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  • Mamrie and I watched Logan Paul's new song "The Fall of Jake Paul" and made a cute fun game out of it!

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  • Jerel Damon
    Jerel Damon 1 hour ago

    You always cheat.

  • Pan lifelord
    Pan lifelord 2 hours ago

    I just gagged

    • Pan lifelord
      Pan lifelord 2 hours ago

      at logan paul... not Grace, you're doing amazing sweetie

  • Shelby Marsh
    Shelby Marsh 3 hours ago

    do more of these with other videos please

  • video edits
    video edits 3 hours ago

    wow I really love og youtubers

  • Breana Brotzman
    Breana Brotzman 3 hours ago

    I am crying 😂

  • dabbing833 zach
    dabbing833 zach 5 hours ago

    You suck you skiped every good part👿

  • Krystena & JJ Arroyo

    the KIDS arnt just kids their a band stupinds

  • Jess Wally
    Jess Wally 10 hours ago


  • JoyfullNoise93
    JoyfullNoise93 11 hours ago

    Lol I love the idea of a reverse roast! Instead of hurling insults, compliment each other!

  • reviewingsid
    reviewingsid 12 hours ago

    mamrie is lookin so fine lately

  • Usman Aamir
    Usman Aamir 12 hours ago

    “He looks like a white boy who would rape”

  • RealSkullYT
    RealSkullYT 17 hours ago


  • maggielolhi
    maggielolhi 18 hours ago

    "don't come for me" TEPPERS IN THE HOUSE

  • Arlenne Yanez
    Arlenne Yanez 18 hours ago

    These boys were a band called "why don't we" and their not THAT young their 19,18,18,18,16 so...

  • skylar evans
    skylar evans 19 hours ago

    why tf her eyes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo biggg

  • skylar evans
    skylar evans 19 hours ago

    tf you did not just call my boys why dont we a lesbian f

  • Elijah Conley
    Elijah Conley 20 hours ago


  • Jasmin Aristeo
    Jasmin Aristeo 21 hour ago

    they skip alot

  • Isabellasmall
    Isabellasmall 21 hour ago


  • kazdan3
    kazdan3 21 hour ago

    5:11 "who are these lesbians😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • tiffany
    tiffany 1 day ago


  • Autumn Rae
    Autumn Rae 1 day ago

    "Question, which kind of bear is best." I don't know when Mamrie said "question" at 1:23 it reminded me of Dwight from the Office and that scene ahah

  • CitrusDiet
    CitrusDiet 1 day ago

    Grace is such a cool youtuber because A) I almost didn't watch this cause I wasn't very interested in a reaction video
    B)she turned what everyone else does which is just reacting to something into a game
    C)she literally did the opposite of click baiting and named it less than what it was

  • Sara Aref
    Sara Aref 1 day ago

    make this a series

  • A lonely Fish
    A lonely Fish 1 day ago

    4:26 thx me later😏

  • Lauren
    Lauren 1 day ago

    Oh look. I'm here again. loling my butt off.

  • Laura Schrader
    Laura Schrader 1 day ago

    cоol videо! Guys рlеase rаte mу hot video оn mу сhаnnеl. Who liкеd this vidеo, cliсk "like" )

  • Kirsten Potae
    Kirsten Potae 1 day ago


  • Madison Gutierrez

    They need to react to Help me help you by why don't we and Logan Paul

  • Madison Gutierrez

    Is it just me or does Mamrie look different

  • Ana Fox
    Ana Fox 1 day ago

    That self-roasting lmao!! Hey, I'm viewing. Never overcooked for me. I hate rare.

  • Wilfredo Saavedra

    What did Grace say in the start of the video before Mamrie said "Oh good we are recording"?

  • Molly Dever
    Molly Dever 1 day ago

    You guys someone please explain to me the appeal of Logan and Jake Paul because I really don't understand

  • Kaeros13
    Kaeros13 1 day ago

    i have always loved the sound editing in your videos Grace😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️ also, a holy trinity video would be nice hahahhaha :X

  • siri H
    siri H 1 day ago

    the girl in the thumbnail looked like Zoe Deschanel.

  • Thailin Trevizo
    Thailin Trevizo 1 day ago

    Those boys are why don't we they are teenagers who are famous they sing

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 1 day ago

    Love you gals but Logan and Jake are horrible people and so are their fans and friends.

  • Dwija Modi
    Dwija Modi 1 day ago


  • its_cj 2003
    its_cj 2003 1 day ago

    Logan Paul looks like Edward scissor hands

  • marline kang
    marline kang 1 day ago

    react to It's Everynight Sis please hahha

  • Awesome Akeem
    Awesome Akeem 1 day ago

    They don't have in Accent 😂

  • Taylor Bailey
    Taylor Bailey 1 day ago

    I pretty sure the Logan and Jake Paul are antichrist

  • Maddie Watson
    Maddie Watson 1 day ago


  • hannah Reside
    hannah Reside 1 day ago

    OOOH LETS START A FEUD!!! I died😂😂

  • an gel
    an gel 1 day ago

    Yeah but...... can you guys make a music video out of the things you wrote on the post-it notes? I wanna see a hoverboard chase scene!!!

  • Derpie Derp
    Derpie Derp 1 day ago

    I died when mamrie said who are these lesbians?

  • Israel Pitot
    Israel Pitot 1 day ago

    does it bother anyone else that their squares don't match

  • chukabucka
    chukabucka 2 days ago

    v fne!

  • A.J. Roadie
    A.J. Roadie 2 days ago

    Logan apparently is better at rapping than Jake. Which is pretty obvious.

  • I Am Awesome
    I Am Awesome 2 days ago

    Is there any speak about Hannah? She's been out for a few weeks :(

  • Isabella Guzman
    Isabella Guzman 2 days ago

    "physically maybe. they look very fit" im dead XD

  • Lydia Demnetyev
    Lydia Demnetyev 2 days ago

    The blonde lady looks like she Alissa's older sis or something

  • It's Me
    It's Me 2 days ago

    Omg can you guys PLEASE do the opposite of a roast (dis track)!!! Like just a rap battle of building each other up and complementing one another!! 😂❤

  • Sona Dira
    Sona Dira 2 days ago

    This is the only video I've watched about this situation, and I'm so happy that it will be the only one. This is why I love you Grace.

  • I Just Comment Stuff

    I literally stopped watching the video after they called Why Don't We lesbians because I freaking love them!

  • Zoy Dawkins
    Zoy Dawkins 2 days ago

    When you want to jump through the screen and tell them what all this beef is all about

  • Health By Napoli
    Health By Napoli 2 days ago

    I love love love the two of you together - can we please hang and drink rose please?!? lol

  • Dana North
    Dana North 2 days ago

    he doesn't have an acent hes full american

  • Martha Gardiner
    Martha Gardiner 2 days ago

    cool video! Guys plеаse rate my hоt video on mу chаnnel. Who liкed this videо, сlick "likе" )

  • PIper O'Neill
    PIper O'Neill 2 days ago

    Who else thinks that there will be another diss on Logan Paul by jake

  • Marleen Taut
    Marleen Taut 2 days ago

    Logang for life 🥂❤️

  • Grace Reinhart
    Grace Reinhart 2 days ago

    Is it just me or did some of you guys get a little mad cuz they weren't part of the Logang and didnt see the diss track or really know anything about the strongest family on the internet

  • Jada Walwyn
    Jada Walwyn 2 days ago

    this feud is bullshit, right? like it's just for attention, correct me if I am wrong?

  • Jada Walwyn
    Jada Walwyn 2 days ago

    I honestly dont see what the big deal is with TWO BROTHERS fighting... that's NORMal I have never heard of two brothers who have grown up together their whole lives NOT fighting

  • ImKrispyCat
    ImKrispyCat 2 days ago

    Ok so I'm a huge fan of Logan Paul and when they were reading what they thought would happen I was like NO NO NO NO YOU HAVE IT ALL WRONG😂

  • Vanessa Hayes
    Vanessa Hayes 2 days ago

    I feel like I want the video you two created with your sticky notes more than the actual video he made

  • Mia Cool
    Mia Cool 2 days ago

    You two bitch are noting to him

  • FancyDandin
    FancyDandin 2 days ago

    I dig this challenge. Make more of it. It was so fun to watch.

  • Mizz Matrix
    Mizz Matrix 2 days ago

    "You aint gonna roast us, we're allready overcooked"
    I died. So hard.

  • Lauren
    Lauren 2 days ago

    I've watched this at least 10 times. I laugh every time. MAS MAS MAS

  • Casey Wright
    Casey Wright 2 days ago

    Why Don't We DO NOT HAVE ACCENTS!!!

  • Brianna Diaz
    Brianna Diaz 2 days ago

    you both are my favorite wine moms

  • Kennedy Goddard
    Kennedy Goddard 2 days ago

    Why did they keep cutting the video???

  • slowhand500
    slowhand500 2 days ago

    I couldn't process it...too fast for my little brain.

  • kben
    kben 2 days ago

    I mean maverick could count as a "zoo animal" 😂

  • haaris hussain
    haaris hussain 2 days ago

    Most of the old youtube channels are dying. And it's making me sad 😢

    LOGANG4LIFE 2 days ago

    THOSE BOYS ARE WHY DONT WE and they don't have an accent

    LOGANG4LIFE 2 days ago


  • King Tee
    King Tee 2 days ago

    i love them... it's soo funny because they're old 😂😂😂😂

  • jazzlyn watson
    jazzlyn watson 2 days ago

    those "little boys" are the Why Don't We Boys (WhyDontWeMusic)

  • Minette Acosta
    Minette Acosta 2 days ago

    He doesn't have an accent 😂

  • Lady H. Wotton
    Lady H. Wotton 2 days ago

    When they drank the rosé like a shot in the beginning I could hear my classy European family shudder in disgust xD

  • min hong
    min hong 2 days ago

    FFFFAAAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEEE!!! All that logan drama bet its fake,lowkey kinda smart thoe...

  • GomiShow
    GomiShow 2 days ago

    Last time I checked the strongest family on the Internet was the phandom

  • PerryLouise
    PerryLouise 2 days ago

    please do this again! its a great concept

  • Nayely Morales
    Nayely Morales 2 days ago

    who paused, got a drink, and toasted with her

  • Cory Scott
    Cory Scott 2 days ago

    "You ain't gotta roast us, we're already overcooked." is my life 😂

  • Beatrice Cheung
    Beatrice Cheung 2 days ago

    "We need clickbait
    We need feuds
    We need possible affairs, we need views"

    Already a better rap than Logan AND Jake Paul's songs lmao

  • Lily Descans
    Lily Descans 2 days ago

    I'm bullshit Logan's is not the strongest family on the internet I am literally in the PHANdom

  • Larissa Whoopty
    Larissa Whoopty 2 days ago

    Grace are you health goth

  • Phoebe Bliss
    Phoebe Bliss 2 days ago

    "Grandma Paul's mashed potatoes!" Hahaha I love her😂

  • Amanda Fenton
    Amanda Fenton 2 days ago

    Couldn't tell if they were just Slow or Slowmo. Your the best Mamrie Hart lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • OG Gunslinger
    OG Gunslinger 2 days ago

    When you need to pay rent

  • hannah hickmann
    hannah hickmann 2 days ago

    why does logan look like the dad from marley and me gNNNNN

  • Isabella Linares
    Isabella Linares 2 days ago

    "he looks like a white boy who would rap" Mamrie you're the absolute best.

  • Ilyssa's Real Life - IRL

    leave wdw alone legit at least they are young attractive and talented, three things you are not

  • Ilyssa's Real Life - IRL

    why don't we is not logan paul just saying

  • Ilyssa's Real Life - IRL

    hate on logan and jake all you want but do NOT mess with why don't we. keep ur wrinkles out of their business especially bc they have more talent then you will ever have

  • Elliot Grant
    Elliot Grant 2 days ago

    mamrie you look like this lady named virginia that i knew as a toddler in cohousing (she was a family friend she wasnt tryna make friends with toddlers dw)

  • Kayla Has SWAG!!!
    Kayla Has SWAG!!! 2 days ago

    The Dog Was A Pomeranian

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