007 Drops By

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  • Muhammed Sabid
    Muhammed Sabid 8 hours ago

    Rich lesbian

  • Brianna Martinez

    I just got an ear orgasm

  • Nelson Charles
    Nelson Charles Day ago

    Mi6 just officially acquired bond to make another new film, Daniel and the whole filming crew is getting ready up for massive explosion, tech of century, Henry Cavill would be a fantastic protagonist after Daniel. His full of that essence

  • Steven Cassidy
    Steven Cassidy Day ago

    Ian Fleming wroye 12 books where Bond is a white heterosexua malel. thats the genesis of James Bond

  • Matthew Johnston
    Matthew Johnston 2 days ago

    A woman can be 00.

  • hamid hosseini
    hamid hosseini 2 days ago

    best james bond ever i think.

  • SNGaming
    SNGaming 3 days ago


  • CJ Carpenter
    CJ Carpenter 5 days ago

    I like how everyone keeps saying he'd rather slash his wrists and won't do another but you ask him right after two years of hard work and countless surgeries lol. Of course he wants a break.

  • sami khan
    sami khan 5 days ago

    i wanna buy a hacks like his i wonder How much must it cost?

  • Mirku98
    Mirku98 9 days ago

    Oprah for Bond yes! xD

  • Charry Georgiadis
    Charry Georgiadis 11 days ago

    Daniel Craig the worst actor ever the new
    James bond is the worst in 20 years they just went to watch him because he was

  • Sophie Francis
    Sophie Francis 11 days ago

    I'm not sure how they're going to pull of a female 007 what are she going to say 'the name's Bond Jamie Bond

    RADIN SYAH 13 days ago

    Roger Moore is Bond. Gentlemanly, elegant, sharp wit, player, and deadly. Craig is more Bond in the jeans-wearing, iPhone, Trump-as-President, disrespectful youngsters era. Not that it's bad, he's just a different cut of the bond meat. Roger should've had a cameo with Craig in one of the movies as a retired 007. So should've Connery. Sadly, that's not possible now.

  • Arjun Giri
    Arjun Giri 14 days ago

    Mr Daniel Craig, very nice 007,jems bond, movie, your thanks namaste very best wishes for you and your family friends

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 15 days ago +1

    A female Doctor Who now a female 007 WTF world have i woken up to????

  • rancho grande
    rancho grande 18 days ago

    Man is she even fucking ugly !

  • Sawan Shrivastava
    Sawan Shrivastava 21 day ago

    Love from INDIA

  • NGP Productions
    NGP Productions 24 days ago

    It's been officially announced!!! James is back

  • Super Caspar
    Super Caspar 26 days ago

    God sake everyone you've got to learn the plot by Ian Fleming means that Bond is a white man from Britain

    LEGENDERY NOOB 999 Month ago


  • Eszter Kovács
    Eszter Kovács Month ago

    Noway, I need that watch.Give it to meeeee, now😣😢😭

  • Dylan James Vight
    Dylan James Vight Month ago

    The problem with women is... they don't know of the shit we go through. That hollywood and media hides. They kind of know, they can sense it. This strength, pain, etc. They spend their whole lives trying to find out if men have felt more pain than them, etc. Well we have. When u are a female grandma. u will know. and thats when u will respect men and be comfortable being a women. bcuz u will know just how fucking awful it can be to be a man. and u will be happy painting ur nails. Leave Bond be. Stop pretending your a man. What lead Bond to being Bond, is the shit in his life. He isnt acting "manly", he is doing stuff, like drink, and shit bcuz of his emotional turmoil, etc. Women's pain is their period cramps and a broken nail. they know shit all about being a "man".

  • Jordan Schlansky
    Jordan Schlansky Month ago

    I am not saying that it's true, but has anyone thought of the possibility that Craig said that a woman could play Bond because of not causing any disfavour on the part of the female fans?

    Let's be honest. If he expressed his disapproval of that idea, even if he explained it logically and politely, he would cause a shit-storm.

  • Jordan Schlansky
    Jordan Schlansky Month ago

    RIP headphones users.

  • P S
    P S Month ago

    why do ellen's crowd always cheer like communists

  • Saurabh Thackeray
    Saurabh Thackeray Month ago

    That little logo on his breast. Saw that on one of his tuxes too in some other show. Probably Kimmel's. Is that a brand?

  • YourBestFriend
    YourBestFriend Month ago

    fucking lesbian, she got the watch from the movie.... hehehe

  • Miika Kousa
    Miika Kousa Month ago

    Sean Connery and Roger Moore ARE the real Bonds.

  • Harris Page
    Harris Page Month ago

    Gee she doesn't look 10 years older than him!!!

  • Neil Parga
    Neil Parga Month ago

    Timothy Dalton is James Bond

    Craig is the ugliest, shortest actor to play 007...he has pig's nose too BUT of course you have morons today who are prisoners of our bad times including the idiots here and in the snowflake, dyke's audience

  • dad
    dad Month ago

    he is so sexy my god

  • jahanzaib khan
    jahanzaib khan 2 months ago

    i am one of your biggest fan, all the way from Pakistan , i watch your show on youtube because we dont get all the american t.v channnels on the cable , i love your show , it makes me happy when i am sad and all the inspiring stories gives me hope when i am down, i hope that you or one of your team members looks at my comment and reads it ..Lots of love from Pakistan <3

  • Ellie o
    Ellie o 2 months ago

    just gonna say the Queen isn't in charge of TV in Britain. we have government as well, you know. the Queen VERY RARELY gets involved

  • U
    U 2 months ago

    ride on ur horse to the castle or whatever it is u do there lmao

  • Tony Montana Orlando
    Tony Montana Orlando 2 months ago

    James Bond. 007👏👏👌👌👍👍💪💪😏😏😎😎🔥🔥🔥🔫🔫💵💵😍😍💲💲💸💸🙌🙌

  • Black Silk
    Black Silk 2 months ago +1


  • Infinity man
    Infinity man 2 months ago

    Who is he again?

  • Lofty Production
    Lofty Production 2 months ago

    Jane bond..... no.

  • WalrusRider
    WalrusRider 2 months ago

    Surely England gets the episodes on EllenTube ...

  • Preston Wagner
    Preston Wagner 2 months ago

    Elen the Degenerate looks more like a man than Craig. Heck... he duzn't like guns?!?

  • Robert Aslin
    Robert Aslin 2 months ago


  • Robert Aslin
    Robert Aslin 2 months ago


  • BetterThanEver
    BetterThanEver 2 months ago

    Daniel Craig is looking like Wladimir Putin and the worst James Bond performer actor !

  • Panos Lehouritis
    Panos Lehouritis 2 months ago

    One more please.

  • Vertti Seppälä
    Vertti Seppälä 2 months ago

    Casually hands out an 8000$ watch. Cool.

  • linghao zhang
    linghao zhang 3 months ago

    what is the brand of his leather jacket?

  • Geovanny  German
    Geovanny German 3 months ago

    Daniel Craig is the best James Bond ever, fits perfectly for that character

  • zeena wonder woman
    zeena wonder woman 3 months ago

    ophra play bond bloody hell no

  • SuperiorGenetics
    SuperiorGenetics 3 months ago

    i swear if they are making bond female or whatever the fuck kind of identity that Person thinks it is i will give up on hollywood and just stick to my video games
    they ruined enough of my childhood movies

  • lee taylor
    lee taylor 3 months ago

    he gives her an Omega watch likes it's a pair of socks 😂😂

  • Jeremy Bulger
    Jeremy Bulger 3 months ago

    I hope they make tom hardy the next James Bond. He's an incredible actor

  • Yousef
    Yousef 3 months ago

    get elly on tha focking telly

  • Mohamad Shahril
    Mohamad Shahril 3 months ago

    they look like twins in this clip..haha..

  • Jan Jacobsen
    Jan Jacobsen 3 months ago

    please do one more

  • Tanveer Ahmad
    Tanveer Ahmad 3 months ago

    So is the female James Bond gonna be a lesbian? I mean, Bond is into girls, so she must be too, right?
    *Empowerment of both sides*

  • visa alenius
    visa alenius 3 months ago

    a woman cant be Bond but idris elba could be Bond

  • Roger Ward
    Roger Ward 3 months ago

    oh Lord, did I just here a reference to James bond being played by a women,?? no I must be imagining things, the world has gone silly but it can't be that nuts, only silly pre 22 year old liberal feminist brian dead unemployment idiots of girls could possibly agree to this, its FUCKING JAMES BOND, BOOOONNNNNDDDDDD

  • Chad Chadman
    Chad Chadman 3 months ago

    New Bond should be a Muslim !...007 licence to kill all nonbelievers !

  • Deborah Bendeck
    Deborah Bendeck 4 months ago

    Pierce Brosnan my fav James Bond😍

  • LoveandFriendship08
    LoveandFriendship08 4 months ago

    I was against the idea of female James Bond until somebody suggested that Emma Watson would suit the role !! And I think she amazingly would, don't you think ?

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange 4 months ago

    Gosh!! Danial Crag is soooooo Charismatic !

  • Diogo Catalano
    Diogo Catalano 4 months ago

    I shall never undertand why the producers choosed such a bad looking and tiny guy to be 007. Besides, he looks like a Russian bandit, not a British secret agent graduated in Eaton. Bond is Connery. Sean Connery.

  • Sam Seton
    Sam Seton 4 months ago

    How come Ellen got the exact same watch as the little boy

  • Kamelotication
    Kamelotication 4 months ago

    Ride your horse to the castle lmfao

  • Ben Xoxo
    Ben Xoxo 4 months ago

    I just died

  • J A C K 0509
    J A C K 0509 4 months ago

    I'm not being sexist but how would a girl be bond James is a boy name

  • stylus850
    stylus850 4 months ago

    Well...he's back as James Bond! Apparently the producers felt Tom Hiddleston was too "smug" to be Bond. Sorry Loki!

  • erozpl01
    erozpl01 4 months ago

    I grew up watching James Bond as a kid and I love the new take on the James Bonds, craig plays bond wonderfully as well.

  • monica saima
    monica saima 4 months ago

    #GetElleyOnTheTellyRomeee #ElleyTellyItaly 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Italia18
    Italia18 4 months ago

    Anyone know what brown jacket he's wearing in this?

  • FragranceConsultant
    FragranceConsultant 4 months ago

    You know Omega paid them to throw that watch bit in there.

  • FenZik Snipex
    FenZik Snipex 4 months ago


  • Jason.A
    Jason.A 5 months ago

    Why r u calling James Bond, Craig?

  • Father Time
    Father Time 5 months ago

    WTF are they putting in the water of the USA? Make 007 a woman? I would understand making another "00" agent a woman, and pairing that agent with 007 in a movie. But Ian Fleming created a specific character. Let's make Thor a woman . . . let's make Batman a woman . . . let's make Iron Man a woman . . . let's make Jason Bourne a woman . . .hell, let's just get rid of men and make everyone a woman. Jesus Christ the USA has gone batshit crazy. Hey Ellen, do you want to make Wonder Woman a man?!?!

  • Venugopal Shanbhogue
    Venugopal Shanbhogue 5 months ago

    An Actor from India (Bollywood) called Hrithik Roshan would be the best choice for the next Bond.. Guys check him out

  • Anthony Glen
    Anthony Glen 5 months ago

    This is unusual,a comment spot so my comment is your grreeeaaaat as is ur show.So many good ones can not pick a favorite so will just say one that stands out to me was those 3 girls from Mexico that rock and roll in a band called The Warning-they were grreeeaaaat!Wish you the very best always.

  • Navneeth Gopal
    Navneeth Gopal 5 months ago

    Old Henry Cavil.. you're next.

  • Tristan Fritz
    Tristan Fritz 5 months ago


  • Nick Ito
    Nick Ito 5 months ago

    You know that table in between the two couches is the one shes uses to hide someone to prank the guest😂😂

  • Sofella
    Sofella 5 months ago

    It's funny seeing people go crazy about him because he actually went to the high school I go to and there's a picture of him on the wall of him dressed as an ugly step sister in a show in school of Cinderella 😂

  • Jesse Ladner
    Jesse Ladner 5 months ago

    the best person for James Bond is a Anglo Saxon British mid aged man, whose a gentleman but still savage and has a strong British Accent of the Victorian Era.

  • B
    B 5 months ago

    and Spain, you're not in Spain...

  • Harley steel
    Harley steel 5 months ago +1

    I love 007

  • Dave Fischer
    Dave Fischer 5 months ago +1

    Craig is the man

  • Aamir Nasir
    Aamir Nasir 5 months ago +1

    Man Crush Bruh.

  • sebastian cuello
    sebastian cuello 5 months ago

    This James Bond is the shit

  • David Douglas
    David Douglas 5 months ago

    disgusting racist pigs, i hate trump! The next James Bond has to be black, muslim/hindu mix, a girl but with a penis, be overweight, be a university student if possible, be bisexual...actually not black, maybe orange, and they have to identify sexually as an attack helicopter. THEN ill watch....

    MBAKB 5 months ago

    two of my favorite..

  • TaHey Gal
    TaHey Gal 6 months ago

    I'm from London, have to watch it on YouTube!

  • videoschmo
    videoschmo 6 months ago +4

    For fuck sake some roles are just meant to be played by men. Do you see anybody trying to make Cinderella a bloke? NO

  • Gitonga Mwaniki
    Gitonga Mwaniki 6 months ago

    I don't like Ellen

  • xDLXSFx
    xDLXSFx 6 months ago

    Might as well do a male Lara Croft then... fuckin Hollywood

  • smiliana smilianova
    smiliana smilianova 6 months ago

    I really want Daniel to do another James Bond movie, he is great! But making Bond a woman...I don't know, it doesn't sound good enough but it would be cool if the producers made a movie for Bond's daughter for example.

  • Marcus LeeP
    Marcus LeeP 6 months ago

    Very very nice...

  • john ZA
    john ZA 6 months ago

    I'd rather play James Bond myself before he becomes a woman

  • If your angry then I won

    I liked this guy in that one nazi movie

  • Jairo Ambrósio
    Jairo Ambrósio 6 months ago +1

    You can have Ellen, give us Graham Norton!

  • axn441
    axn441 7 months ago

    Bond should ONLY ever be played by a white classy male, therefore mostly should be either tom hiddleston or tom hardy

  • li Ma
    li Ma 7 months ago

    fuck female bond what

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