10 Secrets That 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Is Hiding About Groot

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    Marvel films are known for their amazing special effects, production value, awesome fun for the whole family, and their strong and dedicated fan base. When ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ was released, its fan base grew to astronomical sizes. This film broke the mold in terms of how popular it became. It spun off a sequel and even a ride at the Disneyland theme park. But as with every movie, there is usually a favorite character, or several. In this case, they are all beloved of course but out of the pack, Groot is the film’s scene stealer. Especially as Baby groot, just look at him. But did you know there are secrets our favorite tree has hidden amongst his leaves?
    Did you know that Groot was originally a villain? He is also a genius believe it or not and royalty. When he says “I am Groot” he's actually saying so much more than that.
    Did you also know that he gives Spider-Man nightmares? What? Groot also loves furry animals, so much so that he killed a fellow tree once because it was mistreating an animal. Groot was also a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Monster Squad, back when he was destroying everything in his path and they tried to channel him into doing good. Speaking of bad guys, did you know he was also briefly Venom? Oh yeah, imagine how cool he looked?
    Vin Diesel also recorded his one line “I am Groot” over one thousand times in over 15 languages. Vin also recorded Baby Groot’s baby voice without much electronic tweaking. And good news, there is a rumored Groot spin off film in the works
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  • Saphire Rose
    Saphire Rose 16 hours ago

    CBR:like Dracula King Kong the blob or Justin Bieber Me:NOT JUSTIN the horror*faints*

  • Hudson Pawlowski
    Hudson Pawlowski 2 days ago

    Cookie rooster you are wrong he knows 5 words I,am,groot,we,are

  • Dylan Magee
    Dylan Magee 4 days ago +1

    so fun to look at grute

  • David Madrid
    David Madrid 5 days ago

    But he called rocket a talking squirrel

  • Caleb J Johnson
    Caleb J Johnson 5 days ago

    Groot is not a monster he saved his friends and sacrificed himself

  • ThePretendPlayer
    ThePretendPlayer 6 days ago

    The groot spin off movie's promos.. YOU WATCH GROOT

  • jules delforge
    jules delforge 7 days ago +2

    CBR in french he do not say je suis groot but says je s'appelle groot that means my name is groot

    • Terafractal
      Terafractal 1 day ago

      jules delforge I am called groot. Having a title and being a thing determines suis from s'appelle. I am human, I am called dean

  • Johnny's world
    Johnny's world 8 days ago +1

    he keeps on saying Groot

  • Info Chan0421
    Info Chan0421 8 days ago

    I am Groot jk im info chan

  • Christopher Prosser
    Christopher Prosser 9 days ago

    Groot is Awsome

  • Christopher Prosser
    Christopher Prosser 9 days ago

    Non of this is true

  • Kevin Caicedo Sanchez
    Kevin Caicedo Sanchez 10 days ago


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  • Bryson Browning
    Bryson Browning 13 days ago

    I found A REFRENCE TO TERRMINATOR!!!! if you have seen TERRMINATOR. He smiles just like Groot, like for reals!

    SAM O'DOHERTY 15 days ago

    worst video. ever

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 15 days ago

    You are a dork

  • Carlos Ynfante
    Carlos Ynfante 16 days ago

    how do u know all of this?😕

  • Pau-pau Sarili
    Pau-pau Sarili 16 days ago

    Or Justin Bieber. I heard that one

  • Ricardo Salas
    Ricardo Salas 17 days ago

    Too wierd I don't get it I won't subscribe or like I'll click thumbs down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roman Herron
    Roman Herron 19 days ago

    i didn`t now that%0

  • Adventurez Gamez
    Adventurez Gamez 22 days ago

    Groot is obviously a Pokemon. He only says his name

  • FemkeDeTijger Ofzo
    FemkeDeTijger Ofzo 23 days ago

    Ik ben groot

  • Kashmir Jackson
    Kashmir Jackson 23 days ago

    I AM GROOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZombieFine115
    ZombieFine115 23 days ago

    Thats not groot you asshat that King Groot. And their world is all evil. Groot himself conquered 4 planets before a he saved a child and Groot is a TEENAGER. In his world.

  • GamerSe7en
    GamerSe7en 24 days ago

    I AM GROOT!!!!!!😡😡😡

  • MO Sanchez
    MO Sanchez 26 days ago +1

    I prefer baby Groot, so much cuter and with less baggage.

  • Dyllion Shelton
    Dyllion Shelton 27 days ago

    when you said that groot and hulk is simulire but hulk says two words 1 hulk smash 2 hulk angry groot sasy 3 words 1 i am groot 2 we are groots

  • robloxan
    robloxan 29 days ago

    jb really

  • Deven Rodriguez
    Deven Rodriguez 29 days ago

    im a galactic/universal translator

  • Deven Rodriguez
    Deven Rodriguez 29 days ago

    we are groot = we are family

  • danny shipes
    danny shipes 29 days ago

    fuck everyone

  • Jindorek
    Jindorek 29 days ago

    overused footage is overused.

  • Lochlan W
    Lochlan W 1 month ago

    I subscribed

  • Mouth music YT
    Mouth music YT 1 month ago

    Dude you fucking idiot groom is only tree cause his family died and he protects a orb of his family's souls that's why he has light powers

  • Gina Lodia
    Gina Lodia 1 month ago

    how dare u I love trees

  • Raymond Driggers
    Raymond Driggers 1 month ago

    baby groot sucks

  • maggiehesse
    maggiehesse 1 month ago

    Very little editing?! I mean, I could do that but, WHAT!?!?!

  • Ira Ira
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  • Tannon Boyer
    Tannon Boyer 1 month ago

    every thing he just said was a lie

  • danny stevens
    danny stevens 1 month ago

    audio is shitt

  • redneck fishing
    redneck fishing 1 month ago

    groot spinoff= venom groot

  • Chase Ketchum
    Chase Ketchum 1 month ago

    Go groot!

  • Winchelle Anne Campo
    Winchelle Anne Campo 1 month ago

    How did you see all of that???????

  • Tyler fun time 369
    Tyler fun time 369 1 month ago

    So according to the title Spider-Man watching groot is a HUGE secret that's hidden from us...

  • becky white
    becky white 1 month ago

    Groot can say 5 words I am Groot and we are groot

  • Issa Jjagwe
    Issa Jjagwe 1 month ago

    groot is just fantastic

  • BlazinZach Q
    BlazinZach Q 1 month ago

    "Monster like Dracula, King Kong, King blob, Justin Beiber"


  • Jens Entertainment
    Jens Entertainment 1 month ago

    Why didn't they put more baby groot scenes in the video

  • Selena Permaul
    Selena Permaul 1 month ago

    that sucks

  • Gamma Playz
    Gamma Playz 1 month ago

    you are bullshit everything you said was wrong idiot

  • Gamer Mert078
    Gamer Mert078 1 month ago

    I love comics!!! definitely guardians of the galaxy

  • Eagles Gaming
    Eagles Gaming 1 month ago


  • Olivia VS Aus
    Olivia VS Aus 1 month ago

    Idk about you guys but yondu is my favourite character, not Groot. He's a close third. Rocket being second.

  • KingMeGusta KingMeGusta

    omg u keep on looping the same clips over and over again it is so annoying I had to close my eyes for a part of the video it was so annoying I couldn't watch it anymore

  • Derpy Dancing Cat
    Derpy Dancing Cat 1 month ago

    They didn't mention Groot is friends with the silver surfer and that Groot probably killed Miss Marvel and Venom and that's why they aren't in guardians of the galaxy.

  • Only Charbz
    Only Charbz 1 month ago

    hey dude. turn the sensitivity down on ur mic. i hear ur spit

  • Malisha Green
    Malisha Green 1 month ago


  • Anthony Fuentes
    Anthony Fuentes 1 month ago

    I Am Groot

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie Brown 1 month ago

    Have does that guy have 613k sudcribes

  • Brockthatnerd
    Brockthatnerd 1 month ago

    Groom actually has five words in his vocabulary: I, am, Groot, we, and are.
    He says, "I am Groot," and, "We are Groot," in the film.

  • COMPL3X Gaming and More

    Horrible It's All fake

  • Gerald Bechel
    Gerald Bechel 1 month ago +2

    that is so fakey cbr

  • Sally Smith
    Sally Smith 1 month ago

    Why did you say Justin Bieber could take over the world

  • Patrick Boaz
    Patrick Boaz 1 month ago

    Groot says 4 words I am groot and yam

    that is the secret about Groot lol

  • Angelica Munoz
    Angelica Munoz 1 month ago

    and you are so annoying

  • Angelica Munoz
    Angelica Munoz 1 month ago

    I hate you

  • Foxard84
    Foxard84 1 month ago

    je s'appelle groot* :)

  • Jeremiah Anthony Greene

    Justin Bieber. really

  • Life Liftoff
    Life Liftoff 1 month ago

    He's a genius and ROYALITY?!?! When has "royalty" had an "i". Tsk tsk tsk. *NAZI GRAMMER SALUTE*

  • Penguin Gal
    Penguin Gal 1 month ago

    I'm simple: I saw Tom Holland in the background, I clicked.

  • Pheobe May
    Pheobe May 1 month ago

    Boo Justin biber 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 he is a idot😈😈😈😈😈

  • Drorton Lord
    Drorton Lord 1 month ago

    shut up bitch. the only boring thing trees would just be saying your fucking name!

    • JAC insertnamehere
      JAC insertnamehere 1 month ago

      triggered much? Why are you so mad about that. he said that trees drone on and on. thats it

  • Gracie-Lin :D
    Gracie-Lin :D 1 month ago

    I AM .... GROOT
    (VOL.2 IS SO GOOD)

  • Lance Shrader
    Lance Shrader 1 month ago +1

    I am da one

  • Sādiqa Hifsa
    Sādiqa Hifsa 1 month ago

    wow groot was villan nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Buddy Bunny
    Buddy Bunny 1 month ago

    it 12 min long i just want to know whats with spiderman 😂

  • Ausar Nevich
    Ausar Nevich 1 month ago

    we are Groot

  • chuck coolhead
    chuck coolhead 1 month ago

    I'm not subscribeing

  • chuck coolhead
    chuck coolhead 1 month ago

    This is all FRICKING FAKE if it's fake then don't post it

  • Evan Nelson
    Evan Nelson 1 month ago

    Them all

  • Ricardo Kevin
    Ricardo Kevin 1 month ago +3

    Did he just say Like Justin Bieber??? 0:53

  • Riley Adams
    Riley Adams 1 month ago

    I am groot

  • emeraldnikora9
    emeraldnikora9 1 month ago

    i love baby groot he is so cute

  • Ballistic weasel Glass

    He was a villain 😟😖😤😵 mind blown

  • Sarahi Hernandez
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  • Just Lu
    Just Lu 1 month ago

    not even

  • Fiona Gordon
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  • Dogga 685
    Dogga 685 1 month ago

    groot and rocket both got experimented on at planet halfworld also root has a seed in his heart that if he goes to his home planet (which is taken over by symbiodes) and plants the seed will grow back his species as he is the last of his kind

  • Ryan Rhoades
    Ryan Rhoades 1 month ago

    King groot is a Doppleganger of Groot

  • Basil Redd
    Basil Redd 1 month ago

    baby groot is so cute

  • Teddy Collector
    Teddy Collector 1 month ago

    Justin Bieber?

  • Jaxon Newman
    Jaxon Newman 1 month ago

    groot knows 4 words I, am, groot, and we

  • clem3806
    clem3806 1 month ago

    actually the french version is "je s'appelle Groot". translates to "I's called Groot".

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  • Aaron Hadden
    Aaron Hadden 1 month ago

    I love CBR

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  • Miguel Angel Parra Grisanty

    Im am groot

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    Justin Bieber

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