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  • Olivia Behl
    Olivia Behl 31 minute ago +1

    For School

  • Nevaeh Fox
    Nevaeh Fox 1 hour ago

    They can't fix cancer

  • dabeast boi
    dabeast boi 2 hours ago


  • dabeast boi
    dabeast boi 2 hours ago

    you can't drive as a ki xxx tho you have to ask adults

  • Isabel Garcia
    Isabel Garcia 2 hours ago

    I love your YouTube channel 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • David Macias
    David Macias 9 hours ago

    A tesla drives itself

  • Slime Girl
    Slime Girl 1 day ago

    Hakuna matata

  • Octavia  Marten
    Octavia Marten 1 day ago

    elderly need it👴👵

  • wallanys fernandes
    wallanys fernandes 1 day ago

    The word is turning into the movie wally

  • Lisa Tovar
    Lisa Tovar 1 day ago

    there's sandles that has a bottle opener on the bottom of the sandles

  • Tyler Leach
    Tyler Leach 1 day ago

    So I can say I'm not lazy

  • Tyler Leach
    Tyler Leach 1 day ago

    I've been working for a paving and landscapeing company since I was 8 and I'm 14

  • Hailey Barton
    Hailey Barton 1 day ago

    The oj one had two different hands

  • HavoKK
    HavoKK 2 days ago

    7:27 actually kids could use this

  • Chevelle Elder
    Chevelle Elder 2 days ago


  • Lunatic alley :
    Lunatic alley : 3 days ago

    I watch this while packing my suitcase

  • Kana Drowned
    Kana Drowned 3 days ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else want his jacket 😂😖

  • hibr hiiba
    hibr hiiba 3 days ago

    "Any complaint means someone's lazy" kids in Africa are sarving when they complain there lazy? Jk dude I don't wanna sound like a mom😂

  • Cookie Kitty
    Cookie Kitty 4 days ago

    Now they are lazy

  • Monica Cotto
    Monica Cotto 4 days ago

    My grandma has those mop shoes.

  • nugget
    nugget 5 days ago

    Press read more

    Read More

  • Cody Knutson
    Cody Knutson 6 days ago

    Why the fuck do you have Orange juice in a milk jug

    RAPMON OPPA 7 days ago

    what if park jimin used this

  • Mr.toxic21
    Mr.toxic21 7 days ago

    Bro close tour eyes and listen 2:58

  • Nicky Purchase
    Nicky Purchase 8 days ago

    that sandwich thing I have that problem I can't do anything about because I'm too small to do anything about it

  • Xbox And gamz
    Xbox And gamz 8 days ago

    I used to have one of those electric forks


    the oj one my grandma needs because of her arm


    the oj one my grandma needs because of her arm

  • Natilee McDermott
    Natilee McDermott 8 days ago

    My birthday is in January....can I have likes though? Lmao

  • Pusheen God
    Pusheen God 8 days ago

    we may be far but we're not lazy!

  • Pusheen God
    Pusheen God 8 days ago

    go pusheen

  • Sära Lovelies
    Sära Lovelies 8 days ago

    #Team_Make_People_NOT_Lazy_Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mich scarpone
    mich scarpone 9 days ago

    My dad died when I was 2

  • Jacob Facile
    Jacob Facile 9 days ago

    ok, the modern world is a shit hole, I officially have given up on humanity.

  • Eric Simpson
    Eric Simpson 9 days ago

    what if you're complaining about a broken bone

  • manja deurwaarder
    manja deurwaarder 9 days ago

    I think these things are indeed also for lazy people but for people with a disease, for example, a muscle disease, atheism and people with a hernia and so

  • unicorn sparkles123
    unicorn sparkles123 10 days ago

    The banana thing is at my local store. The WORLDS LAZY WE ALL KNOW

  • Jordan Rubin
    Jordan Rubin 10 days ago

    Instead of a candwich get an uncrustable

  • MR. EPIC
    MR. EPIC 10 days ago

    i cant work..... im sick :(

  • Isabel Stowers
    Isabel Stowers 10 days ago

    Who am I kidding I just want likes

  • Isabel Stowers
    Isabel Stowers 10 days ago +3

    My dog died today her name was kelcie she was 7 7x7=49

    Can I get 49 likes?

  • CharlieH200700 Gamer-Gamef

    I had a pasta SPINNER when I was younger because it was amusing

  • Foxythfox islife23
    Foxythfox islife23 10 days ago

    I'm lazy so glad I found this video😂

  • Vasil Kemchev
    Vasil Kemchev 11 days ago


  • Matthew Brees
    Matthew Brees 11 days ago

    with the bread situation you suck it the fu*k up and deal with it pulse it is healthy for you

  • The Fox Lives On
    The Fox Lives On 11 days ago


  • Noah 03o
    Noah 03o 12 days ago

    Just why do these items EXIST!....!

  • Crazy Builder 1
    Crazy Builder 1 12 days ago

    My brother would use the automatic fork for spegette

  • Crazy Builder 1
    Crazy Builder 1 12 days ago

    My brother would use that

    DESTINY GOMES 12 days ago +1

    My cousin put his head on the ground and kept it there for more than a minute

  • Adelene Jarana
    Adelene Jarana 13 days ago

    Hakuna Matata

  • Leann Hammon
    Leann Hammon 13 days ago

    The last invention is amazing for kids.

  • Linzee Castaneda
    Linzee Castaneda 13 days ago

    If your baby is just learning to crawl at 2 that's not normal get that shit checked out 😂

  • Talia Martinez
    Talia Martinez 14 days ago

    I have OCD and the suitcase with shelves makes me less angry with the world

  • Logan Sims
    Logan Sims 14 days ago

    I am 10 and I can pour a full milk carton.

  • Cruz Bluitt
    Cruz Bluitt 16 days ago

    I poured a glass of milk by myself at 4

  • Cruz Bluitt
    Cruz Bluitt 16 days ago


  • Ashley Amparo
    Ashley Amparo 16 days ago

    jackseptaceye has one

  • OneWeekAtKeishas
    OneWeekAtKeishas 16 days ago

    im terrible at pouring things so...

  • Super Scoot
    Super Scoot 17 days ago

    The candwich is for car rides

  • Aleeyah Otaku
    Aleeyah Otaku 17 days ago

    wat if ur complaining that u wanna go on a roller coaster... not that i do... 😶

  • Salvador Ortiz
    Salvador Ortiz 18 days ago +1

    sometimes The 🍌 Could Stay on the cuter

  • t0xic g4mr
    t0xic g4mr 18 days ago

    Four people one suitcase to save space

  • Kassandra Perea
    Kassandra Perea 18 days ago +1

    This is 🐧 bill
    bill can't swim
    Don't let him drown in the comments

  • Beatriz Sanchez
    Beatriz Sanchez 18 days ago

    I need that suitcase can I get likes plzzzz

  • Christine Urban
    Christine Urban 18 days ago

    im lazy

  • jojo_is_flo sundance
    jojo_is_flo sundance 18 days ago

    any complaints make u lazy well lets see " I hate that my gramps died" ok run run run run bring him back to life I guess

  • onle Dustin
    onle Dustin 19 days ago +1

    The least won is pobole for klumse peapol

  • May Tu
    May Tu 19 days ago

    I do but I'm clumsy when it comes to these things

  • Keiddy White
    Keiddy White 19 days ago

    That video was uploaded the same day as my birthday 😂🤙🏼

  • Landon Yousey
    Landon Yousey 19 days ago

    what if u have neck probes end u have too lay down

  • Landon Yousey
    Landon Yousey 19 days ago

    what if u have neck probes end u have too lay down

  • Ravenwolf 101
    Ravenwolf 101 19 days ago

    wow 0:00

  • Lemons
    Lemons 19 days ago

    I was pouring a glass of milk one time and my arm started spazzing so i dropped the whole gallon of milk and it basically flooded my kitchen

  • Sharlett Moll
    Sharlett Moll 20 days ago

    I hate hole grain bread and if I want a sandwich and only have hole grain bread I live in the middle of no we're HOW AM I SAPOSTO WALK TO THE STORE AND GET BREAD

  • Marius Volbikas
    Marius Volbikas 20 days ago

    i am 9 years old..... i am super lazy almost like freacking grandma

  • OnionTurtle
    OnionTurtle 20 days ago

    i thought most of these things where pretty helpful

  • bobwithjim
    bobwithjim 20 days ago

    I'm lazy and I'm proud of it 😊

  • Oliver Salberg
    Oliver Salberg 20 days ago

    I think it's like things that make your day easier

  • helloppo neighbour
    helloppo neighbour 20 days ago +1

    nobody died
    its not even close to my b-day
    lifes great
    lets just be honest, i want likes 😂

  • Preston Hyde
    Preston Hyde 21 day ago

    Christian is lazy. he says you are lazy if you complain he is complaining about people complaining lol

  • The Kittykats
    The Kittykats 21 day ago

    5:35 its cool

  • Totally TJ
    Totally TJ 22 days ago

    my favorite part about pasta is twirling it😂

  • Vincent Incorvati
    Vincent Incorvati 22 days ago


  • Caitlin Busuttil
    Caitlin Busuttil 22 days ago

    hi delgrosso I want to know where you get your hyper drinks I love hyper drinks because my friends laugh at me and I end up going crazy walking round the playground

  • T0m_R1ddl3
    T0m_R1ddl3 22 days ago

    That suitcase would actually be great for my Handicapped Grandmother. This a useful invention.

  • Jade The unicorn
    Jade The unicorn 22 days ago

    What if I'm complaining about my mom always working and making me take care of all of my siblings and completely ignoring me, AM I STILL LAZY!!!!! IM I LAZY BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO TAKE CARE OF MY 4 YEAR OLD SISTER AT 12!!!! HUH!? HUH?!

  • SkyBaby767
    SkyBaby767 22 days ago

    I used to have a spaghetti turner

  • Oanh Thai
    Oanh Thai 23 days ago

    Some people: Underwear
    Christian: Undie-wear

  • Hydras Pappa
    Hydras Pappa 23 days ago +1

    The lazy rule: If you can't reach it, then you don't need it.

  • Cra ZoZo
    Cra ZoZo 23 days ago

    I understand the thing that pools drinks. Old people get shaky hands and may not be able to not spill it everywhere.

  • Barbora Drafi54321
    Barbora Drafi54321 23 days ago

    says u
    u are a YouTube er
    there are people dieing in war

  • Karman Feng
    Karman Feng 23 days ago

    Christian,I LOVE your videos.Can you react to some music?Btw I subscribed

  • Aizik cheney
    Aizik cheney 23 days ago

    I want to try the candwich just to see what it taste like

  • Alycans
    Alycans 23 days ago

    The banana slider actually would work for food businesses.

  • szaabi
    szaabi 24 days ago

    but what if you're complaining about global warming

  • DarkFox
    DarkFox 24 days ago

    *after watching this* ... and my mom said I was lazy

  • andrew domonkos
    andrew domonkos 24 days ago


  • Pretty Sure I'm Not From Midgard

    The suitcase is clever

  • Master of Daemons
    Master of Daemons 25 days ago

    I have something to say about: the candwiches, banana cutter, mop shoes, mop onsie, reading glasses and shelf suitcase.

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