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  • grav3yardgirl
    grav3yardgirl  7 months ago +10543

    should i do a DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK for the SILLISPONGE? let me know! (ง ° ͜ ʖ °)ง thank you so much for being here today SWAMP FAMILY! ♥ i love you & i hope you're having an AWESOME DAY!

  • CELYN 674
    CELYN 674 5 hours ago

    🐰 of 🐊 family

  • Charles Cayton
    Charles Cayton 2 days ago

    O man iam not getting that for my Mack up brushes

  • Charles Cayton
    Charles Cayton 2 days ago

    lol lol lol lol lol I love it I what one so much lol hi cool video

  • Charles Cayton
    Charles Cayton 2 days ago

    lol lol lol lol lol I love it I what one so much lol hi cool video

  • Little Aquatics
    Little Aquatics 2 days ago +1

    Did u like the Brush robot thing😂or this?🤔

  • Little Aquatics
    Little Aquatics 2 days ago +1

    Why do people dislike this?Haters

  • Princess95369
    Princess95369 2 days ago

    I saw in another vid they send u there soap

  • Zabel Connor
    Zabel Connor 4 days ago

    bunny, water conservation < plastic production. use the tap.

  • Zullindawati Zulkifli

    You are so funny

  • Sarah is quite weird

    6:14 your welcome

  • Azlan Trecartin
    Azlan Trecartin 6 days ago

    pretty <3

  • Sky Hunter
    Sky Hunter 8 days ago

    American tea spoon lol

  • It's Fun
    It's Fun 8 days ago

    How can people hate her I love bunny she is funny nice

  • tawney perez
    tawney perez 9 days ago

    i think u added to much water the first time

  • Slimply Lindsey
    Slimply Lindsey 9 days ago

    Why does this video have more dislikes than likes

  • Patrice Quinto
    Patrice Quinto 9 days ago +1

    Bunny's eyes are so mesmerizing 👀💙

  • Lollybear Vlogs
    Lollybear Vlogs 10 days ago

    How re your eyes so blue

  • ocean xoxo
    ocean xoxo 10 days ago

    love you so much

  • Nightcore Sweetheart
    Nightcore Sweetheart 10 days ago

    Did she cut her hair ?

  • Aprils Space
    Aprils Space 11 days ago

    This would be good just dry your brushes after hand washing.

  • Mark Krahe
    Mark Krahe 11 days ago

    I love dose this thing really work

  • Jada Hannan
    Jada Hannan 11 days ago

    I miss when you tubers did. Not ask for likes

  • Becky Austin
    Becky Austin 12 days ago


  • Kayla Sowders
    Kayla Sowders 12 days ago +1

    do a prank on dogman

  • sparkle 209
    sparkle 209 12 days ago

    what you do is clean all of you brushes in one glass of water then dump out water And rewash all of them again

  • sparkly Natty
    sparkly Natty 13 days ago +1

    I love you bunny you make happy every day keep doing wut your doing I love you. From my swamp family to yours

  • Scarlet Singleton
    Scarlet Singleton 14 days ago +1

    This women is crazy and I think there is not enough people like that. I love you girl😘😍

  • Gemini Prescott
    Gemini Prescott 14 days ago


  • Lady Bree
    Lady Bree 14 days ago

    The whole not rinsing part skeeves me out. Nope

  • Stephanie Chai
    Stephanie Chai 15 days ago +1

    That just feel like I take a bubble bath and air dry myself without rinse off all the bubble

  • Nancy Lopez
    Nancy Lopez 15 days ago

    I'm so amazed that your doing a review on this items 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • I love dogs
    I love dogs 16 days ago

    just me that thinks the bowl looks like a fish bowl??

  • Evie Tarry
    Evie Tarry 16 days ago

    I used to watch her about 2 yrs ago and she's the same lol no hate

  • Aragorn Elessar
    Aragorn Elessar 16 days ago

    Woa. Chill. Just. Chill. Please.

  • paige gibson
    paige gibson 17 days ago

    I am in love with that shirt!! 😍🌷

  • Angelina benitez
    Angelina benitez 17 days ago

    ( ^-^ )

  • Dee Dee 23
    Dee Dee 23 19 days ago

    Take a shot every time she says "bristles"

  • REM8205 MakeupyourMind

    Bunny can you see if the luminess air makeuo.machine really works?

  • Laura Patterson
    Laura Patterson 20 days ago

    You got the like goal

  • Abz S
    Abz S 20 days ago +1

    On the thumbnail you look scary

  • Tina Tran
    Tina Tran 20 days ago

    DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK- I love saying it along to Bunny

  • StOrMzZz90
    StOrMzZz90 21 day ago

    Maybe if you clean them a second time you don't need to change water each time

  • Valerie Douglas
    Valerie Douglas 22 days ago

    ok doll now thats its been a year would you still say this is a good buy???

  • Kiabear 186
    Kiabear 186 22 days ago

    And here's me washing my brushes twice a year

  • Kandis Harris
    Kandis Harris 22 days ago


  • georgina87
    georgina87 24 days ago

    omg your reaction the first time you spin the brush 😂😂😂

  • nilimarose
    nilimarose 26 days ago

    You didn't miss that class. I didn't learn the metric system in school either.

  • Ayleen Rodriguez
    Ayleen Rodriguez 26 days ago +1

    you've made a much better review than jef & laura

  • Mystery Rose
    Mystery Rose 26 days ago

    Bunny:Now they say start to spin
    *Gets excited because of the spinning*
    *Ad plays without the skip option*
    Me: why

  • Sammi3's Space
    Sammi3's Space 27 days ago

    OOOOO collars o. My fanangies

  • selena williams
    selena williams 27 days ago

    WARNING DON'T watch her if u have a headache other than that DO!

  • Karina arroyo
    Karina arroyo 28 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought about dropping that stlypro vibrating stick thingy "on accident " on my lap between my legs but like not meaning to though just "on accident " 😏

  • lizard faces
    lizard faces 28 days ago

    I LOVE U AND ALL but u need to brush your teetg

  • Brielle Nielson
    Brielle Nielson 28 days ago

    I wonder if it would be terrible just to put a drop of soap on the bristles and then spin in clean water.

  • Republican4U2Envy
    Republican4U2Envy 28 days ago +2

    Even changing the soap and water every brush, it is way less soap and water than it takes me to wash my brushes under the faucet haha. I think I'll have to give this a try! I watched another channel do it but they didn't soak it first... or do anything seriously the entire time lol.

  • Amaya Simpson
    Amaya Simpson 28 days ago

    People in my family call me bunny, cause I'm jumpy and can do the nose thing just lik a bunny

  • Sydney Hayes
    Sydney Hayes 28 days ago

    She is Bug eyed and creeps me out... also what is she on?!!

  • Delaney Sears-Webb
    Delaney Sears-Webb 28 days ago

    I feel like it would work even better if the glass bowl was textured.

  • Jax Skellie
    Jax Skellie 28 days ago

    Bunny: *Talks like she's crazy and ends up flipping hair over her head and into her face*
    Bunny: *proceeds to talk this way looking even more crazy*

    😂😂😂 luv u gurl!

  • Abby & Sarah Hughes
    Abby & Sarah Hughes 29 days ago

    It's not a farul it's a farrreell

  • Sophanie Kien
    Sophanie Kien 29 days ago

    She's creepy to me but she's funny and fun

  • yes, I'm an army
    yes, I'm an army 29 days ago

    " dirty water in my faceu " lmaooo reference?

  • Nicolas Ouimette
    Nicolas Ouimette Month ago

    Everyone's favorite time of the month because you forget to record lol ily

  • Jekara Knight
    Jekara Knight Month ago

    anyone watching this in 2017

  • Blue Cup Father
    Blue Cup Father Month ago

    This is the dumbest and most useless invention of this millenia.
    I bought one here:

  • pres.noell
    pres.noell Month ago

    Loud and obnoxious...... I LIKE IT😂❤️❤️ no hate btw I love you smmm❤️❤️😂

  • Jenessa Khalei
    Jenessa Khalei Month ago

    I am so scared of this woman

  • Glitzey_flare Me
    Glitzey_flare Me Month ago

    But she funny

  • Glitzey_flare Me
    Glitzey_flare Me Month ago

    OMG she is so 😖 like she has to wear so much makeup to look pretty like u see on her profile pic

  • DarahDIY 101
    DarahDIY 101 Month ago

    If you are watching in 2017 like

  • Super Slimes
    Super Slimes Month ago +1

    The people who hit the dislike button had their phone the wrong way.

  • chelsie style
    chelsie style Month ago

    your just so energetic I love you keep it up!!!

  • Fab Planet™
    Fab Planet™ Month ago

    pause at 0:06

  • Ashlea O'Connell
    Ashlea O'Connell Month ago

    This chick crazy!!!

  • Georgia Rego
    Georgia Rego Month ago

    No please

  • cassie smith
    cassie smith Month ago

    video (technically) starts at 2:23 🙄

  • HT TH
    HT TH Month ago

    You have the most beautiful eyes

  • Copper Cookie
    Copper Cookie Month ago


  • Yung Niya
    Yung Niya Month ago

    your eyes are beautiful

  • steven & & trinity
    steven & & trinity Month ago

    i love this it makes me want to buy it! but in my opinion i would use that makeup brush cleaner for powder and i would use a clipboard and draw designs with a hotglue gun on it and use it as a cream makeup brush cleaner.

  • Mallory Midkiff
    Mallory Midkiff Month ago

    oh my gosh your eyes are so pretty😍😂

  • Jenn Jenn
    Jenn Jenn Month ago

    You don't think you use more water without this device? I know I do.

  • Jenn Jenn
    Jenn Jenn Month ago


  • xWilllow
    xWilllow Month ago +2

    I love your eyes Bunny 😍

  • Sushi2002
    Sushi2002 Month ago

    I love your hair

  • hanah fuller
    hanah fuller Month ago

    bunny your so funny

  • Morgan Trial
    Morgan Trial Month ago

    4:00 I fuckin lost it

  • Siera's Corner
    Siera's Corner Month ago

    It's so satisfying

  • Autumn Coles
    Autumn Coles Month ago

    I just had to hit the like button after she said "DOES THE LIKE BUTTON REALLY WORK"?😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Phabulous Queen Of Ryden Shipping

    4:00 the noise I make when someone almost killed me in a game

  • Katie Cookie
    Katie Cookie Month ago


  • Diyanzy
    Diyanzy Month ago

    There are mixed reviews about this product. I am not sure if one shall buy it or not :O Its kinda confusin

  • abby heer
    abby heer Month ago

    She's so stupid. She didn't even put the brush all the way in the socket on the first one. Like wth do u think was gonna happen the brush can spin out like that. idiot

  • Kaylee Blanco
    Kaylee Blanco Month ago +2


  • Hazel Flower
    Hazel Flower Month ago

    Woah 8 mill..

  • Brianna Campos
    Brianna Campos Month ago +1

    i want this product so bad

  • Cosplay Corps
    Cosplay Corps Month ago

    Smash the bristles like you smash that like button!!!

  • Jenna and Nick
    Jenna and Nick Month ago

    U r so pretty bunny

  • Alyson Boyle
    Alyson Boyle Month ago

    Idk why but I feel safe watching Bunny.

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