Most Shocking Second a Day Video

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  • SLiM SAuCE
    SLiM SAuCE 1 hour ago

    This is what is gonna happen if we let refugees in

  • Lorilovesisac
    Lorilovesisac 7 hours ago

    Poor child

  • Evgenia Vont
    Evgenia Vont 12 hours ago

    Why this video has to many dislikes?😥

  • The raging Anime fan
    The raging Anime fan 12 hours ago

    Well...That's depressing

  • bob hes
    bob hes 14 hours ago

    Europe tries to help. What do we get? Old adult men refugees that already start raping woman and harassing trucj drivers. They need to help the children

  • PK!Fire // PK Squad
    PK!Fire // PK Squad 23 hours ago

    That got really deep really quickly

  • GAMEBandit 64
    GAMEBandit 64 1 day ago

    We wish we can do everything for them...but we do nothing.R.I.P Children of War

  • Ahmat Şeşo
    Ahmat Şeşo 1 day ago

    The Syrians lived better than half the countries of the world They do not want Europe They came to it only in order to live in peace and when the war ends in Syria they will return , Syria better than your country and its people University certificate they have accepted in 96 countries I'm form turkey by the way sorry for my bad English..

  • JOE
    JOE 1 day ago

    And America is like: "No refugees welcome!"

  • Tia Da Bear
    Tia Da Bear 1 day ago

    My heart.... I'm 😭 I want to help

  • Maddisyn Fitzgerald

    Sadest one min of my lufe

  • Bethart Animation
    Bethart Animation 2 days ago

    World war 3 with Russia Is probably going to happen all thanks to Donald trump

  • SCOOTER is transgender

    i cried sooo much when the song us on but this is just like STILL SAD :(((

  • Qssdacool guy
    Qssdacool guy 2 days ago

    Were did these onions come from

  • Lucky Charms
    Lucky Charms 2 days ago

    Is it bad if I laugh

  • King Zabella
    King Zabella 2 days ago

    please help these kids please they deserve to be happy not nothing

  • Polly WEAVER
    Polly WEAVER 2 days ago

    The last bit is so sad

  • DankPenguin 420
    DankPenguin 420 2 days ago

    how did i even got here?

  • Данил Лазарев


  • Toriel_Love 123
    Toriel_Love 123 2 days ago

    Dude I almost lost it when the dad got left behind. Nobody deserves what had just happened to her through a year.

  • Naeloniom 86
    Naeloniom 86 2 days ago

    This is wat I'm afraid of a nuclear world war 3 I wish politics and people where not so cruel 😳


    trump did it

  • Андрей Воронцов

    gas the immigrants (especially britts)

  • Rj Westra
    Rj Westra 3 days ago

    this trailer looks pretty cool. ive been waiting for a movie that takes the perspective of selfie cam. something realistic that depicts war coming to our doorstep since people in the west are not familiar with war and fear. when does this come out?

  • duurdurandu
    duurdurandu 3 days ago

    I like the part where it went wrong :)

  • Doctor Coconut
    Doctor Coconut 3 days ago

    By 2050 whites in Europe will be a minority in their own homeland

    LEAN BRACELET 3 days ago

    I feel bad for Syria, people in different countries are fighting for the oil

  • Andreas Woods
    Andreas Woods 3 days ago

    omg this was so sad

    CLASSIC 3 days ago

    Until the end, I thought this was UK in the near future, easy mistake to make.

  • phat dog productions

    is this fake?

  • Maria Ramos
    Maria Ramos 3 days ago

    THIS VIDEO IS SO SO SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • TLC
    TLC 3 days ago

    I still cry every time I watch this

  • My Animal Family
    My Animal Family 4 days ago

    Sad this actually happens all over the world.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 4 days ago

    This is why u live in Murcia

  • Heyitsalexandra
    Heyitsalexandra 4 days ago

    Only isis disliked this

  • Boston Newell
    Boston Newell 4 days ago

    This is horrible crap

  • Electro Gamer
    Electro Gamer 4 days ago

    :( and she's not from Syria

  • shadow player
    shadow player 4 days ago

    idk what's going on, two clips it showed looked like zombies? idk

  • HENDAK Diastro
    HENDAK Diastro 4 days ago

    Jaja Adoro los finales felices ;v

  • The One Person
    The One Person 5 days ago

    OML it was a whole year of war for her plz like this to share the hope

  • epicplanes1
    epicplanes1 5 days ago

    0:44 missile strike

  • shakra the wolf
    shakra the wolf 5 days ago


  • zara Coban
    zara Coban 5 days ago

    wow that is really sad

  • Waterxfalls
    Waterxfalls 5 days ago


  • CarlyTGC
    CarlyTGC 5 days ago

    Honestly not to be rude (BC some of u will be like y r u commenting this on a video like this) but most of the time she managed to keep her hair looking better than mine

  • Ren Outlaw
    Ren Outlaw 5 days ago

    how did I get here from memes?

  • Sim Salabim
    Sim Salabim 5 days ago

    aw, just like Syrian and Iraqi girls slaughtered by American Freedom bombs

  • Stacey Traje
    Stacey Traje 5 days ago

    1:12 got me

  • Mao
    Mao 6 days ago

    Awww that so sad

  • Tayte Klotz
    Tayte Klotz 6 days ago

    That's gonna be Europe soon

  • fathima.r anwar
    fathima.r anwar 6 days ago

    oh my god.

  • xDoge PvP
    xDoge PvP 6 days ago

    0:43 made me giggle

  • Error-Games
    Error-Games 6 days ago


  • gotajerb
    gotajerb 6 days ago

    Wow, and through all that she had a selfie camera on her? Kids these days tsk tsk.

  • KingOfUnicorns
    KingOfUnicorns 7 days ago

    im speachless

  • Najwa Yusof
    Najwa Yusof 7 days ago

    Save syria T-T sad sad

  • Kelly With determination

    the people who disliked this vid needs Jesus

  • Amara Deas
    Amara Deas 8 days ago

    I was crying

  • Amara Deas
    Amara Deas 8 days ago

    I was crying

  • Marco Acosta
    Marco Acosta 8 days ago

    and i wish a north korean nigga would like a kitchen cabinet

  • Wrenadi Mae
    Wrenadi Mae 8 days ago

    The girl is adorable

  • RussiaRules TV890
    RussiaRules TV890 8 days ago


  • Rádi Ónodi
    Rádi Ónodi 8 days ago

    nobody deserves to live like this

  • GameDreamer
    GameDreamer 9 days ago

    I cried

  • V the Qu33n
    V the Qu33n 9 days ago

    *You deserve to get shot* the best part if this video

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami 9 days ago

    they need to go back in their shithole! are they even prpductive in our first world society?

  • pussy crusher
    pussy crusher 9 days ago

    Where's the nuke?

  • pussy crusher
    pussy crusher 9 days ago


  • Hoxton 786
    Hoxton 786 10 days ago

    those were 10 days

  • Violet Luna
    Violet Luna 10 days ago

    Who would ever dislike this?

  • DuhMaggie
    DuhMaggie 10 days ago

    Thats so sad...... :(

  • TrollingDaddy .-.
    TrollingDaddy .-. 10 days ago

    that looks like england not Syira or Iraq

  • LordOfTheEdge
    LordOfTheEdge 10 days ago

    Our future if Europe becomes non white

  • Sunny Ye
    Sunny Ye 10 days ago

    i see more than 10 times. please help those people!

  • Lucy Healy
    Lucy Healy 11 days ago

    all the nazis that are sharing the edited version of this LMFAOOOOOO

  • Black Widow
    Black Widow 11 days ago

    I want to be an air force pilot after watching this

  • Straton Sabina-Ionela

    IT s-o sad

  • Matthew Rega
    Matthew Rega 11 days ago

    nobody should deserve to go through this.

  • 1lapmagic
    1lapmagic 11 days ago

    It isn't happening here because our people aren't barbarians.

  • Andrew Orozco
    Andrew Orozco 12 days ago

    in the end, did she have PTSD?

  • Hola Keki
    Hola Keki 12 days ago

    The people who dislikes cant see people in pain.

  • The American Railfan

    Dying child aside, sing up the RA.

  • Black Widow
    Black Widow 12 days ago

    If you look very closely into her eyes you can see a camera lens

  • L U KA Bedianashvili

    i just cried in the ending

  • Кукушка и Подушка

    I wonder what happened to Adam...

  • Simply - samra
    Simply - samra 12 days ago

    Putting a hashtag isn't going to save a need to actually save a life

  • Aryanna Seamster
    Aryanna Seamster 12 days ago

    I don't get t

  • LegoDWCraft2001//TehOvergroundSpartan

    World War V Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4

  • Janiya R.
    Janiya R. 12 days ago

    Why does this remind me of Anne Frank?

  • Irish Wrist wash
    Irish Wrist wash 13 days ago


  • Reem Daou
    Reem Daou 13 days ago

    I can't stop crying

  • Awkami Kuru
    Awkami Kuru 13 days ago

    Happy berthday to you

  • Tanem Yaşar
    Tanem Yaşar 13 days ago

    Which country is it

  • Mars Quinn
    Mars Quinn 14 days ago

    So sad 😪😔

  • Scribblebunnyplays YT


  • lillith193
    lillith193 15 days ago

    what about the adults?

  • Mandy Muffins
    Mandy Muffins 15 days ago


  • epicfighter26
    epicfighter26 15 days ago


  • 안상민
    안상민 16 days ago


  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 16 days ago

    Its 2017 this video is still really sad😭

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