Linesman exits game after taking elbow in the back by Hornqvist

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  • Linesman David Brisebois has to head down the tunnel after he takes a hard elbow from Pittsburgh Penguins forward Patric Hornqvist in the back and going down hard.
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  • dvdvandusen
    dvdvandusen 3 months ago

    Hornqvist knew exactly who he was hitting. He was looking up the whole time!

    FRANK ZAPPA 4 months ago

    This was a planned play. The players are finally fighting back against the linesman and terrible judgement of calling offsides. I now finally agree with the Dennis Wideman hit last year.

  • Samuel Haberl
    Samuel Haberl 4 months ago


    ESPOSITO 4 months ago

    2nd strike on the linesman, $2000 embelishment fine.

  • yeabuddy2222222
    yeabuddy2222222 4 months ago

    nice follow through by hornquist. typical dirty shittsburgh. no automatic suspension though because its shittsburgh.

    • yeabuddy2222222
      yeabuddy2222222 4 months ago

      no, because you do.

    • yeabuddy2222222
      yeabuddy2222222 4 months ago

      Clorox Bleach and he makes no attempt to not hit the ref after get gets touched. if anything he threw himself into the ref more after he got touched, he barley got touched but apparently thats enough to get launched into the ref. take the shittsburgh goggles off your eyes. should be an automatic 10 games like vermette but no since hes on shittburgh nothing will happen.

    • YAOmighty - Gaming and More
      YAOmighty - Gaming and More 4 months ago

      yeabuddy2222222 I can see that you don't have eyes.

  • OuterSpawn
    OuterSpawn 4 months ago

    I'm just here to see how many people are experts on NHL rules

    • Toby Catich
      Toby Catich 3 months ago

      OuterSpawn according to YouTube law 207.4a one person on YouTube cannot and shall not speak in the manner.... jk

  • TheWitchOvAgnesi
    TheWitchOvAgnesi 4 months ago

    Clean hit

  • Brian Schlaf
    Brian Schlaf 4 months ago

    Should be suspended one game yeah he got pushed but he still kinda shoved the ref and a elbow to the back.

  • Brian Schlaf
    Brian Schlaf 4 months ago

    Hope he's ok!

  • Anthony Veilleux
    Anthony Veilleux 4 months ago

    strange play...

  • IamFonix
    IamFonix 4 months ago

    Clean hit.

  • footytang
    footytang 4 months ago

    $5000 fine him for embellishment as well.

  • Finishedbreakfast
    Finishedbreakfast 4 months ago

    Laine better

  • Sultimate
    Sultimate 4 months ago

    What has this league come to? The other refs won't even stand up for their teammate after such a vicious, dirty hit?

    • Pensdynasty2018 #threepeat
      Pensdynasty2018 #threepeat 3 months ago

      Toby Catich I know its hard to tell jokes on Youtube. but this one was so obvious. You're stupid.

    • Pensdynasty2018 #threepeat
      Pensdynasty2018 #threepeat 3 months ago

      Toby Catich its a joke. do you know what a joke is.

    • Toby Catich
      Toby Catich 3 months ago

      sportsfan 95 Whatever, have a nice day and stay safe.

    • sportsfan 95
      sportsfan 95 4 months ago

      Toby Catich LMFAO okay kid. It's sarcasm but either way you clearly can't tell that people are joking. Just stay in school рЯШВ

  • TheVanezi
    TheVanezi 4 months ago

    Def got the wind knocked out of him at the very least.

  • Joey
    Joey 4 months ago

    10 games

    • Toby Catich
      Toby Catich 4 months ago

      Joey nope, I will reiterate to everybody in this comment section who have no idea what the rules are, the Panthers player pushed him into the linesman.

  • Trevor Daniels
    Trevor Daniels 4 months ago

    two minutes for diving!

  • Riley Wilson
    Riley Wilson 4 months ago

    1:35 my dude said they have a red arm's ORANGE

    AUSTON SPLATPOO 4 months ago

    hahahahaha he deserves it

  • Jp Baker
    Jp Baker 4 months ago

    Did you people actually watch the video??? I mean you can argue that it was on purpose but what it looks like to me is that the Panthers player pushed him into the ref. Shouldnt get a suspension but this is the NHL so who knows. Not a pens fan btw.

    • Jp Baker
      Jp Baker 4 months ago

      As a true hockey fan you have to look at all sides of things. This was just an accident. Hopefully the ref is alright!

    • Jp Baker
      Jp Baker 4 months ago

      And I get that...But it's the fact that it's the pens makes it so much worse lol. I was just stating my mind is all :)

    • It's Dragonflyyy
      It's Dragonflyyy 4 months ago

      Jp Baker lol everyone is kidding. It's sarcasm because wideman got a 20 game suspension for hitting a ref

    • Toby Catich
      Toby Catich 4 months ago

      Jp Baker finally, someone who understands!!!!!

  • Gabriel Conway
    Gabriel Conway 4 months ago

    That will be a 15 game suspension

  • Jorrma Ollila
    Jorrma Ollila 4 months ago

    He went down like a wrestling referee

  • TheHockeyGhost
    TheHockeyGhost 4 months ago

    Hornqvist did every NHL fan a favour on that one

  • NintendoBits 85
    NintendoBits 85 4 months ago


  • DK 4Life
    DK 4Life 4 months ago

    20 game for sure.

    • Rob Boissoneau
      Rob Boissoneau 3 months ago

      "I like big butts and I cannot lie" ~Adolf Hitler, 1943

    • Toby Catich
      Toby Catich 3 months ago

      Rob Boissoneau please be more specific. What should I leave? My house? This sq ft of space?

    • Keegan Duke
      Keegan Duke 4 months ago

      I'm so happy the Flames and their fans are so happy with inheriting Vancouver's "most hated in Canada title", Yall and Tkachuk deserve it!

    • Rob Boissoneau
      Rob Boissoneau 4 months ago

      Toby just leave.

  • Joe Zito
    Joe Zito 4 months ago

    dirty play, 20 games, Laine better

    • Pensdynasty2018 #threepeat
      Pensdynasty2018 #threepeat 3 months ago

      Toby Catich its a joke you must either be a restarted kid or a 80 year old man who don't know present day jokes

    • Eric L
      Eric L 4 months ago

      TheLegend27 McDavid, Laine, and Eichel all scored on their own net, Matthews is the only shitcan who's not good enough to join the elite club. Laine is better

    • XxLeafsNationXx
      XxLeafsNationXx 4 months ago

      sarcasm not detected

    • Toby Catich
      Toby Catich 4 months ago

      Joe Zito How is that a dirty play?????? He is pushed into the official by the panthers player.

  • Mr. BO55
    Mr. BO55 4 months ago

    Sure a good thing he exists

  • YAOmighty - Gaming and More

    Looking at the video, he was pushed into the ref.

    • YAOmighty - Gaming and More
      YAOmighty - Gaming and More 4 months ago

      +TheWitchOvAgnesi Wrong.

    • Toby Catich
      Toby Catich 4 months ago

      YAOmighty - Gaming and vlogs thanks for your eyes! No really, if everybody in the world had your eyes!!!! I think I'm on to something......

  • Jepox
    Jepox 4 months ago

    I think you mean exits

  • William DIMODICA
    William DIMODICA 4 months ago


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