Mayweather vs McGregor: London Press Conference

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  • Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor embark on a four-city international press tour to announce their Saturday, August 26 blockbuster on SHOWTIME PPV. Watch the final press conference stop on Friday, July 14 at 2:00pm ET live from the SSE Arena, Wembley in London, England.
    Onstage portion of presser here:
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  • SkemeKOS
    SkemeKOS 2 hours ago

    1:25:32 Conor bows to to Floyds Daughter lol

    RALPH DEWAVRIN 2 hours ago

    1:40:22 Anyone else Spotted the guy in the background eating his booger ?

    DZIUGAKOS KOS 3 hours ago

    The perfect,I've tv mother fucker idiot doubles ,you think MCGregor lost? Never- because he have energy trouble better:))

  • kenneth crouch
    kenneth crouch 3 hours ago

    Watch my video and subscribe it's and octagon version hope you like

  • jayofinest
    jayofinest 3 hours ago

    Looks like the circus is coming to the U.S! But then again, nobody cares...this fight is lucky to generate that of Mayweather/Pacquiao, let alone make 1 billion $! Keep promoting, all it's doing is making this fight look stupider and stupider!

  • kc shmoney
    kc shmoney 5 hours ago

    clearly under mcgregors skin, if you don't see that your just being bias, read his face when floyd speaks

  • Anna Rosas
    Anna Rosas 6 hours ago +80

    someone wanna control me on private cam - goto my chanel

  • Darrel Joseph
    Darrel Joseph 11 hours ago

    Floyd the best

  • Darrel Joseph
    Darrel Joseph 11 hours ago

    Such a stupid fight, they keep getting Floyd mayweather richer and richer lol

  • Jack Coleman
    Jack Coleman 14 hours ago

    mayweather a bitch, he barely said anything, just shouted "yeah", lol

  • djnfryzewr
    djnfryzewr 15 hours ago +114


  • Raider P0WERS
    Raider P0WERS 17 hours ago +1

    Video begins at 1hr 14min....

  • glutius maximus
    glutius maximus 20 hours ago

    Ariel Helwani vs. Stephen Espinosa, for "WEASEL OF THE YEAR." Make it happen Dana. 👍

  • Igor Nunes
    Igor Nunes 22 hours ago

    You look like a women with that phone

  • Stephen Board
    Stephen Board 22 hours ago

    That fucking monkey is going to sleeeeeeeeeeeep

  • mcgregor mayweather
    mcgregor mayweather 22 hours ago

    It's on my page all of it.

  • Guilherme Silva
    Guilherme Silva 22 hours ago +1

    Vim pelo link que o Afreim mandou........

  • Hugo Hjort
    Hugo Hjort 1 day ago +1

    Dana got some bad flashbacks there 1:39:04

  • Google wanted me to change my username so I changed it to a description of why I changed my username

    No one gonna talk about how Conor was pissing his pants in fear when Floyd confronted him?

  • Gareth raper
    Gareth raper 1 day ago

    I could take them both lol

  • AidyPaidy
    AidyPaidy 1 day ago

    Hate how Floyd thinks he can talk shit about Conor tapping out to Diaz. I'm sure if Conor was able to use submissions against Floyd, he'd make him tap quite easily.

    • kc shmoney
      kc shmoney 5 hours ago

      mcgregor can't tap shit, he's a pussy dog

  • Forest Dew
    Forest Dew 1 day ago +1

    Floyd Moneeeeeeeeey May'YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH'ther.

  • info145
    info145 1 day ago

    What we need is someone who won't dance Mayrunner's dance. That's who can beat him. Fraud Mayweather is yelling and screaming at McGregor in interviews as if he's threatening to beat him up. Nonsense.  He always won by "intimidation". Then with that in the mind of his opponent, he would run for the whole match, backing away all night, touching his opponent up for 12 rounds with pitty pat love taps, then some judges grant him a "decision"... calling it fancy footwork. It's stale and boring! Marcos Maidana beat Mayweather, but the judges still gave him the win so the commission could still set up the big fight they wanted with the PacMan (that's why they had to do a rematch). Someone has to come in knowing Floyd Gayweather will not and CAN NOT knock you out, and then just let your hands go. He can't handle that kind of fight. Mayweather is counting on his same old "feet-don't-fail-me-now" routine, that's why he only agreed to the "fight" if it'll be boxing rules, certainly not MMA rules. Note: Pretty Boy Floyd is not as young as he once was...

  • logic109
    logic109 1 day ago

    This is the gayest thing I ever seen

  • MrFunnyButty
    MrFunnyButty 1 day ago

    Juice head monkey!

  • mohad shaz
    mohad shaz 1 day ago

    i like this fight

  • Rene Villarreal
    Rene Villarreal 1 day ago

    1:44:35 "I own/run Ireland" has Floyd ever even been to Ireland? lol

  • Rene Villarreal
    Rene Villarreal 1 day ago

    Crowd at 1:43:20 "SIT DOWN! SHUT UP!" so great lol

  • Total Tekkerz
    Total Tekkerz 1 day ago


  • Total Tekkerz
    Total Tekkerz 1 day ago


  • Abishek Shady
    Abishek Shady 1 day ago

    Floyd yeeeaaaaahweather!!

  • sport231
    sport231 1 day ago

    what's the song at 1:10:54?

  • James Watson
    James Watson 1 day ago

    It's amazing that Conor McGregor with all his shit talk, even though it is for promotion purposes only, still makes Mayweather look classless. Conor brags about shit but will still dress with class and he is intelligent. Mayweather is a typical dumbass. The rich elite will laugh at both of their wealths but one buys dumb shit to brag about his money and is an idiot while the other does it to produce more money and at least has a brain

  • Mital Das
    Mital Das 1 day ago

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  • Christopher Rendon
    Christopher Rendon 1 day ago

    What a fucking joke I couldn't believe it omg! It's actually going to happen lmao I can't believe people are stupid enough to actually look forward to this fight...all McGregor had to do was run his mouth to get people's attention I mean you guys do realize he ain't got a fucking chance right? Just people that don't know shit about boxing will watch the fight as for me ima wait till September for the real fight

  • moz L
    moz L 1 day ago

    Mayweather fragile little head

  • Movement Artists
    Movement Artists 1 day ago +1

    I think Conor McGregor is probably the only man in the world who can beat Floyd Mayweather. I give him a better than 50% chance to beat Floyd so the play is on McGregor (in my humble opinion). We know Conor McGregor has the physical attributes to beat Mayweather. He is younger, stronger, longer, bigger, and possibly faster than Mayweather. Mayweather's speed versus Conor's speed is the unknown in this equation. We know both are fast respective to their sport but how they compare to each other is the big unknown and how Mayweather's age affects his speed. But I think Conor holds a huge lead in the mental department and that is because of all the data that McGregor has on Mayweather. It is well known that McGregor's team led by John Kavanagh (genius level fight iq) has analyzed all of Mayweather movements, all his punches and counterpunches. How he defends against specific patterns of attack and how his defense has evolved and what his defense and offense will likely look like against McGregor. Even the way he has evolved over the years and how they expect him to train for this fight - they would have analyzed all that as well. Mayweather has very little data on McGregor specific for boxing. McGregor has essentially built a visual program of Mayweather in his mind and everyday he is practicing against that visual program. He knows exactly how to counter Mayweather's counters because he has mentally and physically trained himself against him in his mind. Floyd has no idea what McGregor is going to do. As a former computer scientist, I know how important data is to learning and I think people are underestimating the huge advantage this gives McGregor. McGregor is spending every single day learning to fight Mayweather and essentially is developing neural network programming in his mind to defeat mayweather. I think this based on many hours of video review of footage of McGregors interviews and the way he mentally approaches fights. And this is why he is supremely confident that he will beat Mayweather. Because in his mind, he's already beaten Mayweather many many many times and his programming is programmed precisely to beat Mayweather. Mayweather is a genius in his own right, but his programming is based on the movements and attacks of other top level boxers, not someone like McGregor and therein lies the difference. Don't take my word for it though (in other words, don't bet on it based on what I think) , do your own research. I'm interested in what you guys all think as well.

  • adam husien
    adam husien 1 day ago

    no one has ever pressed mayweather like connor is, crazy as hell how the tables turn on mayweather.

  • adam husien
    adam husien 1 day ago

    mays daughter can get it real soon, sexy lil fuck

  • SlyShot555
    SlyShot555 1 day ago

    McGregor walks out to song about war against the country he's in and still has ALL the crowd hahaha

  • Jose Cuervo
    Jose Cuervo 1 day ago +1


  • Bedirhan Capkurt
    Bedirhan Capkurt 2 days ago

    What is the name of the song played at 1:22:00 Thats When mayweather gets in the ring Plz react on me if you knoe

  • Edwin Reyes
    Edwin Reyes 2 days ago


  • Mandy Rarsh
    Mandy Rarsh 2 days ago

    All those idiots missing the moment while trying to catch it with the stupid phone...and now everyone ist watching it here instead of those shaky stupid homemade-versions. Hilarious..:D

  • JBSeriesGTA
    JBSeriesGTA 2 days ago

    Dana White looked like a tomato

  • ridwan patel
    ridwan patel 2 days ago +1

    SIT DOWN, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JBSeriesGTA
    JBSeriesGTA 2 days ago

    Mayweather got used to the Booing.
    Check every weigh in that Mayweather was in and he always got booed

  • Karl Östling
    Karl Östling 2 days ago

    1:39:04 Look at Dana XD

  • Любовь Техорецкая

    Бокс это круто. В этом спорте только настоящие мужики.

  • Farhan Jaffer
    Farhan Jaffer 2 days ago

    Now THIS London crowd is what you call a REAL ACTIVE crowd......fuckin love it me chills!

  • Farhan Jaffer
    Farhan Jaffer 2 days ago

    Damn Floyd went through like 3 songs lol don't matter what he does Conor's gonna win August 26th!!

  • Mystic R
    Mystic R 2 days ago

    Who is that girl in the back?

    • QueWorld
      QueWorld 1 day ago

      Mayweather's Daughter

  • D Me
    D Me 2 days ago

    Easy marketing to dumb-fuck, idiot assholes. Y'all some stupid mothafuckas.

  • Paulius Paulo
    Paulius Paulo 2 days ago

    looks like it became wcw nitro... more talking than fighting

  • Bender
    Bender 2 days ago


  • Life Goals2
    Life Goals2 2 days ago

    name of song at 2:03:22??

  • franky volce
    franky volce 2 days ago

    meyweather walk out the song names please

  • Phillip Brown
    Phillip Brown 2 days ago

    "them little bitch paws"

  • Primate God
    Primate God 2 days ago

    12 second double KO

  • pietarich 123
    pietarich 123 2 days ago

    Mayweather win

  • Dag Strau
    Dag Strau 2 days ago

    Anyone else noticed KSI standing next to Flloyds security? Wearing white TMT cap.

  • Denzel Porte
    Denzel Porte 2 days ago

    "What the fook is Lennon wearing on the last day?" Lol. This guy charisma is addicting.

  • Phexism
    Phexism 2 days ago

    It's slightly irritating that Conor doesn't wipe his sweat with his pocket cloth, yeah it's for style but just use it god damn.

  • funny games collection
    funny games collection 2 days ago +1

    kill that nigga

  • antonakis12z
    antonakis12z 2 days ago

    KENNY BAYLESS for referee on 26 August.

  • Rayleigh king
    Rayleigh king 2 days ago

    yeah yeah...ilove out...quitterrr.....then repeat

  • Oxygen Blue
    Oxygen Blue 2 days ago

    Yo ! I like Conor he's a good trash talking hippy , but he doesn't have a chance with the real boss. Mayweather gonna kick your little ass boy ..

  • Bruce Buffer
    Bruce Buffer 2 days ago +1

    The only think good about Matwesther trash talk is the music he plays 1:49:00

  • Junaid Malik
    Junaid Malik 2 days ago

    Kid loves boxing
    Men loves wwe
    Legends loves mma (ufc)

  • Sir Ownage
    Sir Ownage 2 days ago

    Hopefully mayweather beats this uk cunt

  • axenz axtiz
    axenz axtiz 2 days ago

    Just like the WWE, this all acting... just to make people watch PPV for $$$

  • Life Goals2
    Life Goals2 2 days ago

    please name song at 2:03:25

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 3 days ago

    McGregor has a tough fight ahead of him, but then again $100 million that's a win initofitself.

  • Kirk Hetfield
    Kirk Hetfield 3 days ago

    wish you were Floyd ,after the KO

  • Flip The Script
    Flip The Script 3 days ago

    Mayweather is a stupid gorilla.

  • Shubham Choudhary
    Shubham Choudhary 3 days ago

    1:20:49 how the fuck is he world's best pound for pound "fighter"? he's a boxer,not a fighter.

  • I don't say much
    I don't say much 3 days ago


  • Dennis Joseph
    Dennis Joseph 3 days ago

    Why does he takes all the mics??😂😂

  • spacebjorn
    spacebjorn 3 days ago

    "Hey pussy are you still there" - Jeremy "Who the fook is dat" Stephens

  • Harish Sookun
    Harish Sookun 3 days ago

    What's the song being played when Floyd enters?

  • Echo Affliction
    Echo Affliction 3 days ago

    Pay your taxes!!

  • Chris Nihill
    Chris Nihill 3 days ago

    No one asked Floyd a question at the end 😄 no one cares, Fuck the mayweathers! 😉

  • Artem Lobov
    Artem Lobov 3 days ago

    1.4 million well spent on someone who can't tell the time.

    BACK ROAD EXPLORER 3 days ago


  • Jason Hong
    Jason Hong 3 days ago

    sounds so retard with "yeah" "yeah" "yeah"

  • all in one
    all in one 3 days ago

    1:49:09 Mctapout

  • MansouR Al-Aqeel
    MansouR Al-Aqeel 3 days ago

    Conor McGregor own that ass 😂❤️🥊👊🏻

  • ASH_BOII Games
    ASH_BOII Games 3 days ago

    mayweather is saying this shit but let him get in a UFC ring with Connor then we'll see who the star man is

  • James Gleave
    James Gleave 3 days ago

    If Conor decides to chokes him out on the 26th that tapout song's really gonna sting

  • PiPio
    PiPio 3 days ago

    1:43:27 when the crowds hurts your feelings, but you can't do anything about it..

  • j 05h
    j 05h 3 days ago

    Who are ya, who are ya

  • люда охота
    люда охота 3 days ago

    интереснoе видио заваражует

  • Ecko Marck
    Ecko Marck 3 days ago

    Hola como estas???

  • Netxua Junior
    Netxua Junior 3 days ago

    I thought floyd would make cry

  • cul cu
    cul cu 3 days ago

    Guys what was the song at the end.Anyone??

  • Naiser Angei
    Naiser Angei 3 days ago

    Go mcgregor

  • j Sullivan
    j Sullivan 3 days ago

    Conor McGregor is gonna kick his ass lol this is gonna be funny as hell

  • Brendan S
    Brendan S 3 days ago

    connor mcgregor will win only becvausereal boxers have cornflower

  • Brendan S
    Brendan S 3 days ago

    hes like a 15 yr old teen rapper blessed with money from this generation and we all know thos rappers in this gen cant fight worth shit first time im ever on mcgregors side

  • sapiopneumoni
    sapiopneumoni 3 days ago

    Can't wait to see mcgregor getting his ass kicked!
    I know it's all part of the show but I hate his persona.

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