Jessica Chastain Wound Up Covered in Elephant Snot for Zookeeper's Wife

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  • Aysenur Aytekin
    Aysenur Aytekin 2 days ago

    What a beauty woman

  • fardexwertyu
    fardexwertyu 17 days ago

    Why in all those tv shows in America artists and host behave so ridiciolously ? Always laughing dont know from what. Why they cannot just talk, always "having fun". It is artificial. Don't you American people see it ?

  • mike jensen
    mike jensen 27 days ago

    Jessica yasta india is pretty! jejejejejejeje.

  • Mikhail Tukhachevsky

    I wanna see Leslie Mann and Jessica Chastain lez out. Now that's some porn I'd be willing to pay for!

  • Vanessa Marco
    Vanessa Marco Month ago

    Thats my girl ☺️♥️

  • sweetlakers
    sweetlakers 3 months ago

    What happened to the yellow "Magan David" on peoples chest; which actually was used during ww2 to distinguish jews. The Jewish state came into existence on 14 May 1948. So why do the Jews - in this movie - wear the flag of Israel while it not even was a place of existence during ww2? Just wondering.

  • Fred Weasley
    Fred Weasley 3 months ago

    Something I learned from this video: children are not people 2:03

  • Robert S
    Robert S 3 months ago +1

    amazing movie! greets from Poland

  • Noel E.
    Noel E. 4 months ago +1

    I love you Jessica!

  • Gabriella
    Gabriella 4 months ago +1

    phenomenal actress

  • swiftslick
    swiftslick 4 months ago

    That wasn't elephant snot. Just saying.

  • TheIllusiveDon fuck you and yo feelings

    i just want a threesome with her and Bryce dallas howard. and i dont even have to be the third person.

  • Ben Schaeffer
    Ben Schaeffer 4 months ago

    Best Polish accent from an American actress since Meryl Streep in Sophies Choice

  • Autumn Henderson-Brazie

    just...please play Poison Ivy, Jessica. take the role so I can sleep at night.

  • Tom Cool
    Tom Cool 4 months ago +1

    Can anyone else recognize simple propaganda or is it just me?
    The Hollywood Jews made still another propaganda movie against Germans. It was probably movie number 1,379. The plot, piles on even more victimhood status for the Jews and portrays the Germans in their typical role of being evil. Ho hum.
    Is there ever going to be a movie out of Hollywood that shows both sides of the story or would that be just too confusing for the masses to comprehend?
    How about a movie that first shows why Hitler was bombing Poland. German families who had lived there for generations were being expelled from the area. Germans were rounded up and being massacred in pogroms. After all, that is the reason why Poland was being bombed. That omission in the movie makes it look like Hitler invaded and bombed without justification. It also gives the impression that the only good Goy is a Goy who fights against the Germans.
    People, you have to start catching on here to how you are being manipulated and lied to by the mass media. If you don't catch on then the Jews will just keep using you for their useful idiots and laughing amongst themselves about how stupid the Goyem are.

    • Tom Cool
      Tom Cool 4 months ago

      I agree.

    • Joanna Chojnowska
      Joanna Chojnowska 4 months ago

      Okay, from the first paragraph I can see that this is really a lost cause. No point in further discussion really.

    • Tom Cool
      Tom Cool 4 months ago

      Personally, I have no problem with breeding better humans. I live here in the USA, in a neighborhood that is rapidly turning Black. The first Blacks to move in were OK and unnoticeable. After their numbers increase, then they are terrible to live around. Eventually the Whites have to leave to escape their presence. The Negro race is just two steps away from being jungle apes.
      The most brutal side won WW II and now we suffer for it. Now our government does the opposite of lebensraum. If you think that was wrong for the government to tax to produce extra good quality human beings then it should be twice as wrong for the government to steal money through taxes from the productive and good part of our society to pay to those who are the big problem.
      Our huge prison system is almost entirely populated by Blacks because they are criminally prone. That is the way that their jungle brain cells are arranged. The government is paying the dregs of our society to breed more criminals. They are not all Blacks but if they are White then they are drug addicts or alcoholics or criminal Whites and should not be paid to have children. I would like to see them paid not to have children.
      I would love to see some lebensraum. It would mean that there is some hope for a future for humanity. Right now we are in a down hill spiral and devolving back to the ape level.
      Since Jews have controlled almost all of the main stream media in America for nearly a century (not counting Walt Disney), I blame the Jews for our decline. They work from the shadows and out of the public's view. They are the true evil Nazis.

    • Joanna Chojnowska
      Joanna Chojnowska 4 months ago

      Of course there are always atrocities on both sides of a conflict. Still I think there is a difference between being attacked on your own land and attacking another country. And a difference between killing soldiers and civilians. I think it is justifiable to defend your land by any means necessary. Of course Jews were not the only ones to die, in camps and otherwise, but if you take into account the percentage of nation wiped out then there really is no point in comparing Jewish casualties and casualties among other nations. In Poland helping Jews was punishable by death. Many Poles died during the initial joined German/Russian attack in September 1939. Many died during random street killings by Germans. Many died during the Warsaw uprising. So what? Is this some kind of contest, who died more? But I really don't understand your point here. The Axis started the war, not other way around. Hitler wanted revenge, wanted lebensraum as means of dealing with overpopulation. He started taking parts of other countries even before the war. He started militarising the country several years before the war. When Poland refused to give him part of its baltic territory it became clear that he was going to make it happen anyway. If you didn't know that, other European countries were actually reluctant to join the war, (in spite of having promised to defend Poland in several treaties) they did it basically when they had no choice. You make it seem like Germany was the victim here. Of course we can dwell here how the soldiers were just following orders etc but the fact is that Hitler was ELECTED by voters. People really fell for the ubermensch/untermensch Aryan supremacy bullshit.

    • Tom Cool
      Tom Cool 4 months ago

      There are always many examples of atrocities on both sides that can be pointed out in any war. When there are 10s of thousands of injustices on each side it seems pointless to point to any of them and shove it in people's faces on a movie screen. I'll mention the two here that I personally know. One from each side.
      My ex-wife's Ukrainian uncle worked in a kitchen in one of the German prisoner camps. Toward the end of the war, food was precious. The Allies had bombed all forms of transportation. Her uncle was executed by the Nazis for smuggling food to the Polish prisoners.
      Another time I once knew a retired colonel named Smith Chamberlain who was in charge of one of the smaller camps of surrendered German soldiers after the war ended. He told me that he had orders from Eisenhower to put all his surrendered prisoners on trial. He did. Any soldier who was "not repentant" was to be hung. He told me in detail, the big day came and he had to hang German soldiers for 2 days straight, 8 hrs per day. It must have been horrible for him.
      My point is that there are lots of atrocities on both sides in any war but we only hear about the atrocities that show Jews as victims. That is pure propaganda. There really are 2 sides of the story.

  • Yennefer z Vengerbergu
    Yennefer z Vengerbergu 4 months ago

    I love the way she says "Żabinska" ❤️

    She's so gorgeous and adorable. I've totally crush on her, and I always thought I'm straight XD

  • izzy4053
    izzy4053 4 months ago

    When the show started, a girlscout greeted by Jimmy explained about all the awards she had earned being the top sellar of girlscout cookies in the United States! After her introduction and exit Jessica Chastain sat with Jimmy. Jimmy politely asked if she wanted a cookie from the vairiety cookies left from the nice girlscout. She gets up from her seat and loudly proclaims that she is Vegan and doesn't eat cookies! Her is a high profile actress that could of supported thousands and thousands girlscouts across the United States by taking just one bite!! Miss Chastain in my view acted, very inappropiate if not out right hollow toward all girls and perhaps all women by not supporting Girlscout to which in fact, she never was. Who gives a damn to hear her exalt that she is a Vegan given Jimmy's audience socioeconomic status! There are millions of Americans who don't have enough to eat or at times, starve each day and we have listen to this hollywood hack yell out hey I'm a Vegan! I hope most Americans will boycott her movies as we already know they're overrated just like her!!

  • omar lucero
    omar lucero 4 months ago +1

    she is gorgeous

  • Sarah Daud Janjua
    Sarah Daud Janjua 4 months ago

    "I'd rather work with children than people"... Ummm children are people too :/

  • Grace Lee
    Grace Lee 4 months ago

    Can we just take a second to appreciate Jessica's beauty?

  • Jasia B.
    Jasia B. 4 months ago

    Greetings from Poland! <3

  • Jimmy Raab
    Jimmy Raab 4 months ago

    She is maybe the most beautiful women in the world.

  • Sam Harnish
    Sam Harnish 4 months ago


  • Wydawnictwo Literackie
    Wydawnictwo Literackie 4 months ago

    Hi, here's Wydawnictwo Literackie, Polish publisher of books by Antonina Zabinska. Greetings to the Great Jessica Chastain and to the Inimitable Jimmy Fallon! :)

  • Dreamcatcher
    Dreamcatcher 4 months ago

    She's so fucking hot

  • Mohamed Attar
    Mohamed Attar 4 months ago

    Cleavage 0:11
    Thank me later

  • Bibartan Jha
    Bibartan Jha 4 months ago

    jessica deserves an oscar. screw you katniss.

  • Kate Elizabeth
    Kate Elizabeth 4 months ago

    I want that lipstick

  • Kristen Beri
    Kristen Beri 4 months ago

    I forgot it all! How can one learn to play a pianno and then forget it all!!!

  • David Connolly
    David Connolly 4 months ago

    I find it hard to believe she learned to play Mozart and Beethoven and then forgot....

  • Ron Winter
    Ron Winter 4 months ago

    Oh come on now...who hasn't wound up covered in elephant snot?

  • A
    A 4 months ago

    I love Show Pan! My favourite pianist

  • Helgali
    Helgali 4 months ago +3

    Real deal is Meryl Streep in Sofie's choice.

  • Eva L.
    Eva L. 4 months ago +1

    Jessica looks like she's eating a bit more. That's great. I like her better this way.

  • DethDingo
    DethDingo 4 months ago

    What  sheep interview

  • Kuba Voyaga
    Kuba Voyaga 4 months ago

    Polska się zgłasza!

  • Mia
    Mia 4 months ago

    Can they give her an Oscar already??

  • Matheus Camargo
    Matheus Camargo 4 months ago

    Did she say Bae-thoven? hahahah

  • LolGuy
    LolGuy 4 months ago +2

    Another jewish propaganda movie. Perfect recipe for an Oscar nomination.

  • Vladimir Janic
    Vladimir Janic 4 months ago

    I had a twitter-fight with her. You can check it on her twitter.

  • Alain Bruno
    Alain Bruno 4 months ago +7

    she has the cutest smile❤️

  • B E C
    B E C 4 months ago

    Shit. I love her so much

  • serialkiller77
    serialkiller77 4 months ago +2

    She's such a down to earth type of girl and she's actually in a movie I kinda wanna see

  • Anna Głuszek
    Anna Głuszek 4 months ago +1

    She should actually try to speak polish in this movie. Trust me it's harder than anything she will ever do.

  • Daniel Rieger
    Daniel Rieger 4 months ago +1

    0:38 good thing she was alive when you met with her!

    • Katelyn Fleming
      Katelyn Fleming 4 months ago

      Daniel Rieger I came to the comments to see if anyone else thought this! 😂😂

  • TheSuperRay
    TheSuperRay 4 months ago

    She makes me love gingers she so damn fine

  • cameron clark
    cameron clark 4 months ago

    I'd fuck that

  • LuisGijon
    LuisGijon 4 months ago +30


    • D-B-A
      D-B-A 4 months ago

      don't let me leave Murph!! man I love that movie.

  • James M. Rateau
    James M. Rateau 4 months ago +1


  • Афанасий Пушкин

    oh my god, she's such a hot MILF

  • Ad_Victoriam_5373N
    Ad_Victoriam_5373N 4 months ago

    I want Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas Howars and Haley Bennett in a movie together.

  • juan jimenez
    juan jimenez 4 months ago

    love you jessica

  • Pink Blush
    Pink Blush 4 months ago

    I love her.

  • Bladen Martin
    Bladen Martin 4 months ago +3

    Is Jimmy sick. Generally he is shouting thinking everybody else is deaf

  • Zancudo Mudo
    Zancudo Mudo 4 months ago

    Children are people too.

  • Estefanía Ibáñez Reyes

    Can't wait 💜

  • phil chao
    phil chao 5 months ago

    i still wish she got nominated for Arrival..

  • Lorena Moll
    Lorena Moll 5 months ago

    what did she said at the end??

  • Dynamic Duo
    Dynamic Duo 5 months ago

    I thought it was Bella Thorne in the thumbnail and she was tryna be edgy changing her name.

    • aerialkate
      aerialkate 4 months ago

      Bella Thorne never was a redhead. She's naturally dark and dyed her hair red, which made her a _faux_ redhead. And like most of these girls, a few years ago she was probably pissing herself laughing to "Kick a Ginger Day". Jessica Chastain earned her individuality the hard way. All real redheads do. Trust me on that one.

    • Owlbbarnes
      Owlbbarnes 5 months ago

      Dynamic Duo No same I only remember her from then, but nah she was up until last year. She's got blue, green idk I lost track lol, try her instagram (@bellathorne) to see.

    • Dynamic Duo
      Dynamic Duo 5 months ago

      +Buckysstevie B she's not a ginger anymore? I haven't heard of her since shake it up but I heard she got popular with snapchat or some other former Disney star thing

    • Owlbbarnes
      Owlbbarnes 5 months ago

      Dynamic Duo oh god lol. haha bella was cute with her red hair.. now she's a bit bonkers 0_₩

  • jepsan
    jepsan 5 months ago +9

    she's gorgeous

  • cicci0salsicci0
    cicci0salsicci0 5 months ago

    Another Jewish movie....

  • Sam Leiding.
    Sam Leiding. 5 months ago +7

    Wow, she is gorgeous!

  • Jerome Valeska
    Jerome Valeska 5 months ago +2

    Love her.

  • Izzy Grace
    Izzy Grace 5 months ago +40

    My great grandmother lived in north Germany during World War 2. She would row Jews, with a group of women, out to ships in the middle of the night. The best nights were during storms because they were less likely to get caught. Many did courageous things during the war.

    • Anton Chigurh
      Anton Chigurh 3 months ago

      You sound retarded, what delusional land do you live in?

    • Hem Déher
      Hem Déher 4 months ago

      My great grandfather was a french resistant and he was part of others resistants in a maquis (secret underground) in the countryside. He killed many Nazis but he lost friends and family too. His aunt was hiding a Jew family.

    • Izzy Grace
      Izzy Grace 4 months ago

      Joanna X I'm assuming it's ships. She never spoke out her life in Germany. My Aunty was the only person she spoke to and after she passed away there journals found. She definitely wasn't a nazi supporter. She ended up fleeing Germany because the Germans were out to get her. She had twins in 1935, in 1940 her mother took them from her to an orphanage. The children were told that their mother died. She went looking from them and found out the boy had died from starvation. My great grandmother fled Germany in 1942.

    • Joanna X
      Joanna X 4 months ago

      Where would these ships go? I'm not doubting that your grandma told you that story, but it was incredibly difficult for the Jews to escape to another country on a boat as no other country (including USA) wanted to take them in and grant them visas. So unsure which ships was your grandma talking about. Maybe she got confused and was rowing them onto a train instead? Now, there's a lot more evidence in the history that supports the latter. Also, most Germans didn't get involved in helping the Jews as they didn't know that Holocaust was going on, there were no Jewish ghettos - Germans created all of that infrastructure in Poland instead, so your grandma's story sounds like baloney honestly. You're sure that granny wasn't a Nazi collaborator who's making stuff up to whitewash her past?

    • Siobhan Shaw
      Siobhan Shaw 5 months ago

      Izzy Grace thats amazing

  • Lauren MacInnes
    Lauren MacInnes 5 months ago +1

    She looks like Bella Thorne in the thumbnail!!

  • Ayy Lmao
    Ayy Lmao 5 months ago +1

    she looks dtf a lot

  • MaxNeverita
    MaxNeverita 5 months ago +49

    Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica should start sending each other to Interviews to see if people notice...

    • FacePalm
      FacePalm 4 months ago

      MaxNeverita That would be easy to notice. Bryce is the fat one.

  • team 89er
    team 89er 5 months ago +1

    Bryce Dallas Howard is so freakin beautiful !!!

  • HeikkiP
    HeikkiP 5 months ago +2


  • Sidrah Zaheer
    Sidrah Zaheer 5 months ago +106

    1:24 Give James credit for his silent comedic facial expressions, people. :D He is funny. 😅😄

  • Leryn
    Leryn 5 months ago +8

    a goddess

  • Ralph Urmel
    Ralph Urmel 5 months ago +69

    I don't get this: The woman in the story was Polish so let's have Jessica talk in a strange English accent to recreate the language authenticity. I cannot sit through a movie like that.

    • becca b
      becca b Month ago

      the reason they aren't speaking their native languages is because that during this time, the germans killed anyone who did so. this part was explained in the novel but left out in the movie. :)

    • Preston Kimmel
      Preston Kimmel 3 months ago

      That is spot on polish-english accent lol

    • Jonathan Vazquez
      Jonathan Vazquez 4 months ago

      Uh her accent was definitely not English. Sounded like a mix of Russian and German.

    • Eric K
      Eric K 4 months ago

      Ralph Urmel At least they're not speaking in British accents. That used to be hollywood's way of saying the characters are foreign- no matter what country they were from. And even worse, Kevin Costner never did any accents!

    • Beck Cetera
      Beck Cetera 4 months ago

      Ralph Urmel So...acting is a thing...a talent, if you will. If all you take away from the film is the accent instead of the story, that's a very individual thing that has to do with your own very unique perspective. Actors play roles. Roles that actors play are usually not equivalent to their real life...hence why it's called "acting." If she was not able to "act" the part, she would not have been cast by the director. Sorry that any Polish actors that auditioned for this role were not chosen for the part, but maybe consider the acting ability goes way beyond language or "accent" and that being able to accurately "play the role" was a factor that was considered by the casting directors.

  • Dany Dw
    Dany Dw 5 months ago

    Loved her in Arrival

  • can
    can 5 months ago +1


  • Floppy Bird
    Floppy Bird 5 months ago +15


      STREEEEEET 4 months ago

      @Charlotte i understand what you're saying but who better than someone who understands this to explain it? I look into it, it didn't make sense to me so either i'm not seeing it for what it is or it really doesn't make sense, so i'm trying to get a better sense by asking someone who seems to understand it. I'm not your enemy...

    • serpentdream Ψ
      serpentdream Ψ 5 months ago

      @STREEEEEET She doesn't have to agree, even if you say please. You should really take her advice and go read, you need it. Please?

      STREEEEEET 5 months ago

      @Charlotte Indeed. That's why i said _please_. I can read all i want still won't give me an insight on what's in your mind., why so defensive?

  • Kyle Manicat
    Kyle Manicat 5 months ago +15

    Damn, Bryce Dallas Howard has lost her weight after Black Mirror.

    • Victoria M
      Victoria M 4 months ago

      Do you know how to read? Is JESSICA CHASTAIN, NOT BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD. Genius

  • Sarah O'Hara
    Sarah O'Hara 5 months ago +45

    Why is he whispering when he talks about something serious? XD

    • Nymul Ahmed
      Nymul Ahmed 4 months ago

      Sarah O'Hara he thinks that's how grown ups talk

  • I'm Enigmatic
    I'm Enigmatic 5 months ago +98

    She's really beautiful. ❤️ She looks all the more stunning when she smiles!

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    *It's time for a new Tonight host **#FallonOut*

    Reply who should replace him

  • mighty baman38
    mighty baman38 5 months ago +2

    in their eyes i see food lol

  • rubber chicken
    rubber chicken 5 months ago +22

    1:40 Baithoven and Bark and Showpen - The Big Three of classical music

  • Dheeraj Jain Ghorawath
    Dheeraj Jain Ghorawath 5 months ago +62

    Loved her in Jurassic world.

    • Marietta
      Marietta 4 months ago

      Dheeraj Jain Ghorawath i loved her in the help too 🙂

    • Jagraj Wasan
      Jagraj Wasan 4 months ago

      Brianna LaBlanc You need to be given permission to talk? What a sad world you live in..

    • Anthony Fonseca
      Anthony Fonseca 4 months ago

      Dheeraj Jain Ghorawath its called Jessica world

    • Daniel Guzman
      Daniel Guzman 4 months ago

      Holy shit they look the same

    • DeliZoZo
      DeliZoZo 4 months ago

      She won an Oscar for her performance in La La Land. This girl is talented

  • Elmar Suvarov
    Elmar Suvarov 5 months ago +10

    She is sexy🙃

  • Pranit Chugh
    Pranit Chugh 5 months ago +274

    Oh and I know we dont say this enough, but thanks for finding and killing osama bin laden, Jessica.

    • Carlos Eduardo Marques
      Carlos Eduardo Marques 16 days ago

      Osama Bin Laden was created by the US state department, he was trained and armed by the CIA to fight the soviets in Afghanistan in the 80´s. Saddam Hussein, the Talibans and ISIS were also created by the US government.

    • Chris Mattinson
      Chris Mattinson 4 months ago

      Theodoяe Kяap He's talking about the movie, keep your conspiracy theories to yourself.

    • WiLo Centeno Droz
      WiLo Centeno Droz 4 months ago

      and for saving the world on Interstellar

    • Theodoяe Kяap
      Theodoяe Kяap 4 months ago

      you realize there's zero proof to his death? that picture was photoshopped, his body was never confirmed and was thrown in the ocean, zero pictures, zero footage. Obama probably did it to stop spending a fortune trying to find one man for more than a decade and to use as an achievement

    • ShinobiNintendo
      ShinobiNintendo 5 months ago

      And rescuing Mark Watney on Mars.

  • Frikadellie Mad
    Frikadellie Mad 5 months ago +14

    Nice cleavage

    • Daniel Guzman
      Daniel Guzman 4 months ago

      I know! More like Jessica Chestain!! hehehe

      This is why i'm single

  • Lucie Donajová
    Lucie Donajová 5 months ago


  • 124578Dani
    124578Dani 5 months ago +11

    UNDER 100 VIEWS CLUB, where u at?

  • shubham gour
    shubham gour 5 months ago

    second bro

  • CaptainCubecraft
    CaptainCubecraft 5 months ago +3


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