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  • Ivan Valladares
    Ivan Valladares 2 days ago

    I'm addicted to your channel little Owl man :3

  • - extreemGaming -
    - extreemGaming - 5 days ago

    I love your voice so fucking much

    it helps me sleep

  • MrSnible
    MrSnible 5 days ago

    I watched for 13:50 seconds to finally watch the ship sink....

  • joseph cockrell
    joseph cockrell 5 days ago

    I think someone up top threatened her

  • stinkbean1
    stinkbean1 7 days ago +1

    It's not "amount of people", use the word "number" in place of "amount". Nope, not an English major, but I am educated beyond the 9th grade.

  • William Denison
    William Denison 8 days ago

    Where has this channel been all my life? I'm not sure how I came upon it, but I was instantly hooked. It might have something to do with the constant visual stimuli in the form of cute animals, cartoons, and flying words and images. Maybe it's the millennial in me.

    I've watched maybe a dozen of your videos and I really enjoy your commentary and humor. I was hoping I could send you a copy of a book that I wrote. I'm a white guy who majored in Black Studies and spent 4 years taking Black Power SJWs to task, and then I wrote about it.

  • Joshua Bailey
    Joshua Bailey 8 days ago

    the intervention crying scene is fucking genious mate..... You're a fucking BEAST.

  • Frostyundercarriage
    Frostyundercarriage 9 days ago

    For me at least. Bloody severed heads aren't in the fun part of my brain. So forgive my knee jerk revulsion. The comedy section is DARK in my nugget but idk all her other stuff was better. IMO. Her messing with Anderson blooper was hilarious.

  • dolo66
    dolo66 9 days ago

    She is the worst comedienne ever!!!!!!!! All she does is dick ride other so called celebs

  • Counterrevolutionary Tendencies

    I've watched old Dean Martin roasts and seen modern ones. The grossness we have allowed into our society is shocking by comparison. It's not surprising that we now have these sociopaths crawling around using comedy , acting etc as a vehicle to advance themselves given we'll tolerate personalities such as theirs. Sacha Baron Cohen is a good example of this shit. He harassed the shit out of people while making Borat. The tales coming out of Hollywood make it seem like one of the levels of hell. A cesspool of psychopaths and perverts, I'm beginning to think the entertainment industry draws this type. My image in younger days of something like old time circus performers, good hearted people who just like to play around and get a few laughs is sadly way off from the reality. God I remember thinking how much I love the movies and feeling appreciative of actors and writers , stage hands etc for entertaining me , bringing a little joy into the life of a working stiff. Seems like a huge percentage of these people are just pathetic , dumb monsters out to prey on us.

  • Boom Bastick
    Boom Bastick 9 days ago

    Give me tendes REEEEEEE AHH REEEEEEE

  • Spooksville Scoob
    Spooksville Scoob 9 days ago

    God damn, owls are cute

  • Jonnathan Perez
    Jonnathan Perez 9 days ago

    Shes a troll who made the mistake to mess with the world biggest troll...the god emperor himself

  • luvr381
    luvr381 9 days ago

    Oh my god listening to you is like reading Steven King, good story but what should be 400 pages ends up 1100. Are you getting paid by the word?

  • Eric Garner
    Eric Garner 9 days ago

    I wouldn't fuck Kathy Griffin's dick with Anderson Cooper's pussy.

  • P̸͟͞i̸͟͞e̸͟͞ F̸͟͞l̸͟͞i̸͟͞n̸͟͞g̸͟͞e̸͟͞r̸͟͞™

    She's really clenching that horse shit for dear life. XD

  • Xtre4mKiLLer
    Xtre4mKiLLer 10 days ago

    I wanna see your pictures folders... how many owls do you have!? xD

  • Dylan Hester
    Dylan Hester 11 days ago

    She should fuck herself or kill herself

  • John Smith
    John Smith 12 days ago +1

    Just imagine the outrage if Jeff Foxworthy would of held up Obamas cut off head...the hypocrisy is amazing.

  • Ravage Glez
    Ravage Glez 14 days ago

    She was paid by the dnc/soros dudes. It's basic math

  • Optical Clarity
    Optical Clarity 14 days ago

    The only way she gets attention is by creating controversy. She isn't, and never was funny.

  • True Salt
    True Salt 15 days ago

    had to cook 3 bags of popcorn for this one

  • allen harper
    allen harper 16 days ago

    ERB springs to mind... Jack the Ripper vs. Hannibal Lechter... I don't hate that you're naughty, Kathy, I hate that you're sloppy!

  • John Church
    John Church 18 days ago

    Great breakdown but maybe try not dissing your audience nobody likes to be belittled for falling for a troll. Just trying to keep you from pushing your fan base away.

  • Phil J.L Fig
    Phil J.L Fig 22 days ago

    I wish someone would have done this with obamas head wearing white sheets

  • Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid

    Kathy has always been known as the one willing to go for the low hanging fruit. She takes the scraps that other comedians aren't willing to deal with.

  • Sykotic Music
    Sykotic Music 23 days ago

    Kathy Griffin not that meat!

  • bulletpro111
    bulletpro111 24 days ago

    Let somebody do that with obama's head and see what happens. These fucks would burn the cities down. lol Fuck them.

  • bulletpro111
    bulletpro111 24 days ago

    I don't think that bitch meant to get fired. It's like the troll got trolled by a bigger troll with a bigger troll dick for troll dick-slapping shitty little half-wit trolls like her. Happy ending.

  • radipodhelp
    radipodhelp 25 days ago +1

    I was eating when he zoomed in on the meat. Thanks for that one.

  • Andy Fernon
    Andy Fernon 25 days ago

    I think if she really was a troll and it really was a joke she wouldnt have made such an immediately begging apology. She would have laughed off the idiots that didnt see the joke. I think she thought she was pandering to the biggest audience not realising that it wasnt the biggest audience.

  • N H
    N H 27 days ago

    you need to make a cartoon involving gemineye the owl...just saying...would be great..could be big.

  • Orbit
    Orbit 27 days ago

    GEMINEYE why was there a ship sinking in the background I was waiting so hard for u to mention why.

  • Dat random ass comment

    but is she related to Peter Griffin?

  • Debra O'Connor
    Debra O'Connor 29 days ago

    You are exactly right, but....lmao...I couldn't walk out, so all I said was I sincerely don't accept her apology. Would have gone away, if it wasn't for her, I entertained the troops and her admitting at aiming it at Barron Trump. Reeeeeeee.....He broke me... waaassh.Go Cathy! You're a fake like all the other whiny fakes.

  • Barbara Bermudes
    Barbara Bermudes 29 days ago

    I really enjoyed the "butt hurt" clip.
    First time I hear about this and Kathy Griffin. I think i'm becoming a gossip queen.

  • Nancy Yovina
    Nancy Yovina Month ago

    We have not seen much of Kathy Griffin, her career in hitting the bottom of the barrel, and I was so suprised to see just how badly she is aging, her thin Irish skin is wrinkled and sgging. Joan Rivers was a beauty Queen compared to you And she was the funnist woman around. she would tell you how wrong youare for this BS.

  • azazel
    azazel Month ago +1

    Not to mention she said shed lay a beatdown on barron...idgaf if your trolling,you being a full grown adult saying youd beat up a kid... much less the president's flesh and blood? your a sick fuckin cunt

  • Xia Seuii
    Xia Seuii Month ago

    It's like a failing C class celebrity releasing a sex tape because they need the attention.

  • halfbakedoreo
    halfbakedoreo Month ago

    The backlash is because the perceived notion of the assassination of the POTUS. Which is a federal crime.

  • xMiso12x
    xMiso12x Month ago +1

    8:17 - 8:21 IM DEAD LMAO

  • sallydecker
    sallydecker Month ago

    What a piece of work, this nothing burger gutter rat truly is !!! no such thing as bad press really !!! so glad it was your head that ended up on noose !! for stupidity or treason still trying to make my mind up .

  • Horse Footrot Flats

    Hahahaha great vid mate. Personally can't stand the bitch and have no issues with her losing bucks and work. Only because I can't recall ever enjoying her work.

  • KnikaB20 Harambea
    KnikaB20 Harambea Month ago

    instead of autistically smashing the dislike button i happily pressed the like button keep the good work up ps ill sux ya doc if i get into the comments

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black Month ago

    What the fuck was Asap Rocky thinking going head first in her moldy tits

  • dave wright
    dave wright Month ago

    liked the no nonsense approach , insightful... ( is that a word ..)

  • Shane Neilson
    Shane Neilson Month ago +1

    Kathy is such a fake... Crocodile tears? I couldn't even see any tears. She scrunched up her face n' made a whiny voice. ...f______ attention getter. Is what she is.

  • Gunnilingus
    Gunnilingus Month ago

    The origins of comedians, the court jester, was the only person excused by law for criticizing the king. His job was to criticize the king, to tell the truth, in a way that would not offend him, but make him laugh. That's why there are two Cardinal rules to being a comedian, whatever you're mocking needs to be the truth, you can't be status quo and really be funny, it's just sad, it makes you a bully for the state propeganda machine. Second, you have to be funny. Edgy artists get away with doing shit like this because they are pariahs. You can't get away with doing unfunny art if you're a comedian. Its common fucking sense.

  • Anime Fan_2003
    Anime Fan_2003 Month ago +1

    "this bitch looking like beaker from the Muppets" XD this channel is fucking amazing

    • Gemineye
      Gemineye  Month ago

      Lmfao she really does! Thanks!

  • Lorespade
    Lorespade Month ago

    awe man dude love it. haha

  • i7fan
    i7fan Month ago

    She did it because reversed psychology? To make conservatives and non leftist-neo-lib-SJW's stop their blasting on social media etc? Basically playing a bigot/agitator and then come out and apologize for it and taking down the photos/videos of it to send a message to the internet that its not ok to do meme's and attack their side. They are losing/have lost the battle after all and these days they resort to violence and silencing people. So maybe it was a combo of both being shocking, like she always been, and to send a message.

  • Dan-Man 22
    Dan-Man 22 Month ago

    I love your channel, you actually speak the truth about all these dumb ass stupid people in the world

  • Wolves Den Gaming
    Wolves Den Gaming Month ago

    if you dont upload more ill choke a cat

  • Zackary MacFarlane
    Zackary MacFarlane Month ago

    we're can I show my support to you do you have a patreon page

  • Goma Buu
    Goma Buu Month ago

    as a camrea my friend Picture was forced to take this horrible moment he was crying for weeks... we will be suing this weird phycopath

  • Goma Buu
    Goma Buu Month ago

    did she get sued...? can she get sued? cause that can tramatize the Trump children

  • A Big Ass Cow Turd
    A Big Ass Cow Turd Month ago +1

    I'm soooooo fkn glad I got you in my recs good job doing gods work stay frothy

  • Deann Lee
    Deann Lee Month ago

    Awesome video, dude! She is a troll, and the picture wasnt a big deal.

  • Bobby DeBarros
    Bobby DeBarros Month ago

    I love you.



    • Gemineye
      Gemineye  Month ago

      Thank you I appreciate the sub!

  • Thy Kingdom Come
    Thy Kingdom Come Month ago

    She's fucken hard to look at man.

  • MSF Lorde Irish
    MSF Lorde Irish Month ago +1

    look at me I can cry boo-hoo-hoo who but if a man tries to do that they are called less of a person why are women called less of a person when they cry why is she giving any attention.

  • Alex Mitterer
    Alex Mitterer Month ago +1

    This is the funniest shit i've ever seen! When I first saw the photo, I had no idea what she was holding for a good 4-5 seconds. After I realized it was fake DT's head, I sat there with the widest grin and laughed while saying, "I don't know who this dumb bitch is, but she's about to get all the hate."

    Then I went onto Bearings channel to watch his video, then to The White Youtuber's channel to see his video on this.

    Gemineye You are a gem my friend. I love your content. It is different from the rest and that makes it all the more special. Good luck and God speed!

    • Gemineye
      Gemineye  Month ago

      Haha I did the same man! Thanks dude that means a lot! I appreciate the support man!

  • Ricky Ferguson
    Ricky Ferguson Month ago

    Maybe if we don't talk about her she'll just rot and die? idk just an idea

  • Evan Rogers
    Evan Rogers Month ago

    owls ar the simbal of athenu the Greek god

  • Eric X
    Eric X Month ago

    You can hiiiiiiiiiiiide your lyin' eyes!
    Liberals are sociopathic liars... here's your sign!

  • ColdDead Hands
    ColdDead Hands Month ago

    Frigging Beaker!! LMFAO!!

  • ColdDead Hands
    ColdDead Hands Month ago

    You made some great points most I agree with. There's no doubt that she did this knowing full well what would happen. And trying to play the victim, in the end, made me want to puke! She's just a nasty old hag at the end of a career that never really started!! And could you imagine if a white guy comic did this with Obama's head!! It's not a good idea to do this with any president's head this day in age!

  • ColdDead Hands
    ColdDead Hands Month ago

    She wore a camo bikini a few months back and the military even made fun of her. The pics were so nasty that you had to have your parents sign off to look at them!

  • TheArtistsHeart Studio

    okay it's time for mother nature to crop up a twister, and drop a f""*"*g house on this bitch!!!!!

  • Thefallen 501st
    Thefallen 501st Month ago

    No you dont joke about killing a US president thats why people are pissed its the spoken line in the sand

    DA MAN WITH A PLAN Month ago

    You can't deny that Griffin and the privileged left celebrities are nothing short of hypocrites. They preach about what the think is good for us and many have never walked in the average citizens shoes. How we should give radical terrorist Muslims a chance. How we should open our boarded and flood the streets with illegals. Yet they would not maker room in their 15 bedroom mansions for a single one. Most doesn't even pay taxes with their offshore accounts either.

  • EL TEE
    EL TEE Month ago +1

    You just lost me as a subscriber.

    • Gemineye
      Gemineye  Month ago

      Don't bother me none haha

  • TehOldGamer
    TehOldGamer Month ago

    Bullshit that the secret service intimidated her into an apology. Any time there is a threat against a SS protectee, they have to interview to determine if the threat is credible, using the Brandenburg v. Ohio test. Everyone could see up front that it wasn't credible but they have to conduct the interview.

  • World War lll & The Clash Of Civilizations

    why wouldnt ya think she did double down , nothing she says in that press conference makes sense , i think youre falling into your own trap, i dont think anything backfired , if shes standing there saying "federal prison" , not just prison but federal prison meaning she understands the difference between the two involving fbi , cia , homeland etc etc so why would ya think shes now actually playing the victim , i think thats the point , for her to play a victim and if what it seems to be - actually laid out step by step and narrated to everyone with the little bouncing ball across the screen bouncing off every word so you can all sing in sync and follow the song perfectly why does anyone not think shes in control . shes been famous for decades and most probably a frigin pro when it comes to this stuff with all the psychology behind it , the money to research it , understands it , implements it , and finally win with it , why anyone would sit there and think shes finally falling victim to a public freak out , fuck up and meltdown when her life long business has been to study , critique and profit from all the other hollywood falls that have filled up case study after case study since hollywood began your kidding yourselvs . i think you were on the right track with this video but ya fell in to the exact same trap you were exposing because you like everyone else loves to hate her , call her unfunny , ugly and what ever else but in the end i think shes got ya all beat .. shes how old and has how much money ? how much fame ? shes supposedly getting calls from the FBI and able to publicly in real time talk about it to the entire world , even teflondon john gotti couldnt do that ? - And to top it off , gift wrap it , and bow tie it for ya she has the body of a teenager that every single magazine , commercial , billboard , movie , tv show has incessantly & relentlessly portrayed for more than a century and just about every single female & anorexic out there alive and dead the world over has wished to almighty god they could have for just one day she has nonchalantly acheived 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year and makes/owns it look as easy and as natural as any hot innocent red blooded american teenage calendar girl . . youve all been owned and ya dont even know it. . .

  • Myles Howard
    Myles Howard Month ago

    I just thought it was dumb as fuck. like where is the joke? Holding up a bloody head is a joke nowadays?

  • DougsterCanada1
    DougsterCanada1 Month ago

    Kathy Griffin said in 2016 she wanted to 'beat down' Donald and Barron Trump

    "Now more than ever we must absolutely go for all the absurdities,"
    she said. "For me, that's Trump and all things Trump. It's not about
    trying to be an equal-opportunity offender anymore because Hillary got
    such a beat down. It's his turn."
    "So I'm happy to deliver beat down to Donald Trump — and also to Barron," she said.- Washington Examiner

  • ManSpeakOut
    ManSpeakOut Month ago

    Regardless who the president is I find that to be in very bad taste, not only was it about killing the president but it was also done in a way that looks like something straight out of ISIS. The way she did it was to intentionally mirror that of those in ISIS. This kind of shit is happening to people in real life at the hands of terrorists so its a double whammy of incredibly bad taste.

    I view this less as an attempt at a joke but more of something done purely for the shock value, regain some relevancy, and be the thing everyone talks about for awhile.

  • hulagan808
    hulagan808 Month ago

    Sorry dude, we all got it, that's why her career is tanking. Fake trolling and meme ing has ruined her career.
    Not just the photo, but the leftist hypocrisy and insult to both sides contained in that photo, that she failed to notice .
    So it backfired and her obvious trolling meme was autistically weaponized against herself.
    She has lost the meme war as well as her celebrity . She jumped the shark.

  • folkosire
    folkosire Month ago

    So you pepper your message with "Eww, she's ugly"... bravo. I'm out.

  • dannyoman
    dannyoman Month ago

    Muppet haha I choked ! she was told to apologize looks like it OMG she is a real twisted troll like a told off child

  • KarbineKyle
    KarbineKyle Month ago

    LOL! "No! Not that meat!" I really didn't need that image put in my head. I didn't want to think about her beef curtains. And it would be on fire, too. Ugh. No more BBQ roast beef for me. Thanks, Gemineye!

  • Timetodiddl
    Timetodiddl Month ago

    This channel makes me want a pet owl.

  • cody4282
    cody4282 Month ago

    good man, good man

  • ta2joe13
    ta2joe13 Month ago

    Gemineye, you (annishtappii) native American bro? kinda sounds like you might be. if so greetings from the sto: lo nation. if not great channel greetings from British Columbia

  • JasonG
    JasonG Month ago +1

    loved the beaker addition

    • Gemineye
      Gemineye  Month ago

      Hehehe thanks I thought it was funny haha

  • JasonG
    JasonG Month ago

    spot on dude

  • skateordie27xx
    skateordie27xx Month ago +2

    lmfao....youre killing me.....and owls are fucking awesome one of my favorite animals

  • Nathaniel K
    Nathaniel K Month ago

    If you have to say sincerely you obviously aren't

  • too late
    too late Month ago

    she took it full retard...shes a victim and wouldn't hurt kids???

  • Clinton Sugg
    Clinton Sugg Month ago

    I didn't get triggered when I saw this but that aside how can she be a bad troll if she made a career out of trolling
    I'm no hater it's just a question oh and great vid

  • clayst17
    clayst17 Month ago

    I would do her if she had her hair and make up done and a pair of great heels on. lol

  • Baby intestines
    Baby intestines Month ago +1

    we need to put the niggers back in their place!

    wake up white people!

    • Bor Mik
      Bor Mik 4 days ago

      Baby intestines it's people like u, that I hate

  • j barnes
    j barnes Month ago

    He.....He.....HE......He broke me,
    For about 45 seconds.

  • j barnes
    j barnes Month ago

    In the same press conf. she acts humble then lacks the discipline to maintain the victim stance.
    Her ego took over then she starts with the tough talk.
    Dumb Cunt.
    She's about as shiny as a patina'd 100 year old copper roof.

  • j barnes
    j barnes Month ago

    She thought she was going to be a hero

  • j barnes
    j barnes Month ago

    "Tyler and I"
    She didn't know how bad it was gonna get.

  • gypsy freak
    gypsy freak Month ago

    im putting you in a video its a list. ok what it is that i noticed alot of people dont know about smaller channels like your self and many people dont know about bigger channels like paul joseph watson to grade a under a so i got mes a idea. ok i make a list of skeptics and debaters and its a long ass list and guess what your in it and i recommend everyone to go to these channels. and it gets even better i welcome people to download my video and have it on there channel and they are welcome to monitze it so the more people watch and down load it for them self the more those people that watches other channels that has the video will download the video and add it to there channel and the video will spread like wide fire all across youtube.....pretty sound right also i also recommended people who is listening to the video to make there own video of skeptics and debaters that wasnt on the list and ask others to to down load there videos for others to load up and again that too will spread like wild fire. genius

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