100-Year-Old Life Hacks You Didn't Know Existed

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  • Kris F
    Kris F 21 hour ago

    I cost $5,800 in quarters

  • Gaylard Bauhaus
    Gaylard Bauhaus 2 days ago

    I quit watching and unsubscribed as soon as I saw a fidget spinner in this video.

  • lucky mina
    lucky mina 2 days ago

    the ink of the 21st century from a pen vs ink from a well 100 ago, very different......

  • Supersaiyan Porcupine


  • Erik
    Erik 4 days ago

    how do you complain on buying potatoes but roses are clearly much more expensive

  • Cheryl Dahl
    Cheryl Dahl 4 days ago

    I invented the first one and the liquid level while building a shed. I guess I wasn't the first one to think of it :)

  • God
    God 5 days ago

    1000 degree knife vs bread!

  • Hillevi Herzberg
    Hillevi Herzberg 6 days ago

    He need some milk

  • aleksandar maksic
    aleksandar maksic 6 days ago

    Ink used in pens nowadays is a thick ink, it was not invented until 1930s.

  • wayne murphy
    wayne murphy 6 days ago

    Erroneous waste of water

  • Jerry Vdm
    Jerry Vdm 7 days ago

    ..... hankerchiff, ......

  • EPMD Films
    EPMD Films 8 days ago

    Breathe in mint if u have a headache

  • TheDerpy Squid
    TheDerpy Squid 9 days ago

    ok, but how do i tame a horse in minecraft?

  • Tom Craven
    Tom Craven 9 days ago

    Using an actual sized hammer makes pulling nails easier too, not a little toy hahaha

  • Saktuscactus
    Saktuscactus 9 days ago

    Can you honestly mention metrics aswell, so *EVERYONE* will understand

  • tonyotag
    tonyotag 12 days ago

    did you use whole milk or 2% on ink stain?

  • SAM Taylor
    SAM Taylor 13 days ago

    Potatoes are also how you root potato cuttings to grow new rose bushes.

  • SAM Taylor
    SAM Taylor 13 days ago

    Fresh bread is VERY soft. Not French bread.

  • xAntonGonzagax
    xAntonGonzagax 13 days ago


  • Jeff Gaffighan
    Jeff Gaffighan 14 days ago

    "Caked on mud and dirt"......those boots almost look unworn

  • lv.5 beedrill
    lv.5 beedrill 14 days ago

    The only problem with that first hack is the small hammer handle

  • benblackwood1
    benblackwood1 14 days ago

    Getting that nail out would have been easier if you didn't use a little tikes hammer

  • jesse kl
    jesse kl 15 days ago

    OH my gosh. When I saw the nail one, all I could see was him slitting his wrist on accident. Maybe don't hold the end like that

  • Parker Goodin
    Parker Goodin 15 days ago

    do people like this shit

  • Larinda Nomikos
    Larinda Nomikos 16 days ago

    You are not following the instructions. As for the boots, they are talking about NEW boots not taking polish well, most likely because there is wax on them, NOT cleaning dirty boots. They are also talking about soft sandwich bread that at one time didn't come sliced. You are slicing a hard crusted bread with a serrated knife. I could go on but I'm getting tired.

  • Pig Game
    Pig Game 16 days ago

    If It's from 1916. Why is it encased in a ziploc bag?

  • iworkforme
    iworkforme 16 days ago

    That's not a real hammer.

  • thisguy4290
    thisguy4290 16 days ago

    Y the fuck do u own doc Martin's with red laces

  • Jonathan Luis
    Jonathan Luis 16 days ago

    The first hack works and is very common but it would also help if you were to use a mans hammer and not some kids toy.

  • Lilac Lizard
    Lilac Lizard 17 days ago

    100 years on & you still don't have decimal?

  • Dopey
    Dopey 17 days ago

    You couldn't pull the nail that is sticking an inch of the wood?

  • Sushi
    Sushi 17 days ago

    6:10 - 6:28 rolling shutter effect

  • Gregory Sturgeon
    Gregory Sturgeon 17 days ago

    I came here for one hundred, year old life hacks, im disappointed

  • Nix Chualiciousarriola

    Where can i buy the elboe greece that you speak of??

  • dutchweeks1
    dutchweeks1 18 days ago

    "Taters precious"...?
    What's taters precious?

  • Thetreetroll
    Thetreetroll 18 days ago

    Get a real hammer or turn in your man card.

  • Chaise Latterly
    Chaise Latterly 18 days ago

    Amazing stuff. Why are we Americans so daft to not teach one another these things?

  • Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder 18 days ago

    I doubt the milk trick works. You ended up just scraping the fabric off.
    Milk and ink have changed over the years. Ballpen ink is nothing like real ink from a fountain pen and the real ink today is chemically completely different. Back in the day ink was made from natural ingredients - it faded and blotched. Today ink is more like a stain or paint - so entirely different and probably not soluble to enzymes and fat (where today's milk has neither in abundance since we pasteurize and degrease milk)

  • Lady Gray
    Lady Gray 19 days ago

    Milk is great to whiten dirty white shoe laces, but today's ink is different than 100 years ago. Try good old fashioned rubbing alcohol instead. Rub or spray it on, then wash. Repeat before drying, if necessary.

  • eselouis
    eselouis 19 days ago

    there is a way easier way to pull out a nail with the same damn hammer and no block.

  • Deech
    Deech 19 days ago

    Try putting the claws by the wood then get it pinched up then press sideways

  • Ronnie houston
    Ronnie houston 19 days ago

    you should have called this old life hacks versus new life hacks

  • LadyJolynna
    LadyJolynna 19 days ago

    The potato hack with the roses is also used to propagate a new rose bush. Cut the stem at 45° angle then insert in potato. You can then plant the potato/rose stem in a pot or direct in the ground. I think they will grow on the counter too.

  • Doug Hicton
    Doug Hicton 19 days ago

    A hundred years ago, they didn't use stupid, unnecessary neologisms like "life hack".

  • Aaron Rocca
    Aaron Rocca 20 days ago

    Dude, hold your hands still.

  • bluworld13
    bluworld13 20 days ago

    Regarding the ink stain on the t-shirt......The milk 100 years ago was NOT pasteurized by companies. The people were drinking fresh raw milk from the cow so all the elements in the milk would be able to lift the stains. It makes sense that MODERN milk would NOT pull the ink stain out completely.

  • sniperwolfjs
    sniperwolfjs 20 days ago

    On the first one with the nail. You need a bigger hammer. You don't have enough leverage with a short hammer.

  • Randy Patterson
    Randy Patterson 20 days ago

    You said you let the ink "stand" but the instructions said immediately place in milk.

  • 187SicknesS
    187SicknesS 20 days ago

    He said "taters, precious"!!!

  • Geotrooper
    Geotrooper 20 days ago

    Y did this just sent me a notification about this video july

  • No Excuses
    No Excuses 20 days ago

    last but not least pulling a nail with a hammer is not a hack seeing as you still just pulling a nail dip shit

  • No Excuses
    No Excuses 20 days ago

    yeah but your dumbass hammered it into a fucking knot. the height of the object being used doesn't matter it's just for leverage fuck nut

  • flying salamander lol

    dat spinner tho

  • Deanna Sierka
    Deanna Sierka 21 day ago

    In a book I read [as a child] one could measure a portion of her arm, hand or finger & use it to guess-timate sizes or whatever. I've used it to this day!

  • peter smith
    peter smith 21 day ago

    whoever laminated those cigarette cards is an idiot

  • Robert Blessing
    Robert Blessing 21 day ago

    Lol One hundred year old life hacks that were laminated and placed into a Ziploc bag then buried 6in from the surface

  • Teknoblast
    Teknoblast 21 day ago

    Haha that lord of the rings reference: "Taters, precious!"

  • Nick Cockrill
    Nick Cockrill 21 day ago

    sweet red laced docs lol

  • notconvincedgranny
    notconvincedgranny 21 day ago

    Ink 100 years ago was liquid, not paste (like your basic BIC) or gel. Think more fountain pen ink, especially iron gall ink. The old milk trick works with that.

  • Roberto Reyes-Duran
    Roberto Reyes-Duran 22 days ago

    Is that a penis fidget spinner?

  • Kristoffer  lindqvist
    Kristoffer lindqvist 22 days ago

    I knew them all lol

  • Lolololololololololololmeh

    The wood in the 1st one would work u just need bigger piece

  • George Suprenant
    George Suprenant 23 days ago

    Really? A 5 inch hammer? You don't work for a living do you?

  • DavidLeon M.O.G.
    DavidLeon M.O.G. 23 days ago

    Cut the flowers at an angle.

  • Alan A
    Alan A 23 days ago

    I disagree with your hack for a level using the label of a bottle with some liquid in it. You seem to be making the claim that by getting the liquid to line up with the label's edge that it will mean the picture (or whatever else you're using it on) will hang level. The problem with this method is that it assumes the edge of the label is parallel to the bottom of the bottle. If it's not, the picture won't hang level.

  • supersonic118 Alex
    supersonic118 Alex 23 days ago

    Milk was real back then nowadays it's all processed shit it tastes fake so it might of reacted differently with real milk

  • Oz M.
    Oz M. 24 days ago

    A Mexican would have taken that nail out of the wood in seconds with no assistance from a brick or block of wood. Your little pussy YouTube hands weren't made for actual work.

  • vicki rasmussen
    vicki rasmussen 24 days ago

    1960 is 60 years not 100 year

  • Thomas Forster
    Thomas Forster 24 days ago

    Dude is a fucking murderer with the black gloves.

  • YouArookie2Me
    YouArookie2Me 24 days ago

    Where do i get that temperature measure?

  • maineking94
    maineking94 24 days ago

    This video was a terrible waste of time, even for 1:30 am.

  • DecimusEX
    DecimusEX 24 days ago

    Those nazi boots though..... Maybe you should've changed the laces before taping this video

    CANDY's VLOGS 24 days ago

    8:23 SPICY MEME!

  • SamT
    SamT 25 days ago

    Hair spray for ink

  • Blutteufel
    Blutteufel 25 days ago

    I really wish autistic retards would stop misusing the word 'hack'....

  • pumpuppthevolume
    pumpuppthevolume 25 days ago

    any tips on how to burn witches

  • D Pearson
    D Pearson 25 days ago

    Nail polish remover takes out ink. Even after drying it into fabric

  • treemonk
    treemonk 26 days ago

    This is bogus millennial hustle. No doubt perpetrated by "Gallaher Ltd.", the makers of the "100 year old" cards found in the PLASTIC BAG "buried" in the yard. As several commenters note, some of these "hacks" don't work well because the materials (ink, milk, leather, etc.) are not what they were 100 years ago. As for the nail pulling: any real carpenter would grab the nail with the claw of the hammer at the wood and lay the hammer over sideways. Presto! MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE wins again. A concept barely grasped by our young demonstrator.

  • SamarrLiz Collins
    SamarrLiz Collins 26 days ago

    well it can't just be me but I love just watching these and never doing the DIYs or are the helpful hints or tricks because it cost more money to do them then this to buy something you know more useful than Hack but who am I

  • William Davis
    William Davis 26 days ago

    The nail trick works with a block of wood but there hammer is too small

  • Scene Catcher
    Scene Catcher 26 days ago +1

    "A solid 3 inches" like me

  • Denise Hedberg66
    Denise Hedberg66 27 days ago

    New bread I'm sure they mean bread that was just made. The video shows bread that is at least a day old! Fresh bread will smush down when you try to cut it. Not a very good example!!

  • fisuoy
    fisuoy 27 days ago

    Did this dude just use a sharpie to poke a hole into a potato.

  • Mike Syck
    Mike Syck 27 days ago

    I you had a real hammer it might be easier ro get that nail out

  • Pam
    Pam 27 days ago

    I like the idea of using a labeled bottle containing a little liquid to level a wall hanging!

  • jan Rieß
    jan Rieß 27 days ago

    What to do if youre cow is ill:

    A big knive, one stab and your problems are solved

  • Jason Logan
    Jason Logan 27 days ago

    gay ass lil hammer

  • Vlankton
    Vlankton 27 days ago

    Nigga had a fidget spinner in march

    BUSTIEBROWN D. 27 days ago

    Looks like they beat mr gear to the hot knife idea

  • joe smith
    joe smith 27 days ago


  • Eric Harris
    Eric Harris 27 days ago

    Uhhh for the second one I got some blood on my shirt but since my fridge feel out of my roof can I use another white liquid produced by a cow?

  • Kiram G.
    Kiram G. 27 days ago

    Pretty sure the milk they had in 1910 wasn't pasteurized...I wonder if that makes a difference too?

  • maxandmortiz
    maxandmortiz 27 days ago

    Ink in 1916 wouldn't be the same ink as 2017....that particular hack might have been for iron gall ink.

  • Andy BlinkBlink
    Andy BlinkBlink 28 days ago

    I think they had fatter milk back in the day.

  • Viper Gamer
    Viper Gamer 28 days ago

    if i hit 50 subscibers i will do a giveaway gift cards

  • Trollololo
    Trollololo 28 days ago

    when people not know this crap or just "life hacking" which I think is a completely retarded thing to call it cuz if you look at the definition of hacking it's not this you just know a little trick that's it this is nothing more than common sense

  • Ghetto Fabulous
    Ghetto Fabulous 28 days ago

    He spit all over his back

  • Angie Morales
    Angie Morales 28 days ago

    Got a stain..jus use oxiclean max force.

  • Mark D
    Mark D 28 days ago

    @ approx. 8:40'ish Those boots were not grungy. the soles showed no vigorous wear. "last worn in the Nevada desert years ago". yeah, right, you got out of your A/C'ed SUV, took some photos, went back to the hotel, then the pool, hit the bar, then wrote up this account.
    I've been a traffic control flagger for over 13 yrs. I am familiar with "grungy boots". (Those looked like nice boots, they appeared to be like an LL BEAN product). Why are you even wearing boots? Trotters would be more comfy.
    My boots were working boots. Good quality boots would give me 2 years, then, w/a resole, 1 more year. I did not care about getting them prepped for polishing. Drivers don't give a s**t about polished boots.

    The boots in this video,(in my opinion)are virgins, they have not seen any real use. A damp rag would have sufficed.(Why waste a good lemon?).

  • monsta Robinson
    monsta Robinson 28 days ago

    thank goodness for progress.

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