Picking the 2016 Motor Trend Best Driver's Car!

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  • Derek Skinner
    Derek Skinner 15 hours ago


  • Derek Skinner
    Derek Skinner 15 hours ago

    The 1Le has carbon canards, painted 1LE on rotors different front splitter and carbon gound effects, plus a completely different hood nice try though with your regular ss or zl1 camaro

  • Derek Skinner
    Derek Skinner 15 hours ago

    that's not a 1LE it's the regular ZL1

  • Oscar Pastrana
    Oscar Pastrana 1 day ago

    Where is Part 7

  • 123 pie
    123 pie 1 day ago


  • Lara van Niekerk
    Lara van Niekerk 1 day ago

    Go R8

    ZAIN AKBAR 1 day ago

    Personally I'd pick the 350R
    It just looks and sounds better plus it's a manual plus it substantially cheaper

  • Hải Nguyên Nguyễn Phan

    Watching the 2016 Best Driver's Car, I can figure out the Best Driver's SUV of 2016

  • GetGood2001
    GetGood2001 2 days ago

    But the thing is tho that the mustang is 140,000 dollars less then the winner, and it barely competed worse

  • Lotte Claes
    Lotte Claes 5 days ago

    Director duty currently because substantial other.

  • SKpRiDe
    SKpRiDe 9 days ago

    Am I the only one who predicts Jonny actually has terrible handwriting?

  • Aiden Russell
    Aiden Russell 10 days ago

    And ford GT

  • Aiden Russell
    Aiden Russell 10 days ago

    Need Lamborghini

  • Aiden Russell
    Aiden Russell 10 days ago

    Love mustang

  • PhillyPhaithful11
    PhillyPhaithful11 11 days ago

    I think for 2017 they should try and make sure the cars are manuals because you really can't legitimately say that a car that is doing doing the work for you is a better DRIVERS car than a car with a stick where you're actually controlling what the car is doing.

  • Gorg 123
    Gorg 123 12 days ago


  • Aimopotis 80
    Aimopotis 80 13 days ago

    They should have screamed. WE ARE GOING TO DIE

  • william Jarman
    william Jarman 13 days ago

    you choked should have been the Mustang

  • JWX554
    JWX554 13 days ago

    That laugh at 21:16. HAHAHAHA

  • Yovani Sosa
    Yovani Sosa 13 days ago

    what C7 Zo6 to

  • Luis Castillo
    Luis Castillo 14 days ago


  • Huracanivm
    Huracanivm 14 days ago

    Viper: The Tractor
    R8: The Teutonic Advance
    570S: British Engineering
    GT S: Shalom!
    GT350R: Make America Great Again!
    911: Bringing Back The Kaiser
    GTR: Godzilla
    M4 GTS: The U-Boat
    Camaro: Merica!
    F-Type: The Super Villain
    Vantage: Rule Britannia! Rule!

  • Christopher Myers
    Christopher Myers 15 days ago

    Chevy Dodge Ram ford jeep gmc and crisyler all build in American 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • BUTTHOLE6996 123
    BUTTHOLE6996 123 15 days ago

    Viper should have won

  • Steven Sturgill
    Steven Sturgill 17 days ago

    Talk about price point differences. Firstly the Porsche is by a long, long stretch the best daily driver, the all around most accurate, communicative and best looking with probably the highest residual on resale. It is probably the best driving in most real world situations, the most comfortable, the most amenities etc. The shelby is more or less about the equivalent of a 911 GTS model so pound for pound the Porsche GTS would cost around 120k. The McLaren I believe costs around 185k making it by far the most expensive car here. Hey if you are a 1% go for it! I like McLarens but of the newer models they have poor resale values. The seats are NOT comfortable over the long hall and the car is not that practical but they look cool, sound cool etc. Wonder if the look of the front fascia will look dated in under 10 years. Not so the Porsche. Even the Shelby looks great.

  • Stewart Maclean
    Stewart Maclean 18 days ago

    Wait, a hatchback didnt win?

  • RCreedance
    RCreedance 18 days ago

    Quit calling the Ford Shelby GT350R A FIGGGGGIN Mustang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop! I don't care if it was designed by Ford! It's a Shelby PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raythetree001
    Raythetree001 18 days ago

    Why kill the video with the stupid conversations that make us cringe! im turning this off goodbye!

  • Affan Uddin
    Affan Uddin 18 days ago

    Everyone knew the computers(Nissan GTR and the Acura NSX) didn't have any chance. They are literally the synonym for shit

  • thuglife forlife
    thuglife forlife 18 days ago

    F y'all
    Giving the porsche 3rd place, Porsche's are my favorite cars and giving it 3rd place, Don't diss Porsche like that! Bye y'all

  • Vinod Mathew
    Vinod Mathew 20 days ago

    I loved the video!

  • Silas Mayes
    Silas Mayes 20 days ago

    Randy looks old when wearing that helmet

  • Flaherino games
    Flaherino games 21 day ago

    where is Lamborghini

  • shalik PATIL
    shalik PATIL 21 day ago

    use maclaren 650s gt3 in race

  • Josh C
    Josh C 21 day ago

    yesss the shelby was faster than the GTR on the track

  • Esteban Saenz
    Esteban Saenz 22 days ago

    i wad sad when the gtr left

  • In_a_Trance Studios
    In_a_Trance Studios 23 days ago

    So if the McLaren won, could I assume the Porsche Cayman is the poor mans 570S?

  • Blayz Protasivich
    Blayz Protasivich 24 days ago

    no that is not a mustang that is a viper vcr

  • Christopher Lafond
    Christopher Lafond 25 days ago

    they should do another drag race with the Dodge Charger demon

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy 25 days ago

    I think the mclaren sounds good

  • Shirish Yasa
    Shirish Yasa 25 days ago

    lmfao that Miata part was so scripted

  • E Man
    E Man 25 days ago

    Interesting. No Lamborghini or Ferrari. How can this test be credible?

  • Archers
    Archers 26 days ago

    Zr1? Next year?🤔

  • Joe_Wayne Y
    Joe_Wayne Y 26 days ago

    The biggest issue I find now is that big Euro car guys are realizing they're getting beat by the American cars. Which are way cheaper. Sure, the Euros helped start off with designs but now, they're trying to shut down every last one. The Viper takes 13 track records annnd Marchionne decided to shut it down. Ford made a beautiful motor for the GT350R but has one of the ugliest mustang looks ever. Why? European designers didn't like the fact the '13 were the nicest looking cars out there. Even the Germans are screwing with us, Porsche is reallllly trying to stop Chevy from fixing the vital differential on the Z06 to fix its major oversteer. I'm only 13 years old, live in Canada and WILL NOT accept the Euro cars to take everything back. I'll start it and make it better. Just watch

  • Awwais Jeelani
    Awwais Jeelani 1 month ago


  • Awwais Jeelani
    Awwais Jeelani 1 month ago

    gtr love uuuuuuuuuuu

  • Stephen Bennett
    Stephen Bennett 1 month ago

    where the fuck is the hellcat?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • BadAssNinja 153
    BadAssNinja 153 1 month ago

    Use lamborghini ses elemento

  • Drift Drag gaming
    Drift Drag gaming 1 month ago

    "McLaren has done a terrific job on their aspects" cough cough, what about formula 1

  • Breyden Heil
    Breyden Heil 1 month ago

    great job with this...but where was the huracan

  • Scott Faith
    Scott Faith 1 month ago

    it should be the nissan gtr

    JRM FACT'S 1 month ago


  • TheFlamingBiscuit
    TheFlamingBiscuit 1 month ago

    Am I the only one that thought Johnny said "I like it better than that acid."?

  • BrokenDabBro MHT
    BrokenDabBro MHT 1 month ago

    The mustangGT3500 is loud

  • Fidget king300
    Fidget king300 1 month ago

    i wonder what would happend if they put on a r34 skyline

  • Cristian Wanderley Vieira


  • Brody Rufus
    Brody Rufus 1 month ago

    but did they not test the horns? which has the best honk? the best drivers car should be able to announce & assert itself. Or say hi/bye bye.
    funny you lucky old boys look like total honkies..

  • Yousef Tashani
    Yousef Tashani 1 month ago

    great and unbelievable show..

  • Ace 145
    Ace 145 1 month ago

    I hate the BMW m4 gts it sucks

  • Sniping Every Day
    Sniping Every Day 1 month ago

    They should have had the cameo zl1 instead of 1le

    : MEOWINGHYPE : 1 month ago


  • Dini SCH.OUTEN
    Dini SCH.OUTEN 1 month ago

    Nieuw van Motor Trend Channel, Nieuw ván Picking the 2016 Motor Trend Best Drivers Car! Succes met racen! Categorie Mensen én Blogs, Licentie Standaard, YouTube--Licentie!

  • 8TK8 guy
    8TK8 guy 1 month ago

    the people of this show want money in demand.

  • DeathTrooper
    DeathTrooper 1 month ago

    I think the Viper will have it next year....oh wait, there won't be a next year for the viper😭

  • theo j
    theo j 1 month ago

    Mustangs suck, they can't corner for shut and always try to murder people in crowds

  • wallstreetfox3
    wallstreetfox3 1 month ago

    Dodge Viper been around 27 years or did they stop making them?

  • Kosta Voyiazis
    Kosta Voyiazis 1 month ago

    Why do they love to rag on the Viper? As a base viper it's great on the street

  • Kara G
    Kara G 1 month ago

    LOL @ 32:25 when he mentions that the Jaguar had broken suspension, notice when it turns on to drive away even the driver side daytime running LED in the headlight is broken xD

  • John Hansen
    John Hansen 1 month ago

    The drawing of the e30 should have won.

  • LS9 Vette
    LS9 Vette 1 month ago

    15;08 He's playing Pokemon Go

  • MidNightStudios
    MidNightStudios 1 month ago

    You should really take price in account as well.

  • Seth Miles
    Seth Miles 1 month ago

    Do a motor trend best SEDAN cars.

    • MrLalasd
      MrLalasd 1 month ago

      The chevy bolt won car of the year.

  • David Masek
    David Masek 1 month ago

    You mean americans giving the first place to a car that was not the cheapest?

  • BravPotato GT
    BravPotato GT 2 months ago

    And people say mustangs suck ?? I would like to see it race your Honda Civic i think the mustang should have took it

  • Mr.swaggermuffin
    Mr.swaggermuffin 2 months ago

    i would have chosen the GT350R over the 570s because the trunk is huge and convenient and it costs 1/4 of the mclaren

    AFTERSHOCK YT 2 months ago

    when forza 5 came out we all new this track was the shit

    AFTERSHOCK YT 2 months ago

    Y u no Stig

  • Ravikiran Madichetty
    Ravikiran Madichetty 2 months ago

    anyone wonder why they never get the 911 turbo s instead of the carrera s

  • Patrick Dolphin
    Patrick Dolphin 2 months ago

    Race more go fast

  • ethan stigler
    ethan stigler 2 months ago

    The jag light stopped working well they pulled it off the shiw

  • Klaus Schreyer
    Klaus Schreyer 2 months ago

    Well well Boys and Girls The Viper has a Stick Shift Manual Transmission like all Sports Cars and Sports Sedan should have, Paddle Shifting - Auto Trans is For Pussies- I Love Ferrari but damn them for Inventing Paddle Shifting with that said Viper is the Bad Ass. Good Old Fashion Manual Transmission and Naturally Aspirated Engine, What Separates the Men from the Pussies- Men use Heel n Toe &Three Foot Pedals and Shift Transmission Manually That's a Art, Skill and Adds More Excitement Adrenaline Rush- Pussies use Two Foot Pedals Two hands on Steering wheel Case in Point Watch Drifter Extraordinaire Ken Block No paddle Shitting- You Mama Boy Padel Shifting Pussieeees

  • Tekky Quickbits
    Tekky Quickbits 2 months ago

    This makes me feel like Im watching a TV Show!
    MotorTrend is the best!

  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 2 months ago

    jaguar all the way

  • Coline Lemoine
    Coline Lemoine 2 months ago

    Hey pal! ! ! grace Does anybody watch worse this wowkB%

  • Sharif Khan
    Sharif Khan 2 months ago

    where is lambo nd ferrari?!

  • Darnell Skervin
    Darnell Skervin 2 months ago

    we all knew it was the McLaren

  • Achelos 1
    Achelos 1 2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that the Jag's driver side headlight wasn't working either lol

  • Hechler444
    Hechler444 2 months ago

    Lmao there are just niggas in the car waiting to drive away

  • Sportscars_BE
    Sportscars_BE 2 months ago

    "everyone loves the look of a muscle car"
    not me

  • Dalton v
    Dalton v 2 months ago

    Calling it now. 991.2 GT3 with a manual will win this year's award.

  • CrazyGord
    CrazyGord 2 months ago


  • Alejandro Morales
    Alejandro Morales 2 months ago

    I am pretty sure all those cars have a bluetooth connection, you could use that to pair you phones and do the chatting over the freehands of each car and then use both hands to drive

    BRADLEEFOR3 2 months ago

    no Corvette!!!! and really a GTR PREMIUM NOT THE COMPETITION ONE. That's why it was slower. these things are so biased

  • Siya Mol
    Siya Mol 2 months ago


  • Bombs gaming 145
    Bombs gaming 145 2 months ago

    They better add the 2017 Corvette in worlds greatest drag race 7

  • Pendragoon99
    Pendragoon99 2 months ago

    If the two guys from the sonic commercials were in to cars haha

  • JustAnAverageJoe
    JustAnAverageJoe 2 months ago

    21:06 What the "F" is David Blaine in the back seat for?

  • MagicMikeAKAMdot
    MagicMikeAKAMdot 2 months ago

    Audi r8 " amazing car, too much audi for an audi 3/10"


    Take mustang gt 500


    Why u r taking mustang 350

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