Spoiler Alert!: Ridley Scott's secret plans for the future of the Alien franchise

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  • Gibran
    Gibran 3 days ago

    i was sooo disapointed where they took this movie, prometheus had such a good story at the beginning, about where we come from and all that, and than they take it to this Alien Scary Movie.

  • xH2S8x
    xH2S8x 7 days ago

    Did he just go on record saying David created the Xenomorphs? 3:28?

  • mougabo
    mougabo 11 days ago

    so..... Mr Scott..... will al do respect (and i do respect you) if the engineers didn't make the monster, why do we see a statue of it in the alien ship of prometheus when the humans start investigating the ship?

  • JPin
    JPin 15 days ago

    "My plans are making more and more of this shitty movies to destroy the love the fans feel for the franchise". David Evil Scott.

  • Kuino Canaba
    Kuino Canaba 15 days ago

    As much as I wanted to like the Covenant it's unfortunately even worse than Prometheus

  • The Zee Group
    The Zee Group 20 days ago +1

    The xenomorph isn't scary at all, get rid of that bullshit and come up with new ideas

  • Asd Kjh
    Asd Kjh 20 days ago

    asslicking of that britsie is just scarry and movie is pooo

  • Lord Gargamel
    Lord Gargamel 21 day ago

    Welp i hope life doesn't take him before then. Aliens is where it should have been ages ago. I agree that AvP was a bit of a joke. Didnt care for it.

  • Scot Cofrank
    Scot Cofrank 25 days ago

    FFS - take Ridley's pee pee out of your yap and simply speak to the man. The movie was cliche' over-acted - underacted and generally a fucking snooze fest ... ffs ... puh leaze ...

  • Rab carn
    Rab carn 26 days ago

    this guy is better than that george lucas. when is the last time he made a movie? All he does keeps on juggling with star wars

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 26 days ago

    Is Ridley drunk?

  • Joseph Elias
    Joseph Elias 1 month ago

    Sir Ridley, Hi.
    I suck ass

  • Sorvos
    Sorvos 1 month ago

    Ridley Scott, if you somehow, by accident, read this, YOU SUCK! Leave the Alien franchise alone and go enjoy your old years, without ruining our beloved movies. Thank you in advance!

  • happosai27
    happosai27 1 month ago

    hurry up with your movies, old man.
    Hes almost 80 I think

  • john edgmon-trump
    john edgmon-trump 1 month ago

    at his age you have to wonder if it was really a very and not a sheet....😵😵

  • Maiwand azami
    Maiwand azami 1 month ago

    Risky Scott read this social media opinion you should have gone with Prometheus direction. The alien dragon monster is played out. You did that already.

  • Pumking 1
    Pumking 1 1 month ago

    He should have asked him why Jar Jar Binks wasn't featured more prominently in the film.

  • Carl HIRST
    Carl HIRST 1 month ago

    what!...Ass Lickin suckin swallow!
    This guy just lept up Ridleys Ass! so far hes licking the base of Ridleys Brain!

    "ticks all my boxes what an Alien Movie blah blah loved it blah blah!"

    ive never heard a good review for this Covenant movie. Is this why directors get it so wrong, because noone tells em, to their face, where theyre going wrong!

    (had to furioisly pull over the car to write this)

  • Brewster Million
    Brewster Million 1 month ago

    stop calling them prequels, they are obviously a reboot

  • Perminology
    Perminology 1 month ago

    Interviewer is such a suck up.. Ridley, your last two Alien's were horrible, too many holes. Leave it to Blomkamp for Alien5

  • Ryan James
    Ryan James 1 month ago +1

    I'm guna cut straight to it.. your movie fucking sucked.
    Thanks for not explaining anything. None of us are interested in the engineers. So thanks Ridley for not giving us any info on them and also thanks for just killing them off, they weren't the only reason half of us saw your gay scary space monster movie or anything.. to say I don't care where they go with this would be an understatement. Honestly they should just have a crazy mass suicide, just drive the ship into a star. Movie over, roll credits. You'll get just as many answers in that 15 seconds as you got out of this 2 hours long movie. If the next movie doesn't answer every fucking question we have, Ridley and his shit franchise can suck a bag of unwashed cocks.

  • Jefferson Steelflex
    Jefferson Steelflex 1 month ago

    When it's all said and done the alien series is gonna be a HUGE HIT

  • Cha Dizzy
    Cha Dizzy 1 month ago

    An Android invented the Xenomorph. Which is why it ties in with ASH and Bishop being so fascinated by the Xenomorphs they encounter.

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young 1 month ago

    Scott if fucking crazy & even he is lost as to what alien was & is Scott is all over the place he's trying so hard to make a unique and different movie that he is fucking up the story line I think from now on I will only watch alien 1&2 & I'll pretend there are no other alien movies
    I don't think any1 gets what alien was. The 1st alien was not a god dam bug It was a psycho pathic alien "human" hybrid that could think
    More man then creature with the look of Death. But now every1 treats it like some dumb alien bug killing Machine like a shark or an alligator
    Sharks & alligators are not scary psycho pathic cereal killers are... Fuck me doesn't any1 even watch the 1st alien movie any more ?

  • Buju
    Buju 1 month ago


  • Resident Jason
    Resident Jason 1 month ago

    Never seen a interviewer kiss ass that fast. The movie was awful and Scott is ruining whats left of the franchise

  • Zarcon
    Zarcon 1 month ago

    He clearly loves the franchise. He can make any movie he wants and at 80 he can't make many more. He is making Alien movies because he enjoys them. I remember reading something about him talking to James Cameron and telling jim how he just loves science fiction so much. And jim asked him why he wasn't making science fiction movies? This was before Prometheus.

  • Jordan Saltzberg
    Jordan Saltzberg 1 month ago

    I loved Prometheus, I need to watch Covenant again and will be interested to see where it goes in Awakening.. Clearly the arc revolves around David, which is cool because we typically don't see the arc revolve around the bad guy... I love the back stories on how David engineered the Xeno's.. , similar to Batman Begins, giving the viewer a look into how we got to the future rather than just placing us there.. Keep it interesting, make us think, make us wonder... that's where Prometheus succeeded.. If you want simple shoot em up, go watch Fast n Furious..

  • Stephanie McDonnell
    Stephanie McDonnell 1 month ago

    alien 5 please and no more Ridley crap

  • LaBass666
    LaBass666 1 month ago

    that interviewer is so good at sucking dick

  • Jackson Wilburn
    Jackson Wilburn 1 month ago

    That's for changing the fucking title to no spoilers

  • Hatshepsut
    Hatshepsut 1 month ago

    for those who are confused, here is how i understand it: David creates the neomorphs during his time on the engineer colony by tinkering with the black goo found in the mural room there. the aliens in the first movie found on LV 426 were made by the engineers by the same black goo. This is supported by the age of the calcified remains of the engineer on the first ship and by the depictions of classic xenos at all stages of life in the mural room on the engineer world. So essentially what hes saying is that in Covenant, the aliens we see aren't the same old baddies but new ones spawned by robot space satan, not that he created the entire idea of the aliens.

  • Aaron Stevens
    Aaron Stevens 1 month ago

    he can't even speak clearly.... someone please take alien away from him... movie was beyond disappointing

  • Stephen Clark
    Stephen Clark 1 month ago

    What's going on? What's he saying? I can't see or hear the interview over all the smoke!

  • C K S
    C K S 1 month ago

    I Love This Movie So Much! Thank you so much Sir Ridley Scott!

  • Devan Hale
    Devan Hale 1 month ago

    is this guy in the beginning talking about covenant? cuz if so he obviously didn't watch it

  • Paul Petch
    Paul Petch 1 month ago

    This movie is terrible.

  • Victoria Woodward
    Victoria Woodward 1 month ago

    1:43 Oouuahh!

  • stan kidofu
    stan kidofu 1 month ago

    dear ridley scott... alien is not star wars and never will be, please dont try to make it star wars
    more prometheus please! I beg of you!
    its one of the smartest, deepest, intellectually challenging and interesting movies of all times!
    do NOT water it down and turn it into a low level jump scare movie that makes teens spill their popcorn and soda...

    alien covenant feels like a computer program analyzed all alien movies and prometheus and filtered out what scenes were well received and then merged it all together.
    its an abomination of an alien and prometheus movie... if this movie could talk it would squeek "KILL MEEEE" like one of the ripley clones in alien 4

  • Shane
    Shane 1 month ago

    What a drunk!

  • UrboyCrazy
    UrboyCrazy 1 month ago

    Hahahah Ridley you dog hahah. You had me Rickrolled with April fool Alien Covenant movie. I know that movie is not real very Funny ok i know its a joke. But now enough with the jokes Ridley. So when is the real serious Canon Prometheus 2/ Alien movie coming out you promised us??

  • SpaceFX
    SpaceFX 1 month ago

    Kiss my Ass ridley poopy poop, please fox take away the alien franchise from ridley poopy poop.

  • Sid Pablo
    Sid Pablo 1 month ago

    Johnny you lied.

  • The Curious Sapien
    The Curious Sapien 1 month ago

    So he is basically making it up as he goes along - great. 🙄 That kid is about to choke on Ridley's nut hair.

  • coolbuddydude1
    coolbuddydude1 1 month ago

    The Ass kissing is strong with this one.

  • Gaming onFiction
    Gaming onFiction 1 month ago +1

    I thought this was supposed to be an interview, not Ridley Scott getting a 7 minute verbal hand job. Way to be objective.

  • Thoplan
    Thoplan 1 month ago

    „I lovey-dovey-loved your" STOP right there at 0:07.

  • anphet_LOGIC SOM
    anphet_LOGIC SOM 1 month ago

    Ridley, moron and stupid film, are u reading?

  • Filbert Street
    Filbert Street 1 month ago

    It was the biggest piece of shit since prometheus

  • steven spencer
    steven spencer 1 month ago +1

    is he drunk? I'm really disappointed with where he took the mythology in Covenant. somebody please stop him.

  • ghengis john
    ghengis john 1 month ago

    The Alien came from a white robot named David. My childhood is ruined.

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 1 month ago

    They should release an Alien on this interviewer. Or is he a hybrid, he is trying to enter Ridley up his ars!

  • Jayson Sindler
    Jayson Sindler 1 month ago

    this dude is 🔨 drunk

  • Derek Dudley
    Derek Dudley 1 month ago

    is his nose Brown he cant get it any higher alien Covenant was OK not all that

  • Space Tyrell
    Space Tyrell 1 month ago


  • Flaming MonkeyAss
    Flaming MonkeyAss 1 month ago

    Do his plans include not turning the franchise into a joke?

  • Paul Kirby
    Paul Kirby 1 month ago

    The film was boring & predictable.. It is destroying the Alien Franchise..

  • Inesophet
    Inesophet 1 month ago

    RS: Please stop. 1st movie...GREAT, Second even better. Third...Meh, Fourth Entertaining but dumb. Prometheus...fucking stupid. Seriously dumb. Alien Covenant...makes Prometheus look smart...Just finished watching it and I can honestly say, PLEASE STOP

  • Disturbed18Rocker
    Disturbed18Rocker 1 month ago

    We need a movie on the Xenomorph home world! Maybe something Starship trooper Esq. You know we're warring back and forth, maybe they destroy earth and humans are left surviving in a massive fleet and decide "eye for an eye, it's only fair"

  • johnmonk66
    johnmonk66 1 month ago

    history of work? he has made the same alien movie six times already, when will he do Wool?

  • DHT&E
    DHT&E 1 month ago +1

    WOW this kid can REALLY shine ass!!! AM I RIGHT FOLKS?!!!

  • Michael Proctor
    Michael Proctor 1 month ago

    When Ridley said that Alien had a B movie plot he wasn't lying. The 1958 film It! The Terror From Beyond Space was a classic B movie that was Ridley's inspiration for Alien, but he'll never admit it.

  • andersenkalle
    andersenkalle 1 month ago

    I liked Covenant, but it certainly was flawed and i have a ton of questions. SPOILER!!!!! "The engineers didn't make him, David made him"....I love you Ridley but that isn't interesting at all. It's ONLY confusing and doesn't make much sense. Would make way more sense if the engineers made them. Would make even more sense if they didn't have a creator and just existed on their own with the engineers using them for something. Still, looking forward to the next movie to get some answers.

  • Thomas Dunne
    Thomas Dunne 1 month ago

    this guys questions are crap

  • Mattias Lindgren
    Mattias Lindgren 1 month ago +1

    Damon lindelof and neill blomkampf? why are these 2 shitty script writers even involved in the alien franchise anyway??? the prometheus the movie and this alien covenant is not even close to the original alien the movie from 1979. The alien 1979 was on a whole other level in movie making. this 2 recently alien movies felt like a completely other b movies. they didnt even felt like anything like the original alien movie from 1979. its a Shame that the alien franchise is being treated this way by ridley Scott and The other shitty script writers in the alien movies. avp 1 bs avp 2 bs alien resurrection 1997 bs crap. predators the movie 2010 bs crap. prometheus the movie 2012 bs crap. alien covenant the movie bs crap. hollywood is only in it for the money these days thats it folks.

  • Robert Xavier
    Robert Xavier 1 month ago

    Terrible Interviewer.
    He doesn't respond to Scott's answers
    and seems to cut him off to ask unrelated questions,
    both of which makes him seem like he's not even listening to Scott.
    Maybe its just the editing.

  • Futuristik2000 millenniummusic

    the whole David creating the xenos is stupid Ridley !! plus u killed what made Alien interesting by revealing Space jockeys as only giant men in suits!! Great movie director but these new script writers u employing must be illiterate! now I think Neil Blomkamp would have a given us a better movie by far. plus the first AVP movie WAS good !! so I don't know what the fuck u critics talking about. Now they say Covenant great !! wtf

  • Felix M
    Felix M 1 month ago

    I'll do the fingering...

  • Chun-Bonn Tang
    Chun-Bonn Tang 1 month ago

    unfortunately, i was disappointed by the shallow characterization of the covenant crew, most scenes with the creatures were not scary as you see too much and know the location of the alien. Ridley Scott probably just killed the Alien franchise with this movie.

  • Ryan Polvado
    Ryan Polvado 1 month ago

    Who the fuck is they guy doing the interview saying the movie was great! Is he high?

  • Paulo Teixeira
    Paulo Teixeira 1 month ago

    WHo is this TEEN interviewing Ridley Scott?
    Is he nuts? Drugged? Mentally ill?

    WTF?! Did I hear it right from him? HE LOVED Alien Covenant? Oh, man.... that's probably his first movie for sure! Can't believe a movies critic / interviewer can say such rubbish and not mention that Mr. Ridley Scott just FUC*ED it all: the lore, the history, the mystery, the aliens, the origins... ALL!!!!!
    WORST MOVIE in the franchise!!! Now we NEED an Alien Covenant substitute/alternative SOON!!!

    BAD interview, honestly.

    • Paulo Teixeira
      Paulo Teixeira 1 month ago

      Calm DOWN?! ;)
      Man this guy (probably self called journalist) is an idiot!!

    • Skillshead
      Skillshead 1 month ago

      jesus man. calm down

  • Gfresh1620
    Gfresh1620 1 month ago +1

    Ridley Scott is a masterful story teller and amazing cinematographer...I just hope he doesn't go all Gorge Lucas with the Alien franchise.

  • Nick Thompson
    Nick Thompson 1 month ago

    I enjoyed alien convenant , kept my attention and added to the franchise

  • Dropkick Chainsaw
    Dropkick Chainsaw 1 month ago

    This interviewer is the biggest fucking tool in the universe.

  • Adolf kitler
    Adolf kitler 1 month ago

    why is the interviwer lying out of his arse??? he claims its a great movie and never says - ridly WTF! none of this makes sense! its like u have no idea wtf u were even doing to your own movie

  • Winnal
    Winnal 1 month ago

    Not sure if I'm just numb to the scary movies but Alien Covenant wasn't scary at all. It was more suspenseful. No creeping horror at all. Unfortunately.

  • Vince Skypala
    Vince Skypala 1 month ago

    you are mental mate...this movie sucks arse

  • supahtyp
    supahtyp 1 month ago

    The interviewer stucks way too far in Scott's ass.

  • Corey voL8
    Corey voL8 1 month ago

    Ridley please stop making movies. And don't believe this *******

  • andvas1994
    andvas1994 1 month ago

    When i with a video starts with a guy humping Ridley Scott's leg about how he loved this movie oh so much i just can't watch it... If i was to interview Ridley Scott i would just tart off by saying ''What the fuck went wrong? You made a terrible movie... But even worse then that you totally raped the Alien lore so hard i don't know if there is any life left in it. What do you have to say in your defense for murdering one of my favorite Sci-fi franchises? Are you Senile or do you just fucking hate me and the other Alien fans?''. I wouldn't go easy on him. No reason to suck dick just Cuz he had made some of the best movie trough the ages.

  • Andrew Collins
    Andrew Collins 1 month ago

    i loved it. i love that we have more questions. real excited for more films and for sir ridley to continue his work

  • George Papageorgakis
    George Papageorgakis 1 month ago

    Good Job Mr Scott for making every person in Alien Covenant a complete moron taking the worst possible actions throughout the whole movie! You should make a new movie called Aliens: Dumb and Dumber....

    • Skillshead
      Skillshead 1 month ago

      thank you for your comment. It will not change the movie and will not be remembered. :)

  • Tyler Workman
    Tyler Workman 1 month ago

    to much gun fighting and not enough story and suspense. I'll just wait another 5 years for the answers I wanted from Prometheus

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion 1 month ago

    So I.e. what Ridley is really saying here, is that David stayed on the Covenant planet, and reprogrammed Walter to carry out his command. Walter helps David transfer the facehugger embryos David had grown, onto the Juggernaut ship, which David has re-activated, and met up with the Covenant ship in space.

    David and Walter then use the human embryos and colonists onboard the ship, to grow all thse Xeno eggs on the Juggernaut. David then plans to take the Juggernaut ship to earth in a War of the Worlds style invasion, where the human race will be propagated by the Xenomorphs.

    I really hope he is not doing this idea in Alien: Awakening, thats horrid terrible idea that may kill the franchise, he should think of something more cleverer than that, and stay off the booze and cigars, they are messing up his mind.

  • Kirk Meyers
    Kirk Meyers 1 month ago

    I really wish they had gone with the whole engineers story line . . . Have some patience fans, payoffs are usually better with patience . . . :(

  • Ricky Warren
    Ricky Warren 1 month ago

    he’s exactly right with everything he is saying I wish this movie was doing better in the box office i hear far to much negative reviews about this film its not avp or suicide squad or as slow and tedious as promethius so what did they want out of it?

  • Chronic Wizdom
    Chronic Wizdom 1 month ago

    This movie was definitely what we didn't want it's what we never needed and it's like he broke it to the point where there is no fixing it unless down the road he's like "JUST kidding!! I was fuckin wit u, here's the real alien origins story"

  • 2000jago
    2000jago 1 month ago +1

    This is so secret that it's been posted on youtube to ensure the secret doesn't get out...

  • Dead Prepper
    Dead Prepper 1 month ago

    This film fuckin sucked. This guy should stop blowing Ridley Scott. I feel like Scott is trying to destroy the Alien franchise while promoting his own thing, when in reality, hes destroying both the Alien franchise AND his own thing. Alien 5 had so much more potential then this rubbish.

  • Vincent Law
    Vincent Law 1 month ago

    "I love it, I love it!!!!! I LOVE IT When I watched it......this is satisfying film" - Somebody give the ass kissing interviewer an Oscar nomination

  • AmazinFrenchFry
    AmazinFrenchFry 1 month ago

    I think his future plans are to retire and give it to Neill Blomkamp.

  • captain heebie
    captain heebie 1 month ago

    i hate this movie and that guy

  • Han Shlomo
    Han Shlomo 1 month ago

    He sounds like an old rambling drunk

  • Howser0
    Howser0 1 month ago

    We better get a director's cut in the same vein as kingdom of heaven... or this film is just another poorly edited, poorly paced crap film that focused on all the worse elements of prometheus. At Least we've finally seen a decent CGI alien for the first time ever.

  • Chevelle99X Chicago
    Chevelle99X Chicago 1 month ago

    It Sucked ! A CGI Cartoon Alien was Scary to you ? Your a Pussy man,, How about also the fact the engineers on the planet look nothing like the ones in Prometheus, they look more like those mutant humans from that old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie  " total Recall "  haha  god damn!

  • Sam Vimes
    Sam Vimes 1 month ago

    Ridley Scott is a fucking lazy hack. Covenant was horrible, it completely ruins the continuity of the franchise and isn't even consistent with Prometheus, let alone the other movies.

  • mp27reviews
    mp27reviews 1 month ago

    I loved Alien Covenant. I also love how Ridley just doesn't pull punches on his opinions in the interview.

  • The_Endgame
    The_Endgame 1 month ago

    He's drunk.

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