

      Ni O no words.... i really have no words for the stupidity of the situation

    • Ni O
      Ni O 7 days ago

      paugonu The horse was a present from her boyfriend because he cheated on her with her best friend and wanted to make things good 😂

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