Sudden Attack Na with *Korean* Interface(skin)

  • Added:  7 years ago
  • This is Sudden Attack North America skinned with a korean interface so that it looks like Korean Sudden Attack. This is just for those of you who like KSA. I know that this video isnt as long or as good as the other one, since I using a different computer and it lags really bad with fraps :(.

    For korean interface
    1.Go to your Sudden Attack folder, which mine is "C:\Program Files\GameHi_USA\SuddenAttackNA"
    A fast shortcut would be just right click on the Sudden Attack icon - properties - find target.
    2. Replace the Gvi.dat files in the SA folder with the newly modified gvi.dat file . Make sure you *replaced* the old gvi file.
    3. Within the SA folder, click on the "game" folder and replace the sa_interface.rez file.
    4. Start SA and it should take around 5-10 minutes to load
    5. Rate this video 5 star

    Download modified Gvi
    Download interface (password:Skeltonz)

    credits go to xyphre for making this skin

    To skin weapons and all the other stuff:

    or just check out my other video
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  • Runtime: 1:45
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Comments: 82

  • ilhan pro
    ilhan pro 2 years ago

    what password i dont no

  • Yago Rodrigues
    Yago Rodrigues 4 years ago

    kkkkkk q liixo

  • Pro Gui
    Pro Gui 4 years ago


  • SkillDz
    SkillDz 4 years ago

    Tatto LOOOL

  • Seoungmin Baek
    Seoungmin Baek 5 years ago

    '제닐인가 ㅋ

  • HumorGamer
    HumorGamer 5 years ago

    So da noob

  • Jaehyun Jang
    Jaehyun Jang 5 years ago

    do you know how to type korean in sudden attack

  • Daniel Ko
    Daniel Ko 5 years ago

    어디선 본건잇는거같은데 하는게 영

  • Daniel Ko
    Daniel Ko 5 years ago

    wow! So noob

  • hunter hidder
    hunter hidder 5 years ago

    it work on sa sea?

  • NPD
    NPD 5 years ago

    its work now ? [16 novemver 2011]

  • MrViperz98
    MrViperz98 5 years ago


  • Anthony Padildo
    Anthony Padildo 6 years ago

    @lolols321 Its North America with Xyphre's Interface

  • Aditya kumar
    Aditya kumar 6 years ago

    kill the song

  • Bigneto Vásquez
    Bigneto Vásquez 6 years ago

    is not working dis fuk?

  • Bryan Teo
    Bryan Teo 6 years ago

    used to work. now it doesnt work ._.

  • Sandale
    Sandale 6 years ago

    the link "To skin weapons and all the other stuff:" dosen't work

  • Jason Ng
    Jason Ng 6 years ago

    it work for sudden attack sea?

  • David Lecher
    David Lecher 6 years ago

    hey is it possible to make KSA TRG-21 skin on SANA TRG ?????

  • 55455123
    55455123 6 years ago

    can you provide another link for the map skin?

  • Bryan Wong Kin Leong
    Bryan Wong Kin Leong 6 years ago

    Will this work on Sudden Attack SEA??

  • gafaru69
    gafaru69 6 years ago

    I hate the crosshair though. Can I copy and paste the original crosshairs into the new enhanced interface crosshair folder?

  • Adrian Liew
    Adrian Liew 6 years ago

    Guys search and watch this too, awesome gameplay,pls support! :
    Sudden Attack (Ak-47,Trg-21 Gameplay)

  • Neko Reki
    Neko Reki 6 years ago

    @vienkyhotty no i have it u can make the room but u must randomly click untill u hit the tick

  • Vienky Ngo
    Vienky Ngo 6 years ago

    the only thing i found bad about the interface is that you cant make passworded rooms. other than that its good! :D

    xXJJUNGXDXx 6 years ago

    can u write in english if u have this interface?

  • Bryan Teo
    Bryan Teo 6 years ago

    AWESOME. Works, Thanks :D 5 stars =X

  • paul kim
    paul kim 6 years ago

    @128talal it actually takes a while o.O

  • 128talal
    128talal 6 years ago

    hi guys can ANYONE HELP??
    i downloaded this game about five hours ago and I started the game and it started downloading patches... its been about 25 minutes how much longer should I wait or how long is it meant to take?

  • rspwnsnomore
    rspwnsnomore 6 years ago

    i think i can live without step 5 lol but ty for the tutorial

  • Ace Storm
    Ace Storm 6 years ago

    is theGvi WinRAR.exe or NotPad ?

  • Ace Storm
    Ace Storm 6 years ago

    why the Gvi file only can read cant replaced Help

  • afnation
    afnation 6 years ago

    yeah,,, it works but some of the stuff doesnt work
    like when you create rooom, it only shows lil part of the box.....
    and when you go in black-hawk,,,,, a white box appears instead of full bar indicating amount of ppl
    i guess the person never made picture for full bar lol

  • SG Sherman
    SG Sherman 6 years ago

    lol i thought the password was Skeletonz

  • FEGO Studios
    FEGO Studios 6 years ago

    @deokha it's the Interface haha i can make your personal Interface if you want :D?

  • FEGO Studios
    FEGO Studios 6 years ago

    @AloneGJ4891 Me 2 haha

  • FEGO Studios
    FEGO Studios 6 years ago

    0:31 i dont get how you died Omg

  • meganf feng
    meganf feng 6 years ago

    how can u get the radio command sounds to also be in korean?

  • shawnz liew
    shawnz liew 6 years ago

    dude does it work for sudden attack SEA ?

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 7 years ago

    theyoubuke1 i have subcribe for u...plz give korea skin!!

  • Lee Jin
    Lee Jin 7 years ago

    erm u buy gurkha chorm or normal gurkha and Skin it?

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 7 years ago

    can works for SA SEA

  • funnyboyi
    funnyboyi 7 years ago

    @kevin4free actually i have sudden attack an play it all the time because my laptop is to crappy to run it

  • Wan Dexter
    Wan Dexter 7 years ago

    wht kind of this! fck!

  • 朝倉みなと
    朝倉みなと 7 years ago

    o kk nvm got it ~!! lolols i must be blind -_-

  • 朝倉みなと
    朝倉みなと 7 years ago

    password for interface?

  • Third- i
    Third- i 7 years ago

    @funnyboyi thats because you've never played sudden attack

  • funnyboyi
    funnyboyi 7 years ago

    combat arms is a million times better then this

  • fightforme2
    fightforme2 7 years ago

    can i have ure gurkha and bloves skin? :D

  • Bettina Tham
    Bettina Tham 7 years ago

    how come i load till 90+% , they said there was an error with the Gvi.

  • TheCorington
    TheCorington 7 years ago

    how do you get this interface to work

  • TheCorington
    TheCorington 7 years ago

    @Pr0Str3L0k the name of this song is super junior- sorry sorry

  • Joo Chan
    Joo Chan 7 years ago

    how do you make your own skins?

  • rspwnsnomore
    rspwnsnomore 7 years ago

    umm can u also have weapon skins with this interface? cause mine always says "illegal program must shut down" whenever i put weapon skins in general, if u could help me with that that would be great

  • BombenLagger
    BombenLagger 7 years ago

    pls man say me the name of this song i love it *___*<3

  • BombenLagger
    BombenLagger 7 years ago

    ey whats the song name ?

    ps: `UnReaL.PlayeR`s best clan add me : 'Up.ChyNt'su.

  • Speed Hunter
    Speed Hunter 7 years ago

    ไหนวะ สกินปืน

  • funny823
    funny823 7 years ago

    is this available for sudden attack sea?

  • FEGO Studios
    FEGO Studios 7 years ago

    what is the song in this then?

  • FEGO Studios
    FEGO Studios 7 years ago

    where do you put the interface.rez after you downloaded it?

  • FEGO Studios
    FEGO Studios 7 years ago

    where do you put the interface.rez after you downloaded it?

  • TheCentralz
    TheCentralz 7 years ago

    Lol i am playing suddenattacksea and i got this skin english version -,-

  • Ar LaNg
    Ar LaNg 7 years ago

    gvi.dat for what??

  • HandsupSONG
    HandsupSONG 7 years ago

    @cho7283 go dl link
    and it workrs ;)

  • leequdgns
    leequdgns 7 years ago

    in #3, it says, "replace the sa_interface.rez file" but replace it with what? Please answer quickly

  • xem7wt
    xem7wt 7 years ago

    walao,keep die-ing,noob,no kill at all,at least put kill one la

  • SuddenattackRawks
    SuddenattackRawks 7 years ago

    The interfaces come with the map skin is it?

  • SuddenattackRawks
    SuddenattackRawks 7 years ago

    Whats is the map skins

  • SuddenattackRawks
    SuddenattackRawks 7 years ago

    Whats this gay sound

  • shyndoa
    shyndoa 7 years ago

    i wants the original na skin man plz

  • Guilherme Estrela
    Guilherme Estrela 7 years ago

    thats not the password :(

  • rockzen97
    rockzen97 7 years ago

    omg KSA skin so cool!

  • HandsupSONG
    HandsupSONG 7 years ago

    omg i dl the interface is cool
    but the map skin lag so much to ma shiit pc
    so i cant play well :S

  • HandsupSONG
    HandsupSONG 7 years ago

    thx for share it man :D

  • Kelvin Leow
    Kelvin Leow 7 years ago

    Where to download your map skins??Can tell me.

  • Alien Tutorialz
    Alien Tutorialz 7 years ago

    wats ur nik name in SANA subcribe me

  • JJaJangMyun
    JJaJangMyun 7 years ago

    for some reason i can't create a practice game and a password game. help?

  • gesar namgyal
    gesar namgyal 7 years ago

    :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD its me mesocheeky u told me u mde a video about it thankssssssssss alottttttttttttttttt mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ur awesome !

  • Michael Choi
    Michael Choi 7 years ago

    i'm downloadin right know lets see if it works :))

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