Secret forest door opened ,, and underground bunker.

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  • agustian ino
    agustian ino 13 hours ago

    8:43 who is that ?

  • Matthew Goins
    Matthew Goins 18 hours ago

    Hey bro I have just started to watch your videos and let me tell you I love your work

  • Rafaelchris hendrata

    Its found..a gold or etc?

  • Debby Scott
    Debby Scott 2 days ago

    This is the only channel I would happily watch a 5 minute unskippable ad on

  • SASHI shekhar
    SASHI shekhar 3 days ago

    Illuminati's Bunker

  • Mitch Francis
    Mitch Francis 5 days ago

    bring a flood light next time

  • E Irizarry
    E Irizarry 6 days ago

    great video

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Christopher Kirkland

    it was nazi zombies wasn't it

  • Travel ThyWorld
    Travel ThyWorld 14 days ago

    I love your historical exploration, but you should let people know who you are with so we dont get creeped out that somebody in WW2 might have been following you while you are filming.. but anyhow man dont stop exploring, we definitely want to see more interesting things you are filming in your location.

  • EverythingBullsBearsSox

    You sir, and your daughter have HUGE BALLS OF STEEL! love the videos can't stop watching !

  • Tecksy HD
    Tecksy HD 17 days ago

    have you Seen the Skeleton head shape on the ground at 14:48 WOW

  • Tecksy HD
    Tecksy HD 17 days ago

    have you Seen the Person at 8:44 when he was swinging the cam to the right

  • Rick Choclate
    Rick Choclate 18 days ago

    Are you from Germany?

    • Rick Choclate
      Rick Choclate 10 days ago

      +WW2HistoryHunter well your accent sounds like youre Form Deutchland

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 10 days ago

      i am from all over the Place you could say :)

  • 222radar
    222radar 23 days ago

    You have a beautiful accent.

  • King tob
    King tob 23 days ago

    awesome stuff but you need to buy some better lights so it lights up the area around you

  • Chris Babcock
    Chris Babcock 24 days ago

    It's a ratchet strap lol

  • KolaTV Romania
    KolaTV Romania 28 days ago

    8:43 who is he/she and where is dissapearing

  • scalezygren
    scalezygren 1 month ago

    8:42 when he turns to look back theres someone standing beside as he turns...

  • Bob Barker
    Bob Barker 1 month ago

    wooden planks are the concrete form and just left in why not

    • Bob Barker
      Bob Barker 1 month ago

      Usually you have to wait for the concrete to cure before trying to pry off the form because it can chip off the edge when fresh(few days)... makes me think they poured it and never really used it... Then again I personally wouldnt pry them off at all because as you said it could soften bullet/shrapnel impact.
      Appreciate your filming I subscribed, best of luck on your hunts!

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 month ago

      i couldnt tell. Appreciate you watching

  • Reece Whatley
    Reece Whatley 1 month ago

    At 13:31 who else heard the talking

  • James Liscombe
    James Liscombe 1 month ago

    Brilliant video

  • Joseph Vaughn
    Joseph Vaughn 1 month ago

    That thing you call a "ratchet thing", most people refer to it as a "come along" or a "hand winch". Just info not trying to be a smart @$$.

  • Aubrey & Milo
    Aubrey & Milo 1 month ago

    14:57 it's his daughter y'all it's not a ghost, cat, or a dog

  • Mike Rotch
    Mike Rotch 1 month ago

    Don't know how this got to my recommended, but..glad it did! Pretty interesting videos. Will be returning. Or should I say....
    "Ahhl bee bahck" (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice)

  • 70sfred1
    70sfred1 1 month ago

    You narrated this very well and makes me want to give metal detecting a try!

  • David Hunt
    David Hunt 1 month ago

    Very interesting thanks

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 1 month ago

    15kg is nothing mate lol.

  • Kate Sharp
    Kate Sharp 1 month ago

    first thought Gas chamber

  • thedogefogx420 thedogefox420

    why all The dislikes

    • thedogefogx420 thedogefox420
      thedogefogx420 thedogefox420 1 month ago

      WW2HistoryHunter thanks for answering PS im a German sub

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 month ago

      It will always be like that no matter what you present. I really dont care or take notice. Thanks my friend and Greetings from Ww2HistoryHunter

  • YouTunes
    YouTunes 1 month ago

    8:43 someone dark is like walking by him

  • Shook101
    Shook101 1 month ago

    You weren't alone look at the time at 8:44 there's some one standing there

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 month ago

      Appreciate you watching and taking time to comment.

  • Derrien Gray
    Derrien Gray 1 month ago

    this is amazing videos But Can u stop breathing so loud? otherwise love ur vids

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 month ago

      i was very sick at the time With Lyme disease so sorry....Thanks

  • Chris Castañeda
    Chris Castañeda 1 month ago

    Bolted 6" flangeXflange pipe gate valves .

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 month ago

      Appreciate you watching and taking time to comment.

  • Allain Yee
    Allain Yee 1 month ago

    Wrong turn 5 😱😱😱

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 month ago

      Appreciate you watching and taking time to comment.

  • Jholo Pornasdoro
    Jholo Pornasdoro 1 month ago

    there are a black creature in 8:43

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 month ago

      Appreciate you watching and taking time to comment.

  • MAX POTTER skateboardng

    unless he was with his friend there is someone else with him 11:23

  • Leo Silva
    Leo Silva 1 month ago

    am i the only one who noticed the face looking thing at like 8mins in on the ground?

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 month ago

      Appreciate you watching and taking time to comment.

  • Braxton W
    Braxton W 1 month ago

    I hate the snow

  • mrnice81
    mrnice81 1 month ago

    It's underground to protect it from frost bursting the pipes. Not that old likely anyway, pretty sure not WW2 era, likely a water reservoir connected to the public water supply.

    • mrnice81
      mrnice81 1 month ago

      Hm, didn't even expect you still check on such old videos.
      Just btw, i generally like your vids, sometimes i am a bit worried for safety reasons but otherwise it's nice to see this stuff. But i also have to say that sometimes you seem to get a bit carried away and your phantasy assumes control.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 month ago

      Thank You for wathing and for taking time to comment.

  • James Stephenson
    James Stephenson 1 month ago

    I love your videos +WW2HistoryHunter

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 month ago

      Thank You for wathing and for taking time to comment.

  • Jase Dyker
    Jase Dyker 1 month ago

    I should invest in a go pro buddy

  • X Arc
    X Arc 1 month ago

    shut up and go already

  • Adam Baker
    Adam Baker 1 month ago

    Is he alone because when he entered the cave he was alone then later it showed a man

  • Chris Stockton
    Chris Stockton 1 month ago

    there was a sword standing against that column

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 month ago

      i think it is just some kind of axle shaft. Thanks for watching.

  • Michael Maciejewicz
    Michael Maciejewicz 2 months ago +1

    Get your son to help

  • Silly
    Silly 2 months ago

    10:07.. that looks too much like a sword

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 months ago

      i think it is some kind of axle that was just left there. Thanks

  • Shaun Hardy
    Shaun Hardy 2 months ago +1

    is anyone else waiting for a creature to pop out 🤔😂😂

  • Mauricio Alexis
    Mauricio Alexis 2 months ago

    where is this forest?

    • Mauricio Alexis
      Mauricio Alexis 2 months ago

      +WW2HistoryHunter haha why afraid, i in your place it would so happy i love the second world war...

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 months ago

      Somewhere in Europe is all i can say i am afraid. Thanks

  • Rishav Lodh
    Rishav Lodh 2 months ago

    Is that an abandoned WW2 German gaschamber ?... I guess because of the repetition of doors , ventilation shafts , big hall like structure...

  • Troy Cunningham
    Troy Cunningham 2 months ago

    bolts were new

  • Red Jedy Ponton
    Red Jedy Ponton 2 months ago

    Great video!

  • Mike Cheeseman
    Mike Cheeseman 2 months ago

    have you to orientate your location with the map could be an old fuel dumps underground seen several over in Britain had dumps miles from airstrips and ran pipes to it same with ammo bunkers bomb dumps.

  • Oklahoma treasure
    Oklahoma treasure 2 months ago

    I think I saw a silver coin when you opened that bunker thing with the pipes

  • jesse stringer
    jesse stringer 2 months ago

    Land nav with a ruck

  • Pablo Vargas
    Pablo Vargas 2 months ago

    what's that noise on minute 12:54?

  • Bloodyice 180
    Bloodyice 180 2 months ago

    wait wtf you have a friend??because i see human color black in 8:40 no joke guys

  • N0p3 -
    N0p3 - 2 months ago

    The pipes are linked to other bunkers

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 months ago

      They could be , i couldnt tell. Thanks for watching.

  • Guns And Roses
    Guns And Roses 2 months ago

    This is I love your accent and video. German stuff in the world war was so cool.

  • Chris Bautista
    Chris Bautista 2 months ago

    This bunker was intentionally walled up. But they decided to leave a few sections open for explorers or as emergency shelter.

  • Hauke Ludolfs
    Hauke Ludolfs 2 months ago

    awesome videos man. makes me want to go exploring

    • Hauke Ludolfs
      Hauke Ludolfs 2 months ago

      WW2HistoryHunter haha actually just moved back to Europe so I'll definitley will. Also subscribed so keep up the awesome content :)

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 months ago

      Do that , you wont regret it. Thanks

  • Kane Garvey
    Kane Garvey 2 months ago

    "Sorry Hanz the bunker's full you have to dig a foxhole."

  • Hunter Swigert
    Hunter Swigert 2 months ago

    stop at 8:43 something was in there with him

  • jessie obias
    jessie obias 2 months ago

    theres a face at a tree 😨👽 2:00

  • Ivan Use
    Ivan Use 2 months ago


  • thra5herxb12s
    thra5herxb12s 2 months ago

    Fuel pipeline.

  • Seth Cragan
    Seth Cragan 2 months ago

    it would have been priceless if the girl he was with could have gotten into the other room and jump out as he was looking through the little opening to fire from..

  • Arnold Cagayan
    Arnold Cagayan 2 months ago

    i see a person walk in front of him and to think he is all alone

  • Lic. Sergio Tirado Rodriguez


  • Stas k
    Stas k 2 months ago

    Dude thank you for doing this your awesome!

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 2 months ago

    love your videos. you find some awesome stuff. happy finding, from Florida

  • Dylbie Sparkes
    Dylbie Sparkes 2 months ago

    dig further! I need to see the inside!

    • Dylbie Sparkes
      Dylbie Sparkes 2 months ago

      I saw afterwards. XD
      You have some pretty cool adventures, I'm a little jealous.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 months ago

      i did , just see the video link

  • Von Edang
    Von Edang 2 months ago +1

    ghost or shadow or person at 8:42

  • john brunton
    john brunton 2 months ago

    interesting stuff mate

  • john brunton
    john brunton 2 months ago

    this is exciting my friend

  • Fowlgun
    Fowlgun 2 months ago

    We were hoping for more than valves as well, but it's still more then Geraldo found in Capone's vault. .

  • William Cape
    William Cape 2 months ago +1

    New to this deserve my subscribe keep the videos coming and be safe too... :D

  • Tylar Dunshee
    Tylar Dunshee 2 months ago

    a german

  • Tylar Dunshee
    Tylar Dunshee 2 months ago

    there was a Fucking her man standing next to when u went in

  • Joshua Ollis
    Joshua Ollis 2 months ago

    did anyone see the other person with him when he entered the bunker or is that just me because the person was completely shadowed over it happens at 8:09

  • Marcha23 Aj
    Marcha23 Aj 2 months ago

    OK grabs tea

  • Dogma
    Dogma 3 months ago

    I hope you started wearing respirators going inside places like this.

    • Dogma
      Dogma 3 months ago

      Don't wanna end up passing out down there, even with air vents, you never know what chemicals might still be inside old bunkers.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 3 months ago

      yes we do. Thanks

  • dave
    dave 3 months ago

    i bet it was a fuel tank not water.

    • dave
      dave 3 months ago

      if they had an ammo dump you would think they would have fuel for the trucks and the tanks.. i'd be looking to see where the pipes went. maybe use your metal detector to follow them. it might lead to something cool... good luck...

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 3 months ago

      i couldnt tell. Thanks

  • Adjslife
    Adjslife 3 months ago

    Never remove the green slabs from bunkers, they kept the alien hybrid rejects in them and you know those things never die lol

  • Jared Wiman
    Jared Wiman 3 months ago

    those "metal bars" are just to support the concrete, so where they are concrete used to be, must've fallen from the top of a doorway?

  • Aggieswin10
    Aggieswin10 3 months ago

    Open that shit up

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 3 months ago

      i did , you just didnt watch the right video yet :)

  • Johnny Gonzalvo
    Johnny Gonzalvo 3 months ago

    i scared in 11:20 there a man walked front of camera man

  • Katerina F.
    Katerina F. 3 months ago

    I'm the only one who thinks that the trunk on the right on minute 2:01 has a strange shape ? 😂

  • gabriel melgarejo
    gabriel melgarejo 3 months ago

    if you guys listen closely on 13:55 you can hear a really deep negative voice in the background...

  • Don't Be Little Lungs Be A Star

    Enjoying your videos, be careful in those places

  • Jim Segovia
    Jim Segovia 3 months ago

    a shadow passed by you man

  • PA2OLD
    PA2OLD 3 months ago

    Thanks, very interesting but you need more light and possibly camera.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 3 months ago

      thanks for watching. More lights and better camera already done :)

  • Wam Avenger
    Wam Avenger 3 months ago

    it's just a drain I wouldn't go in it if I was u on that secret door found video.

  • Carmelo Ramirez
    Carmelo Ramirez 3 months ago

    breathing to heavy my friend,, not good... good video. Dow

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 3 months ago

      i had been very sick for over half a year without knowing it at that time. Lyme disease almost killed me :) Thanks for watching WW2HH

  • Turkish Turkish
    Turkish Turkish 3 months ago

    WoW 😱

  • Felicity Larosa
    Felicity Larosa 3 months ago

    are with someone or you go there all by yourself?

  • Ghostplays
    Ghostplays 3 months ago

    At 10:05 there is a sword in the doorway

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 3 months ago

      Of course i will try and respond , least i can do when you take the time to watch.

    • Ghostplays
      Ghostplays 3 months ago

      WW2HistoryHunter thx for responding most youtubers don't so thank u

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 3 months ago

      i really dont think so. It is just a steel bar from some kind of shaft. Thanks for watching.

  • Kataname Vynel
    Kataname Vynel 3 months ago

    At 2:00 minutes in, the bottom right corner. Does anyone else see the face on the tree? A face made of moss.

  • J Huddleston
    J Huddleston 3 months ago

    been watching you for along time now and i do have to say, i dont enjoy watching anyone else. you know what you find and explain it very well.

    MEL DEE 3 months ago

    I though he was going to find some zombies or something like that

  • Dennis Almendarez
    Dennis Almendarez 3 months ago

    it's only me or was someone more there? between minute 8:40-50

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