Finally 100% Real UFO FBI Proof - Alive Aliens UFO Crash Filmed By Cops - Extraterrestrials Are Here

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  • For the best results watch on big HD screen, mobile phone screen will not show all the incredible details
    All these things fell on earth from space - some were stranger than the others
    But UFO that fell March 7, 2017 shattered all doubts about reality of Intelligent Aliens
    March 7 - 8 AM. North Nevada & South Oregon see giant flaming UFO going down in pieces
    It's 8 AM in Colorado. Sun is already up but something is very wrong
    After multiple explosions, tornadoes of snow and weird particles went up to the sky
    Several cars on I-40 were damaged by the shockwave
    About the same time locals were launching their boat for the first time since winter in Green River, Utah
    When multiple flaming debris crashed into the river
    Slow down version shows dozens of high speed small objects crushing into the river & banks
    Something way larger fell on the river bank
    They launched the boat to come closer
    This is as close as they got before stopped by chopper
    Another chopper recovered large UFO part nearby
    FEDs told them "Nothing to see just a boat crush" and confiscated this film "for evidence"
    Now tell me, does this look like a crushed boat to you?
    Another couple was luckier - they came way closer to another part of UFO crushed in Utah
    As soon they heard sonic booms and flashes - they started to drive to that direction
    They saw something burning in the snow and FEDs swarming the scene
    After new explosions FEDs pulled back & they managed to see a humanoid in an escape pod
    At least 1,000 UFO parts landed across central US. This one near Salt Lake
    Federal Agents also could not resist but to film
    It was one of them who leaked us confiscated films
    I thought it's massive counterintelligence operation
    But then I realized something so big happened that even some FEDs want info out
    They brought dozens of dead Humanoids inside Cheyenne mountain complex. Behind those doors
    I have that footage too but my FED source set a condition to hold it till August
    I makes me think that the official government disclosure will come that time
    Instead, I will show you something alive that crawled out of another falling UFO Pod in Nevada desert
    Not only that UFO Pod didn't explode
    But alive alien crawled out of it
    Alien seemed to signal for help
    Others were not so lucky, like this one crushing into the concrete structure
    But there were hundreds of them and government disclosure is coming this summer
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  • LordPhoenix boy
    LordPhoenix boy 4 months ago +393

    that not fake I seen it I live about 35 miles from there I I sent some thing just falling from the sky this is not fake bro this shot real

    • Jason Aponte
      Jason Aponte 11 hours ago

      The sky is falling. ( Chicken Little what were u thinking?)

    • Kh Shakeel
      Kh Shakeel 21 hour ago

      LordPhoenix boy rrlm


  • Papa Shon
    Papa Shon Hour ago

    All I saw was dryer hoses and pipes. Really they flew from out of space with hoses and pipes!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 get the fuc out of hear🚀🚀🚀🚀🚫🚔🚔

  • RumpleFoldSkin
    RumpleFoldSkin 7 hours ago


  • Casey Shelton
    Casey Shelton 7 hours ago

    Crock of shot.

  • Charlie Hearn
    Charlie Hearn 10 hours ago


  • Joe Mata
    Joe Mata 11 hours ago

    1:35 you can see stuff shooting OUT of the water.... as in possibly magnesium

  • Grandpa the Grey
    Grandpa the Grey 12 hours ago

    Clearly a BOAT.

  • JakeFromSnakeFarm 8D
    JakeFromSnakeFarm 8D 13 hours ago

    Nigga has 007 plates.

  • robert hiatt
    robert hiatt 14 hours ago

    Looks like someone having a BBQ

  • john cooper
    john cooper 15 hours ago


  • airplane george
    airplane george 15 hours ago

    why do these advanced air/ space craft keep crashing? They seem to crash more than jet liners.

  • p4ssarolas XD
    p4ssarolas XD 15 hours ago

    7:40 is that a teddy bear with a leopard pattern?

  • enk oddio
    enk oddio 20 hours ago

    why didn't you go any close?

  • enk oddio
    enk oddio 20 hours ago


  • Samsuna Hussain
    Samsuna Hussain 21 hour ago


  • RickJames1811
    RickJames1811 23 hours ago

    lol...just couldn't zoom in on that "crashsite" for some reason, huh?

  • Emperorlexiconbum
    Emperorlexiconbum 23 hours ago

    Yes because when any field investigator films evidence or any footage of a scene, he stands so far away you cant make out anything.

  • Aaron Ure
    Aaron Ure Day ago

    WOW it was so much bigger but they did not mannage to catch its fall.Gosh, so lucky to get their film back so quickly and w
    here did all the swarming FEDS go?

  • My Cinematics
    My Cinematics Day ago

    omg eyes opened... BUT!!! only because alien told me that the Erf is pancake and they like egg too much.

    I said them, go away alien fackers and they were not happies.

    They shoots me with gangbang style dance song.

  • Connor Stormes
    Connor Stormes Day ago +1

    this is retarded

  • msjones63
    msjones63 Day ago

    Totally made up film - Lake scenes do not match up. Did it crash land near a lake in the desert or near a lake in a mountain area covered with trees?

  • Галина Алехина

    Остался ли живым инопланетянин или тоже попал на стол в пещере в мертвом состоянии ?! Жаль не знаю перевода !

  • Barbara Faherty
    Barbara Faherty Day ago

    did they get the video from the same top notch university you obtained your degree in public speaking?

  • mmcguinness75mm
    mmcguinness75mm Day ago

    lolz looks like somebodys dryer exploded and threw 40 miles of tubing everywhere

  • Dean Jordan
    Dean Jordan Day ago

    What a load of bollocks

  • names unknown
    names unknown 2 days ago

    curious as to the gases and why the pods have like pipe flimsy material like for air conditioning unit

  • Misha Rasic
    Misha Rasic 2 days ago

    the yellowsmoke was to hide

  • bkingk8
    bkingk8 2 days ago

    the "spooky" music really kills the credibility

  • Eddie Berry
    Eddie Berry 2 days ago

    Whats with the crow sitting next to it ?

  • Jerry Brown
    Jerry Brown 2 days ago

    What is making so many of these UFO's crush/crash?

  • Faye Brown
    Faye Brown 2 days ago

    The word is "crash," not "crush." It might crush after the crash, but, first, it will crash.

  • Miss W
    Miss W 2 days ago

    I live in Salt lake City and I see UFO'S here frequently. I have a couple photos as well. This video is silly but UFO'S are real.

  • Paradoxical Enigma
    Paradoxical Enigma 2 days ago

    Creative? Ok. Believable? Not if you have the ability reason.

  • GinSkimPivot
    GinSkimPivot 2 days ago

    The parents must be so proud.

  • Roger Newmon
    Roger Newmon 2 days ago

    All of it true or not doesn't matter if we do not believe in the Bible and Jesus.

  • Alex Baines
    Alex Baines 2 days ago

    Where is the proof??? LMFAO. clickbait

  • Steve Madak
    Steve Madak 2 days ago

    A for effort and J for jack offs

  • True False
    True False 2 days ago

    Igor Kryan your mum sucks dirty dicks for crack

  • john kindon
    john kindon 2 days ago

    what a load of BOLLOCKS

  • Albert Gallagher
    Albert Gallagher 2 days ago

    Who's filming this? This would all be restricted access property.

  • Albert Gallagher
    Albert Gallagher 2 days ago

    Two locations same car. Plate number FBI 007.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 2 days ago

    Like Whoa dude ! Fuckin ALIENS MAN

  • Lars Gildeboorg
    Lars Gildeboorg 2 days ago

    I guarantee that all films would have been confiscated and all persons taken into custody and "debriefed."

  • Tyclone
    Tyclone 2 days ago +2

    Crash man crash or crashed... Not a UFO crush but a UFO crash

  • The Youtube Dragon Slayer


  • allenrobin6900
    allenrobin6900 2 days ago

    OK So when does the FBI drive around in a car with a tag FBI-007 AMERICA ?????? Give me a friggen break... also nice duct work!

  • Prof. Snotpockets
    Prof. Snotpockets 2 days ago

  • Dan
    Dan 2 days ago

    This seems way too set up. Even the smoke seems fake. Why does the camera pan off to sides of focus of attention to view nothing. Why is the camera not advancing towards the object in question for a close up view, or at least ZOOMING in. If the incident had just happened there is no way "authorities" could be there that fast. Not believable.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 2 days ago

    There is absolutely nothing remotely humorous about this video and there is absolutely nothing which even remotely resembles creativity. The storyline is shitty the footage is shitty your so called special effects are shitty and your music is the shittiest. The wrong time to commit suicide is after making a video like this the right time is before

  • Adam Comiskey
    Adam Comiskey 3 days ago

    The literal definition of mental is anyone who thinks this type of thing is real

  • RRRamone1
    RRRamone1 3 days ago

    The license plates are FBI 007. Really?

  • BlueRTheOnlyoNe
    BlueRTheOnlyoNe 3 days ago

    eee I should state this - tell mom and dead to start using condoms - do not make more movies please

  • Time Traveller 04161961


  • CaptainWingless
    CaptainWingless 4 days ago

    If that was a boat crash, then why on Earth would they need your camera for evidence?

  • Pavol Novak
    Pavol Novak 4 days ago

    trapošina ...

  • Thierry Wendriks
    Thierry Wendriks 4 days ago

    Hahahah! Nice job. Maybe we hire you sometimes. Like if we need another 911 footage or something.

  • Terry,Cha,Sinsy
    Terry,Cha,Sinsy 4 days ago


  • bruchpilot747
    bruchpilot747 4 days ago

    5:44 and 6:30 same license plate and car...

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 4 days ago


  • juliaabond
    juliaabond 5 days ago

    Ok first off seriusly someone try and tell me that wasn't the same car with different lights that I could get on amazon and let's see what happens. Also really it said "FEDs" were swarming the area I only saw one car and again it was used in a later shot with different lights. Son yeah seems legit, ... isn't

  • Uncloaking the Intangible

    check out my latest UFO video caught on interstate 5 in Washington state

  • ben codz
    ben codz 5 days ago


  • Fernando Quijada
    Fernando Quijada 5 days ago

    que se hable en español


    It has to be real the Fed's Chrysler 300's license plate Said "F.B.I.007" and had red AND blue lights plugged into the car lighter with a long black CAN'T FAKE stuff like that 1000% REAL

  • Terry Peel
    Terry Peel 6 days ago

    One car does mot make a swarm of feds in fact we dont see any feds at all

  • Ray Bokor
    Ray Bokor 7 days ago

    seems to be a lot of central heating ducting and pipes

  • donnie canada
    donnie canada 7 days ago

    And the tag number on the Feds car was, FBI 007. Anyone that believes this should raise your hands for your cup of KoolAid. Really!!!!!!

  • Oussama Hijazy
    Oussama Hijazy 7 days ago


  • Brazzers
    Brazzers 7 days ago

    So he crawled out of a dryer hose? k...

  • Hrvoje Božić
    Hrvoje Božić 7 days ago

    feel sorry for those poor technology to visit us from galaxies far far away traveling with speed of light or probably faster, possibly through the wormholes cutting time trip from zillion light years to just seconds but every time they enter our planet they crush like Hindenberg..must be something about earth's magnetic fields..

  • Pete Miller
    Pete Miller 8 days ago

    I've seen the same alien at 9:10. Every October 31, I get a bunch of them knocking on my door asking for candy. Small world eh?

  • Paul King
    Paul King 8 days ago +1

    Love the music - what is it?

  • green lantern
    green lantern 8 days ago

    9:08 the alien was probably thinking something like "Oh damn i fell on my tailbone, OHhhh freaking hell that hurt... okay that's see if anything is broken (checks) okay good nothing is broken. now i have t- SOME ONE IS FILMING THIS!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!! there go's my dignity"

  • green lantern
    green lantern 8 days ago

    7:35 dude got fucked up the fed was like "damn it, this dead alien is going stink up my new van"

    ANTHPIZ 8 days ago

    At 1:52 into the video there is an orb rising in front of the mountain range. Anybody see it?

  • skunksrus007
    skunksrus007 8 days ago

    6:19 Licence plate FBI 007 !! must be Budget Bond driving a Chrysler

  • happy joe
    happy joe 8 days ago

    Fake - but hey 4 mill views - quite a profitable fake.
    BTW I use the same signal flares.

  • David Masen
    David Masen 9 days ago

    Lmao the alien on the thumbnail is from a tv show I watch

  • analiensaturn
    analiensaturn 9 days ago

    And you just happened to be at every location.

  • rhoadnaroahs
    rhoadnaroahs 10 days ago

    This was no boating crush! LOL

  • harry robinson
    harry robinson 10 days ago +1

    Anyone that thinks this is real probably really invited the "Flintstones" for dinner! This is not only fake but a bad fake at that. Leave the Sci-Fi stuff to Hollywood!

  • James Barrett
    James Barrett 10 days ago

    next time the feds show up at this kind of scene the people need to show up in force and armed. They have no right to hide this stuff from us figgin assholes

  • James Barrett
    James Barrett 10 days ago

    why do you have the film of they took it

  • daviddaddy
    daviddaddy 10 days ago +1


    • harry robinson
      harry robinson 10 days ago

      daviddaddy---Damn right! Those friggin Martians have been pouring in like crazy and taking all the available food stamps and "Obama" phones! Them damn Anchor Martians!

  • Melvorgazh
    Melvorgazh 10 days ago

    Music sucks and ruins everything

  • 070ruben
    070ruben 10 days ago


  • Goalie-Massacre
    Goalie-Massacre 11 days ago


  • Ben Pituch
    Ben Pituch 11 days ago

    9:25 jeez

  • OdinX316
    OdinX316 11 days ago

    FBI 007 license plates too funny!! The colorful smoke bombs and the drier vent hose were really lame!!! It was already stated just how moronic the whole video was confiscated but we are watching it idiotic subtitle was! A Boat crush? Bad english and bad subtitles do not make for a convincing blatant UFO video! The "alien" sitting in the middle of dryer hose vent ( the stuff is cheap) is also illogical. What miraculous property does this stuff have for alien flight? That is the only logical relevant question this video is asking, what is the alien attraction for our dryer vent hoses?

  • susi q
    susi q 11 days ago

    Lose the music! Too distracting!

  • Godzilla Friend
    Godzilla Friend 11 days ago

    If you cant physically show me those things, they aren't 100% real.

  • Bear 113
    Bear 113 12 days ago

    A poorly made amateur film. I've got flares and colored smoke bombs in the trunk of my car, I bet I could make a more realistic film.

  • Paul Caruso
    Paul Caruso 13 days ago

    yeah I see them at Walmarts quite often occasionally even at McDonalds!

  • MandoMtn
    MandoMtn 13 days ago

    Fake stories muddy the real.

  • Matt Dostou
    Matt Dostou 13 days ago

    love the plate on the chrysler.... fbi 007

  • Stan wedle
    Stan wedle 13 days ago

    The person with the camera was lucky to be in all of the right places at the right time.

  • ShipthebedGames
    ShipthebedGames 13 days ago

    Ur a dick

  • Marvin PhiRatio
    Marvin PhiRatio 14 days ago

    smoke bombs how is stuff falling it has to be shot down pieces do not fall like that .go grab a piece then lets see it rock with a smoke bomb that's human made colors of smoke bomb besides UFO from space dont fly a million light years then all of a sudden crash wtf the real one are SHOT down we are the killer bees of the solar system come near us we kill you slice you up take your shit and have a beer

  • Geef Mij RP
    Geef Mij RP 14 days ago

    HAHA omfg this is the most fakes thing i ever saw nice firework scumback!

  • Mason Man
    Mason Man 14 days ago


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