5 Science Experiments Using Soda Can

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  • Enrique Torres
    Enrique Torres 4 days ago

    Also, diet soda of anything in the United States is more unhealthy than the original.

  • Smearyaxe 052
    Smearyaxe 052 7 days ago +1

    1:56 Nailed it 😂😂😂😱

  • Ben Farber
    Ben Farber 20 days ago

    you can do it wit de kids they will love it

  • RoseCurry AndDeRozan
    RoseCurry AndDeRozan 26 days ago

    The sinking cans in the fish tank was cool.

  • Nicolai R.W
    Nicolai R.W Month ago


  • OXDerValentinXO
    OXDerValentinXO 2 months ago

    3:03 would you say he NAILED IT

  • Devin Reyes
    Devin Reyes 2 months ago

    he was wearing a nailed it shirt

  • Sukirno 123
    Sukirno 123 3 months ago

    Kpi ??

  • NateTheGamer
    NateTheGamer 3 months ago +2

    Aww I'm Missing! 3:05

  • Steve Reed
    Steve Reed 3 months ago

    Dude has a grenade on his tool wall

  • Ashish Dutt
    Ashish Dutt 3 months ago

    Sucked and stuck on your forehead 😬😝

  • 水木 7
    水木 7 3 months ago

    Why I am spending 5 minutes in my life to watching a Russian guy play with cans?

  • Gilang Ilyasa
    Gilang Ilyasa 3 months ago

    aa isinya kalengnya...anjinnnggggg

  • Gilang Ilyasa
    Gilang Ilyasa 3 months ago

    jelek...jatuh trus kleng nya si kpala...anjingggg

  • John T
    John T 3 months ago

    LOVE your shirt Taras

  • SexySho0t3r
    SexySho0t3r 4 months ago +1

    3:03 ahh I'm missin😂

    RANDOM 4 months ago


  • DragonSword 3000
    DragonSword 3000 4 months ago

    Diet ruins everything. Diet ruined our classic soft drinks

  • AAAssassinLokk
    AAAssassinLokk 4 months ago

    1:24 looks like someone pulled it with fishing wire XD

  • Johnnylee Oligney
    Johnnylee Oligney 4 months ago

    I knew the diet Coke thing it's pretty cool😀

  • Alan Chyzynski
    Alan Chyzynski 4 months ago

    3:15 That`s a cool, science experime- CRAZY RUSSIAN LOGO APPEARS

  • Ibrahim 7
    Ibrahim 7 4 months ago

    Hows that possible how ? This guy is funny

  • Misha /mishovy silenosti

    Any 1 else read title of video in his accent?!?

  • kamarion leary
    kamarion leary 4 months ago

    The soda can ran from his breath

  • Mobile Apps
    Mobile Apps 4 months ago

    bvy tr

  • Anas Abdulsamei
    Anas Abdulsamei 5 months ago

    The video isn't complete.

  • Celebi734
    Celebi734 5 months ago

    I forgot how entertaining these videos are.

  • kewl blue
    kewl blue 5 months ago

    "5 soda experiments let chick dis owt"

  • Samuel Kasumu
    Samuel Kasumu 5 months ago +2

    Can you pls make a video of how to hack roblox to get free robux

  • majid Ashif
    majid Ashif 5 months ago

    Coke is already making so much money pick some low performer like RC cola

  • shreyas dewan
    shreyas dewan 5 months ago

    how kul is that

  • Theminecraftking27
    Theminecraftking27 5 months ago

    This guy is awesome

  • Random guy Random content

    Did anyone else notice the hole on the bottom of the Coke Zero

  • Axon Animations
    Axon Animations 6 months ago

    he and one of his friends youtubers did a contest who could put the most cans on their head 😂😂😂

  • Deplo Muda
    Deplo Muda 6 months ago

    did he said patient.

  • Deplo Muda
    Deplo Muda 6 months ago

    did he said patir

  • AndreMz
    AndreMz 6 months ago

    why i laughing? XD

  • happymemories
    happymemories 6 months ago

    :22 be sure to have adult's super perversion

  • Alina Hänel
    Alina Hänel 6 months ago

    4:22 Does anyone also think if the Chinese teacher that said cock instead of coke :>>€

  • andrew mullin
    andrew mullin 6 months ago

    he forgot to say safety is number one priority

  • sreenish 4 no 2
    sreenish 4 no 2 6 months ago


  • Molly
    Molly 7 months ago

    If you have any siblings, you will be literally THE BEST uncle ever. If you aren't already.

  • alex master
    alex master 7 months ago

    you forgot to 6 words

  • Lukie Brownie
    Lukie Brownie 7 months ago

    sucked haha

  • Lukie Brownie
    Lukie Brownie 7 months ago

    where's the safety is part in your intro

  • Portal Fox
    Portal Fox 7 months ago +2

    *Pours Coke from head into a glass*

    *Misses completely*

    MISSION FAILED: We'll get em' next time.

  • Rachit the greatest
    Rachit the greatest 7 months ago

    we don't have hair but we have it so it is quite difficult for us to do it with hair on our forehead

    PABLO ESTEBAN 7 months ago

    Am I the only one who notice he mark himself when he put the soda can in his forehead

  • Tai Lopez
    Tai Lopez 7 months ago

    3:04 mission failed we'll get em next time

  • 박찬열 _THEWAR_
    박찬열 _THEWAR_ 8 months ago

    Part 1:16 he said how did it fly my answer is GRAVITYYYY

  • Raven John Borja
    Raven John Borja 8 months ago

    3:04 Mission failed. We'll get 'em next time

  • Haru Kitsune
    Haru Kitsune 8 months ago

    that moment when you felt a breeze when he blew the can

  • The Brandon Paradox
    The Brandon Paradox 8 months ago

    Borris do a video on the pyro mini, it's like Spider-Man's webshooters but with fire

  • ZikAnims
    ZikAnims 8 months ago

    Its not about weight, its about density. Sugar is pretty dense if you think about it. Did you know that saturn's density is SO low that if you had a giant cup of water, saturn would float in it? Thats right, heaviness and mass doesnt matter, only density.

  • SuperGamerMadi
    SuperGamerMadi 8 months ago

    my 6th grade science teacher showed the class the first one

    • SuperGamerMadi
      SuperGamerMadi 8 months ago

      my science teacher showed the class the two cokes in the water too

  • ace the savage
    ace the savage 8 months ago

    all he sad was number one priority

  • Juan Argota
    Juan Argota 8 months ago

    he messed up on the intro

  • cheesecake4lyfe
    cheesecake4lyfe 8 months ago

    what i did was measure out about 100 ml of coke and spill most of it on the table...

  • cheesecake4lyfe
    cheesecake4lyfe 8 months ago

    and then you just blow it sideways

  • G Music
    G Music 8 months ago

    *video starts*
    Taras: number one priority

  • Mike E
    Mike E 8 months ago

    getting sucked :} XD

  • Wasi Bin Yasin
    Wasi Bin Yasin 8 months ago

    i like your videos

  • Mrs catenss Lps
    Mrs catenss Lps 8 months ago

    I know right

  • Sail Hatan
    Sail Hatan 8 months ago

    twist can in half cheese grate face

  • Dylan Middleton
    Dylan Middleton 8 months ago

    3:05 mission failed, we'll get em next time.

  • Marc Ripollés
    Marc Ripollés 8 months ago

    2:35 hellboy😂

  • Luvgirl369 129
    Luvgirl369 129 8 months ago

    He messed up his intro

  • Nugget Gaming
    Nugget Gaming 8 months ago

    its the aspartame in the diet drinks

  • Moaaz gamer
    Moaaz gamer 9 months ago

    #اصحاب_ثنيان موجدين

  • Nash Doyle
    Nash Doyle 9 months ago

    Coke can horns.

  • Mohd Firdaus
    Mohd Firdaus 9 months ago

    number 1 priority something missing

  • Kerby Hax
    Kerby Hax 9 months ago

    Like the scientist said, impossible isn't a scientific word, well kinda .

    NO THING 9 months ago

    Starting number one priority

  • supr_
    supr_ 9 months ago +5

    3:05 mission failed we'll get em next time

  • Master Lollipop
    Master Lollipop 9 months ago

    did he searching for another can? xD

  • deadman1575
    deadman1575 9 months ago

    Number one priority
    Taras you forgot safety

  • Equinoxix Offical
    Equinoxix Offical 9 months ago

    you have the same cup as me

  • Blazer Gamer
    Blazer Gamer 9 months ago

    You're the best YouTuber

  • Lostmywilltolive
    Lostmywilltolive 9 months ago

    3:05 mission failed you'll get em next time

  • The Great
    The Great 9 months ago

    U know that diet sodas are actually worse than natural sugered Sodas

  • Ajnur Ibraković
    Ajnur Ibraković 9 months ago

    Intro: number one priority?

  • George Larsson
    George Larsson 9 months ago

    it's funny that hes saying bald head

  • limescale onetwo
    limescale onetwo 9 months ago

    You're like the Russian Forrest Gump, in all the good ways. I respect you, друг.

  • EarthToAccess
    EarthToAccess 9 months ago

    that intro tho

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 9 months ago

    *with the most boring voice ever- "Yeahh we made it!"

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez 9 months ago

    forget flipping bottles 1:55

  • Frowny Face
    Frowny Face 9 months ago

    3:09 cracked me up😂😂

  • Hi
    Hi 9 months ago

    Here Goes Nothing...

    Read more

    JVCK BOYD 9 months ago

    3:04 lmfao 'aghhh'

  • Dyllan Torrey
    Dyllan Torrey 9 months ago +5

    2:00 As can see, Only need basic russian toolz, hammer, vice, screwdriver, Hand Grenade, hot glue gun, and wire cutter )))

  • ΛĐ!И
    ΛĐ!И 9 months ago

    oooooh i missing. 😂😂😂

  • MpjV
    MpjV 9 months ago +4

    99% of you won't see this comment, but the 1%, have a nice day :)

  • brandon merchant
    brandon merchant 9 months ago

    the reason for the coke sinking in the water is not because one has sugar and the other doesnt. its the artificial sweetener that makes the diet coke float, but not the coke.

  • Chris Gustoph
    Chris Gustoph 9 months ago

    The circles on the forehead after the suction cup can experiment REALLY cracked me up!

  • huzaifa zaheer
    huzaifa zaheer 9 months ago +1

    THATS A 9

  • _The iPhantomXX
    _The iPhantomXX 9 months ago

    1:woah thats cool
    4:that kinda look cool
    5: interesthing

  • Decree
    Decree 9 months ago

    did your intro get cut off?

  • Hackerz Gaming
    Hackerz Gaming 9 months ago

    0:04 When you forgot to press record

  • Anthony Mardika
    Anthony Mardika 9 months ago

    if u are trully russian, u should make science experiment with uranium

  • Iana Solares
    Iana Solares 9 months ago

    kids. do not try this at home this is not for kids

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