120mph Mega Crash! - Fifth Gear

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  • jimjim productions

    hey look! a new smart car

  • Elysion
    Elysion 2 days ago

    No problem, just needs some polish and some new oil.

  • That video time guy.

    Actually its equivalent to 2 cars colliding at 60 miles an hour. If they were both going 120 the test would need to be 240mph

  • That video time guy.

    If nokia made a car everyone would be safe.

    GLOBEMASTER C-17 3 days ago

    so that was the actual echoes??????

  • Nicolas Guilbert
    Nicolas Guilbert 4 days ago

    poor focus...

  • piktureit
    piktureit 4 days ago

    If you want to see the crash... here you go 3:25
    If you want to see slow-mo... here you go 4:00

  • Johannes De Jonge
    Johannes De Jonge 5 days ago

    the biggest safety feature in a car is its driver.......

  • piktureit
    piktureit 5 days ago

    Jesus Christ that's brutal

  • Art man
    Art man 5 days ago

    How much for the rear wheels?

  • 352shan
    352shan 5 days ago

    Can any one repair this poor car

  • Savvy Xavi
    Savvy Xavi 6 days ago

    With a Ford Focus? Wow! So illustrative! That stupid piece of shit car could be driven and crashed at 20 mph and result in the death of all passenegers. Why not use a real car next time! 😤

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 1 day ago

      Yeah probably a slight exaggeration there.

    • Savvy Xavi
      Savvy Xavi 1 day ago

      That goes without saying, but also, to use a Ford for demonstration purposes is illogical. Fords rip apart at 30 mph crashes.

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 3 days ago

      No vehicle is designed to withstand such an impact.

  • Junior V
    Junior V 7 days ago

    Now I see why my Focus is limited to 110 mph...
    I know this is an ST170, but my ZX3 is basically the same thing. Although, the EUDM Focus ST170 is actually faster than my USDM Focus ZX3...

  • AuskaDezjArdamaath
    AuskaDezjArdamaath 7 days ago


  • Mark Walters
    Mark Walters 7 days ago


  • Tomas Nimmons
    Tomas Nimmons 8 days ago

    * clears throat* top gear

  • ANONYM ???
    ANONYM ??? 8 days ago


  • Lenin Rob
    Lenin Rob 9 days ago

    good thing my car max's out at 115MPH

  • johnmohanmusic
    johnmohanmusic 9 days ago

    120 mph is not "a speed not uncommon on British motorways." As a speed at which not even 1/1000th of one percent of UK drivers drive, it is an extremely uncommon speed on British Motorways.

  • Anthony Kerry
    Anthony Kerry 9 days ago

    Even a miracle can't save you from such a crush, huh!

  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood 9 days ago

    after seeing this i decided to drive only 5mph every where i go

  • Austin Hamilton
    Austin Hamilton 10 days ago

    Wish I'd seen this Before my crash.!!

  • Juan gonzalez
    Juan gonzalez 10 days ago

    Me caga que en este tipo de videos pongan musiquita triste
    Si uno lo que quiere ver es qué tan seguros son los autos
    No ponerse triste con los choques

  • Justin Han
    Justin Han 10 days ago

    omg,I choose to keep bicycling!

  • Spiny Norman 88
    Spiny Norman 88 11 days ago

    Actually, crashing into a stationary object at 120 MPH is only the equivalent of two cars crashing head-on at 60 MPH each.(you add the speeds together. In order to simulate a 120 MPH head-on crash, the test car would have to go 240 MPH.

    • Spiny Norman 88
      Spiny Norman 88 10 days ago

      I stand corrected, but disagree about it representing another vehicle traveling at a similar speed, since the concrete block adds ZERO energy in the opposite direction, and the vehicle traveling in the opposite direction DOES. In short, the concrete block only accurately simulates a stationary concrete block.

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 10 days ago

      No you don't just add speeds together. Remember a solid concrete block does not absorb any energy at all, unlike a motor vehicle. The concrete block roughly represents another vehicle traveling at similar speed. Most 60mph head-ons are actually survivable in modern vehicles.

  • British Lion
    British Lion 11 days ago

    This is why I never allow a crash dummy to drive my car...

  • RedDigitalMusic/RDM
    RedDigitalMusic/RDM 11 days ago

    Such a drama queen!

  • Jack Bauer
    Jack Bauer 11 days ago

    "Almost turn into a piece of modern art", So modern art have to look shittier than this?

  • myyube81
    myyube81 11 days ago

    I donated my car after seeing this...don't want to die being mash potatoes 😭

  • Michel BONNET
    Michel BONNET 12 days ago

    Never do that in real life !

  • Vladimir Zivanovic
    Vladimir Zivanovic 12 days ago

    Do this with volvo pls :-)

  • Nameless
    Nameless 12 days ago

    Thanks fifth gear! I was about to drive to a concrete block at 120, i decided not thank!

  • James French
    James French 13 days ago

    Should try it in reverse.


    Incredible Video! Thanks!

  • Likom12
    Likom12 14 days ago

    Mirek wyklepie

  • efaylo
    efaylo 14 days ago

    To simulate a 120 mph head on collision you would have to strike the stationary concrete wall at 240mph. Just sayin.

    • efaylo
      efaylo 13 days ago

      Badly_Dubbed Yes sir I stand corrected. After I actually researched a bit on my own I now have a better understanding. It was somthing I heard in the past from multiple people who were apparently all wrong lol!

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 13 days ago

      How do you figure that one out lol. Vehicles are not concrete and behave very differently when hitting each other.

  • ItzzExodic
    ItzzExodic 14 days ago

    try to turn it off and on...maybe it will work

  • Marcin Treyderowski
    Marcin Treyderowski 15 days ago

    wata funk

  • Ahmad Hari
    Ahmad Hari 15 days ago

    sy punya ide untuk keselamatan di jalan bisa untuk semua kendaraan. kalau mau balas dengan bahasa indonesia

  • Neels Hattingh
    Neels Hattingh 17 days ago

    can i have the back wheels?

  • Flippity Flopp
    Flippity Flopp 17 days ago

    That crash was insane! Great vid

  • g2macs
    g2macs 18 days ago

    What an utter dick! I'd like to pull off that little tuft of pubes under
    his lip and slap him silly with a two by four.

  • M. Sami
    M. Sami 18 days ago

    Never by Ford focus

  • israel4ever !!!
    israel4ever !!! 18 days ago

    this is blatant dummy discrimination....makes me sick!!!

  • Ellie Bretherton-Upton

    put richard hammond in it. i bet he'd survive.

  • RamirezHD
    RamirezHD 19 days ago

    4:52 "it's almost turn into a piece of modern art" - police report after u crashed this way. Gosh!

  • José Ospina
    José Ospina 19 days ago

    This is why I don't drive 120 mph... I prefer to drive 120 knots.

  • Paladin 06
    Paladin 06 19 days ago

    Thanks for the video. What's even more disturbing is that this impact represents a head-on collision of two cars, each going 60 MPH, with an equivalent closing speed of 120 mph. The head on of 2 cars at this speed is much more likely than the Focus going 120 mph.

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 17 days ago

      It does not in any shape or form, represent two vehicle hitting head on at 60mph. A concrete block does not dissipate energy like vehicles do. This test roughly represents two vehicles colliding, both travelling at 120mph with a closing speed of 240mph.

  • wyatt Sloan
    wyatt Sloan 20 days ago


  • Invisible
    Invisible 20 days ago

    I remember a Toyota (I think) commercial about a car crash test when I was very young and I cried because I pittied the mannequin inside.

  • Peter Banham
    Peter Banham 20 days ago

    how much for the alloys?

  • Lt.Dolphin
    Lt.Dolphin 23 days ago

    yeah, because humans are made of dollar store plastic and have joints that can only move in 2 directions

  • Lt.Dolphin
    Lt.Dolphin 23 days ago

    what is Fifth Gear? An offbrand Top Gear?

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 23 days ago

      Fifth Gear is a factual motoring show for car people and top gear is a mindless scripted entertainment show for those that like that sort of thing.

  • Vic Vlasenko
    Vic Vlasenko 24 days ago

    The conclusion: crash on 60 mph will turn you into disabled and make you suffer 'till the end of your life; crash on 120 mph gives you fast painless death))))

  • Challenger Challenger

    OMG !!!!

  • Marcell Salamon
    Marcell Salamon 26 days ago

    R.I.P-Ford Focus

  • Marcell Salamon
    Marcell Salamon 26 days ago


  • Bena Bull
    Bena Bull 26 days ago

    400G un the fucking mouth

  • Cosmin Dumitru
    Cosmin Dumitru 27 days ago


  • ringhunter 100
    ringhunter 100 28 days ago

    myth busters did it much faster

  • answerOfstupids
    answerOfstupids 29 days ago

    400g wtf

  • Jhansi David Rao
    Jhansi David Rao 1 month ago

    I drive 130 kmph plus

  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts 1 month ago

    You could have given me that focus...

  • Joel LeRue
    Joel LeRue 1 month ago

    Pretty amazing the go Pro in the car didn't even blink an eye

  • Logic TV
    Logic TV 1 month ago


  • Juan Gama
    Juan Gama 1 month ago

    +Fifth Gear WRONG. > at 120 to | is equivalent to > < at 60mph each, or one at 30 and one at 90, but there's an offset in the second scenario, so really 60mph each. (NOT 120MPH each.)

  • richfiles
    richfiles 1 month ago

    Now run a pair of them head on, each going 120 MPH

  • Maskulinism
    Maskulinism 1 month ago


  • Eliezer Lopez
    Eliezer Lopez 1 month ago

    That's how I drive everyday when I take the kids to school!

  • surveyguyor
    surveyguyor 1 month ago

    skip to 3:15

  • Roland Specht
    Roland Specht 1 month ago

    Is there a number I can have my X-wife call so she can do the driving of one of these cars?

  • Gamer Areej
    Gamer Areej 1 month ago

    My father drives at 140mph and he has never done an accident.

  • short and random
    short and random 1 month ago

    Richard Hammond laughs at this childish speed

  • Bud Green
    Bud Green 1 month ago

    at least 3 of the 4 runs were still good

  • Bud Green
    Bud Green 1 month ago

    one of my best friends lost control of his Honda accord at 120mph and went through a sound walk on the freeway and if it wasn't for the tires you wouldn't be able to tell it was a car anymore

  • CJ Russell
    CJ Russell 1 month ago

    pff I'm took that once
    In gta (

  • matteo io
    matteo io 1 month ago

    a normally day in Russia...

  • Derek Chapman
    Derek Chapman 1 month ago

    What a waste of money ! There's on need for this, that's what computer simulations are for !!

  • Lenin Cordova
    Lenin Cordova 1 month ago

    Vale que hagan traducciones al español

  • shitchef
    shitchef 1 month ago

    tenner says the fucking radio still works 😁😁😁😁

  • Evan Ford
    Evan Ford 1 month ago

    nitpicking alert
    120 mph =2 cars hitting each other at 80 mph. NOT 2 cars at 120 mph. that would be = to 340 mph

  • crash 55 39
    crash 55 39 1 month ago


  • ryan00101101
    ryan00101101 1 month ago

    Too dangerous for real crash test dummies ROFL

  • NewShockerGuy
    NewShockerGuy 1 month ago

    Dibs on the rear wheels.

  • Andrea Giudice
    Andrea Giudice 1 month ago

    o mio Dio ma in che modo si è rotta mamma mia

  • MegaJohnhammond
    MegaJohnhammond 1 month ago

    fucking stupid

  • flint lockwood
    flint lockwood 1 month ago

    Did anyone noticed the impact made the car pee.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 1 month ago

    Filthy old ford focus couldn't get anywhere near 120mph.Absolute filth and shit

  • rocketman697
    rocketman697 1 month ago

    You should be able to rub that out.

  • LiveCheapAndProsper
    LiveCheapAndProsper 1 month ago

    I'd argue the point that car crash safety ratings are performed at 40 mph so manufactueres are optimizing their cars for slower speed impacts to boost safety ratings even if its ditremental to occupants safety at higher impact speeds (head on). Whereas formula 1 cars have hit walls at 150 mph with only minor injuries to drivers. So car safety ratings are at fault. They need rate cars for greater speed impacts. So there are no deaths on the road. Only damaged cars and ego's.

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 1 month ago

      An offset 40mph is the most likely impact speeds in road vehicles so that is why they test it. What you see in this test is not a common scenario at all.

  • Sven S.
    Sven S. 1 month ago

    Can you rebuild it?

  • BlueBurro922
    BlueBurro922 1 month ago

    Wait! It can be fixed. My Dad is a TV repairman, he's got an awesome set of tools.

  • valter castro
    valter castro 1 month ago


  • Earth's worst human being

    it looked like the car went into an alternate dimension and just fucking ENTERED the wall lmao

  • Serbia/Србија
    Serbia/Србија 1 month ago

    my friend is a fast driver so i showed him this

  • JAFO
    JAFO 1 month ago

    "It'll buff out"
    - Richard Hammond

  • JAFO
    JAFO 1 month ago

    Nice fuel tank rupture 4:15

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