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  • IKS Exploration
    IKS Exploration  Month ago +21


    • John Smith
      John Smith 19 days ago

      ++IKS Exploration++ That black thing with a wire attached is part of a Leyden Jar type wet battery. There would have been a series of these, each giving about one and a half volts, linked together to work warning bells or perhaps signalling relays. Leyden Jars, named after the original inventor although the principal is prehistoric, were square glass jars with a central circular collar with a lip on one side. The black thing you found is the carbon core which would stand upright in the middle of the jar containing an electrolyte acid of some kind. The wire from it would go to a copper rod standing in the lip of the next jar in the row and the copper rod from the previous jar would go to the terminal in the middle of the part you found making a positive to negative, in series, link. Additional jars were added in this way until the required voltage was obtained Some railway signal boxes used a similar device for signalling bells.

    • Ashley Poulton
      Ashley Poulton 20 days ago

      5:51 could be a battery/resistor/capacitor

    • Larryshaw48
      Larryshaw48 27 days ago

      Just a Battery, pity you guys don't have a grounding in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering (no pun intended).

    • Quantum Leap
      Quantum Leap 28 days ago

      It's actually a dry cell, battery if you will. A very dry cell, given the 1946 date!  No drama, just a battery.

  • Bryan McCook
    Bryan McCook 4 hours ago

    That was a battery you were holding

  • Nebu
    Nebu Day ago

    wow, nice location :) greez from germany

  • Gabber Pete
    Gabber Pete 6 days ago

    I LOVE the charlie day jacket!

  • kermets
    kermets 8 days ago

    Be great if you knew what the boxs are with wiring in ? can you research it and explain to us
     it would make it more interesting or put in the description

  • sharky gamer YT
    sharky gamer YT 10 days ago

    its a bomb

  • a_assassin
    a_assassin 10 days ago

    how am i supposed to know if u found a bomb

  • ethan35123
    ethan35123 10 days ago

    that is a bomb
    a relly bad one

  • Nicholas Elliot
    Nicholas Elliot 10 days ago

    Thats a field radio battery

  • ziga ziggz
    ziga ziggz 11 days ago

    this devices and bunker state is not from ww2 anyone who think like that should be dumb like those 2 english lads

  • Chris Lind
    Chris Lind 11 days ago

    "telephone sign" was tesla!

  • snailzFT
    snailzFT 11 days ago

    that bomb you found was a prodo type only 1k off them was made and it sells for 5k to 7k

    • snailzFT
      snailzFT 11 days ago

      i make wepons for swedish army and the danmark army. i got it from my dad he did same thing att 1969 to 1981.
      he told me what that was and i did some reserch how motch it coast about 4k to 7k

  • TheCandleWax
    TheCandleWax 12 days ago

    frankiemstiens army haha monsters just come out of nowhere

  • Eccentric Smithy
    Eccentric Smithy 14 days ago

    Its not abandoned if the power is still on, someone is paying to keep the service on.

  • Mighty Gorge
    Mighty Gorge 15 days ago

    amazing, I had no clue they had halogen bulbs in WWII... I bet somewhere in that bunker you'll find hitlers Iphone

  • Volcano-Cat on Youtube

    I've lived in worse flats... amazing... you knew it was cold war from the three-pin power sockets everywhere, let alone the rubber-coated switches... nice to see somewhere not vandalised.

  • Verdenball No not that one, The Viking one.

    That's a German firebomb i think...

  • CARP 1901
    CARP 1901 16 days ago

    QUAILITY .....PERIOD!!!!!!

  • Uf Gu
    Uf Gu 16 days ago

    one boy said how deep nail down the girl replied only 8 inch my lenthg

  • Ricksecret
    Ricksecret 16 days ago

    Sorry, But those first fuses are not 1940-1945, those fuses came around 1990- 2000,
    And those other fuses around 1975

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration  16 days ago

      +Ricksecret don't be sorry folk, I know they are new :) the bunker was built ww2 and used before becoming abandoned:)

  • Flarez
    Flarez 16 days ago

    Was their wifi working?

  • Caleb Sampson
    Caleb Sampson 17 days ago

    student intervention administrator charge aside unique diagnosis suspect.

  • Pavol Hanzel
    Pavol Hanzel 18 days ago

    The electrical installation was new. She was not from the ww2. Only a jerk would believe it

  • JDevPeabody
    JDevPeabody 18 days ago

    Cant be that abandoned, thats a semi modern main breaker panel ! ! !

    • JDevPeabody
      JDevPeabody 18 days ago

      Many pardons please bequeath me, I commented before watching entire vid. Obviously, that bunker had been upgraded at sometime, or at various times, during the past decades. Kind of cool that power is still present at bunker. Maybe that is intentional in case it ever needs to function again.

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration  18 days ago

      +JDevPeabody Jesus folks :S

  • psy06
    psy06 18 days ago

    that electrical board is 20years old at most. so someone redone all the electricals pretty recently

  • David Falzon
    David Falzon 18 days ago

    wow the toilet door still works WOW!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 18 days ago

    WWII???? Idiots.

  • MilenierGames
    MilenierGames 19 days ago

    It's a capacitator but u probably know it already

  • Rico de grijs
    Rico de grijs 19 days ago

    "this must have been abandoned for years" 4:00 modern wall power?

  • David Kerr
    David Kerr 19 days ago

    That hatch actually opened up to a comms tower. That is where their communications relay would be located.

  • Nicky Pimentel
    Nicky Pimentel 20 days ago

    1:22 that is telephone wiring that all leads to one point and that one point is what you are looking at, so if there was 6 different rooms all will be able to be in contact with each other if they had a telephone system connected to that...One on the left is Modern and the one on the right (Wooden) is the older version.

  • [theprobeasrgamer [original

    I guess it made out of Nokia. And if yes I will move there.

  • La Cai
    La Cai 21 day ago

    that fuse case in 9:19 is pretty damn new, back in WW2 they didnt even know about automatic circuit breaker and the box itself is from late 90s. so someone has ben doing some rewiring.

  • Alexander Weth
    Alexander Weth 21 day ago

    Sergeant? In German Stabsunteroffizier.

  • sayittrue
    sayittrue 22 days ago

    the black communication devices as you call them are telephone distribution points,used to route telephone cables

  • Sam Ba
    Sam Ba 22 days ago

    That 3 prong platform your thinking of is the base for a communication tower the communications boxes would have tied into the various rf communication and signals equipment long since removed.

  • Howard Fortyfive
    Howard Fortyfive 23 days ago

    Good video. Interesting tidbit that being the power still works.

    Appreciate the lack of modern music.

  • Milkshake Gaming
    Milkshake Gaming 23 days ago

    noieen sevetes

  • Laine Jennings
    Laine Jennings 24 days ago

    That would be a cold war trip mine

  • Joseph GEIS
    Joseph GEIS 24 days ago

    It looks like a capacitor, A big one.

  • Sarah Tillman
    Sarah Tillman 24 days ago

    Future reference, stop picking up things that look like bombs

  • Dyo Kasparov
    Dyo Kasparov 24 days ago

    So, what bomb?

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 25 days ago

    Those lighting circuits are much later than second world war, 70's.

  • david alexander nygaard

    The battery on the video is from 1956 :)

  • Krásňan BIKES
    Krásňan BIKES 25 days ago

    its a battery or capacitor

  • Midi Play Box
    Midi Play Box 26 days ago

    You will not find out until it explodes.

  • Joannie Trembley
    Joannie Trembley 27 days ago

    im pryty shure it is a batyery

  • TylersTerrifyingADVENTURE

    @ 6:00 GPO Is General Post Office. So possibly the royal signals?


  • TylersTerrifyingADVENTURE

    Unfortunately for me all the bunkers near me are either demolished and back filled ore demolished and bits of concrete :'(

  • Website guy
    Website guy 29 days ago

    Looks like its probably under someones house ......In America we call them basements. oooooooooo scary.

  • commonman80
    commonman80 29 days ago +1

    Free Electricity? HE HIT THE MOTHER LOAD... (Pun Intended..) Now They Have A Man Cave To Throw Parties and Brings Women To... Hell, They may even be able to hook up Internet... LOLOLOLOL!!!

  • Caden HAWKER
    Caden HAWKER Month ago

    The cylinder was a battery that was placed in a compartment as a replacement and/or a distraction in case of a raid
    In some cases they would have to use them as fake bombs that sometimes they would light up the battery and throw them attacking ground forces causing a small explosion that would kill 1-3 people each explosion

  • brandon hughes
    brandon hughes Month ago

    thats device is an electric motor

  • Adéwalé
    Adéwalé Month ago

    it works cause it's new

  • Deisy Moreno
    Deisy Moreno Month ago

    5:01 it started to move faster

  • Naty Tulson
    Naty Tulson Month ago

    need to go live there im sick of paying rent

  • Leigh Preece
    Leigh Preece Month ago +1

    Fantastic - I'd love to go exploring but don't want to risk a criminal record due to where I work.

    The two black things on the wall were old GPO cable junctions along with newer post 1970s KRONE which are/were probably used for IT or newer telecoms. Battery was an old Zinc Chloride used for telecoms too.

    Loved the fact the place had the power on - that's usually the first thing cut externally to most places to prevent people squatting there so I guess it's within a compound somewhere.

  • Gigidag77
    Gigidag77 Month ago

    Someone is obviously looking after this bunker.

  • mikehh8020
    mikehh8020 Month ago

    who tf pays that electricity bill? I bet it not even metered, it's just free electricity.

  • NaderR
    NaderR Month ago

    Is this open normally to public?

  • ihax4uv1
    ihax4uv1 Month ago

    +1 sub i love you guys seen two of your vids this my third

    • ihax4uv1
      ihax4uv1 Month ago

      no problem just like helping the smaller youtubers you should go to my tunnels and stuff

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration  Month ago

      +ihax4uv1 thanks for your support:)

  • Erica
    Erica Month ago

    The bunker may have been built back in WW2, but those fixtures and a lot of the electrical items scream 1970's-80s'.

  • Josh Vanveen
    Josh Vanveen Month ago

    Have you had to worry about aspestos yet?

  • houseofaction
    houseofaction Month ago

    thats part of a phone battery

  • Adam Sean dubstep
    Adam Sean dubstep Month ago

    Looks like some sort of explosive thing. Like a cylinder shaped claymore

  • Wheels65
    Wheels65 Month ago

    Im going to move in, clean the place up a coat of paint and its home!

  • Levi Filllinger
    Levi Filllinger Month ago

    i would definitly live in there

  • Yuckduck1
    Yuckduck1 Month ago

    Just set up alot of modern day things down there and I would feal safe from North Korea

  • Riley Fox
    Riley Fox Month ago

    Hello guys ! ! heat i like the material a$lot stuff

  • CafeRacerDIY
    CafeRacerDIY Month ago

    You guys are definitely not electricians I recon :p

  • Fibromyalgia Rider
    Fibromyalgia Rider Month ago

    I wish there was cool stuff like that in the area I live in. But they destroyed it all and turned it into farm land.

  • Ian Patrick McCarthy

    Not ww2. When were fluro lights used for home lighting?

  • olluman123
    olluman123 Month ago

    and now come ghost stories of the lights turning on and off on their on.

  • Joseph John-Marc Edwards

    Asbestos.. EVERYWHERE

  • It's Darragh
    It's Darragh Month ago

    THATS A BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jens Wessel Photography

    Awesome. Thumbs up and subscription from me.

  • John Strutton
    John Strutton Month ago

    The striplights, splashproof switches, adaptable boxes for electrical connections, split distribution board etc. are much later than 1970's. I'd estimate around 80's/early 90's, so the place must have been in use relatively recently.

  • Captain Awesome 29837

    From the intro, it seems quite interesting, keep it up

  • jesterM60
    jesterM60 Month ago

    electroinstalation is cca 20 years old...

  • Rince wind
    Rince wind Month ago

    Activating the power in a bunker thats been abadoned for decades seems like a good way to die from inhaling smoke! If a fire starts that bunker is going to be filled with smoke.

  • George Noblet
    George Noblet Month ago

    battery powerd motor

  • Anand Rithvik
    Anand Rithvik Month ago

    It is a capacitor

  • Olle Petersson
    Olle Petersson Month ago


  • Ben Cook
    Ben Cook Month ago

    That must have been some WW2 bunker with it's fusebox from the future and all

  • Fäläx Kräntz
    Fäläx Kräntz Month ago

    Turns on lights at 9:30

  • Electronics Revived

    Big Clive visits the bunker

  • Randy Larson
    Randy Larson Month ago

    I plugged the numbers on Google and date on the side of thing you found. starting capacitor for equipment farm or the likes. you can plug into Google and see what you find I would be interested.

  • fpsDREDD
    fpsDREDD Month ago

    what camera is that?

  • Albert Gaming
    Albert Gaming Month ago

    it is a lamp batteri

  • LuxAndre
    LuxAndre Month ago


  • Radoslaw Biernacki
    Radoslaw Biernacki Month ago

    Looks like normal modern electrical installation. They seems to simply ignore the fact such fuses were made not more than 15 years ago!
    "that switch is still on" ... I was wondering if they will try to switch on the with the short circuit ...

  • airsoftfreak 1423
    airsoftfreak 1423 Month ago

    Aug. 56 I do believe is a smoke grenade

  • mybluebelly
    mybluebelly Month ago

    So see much stoneage arrow tips in there as well did you now ?

  • POGMarineFPS The Reloading Bench


    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration  Month ago

      +POGMarineFPS The Reloading Bench thanks for watching :)

  • TrickyGap
    TrickyGap Month ago

    A real fixer-upper.

  • Luis_cardenes
    Luis_cardenes Month ago

    1:54 uk plugs in a WW2 bunker in Berlin? this is wrong or maybe history is distorted as usual

  • lemat456
    lemat456 Month ago

    Guys, this is a neither WW2 nor Cold War. This is basement. The ceiling is not thick enough. The walls are made out of bricks. It has fairly modern electrical installation (max 30yo) and probably some cabling (max 20yo) providing telephone lines to the offices above. The compartments are too small. The shelves are suitable for jars of pickles.

  • Craig Carroll
    Craig Carroll Month ago

    Did you find a bomb?? No, but clicking on here i did. Ooh would you look at that on the walls, that's paint that is. Proper super.

  • The Game Room
    The Game Room Month ago

    And who is gonna pay the electricity bill?

    • The Game Room
      The Game Room Month ago

      But wait... the Germans are going to find you and deliver a nice bill! :)
      Get doooown... go to da chappuh...

    • The Game Room
      The Game Room Month ago

      Me neither!!! LOL

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration  Month ago

      +The Game Room not me

  • Aary Machado
    Aary Machado Month ago


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