Finally 100% Real UFO FBI Proof - Alive Aliens UFO Crash Filmed By Cops - Extraterrestrials Are Here

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    All these things fell on earth from space - some were stranger than the others
    But UFO that fell March 7, 2017 shattered all doubts about reality of Intelligent Aliens
    March 7 - 8 AM. North Nevada & South Oregon see giant flaming UFO going down in pieces
    It's 8 AM in Colorado. Sun is already up but something is very wrong
    After multiple explosions, tornadoes of snow and weird particles went up to the sky
    Several cars on I-40 were damaged by the shockwave
    About the same time locals were launching their boat for the first time since winter in Green River, Utah
    When multiple flaming debris crashed into the river
    Slow down version shows dozens of high speed small objects crushing into the river & banks
    Something way larger fell on the river bank
    They launched the boat to come closer
    This is as close as they got before stopped by chopper
    Another chopper recovered large UFO part nearby
    FEDs told them "Nothing to see just a boat crush" and confiscated this film "for evidence"
    Now tell me, does this look like a crushed boat to you?
    Another couple was luckier - they came way closer to another part of UFO crushed in Utah
    As soon they heard sonic booms and flashes - they started to drive to that direction
    They saw something burning in the snow and FEDs swarming the scene
    After new explosions FEDs pulled back & they managed to see a humanoid in an escape pod
    At least 1,000 UFO parts landed across central US. This one near Salt Lake
    Federal Agents also could not resist but to film
    It was one of them who leaked us confiscated films
    I thought it's massive counterintelligence operation
    But then I realized something so big happened that even some FEDs want info out
    They brought dozens of dead Humanoids inside Cheyenne mountain complex. Behind those doors
    I have that footage too but my FED source set a condition to hold it till August
    I makes me think that the official government disclosure will come that time
    Instead, I will show you something alive that crawled out of another falling UFO Pod in Nevada desert
    Not only that UFO Pod didn't explode
    But alive alien crawled out of it
    Alien seemed to signal for help
    Others were not so lucky, like this one crushing into the concrete structure
    But there were hundreds of them and government disclosure is coming this summer
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  • LordPhoenix boy
    LordPhoenix boy 3 months ago +363

    that not fake I seen it I live about 35 miles from there I I sent some thing just falling from the sky this is not fake bro this shot real

    • Geniuz
      Geniuz 1 day ago

      Butterscotch, please use your brain, well, nonexistent.

    • darkslayer185
      darkslayer185 1 day ago

      Anyway though seriously aliens are real and are not demons

    • Gore Lord
      Gore Lord 2 days ago

      WTF does that mean?!?!

    • Butterscotch Jones
      Butterscotch Jones 2 days ago

      Tom Cat wtf are you saying? None of what you said makes any sense. Iuf kjc ljcde n syj shoe. Educate yourself before trying to talk down to others and stay off of everyone's lawn, kid.

    • Tom Cat
      Tom Cat 2 days ago

      Yu guy all dum as shet! it oblius do car areel thing! Potato marssian got ya by a tootle happablab! I not a lien, cuz mi engrish is so gud! so stoop bening a lyers wit da fats! ets not heliocopper! ty agin dumys! yoo ned lern proppur today!!!

  • BigBuddha2012
    BigBuddha2012 48 minutes ago

    at 4:12 what song is that?

  • BigBuddha2012
    BigBuddha2012 52 minutes ago

    this has holes in it, if the feds confiscated the are we even seeing it? gotcha there!

  • Luis-Angel Barbosa
    Luis-Angel Barbosa 1 hour ago


  • Jose Jose
    Jose Jose 2 hours ago

    Y ppl put so much effort into bs lol smh

  • Big Jay Rocker
    Big Jay Rocker 6 hours ago

    It was obvious the first part was a crashed boat..

  • Kelly Nelson
    Kelly Nelson 6 hours ago


  • Kingman101
    Kingman101 7 hours ago

    LOL license plate says FBI 007.... HAHAHAHA

  • Blackgeoff1
    Blackgeoff1 9 hours ago

    This is dreadful -- I even feel a little embarrassed for whoever put this awful amateurish production together

  • Blackgeoff1
    Blackgeoff1 9 hours ago

    I think that "counter-intelligence" just about sums this up.

  • James Shaw
    James Shaw 10 hours ago

    Why are there no impact craters or directional marking on the ground?

  • igetinya2
    igetinya2 10 hours ago

    ROTFLMAO! The FEDS came swarming in with one Chrysler 300?

  • Heather Price
    Heather Price 11 hours ago

    @Igor Kryan
    Do you think you were told to hold certain footage because they plan on implementing Project Blue Beam in August around the time of the eclipse? I'm just asking because depending on your footage it could possibly help people believe those events are real. I've wondered for awhile if they aren't intentionally leaking things to certain platforms for that reason.

  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar 14 hours ago

    it's afake as hees not taking close up video or going near by as to fabricate the story

  • Alejandro Stewart
    Alejandro Stewart 14 hours ago


  • Red Herring
    Red Herring 15 hours ago

    very well done but too many errors.

  • Samson Emiru
    Samson Emiru 16 hours ago

    False testimony.

  • bosmang6
    bosmang6 18 hours ago +1

    the things people do to capture minds LOL......i'LL just say i believe that there where way older Pyramids in the world and how they built them? we will never know how our Ancestors were (but the monkey theory and evolution is horse shit) the evolution of man? come on now!!!!! men and woman walked the Earth with dinosaurs....People of all manners will go to the limit to survive no matter your environment even till this day! Just to drop a note......Right now there is massive flooding in the world not around pyramids or ancient cities on hillsides or mountains in which our ancestors lived....Also on that note pyramids are being found so old dating to dinosaurs and ancient civilizations i kind of wonder WHY everybody back than would build in the mountains or hills to escape high floods and keep off the ground from dinosaurs.....Survival of the Fittest.....Also FUCK AN ALIEN str8 Rubbish Shit and Garbage....

  • Mario Zorro
    Mario Zorro 23 hours ago

    Mucho Queso

  • Ray Here
    Ray Here 1 day ago

    100% proof cannot be in the form of a youtube video, for what I hope are obvious reasons. It isn't that I don't believe, I have seen a thing or two, but it was real life, not a movie by someone I don't know anything about.

  • WiKiT WoNKa
    WiKiT WoNKa 1 day ago


  • stoney b
    stoney b 1 day ago

    scam when did crash become crush lol

    MARCIO MOURA 1 day ago

    I can not understand why objects are filmed at a certain distance. Is there any restriction on this or the fear of man himself?
    Why not show reality about the facts? If they really are there in the eyes of the whole world, we must face reality from the front.

  • 808pathfinder
    808pathfinder 1 day ago

    nice try ,please try again

  • Oneal Jones
    Oneal Jones 1 day ago

    Um, i-40 doesn't run through Colorado.

  • chef pocho
    chef pocho 1 day ago

    bahahahahahahahahahahaha! this channel is always good for a laugh.Keep the footage coming dude, this SHIT is pure gold.

  • gilbert reyna
    gilbert reyna 1 day ago

    Those are not dryer hose theyre borla cat back pros aliens know their stuff

  • William Bies
    William Bies 1 day ago

    So fake it's funny

  • Stephen Box
    Stephen Box 1 day ago

    Wow I bet picking there nose with them big golf ball fingers is a bitch!

  • Ken D
    Ken D 1 day ago

    They are shooting them down to reverse engineer them. Obvious!!!

    JULEMANDEN99 1 day ago

    pfff its just old satelites or toilets nothing to worry about just do as your told and dont ask questions you are an american citisens so do as your goverment tells you and build the wall for murrica.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 day ago

    Has anybody thought that maybe the UFOs are actually man-made and the reason their secret is so that china and Russia doesn't get our new Air Force technology?!?!?! God ignorance is not bliss at all it's annoying

  • Bier ist geil!
    Bier ist geil! 1 day ago

    police in helicopter...... not looking for marjunana.......... . But if you continue to burn out the weed, we gonna burn down the cane field........ .

  • Torpedo Tundra
    Torpedo Tundra 1 day ago

    This is the bestest authentic video ever😂

  • John Kern
    John Kern 1 day ago

    Each crash sight looks exactly the same. With what can only be described as dryer or air dukts. No impact spot or drag marks of any kind. A little to isolated to be a crash of any kind. Plus "jeep guy" missed his cue and looks as though he needs to be reassured that "yes, we are rolling"

  • Haarp
    Haarp 1 day ago

    These are demonic manifestations

  • Robert Griffin Sn
    Robert Griffin Sn 1 day ago

    that's so cool how the alien and the New Zealand desert was flying around in some air condition flex pipe. some of these aren't even good fakes

  • GoodfellasGaming
    GoodfellasGaming 1 day ago

    omg this is so bad :D

  • William E
    William E 1 day ago

    They brought a lot of smoke bombs with them from their alien home world

  • Jorge Dominguez
    Jorge Dominguez 1 day ago


  • Wulf Wulf
    Wulf Wulf 1 day ago

    Chill guys ! Who said Aliens don't need patch work from the homedepot ducting section ?

  • jmville villocillo
    jmville villocillo 2 days ago

    you should put arrow or circle where the spaceship was so we can see it.

  • jason johnston
    jason johnston 2 days ago

    hi all I think it could be real if not then its fake but lets say its real! .Y r you wanting to search for this video anyways then !!put a negative comment about it .makes me laugh..i think r history is a lot more then we have been told and taught !.anyways we cant be the only ones out there there! . There r over two 200 trill galaxy s out there !! ANY wached or heard of corey goddie !!

  • Van NGuyen
    Van NGuyen 2 days ago

    Blue and orange crash smoke LoL

  • Butterscotch Jones
    Butterscotch Jones 2 days ago

    The misuse of English and spelling are the real mysteries of this video.

  • goez1
    goez1 2 days ago

    16.000 Dislikes only Belive in Brangelina, Jersey Shore and F***ing Kim kardashians ass.. :D :D

  • Jason Voigt
    Jason Voigt 2 days ago

    stupid aliens dont even insulate their heating ducts, they probably on bottled gas too. haha what idiots

  • brent leppke
    brent leppke 2 days ago

    your a very creative jackass!

  • TheBakerman55
    TheBakerman55 2 days ago

    Colored smoke bombs dry ice and bullshit period.

  • Ray Chepaitis
    Ray Chepaitis 2 days ago

    Is this CNN- fake news ? BTW I like HVAC flex pipes and color smoke in most videos.

  • Bryce Miller
    Bryce Miller 2 days ago

    I was always skeptical about aliens but now????? This video just blew me away!!! What better proof of aliens can you get than this?

    • Bryce Miller
      Bryce Miller 15 hours ago

      No, no, no!! You are so mistaken sir. Anyone with half of a brain knows that UFO exhaust is green and yellow!!!

    • saintⓋearth
      saintⓋearth 2 days ago

      Really? It would have come off as better proof if the camera person actually went up to some of the objects and took a closer look so it didn't look so staged and contrived. This doesn't show squat except for vague images just like all so called UFO/ ET footage. Some of the images were obviously smoke bombs and dryer vent hose.

  • Philip Wells
    Philip Wells 2 days ago +1

    Smoke bombs and fireworks on top of ventilation piping?!? Really. The FBI tag says FBI 007 America,...really come on. What am I even doing clicking these links. Good job on your 4 million views though...troll

  • swampgremlin1
    swampgremlin1 2 days ago

    Nice smoke bombs

  • Wayward Sailor
    Wayward Sailor 2 days ago

    A plus 😉♡ nice vid mate!!! really enjoyedcit!!! i went to his so called cheyenne mountain location when I was a kid. Underground taverns cost 3 bucks to go down....of course its fake! but fun!!!!

  • Matthew Hunter
    Matthew Hunter 3 days ago

    Wow. One of the WORST Sci-Fi shorts I've EVER encountered. You need a LOT more writing/filming/directing/editing experience (or an even more clueless audience) before ANYONE will believe this tripe.

  • GnosisMan50
    GnosisMan50 3 days ago

    I'm here for the music...whose playing?!

  • ElmerFudd♥guns
    ElmerFudd♥guns 3 days ago

    Why are aliens always naked?

  • Cage
    Cage 3 days ago

    Why should this be Fake its the FBI and why you most people are afraid to accept that we are not alone in this World and Galaxy has no Limits we all know that with the facts from scientists..You can search a guy from area 52 or 51 i dont remember exactly that told the truth in front of the media the day after he was killed he was warning the world and people that they have a plan and are watching us if u dont believe me search maybe reading more about this stuff gives u more knowledge because i like a kid always believed in those Creatures

  • Robiul Islam
    Robiul Islam 3 days ago

    How is it possible?

  • Choppi balboa
    Choppi balboa 3 days ago

    The makers of this video put allot of effort in to creating it! Still a fail if you ask me cause its really not convincing...

  • John Hounslow-Robinson

    Looks like 50 cal to me.

  • Dave Glenn
    Dave Glenn 4 days ago

    Advanced alien 👽 making a spaceship out of flammable material 😂

  • Jack Sprat
    Jack Sprat 4 days ago

    Just American experimental craft being tested in area 52  out in the Salt Lake desert.

  • Jim Waldo
    Jim Waldo 4 days ago

    Love the fireworks, great show.

  • Kosengg
    Kosengg 4 days ago

    Why would anyone film the river randomly?

  • mashooga 1994
    mashooga 1994 4 days ago

    funny how the guys camera doesnt have zoom to see the alien that crawls out of ship, man this fake shit is getting cheaper looking over the years...

  • mashooga 1994
    mashooga 1994 4 days ago

    and why would the Feds get so excited about filming if our government has been hiding info and alien crap from us for years now? The feds would surely not let people record it and utube the shit, they would take your camera or silence the people some how, just to keep under wraps...

  • mashooga 1994
    mashooga 1994 4 days ago

    interesting how aliens were able to keep our electronics from ever recording them and now they are just dropping out of the air randomly and they are letting us record them now, or have little chasing games with our government jets... come on man this stuff is getting out of hand, remember they are supposed to be more intelligent then us, so did they get dumb all of a sudden?

  • Moa Moa
    Moa Moa 4 days ago

    its true I saw UFO with my naked eyes .no one believed me

  • You Already
    You Already 4 days ago +1

    my Dick is a alien. It's too big for mankind, but perfect for women.

  • Awsome Animal Videos

    First of all, if there are any extra terrestrials who could get her, they would have to be intelligent, That alone would make us the last place in the universe that anyone intelligent would ever visit. This planet is full of anger, evil and monsters. Get real.

  • Mladen Ratkovic
    Mladen Ratkovic 4 days ago

    hehehe  those ''aliens'' got too many tubs ! for talk one for ''crepe'  and on and on , and so much smoke ?....where tha 'duck' they keep all this fuel  ?...hehehe   too much vomit !!   heheheh

  • Blue Beetle Reyes
    Blue Beetle Reyes 4 days ago

    Yeah that looks legit. NOT!

  • Alexas Machine
    Alexas Machine 4 days ago

    Where is Jàmes Bond at? 007 REALLY?

  • Sharon Keith
    Sharon Keith 5 days ago

    So silly!

  • Duane McClure
    Duane McClure 5 days ago

    I think the person that made this video is the REAL space cadet! I mean, who the fuck talks like that?!? CRUSHED?!? WTF?!? And what is that shit? Ductwork , left over from your last side job in someone's attic. Uh, bottle rockets and fire crackers? For real, doh? Wow. That's 4 minutes of my life I'll never get back...

  • Steve Elmo
    Steve Elmo 5 days ago

    see what you can do with fireworks lol

  • Jessy Matthews
    Jessy Matthews 5 days ago

    And how it comes that the escape pods are that small or squishy.... check all around that "alive" one there is no hard material arond it to protect it at all.... and if IT does not need it then how comes the others are dead.... BASIC BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY PEOPLE! calm donw it's fake to the bones (if I.T. has any)

  • Rose Marie Leonard
    Rose Marie Leonard 5 days ago

    Illuminati are the real Aliens, bullshit!

  • Dr Delta
    Dr Delta 5 days ago

    FBI, Igor...? lol

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario 5 days ago

    I was asked by a humanoid what planet it was on and I said earth and it attacked me the Feds came and helped me

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario 5 days ago


  • Titus
    Titus 5 days ago

    Never ever trust a title with "100% REAL"

  • Nathan Pickrell
    Nathan Pickrell 5 days ago

    Whoever made this keeps saying, Boat Crush, instead of crash. And that fake ass F.B.I. Chrysler 300!!! lmfao... If you grew up in the U.S. you know they don't have those kinds of lights, where did this guy get those, Wal-Mart? Lol Their is so much wrong with this. the ufo "pod" is clearly a plane...

  • Badass 1
    Badass 1 5 days ago

    That looks like it was a Mama spliff!

  • Dionisius L.F versteegh

    Why did nobody run over and gave the humanoid a hand, poor humanoid Lol!

  • William Stayduhar
    William Stayduhar 5 days ago

    The license plate on the FEDs car says FBI 2017 so this is definitely real😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sandra Bonner
    Sandra Bonner 5 days ago

    No wonder that alien crafts crash; they're made up, primarily, of cheap dryer vent tubing...

  • Joe Superterrorizer
    Joe Superterrorizer 5 days ago

    Serving up steaming hot nuggets of shiite with this clickbait nonsense.

  • Kaliyah Tecalla
    Kaliyah Tecalla 5 days ago

    two things
    One: Nice job taking the thumbnail from the Flash
    Two: YOUR AN ALIEN CUZ IT SAID "They launched the boat to COME closer" BUT IT'S ACTUALLY "They launched the boat to go closer"

  • BrEaKiNg_Brad
    BrEaKiNg_Brad 5 days ago

    something fell on the riverbank and I didn't bother at all to walk closer to it.

  • Michael Chapman
    Michael Chapman 5 days ago

    Almost as real as the sci-fi channel movies. $14 budget for This? lol

  • Mordalo
    Mordalo 5 days ago

    I love the Iron Mountain crap. Like there are side doors in Cheyenne Mountain. Not happening, especially not videoed.

  • krissynurse
    krissynurse 6 days ago

    They must have ran out of freon. Gotta fill up when you're flying interplanetary in an air conditioner.

  • Gary T
    Gary T 6 days ago

    set up phony sites

  • Brenton Hamlin
    Brenton Hamlin 6 days ago

    Bahahahahaha ...100% real lmfao try again

  • Marlon Olsen
    Marlon Olsen 6 days ago

    6min20sec the "fbi" vehicle is property of Bond :p the sign says f.b.i 007. you guys never stop to surprise when it comes to believing. thumbs up to the vid ;) thumbs down to the average human.

  • brian baker
    brian baker 6 days ago

    Click whore the only thing i ever saw that burns yellow red or green is fireworks!

  • Lyle Syliboy
    Lyle Syliboy 6 days ago

    those small pieces were moving at terminal velocity! phew!

  • Jeffrey Von Stetten
    Jeffrey Von Stetten 6 days ago

    This music is so irritating

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