Best & Worst Dressed 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards (Dirty Laundry)

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  • Sabmis
    Sabmis 3 days ago

    What about Zara Larsson, she looked amazing!

  • success popoola
    success popoola 4 days ago

    haliee looked awful

  • Leah Morgan
    Leah Morgan 10 days ago

    clevver: mtv movie& tv awards dirty laundry
    me: if u say anything bad about millie Bobby Brown you are dead 😂😂😂😂

  • faggo _boy
    faggo _boy 24 days ago

    Zendaya totally rocked it out there... Her dress and she were the BEST out there... No matter what!!!!!

  • Anna Elise ; D
    Anna Elise ; D Month ago

    Millie kinda looked like Hillary Clinton. Not in a bad way that's just what her outfit reminded me of

  • Emily Wong
    Emily Wong Month ago

    I know who's fashionable at 19! PEYTON LIST!

  • Rachele The Cheshire Cat

    I loved Cara's outfit♡♡

  • Erika Amwaama
    Erika Amwaama Month ago

    the way clever is obsessed with camilla is,annoyin

  • Trish TV
    Trish TV 2 months ago

    The one with the shaved head has a male skull. That is a boy.

  • Trish TV
    Trish TV 2 months ago

    The little one in the white looks like she is about to be baptized at a hippy horse ranch.

  • Trish TV
    Trish TV 2 months ago

    The lilac dress with the beading looks like an unfinished chorus girl costume.

  • Sophia Keelan
    Sophia Keelan 2 months ago

    I wish you guys would talk less about each look and have more looks

  • ANAGHA Kulkarni
    ANAGHA Kulkarni 2 months ago

    came here only for zendaya

  • Awsome Girl
    Awsome Girl 2 months ago

    these women don't dress themselves. probley don't even look in the mirror before stepping our of there dressing room 😑

  • Tosha Graham
    Tosha Graham 2 months ago

    "she looks like the Jolly Green Giant's side piece"

  • Sylla Atlas
    Sylla Atlas 2 months ago

    Cara is always my best dressed

  • Claire White
    Claire White 2 months ago

    Belief entitle evil juror news mad control

  • Sos 302
    Sos 302 2 months ago +1

    Other ppl: I'll choose that dress
    Hannah baker: welcome to your tape remember that one time you didn't choose me for the best dress ya welcome to the tape

  • fack me up jyatt
    fack me up jyatt 2 months ago

    0:06 thought of all time low

  • Aesha Rehan
    Aesha Rehan 2 months ago

    "She is so unbelievably beautiful"

  • Yan Li
    Yan Li 2 months ago

    Cara looks scary

  • P. H
    P. H 2 months ago

    1. Zendaya was so perfect, the colour with her skin tone 😮😱 her hair and makeup, as always, was flawless, her body incredible my favourite by far.
    2. Nope. Those cutouts looked so bad. Didn't flatter her snap and you cannot do cutouts that big with a dress so small. If it had no cutouts it would be perfect. I love the colour with her complexion and the needing was beautiful but the cutouts are awful.
    3. Who cares she like 11. Everyone has no style at 12.
    4. Flawless. You have to have a perfect bone structure to do a shaved head. Her eyebrows and cheekbones stand out so well. I love how black it is to contrast her bleached head. Those thigh highs give me life.
    5. Camila looked like a Granmas couch cut up and bought from her aunts friends boutique because your mum guilt tripped you. Hell no. Hair BORING as always. Please take note from cara, cut it, bleach it , dye it do SOMETHING.
    6. Love the makeup and hair and the colour but a bit too matching. I would prefer her to show off her figure or at least some skin.

    Zendaya won for me. Then cara. The rest were just blah.

  • king rin
    king rin 2 months ago

    binge watching dirty laundry

  • Wild Style11
    Wild Style11 2 months ago

    Sometimes they always gotta find small problems to complain 🙄😑

  • shubhra khanna
    shubhra khanna 2 months ago

    Please make an episode for Brits 2017

  • shubhra khanna
    shubhra khanna 2 months ago

    Pretty please

  • shubhra khanna
    shubhra khanna 2 months ago

    Please show more of little mix

  • SD Games & Vlogs
    SD Games & Vlogs 2 months ago

    I think My Queen Alexandra Daddario should be on the list

  • Adélie Coupé
    Adélie Coupé 2 months ago

    Versailles is Louis XIV, not XVI... just saying...

  • Talijah Fluellen
    Talijah Fluellen 2 months ago

    is it me or did cara get scary

  • Maryam Farooq
    Maryam Farooq 2 months ago

    Where Tommy Dorfman tho?

  • Zoe Santiago
    Zoe Santiago 2 months ago

    i don't know why but I can't stand Hailee... i just can't

  • Venice Vincent
    Venice Vincent 2 months ago

    The hell is Versai??

  • AliaKates
    AliaKates 2 months ago

    Zendayas is 20

  • Yuga Saravanan
    Yuga Saravanan 2 months ago

    Hailee Steinfeld Killed That Outfit

  • Destiny McDaniel
    Destiny McDaniel 2 months ago

    Zendaya is like 21

  • natacha pem
    natacha pem 2 months ago

    I didn't recognise Millie Bobby Brown, I thought it was Halsey, she looked too old. Sorry to say but Camilla didn't look like much. The best dress was the red one, I would actually wear that.

  • Pippy ASMR
    Pippy ASMR 3 months ago

    700 th comment

  • Savage Baby
    Savage Baby 3 months ago +1

    Zendaya is 20

  • Vicky Lopez
    Vicky Lopez 3 months ago

    omg if u guys think milly bobby brown looks older in that dress that i would pick out at age 8 then i must look like a teenager im 12

  • Kristen Broskey
    Kristen Broskey 3 months ago

    Katherine is a straight snack

  • Rachel Ayvaz
    Rachel Ayvaz 3 months ago

    okay millie bobby brown can wear what she feel comfortable in
    and she is 13

  • Noraindeni
    Noraindeni 3 months ago

    Millie Bobby brown looks amazing and those cowboy boots work with her outfit. So even though her dress is too grown the cowboys boots is what made her look younger.

  • Iliana Soto
    Iliana Soto 3 months ago +1

    millie is 13 you guys.

  • Ava Dean
    Ava Dean 3 months ago +1

    Kathrine Langford looks absolutely gorgeous!

  • hannahraeebeauty
    hannahraeebeauty 3 months ago

    Sinead looks AMAZING with long hair!!

  • Camila cabello X Ari & LM

    I love Camila and hailee but Camila looked like a mess and she usually doesn't and hailees makeup looked good but the dress was ehhh

  • Izzy
    Izzy 3 months ago

    I went to the 2017 RDMAs

  • Hajra Naeem
    Hajra Naeem 3 months ago

    6:56 "it's [milly's outfit] not revealing or anything like that"
    bitch stfu... she's 13... let her be

  • Grace Moore
    Grace Moore 3 months ago

    What does a 12-13 year old wear???

  • Chelsea Neils
    Chelsea Neils 3 months ago

    if your still not fashionable why are you doing this segment???????

  • Hrisheka Sharma
    Hrisheka Sharma 3 months ago

    taylor swift before fame😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Francisca Rojas
    Francisca Rojas 3 months ago

    Millie just kill in that dress for the love f god she is 13 and she don't need to show everything and think that she just pick a perfect dress and the cowboys boots are the funny thing so sorry I'm disagree clevertv and Millie too she post it her Snapchat

  • maya.
    maya. 3 months ago

    cara shaved her HAIR!? NOOOOOO ugh no why? :( noo

  • Zoey Pun
    Zoey Pun 3 months ago

    Zendaya is 20 ...

  • Sophia Marie The Gymnast

    "I don't think we can be friends anymore"

    "I'm fine with that!"

  • Laila
    Laila 3 months ago

    Camila looked horrible, I'm sorry. That's a nono.

    • Camila cabello X Ari & LM
      Camila cabello X Ari & LM 3 months ago

      Laila yeah I'm even a fan of Camila but she just didn't look good in the dress or even the makeup and hair. This thing was a total mess but she usually looks good so. It might be bc she's tired but now that she's done with her album it will get better.

  • ashley kelly
    ashley kelly 3 months ago

    Millie she looked so beautiful

  • shiori08hachisuka
    shiori08hachisuka 3 months ago

    Anybody else live in a place much much colder than southern California and laugh every single time they say, "She must be cold in that outfit." Like, bitch please. Try wearing any of that shit in Alaska.

  • Wyatt-Lily Davenport
    Wyatt-Lily Davenport 3 months ago +2

    Stop grilling my girl millie's outfit, Eleven wears what eleven wants

  • Christina Chrisi
    Christina Chrisi 3 months ago +1

    These hosts know nothing about style, CAMILLA WAS LOOKING PERFECT.

  • kathy nguyen
    kathy nguyen 3 months ago

    Mami camila 😍😍😍

  • Siara
    Siara 3 months ago +1

    cara delevigne makes me wanna be lesbian

  • Magita Perez
    Magita Perez 3 months ago

    the second dress is awful lets be real

  • Vmin My Religion
    Vmin My Religion 3 months ago

    with this you can know that the american people are more dirty an crticism

  • Rainey Can
    Rainey Can 3 months ago +1

    My Opinion on outfits
    Zendaya's dress : I don't like green ,but she looks a-MAZE-ing!!!
    Hailee's : That is really pretty!! I think it's just really short!!
    Millie's: She looks really cute! Just maybe a little more color!!
    Cara's: I actually like it!! My only problem it that is the hair and her death glare! Lol
    Camila's: Oooh pretty!! I actually want it!! Her hair is a little well ehhh... messy in a way.
    Katherine's: I just gotta love the red!!

    My altogether favorite dress was.... ma girl Zendaya!!! And in second place was Cara's !!

  • LovelyPotato
    LovelyPotato 3 months ago

    Can you guys look at RuPaul's looks? I would gag if you do.

  • gogo power ranger
    gogo power ranger 3 months ago

    Camila looks like a soccer mom

  • maig
    maig 3 months ago

    why do americans say 'jewLERY'?

  • Vminkooknamjinsope
    Vminkooknamjinsope 3 months ago +1

    AHAHAHA Millie watched this IM DYING
    Luv u guys but leave her alone, she IS 13

  • Seini Williams
    Seini Williams 3 months ago +1

    UGGGHHH I wanted dirty laundry on the outfits from Met Gala

  • Eileen Tran
    Eileen Tran 3 months ago

    How did you not talk about Emma Watson?

  • Brandon Singh
    Brandon Singh 3 months ago +1

    Hailee steinfeld looked very gorgeous

  • Dazjah Washington
    Dazjah Washington 3 months ago

    love y'all, but i like the videos where they talk about more stars

  • Elis Kozlovsky
    Elis Kozlovsky 3 months ago

    "I think she is casting a spell on us."


  • dankmemefinn •
    dankmemefinn • 3 months ago +1

    Millie looked stunning what the actual fuck

  • Maria Alsalmi
    Maria Alsalmi 3 months ago

    Zendaya obvi. SHE IS MY QUEEN♥️

  • rei h
    rei h 3 months ago


  • Monika Lawati
    Monika Lawati 3 months ago

    of course it's Hailee for the win DUHHH

  • Abby Normal Rhodes
    Abby Normal Rhodes 3 months ago

    Sinead is like the cool older sister everyone wants

  • Jesse Lull
    Jesse Lull 3 months ago

    sinéad looks bomb doe👌

  • Slime Clouds
    Slime Clouds 3 months ago

    All the comments on here are " MET GALA met gala Met Gala mEt GaLa met GALA MET gala MeT gAlA MEEEEEEEEEEET GALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" omg calm down yall

  • Glitter_rey Nowlin
    Glitter_rey Nowlin 3 months ago

    She's 13 not 12

  • Melissa Bachet
    Melissa Bachet 3 months ago

    I just want them to talk about Tyler posey and holland rodeo

  • alex lee
    alex lee 3 months ago

    Met Gala 2017?

  • Alanis Baez
    Alanis Baez 3 months ago


  • Alanis Baez
    Alanis Baez 3 months ago


  • Gena Home
    Gena Home 3 months ago

    Hailee Steinfeld

  • Karin Kaith
    Karin Kaith 3 months ago +1

    Cara shaved her head and it looks good on her!!!!

  • Karin Kaith
    Karin Kaith 3 months ago

    Cara shaved her head and it looks good on her!!!!

  • Ebony Rowe
    Ebony Rowe 3 months ago

    So sad because they forgot about the met gala

  • Mae pond
    Mae pond 3 months ago +1

    so sorry millie didnt want to dress like a 2 year old
    let her dress mature if she want to

  • Boredjejess
    Boredjejess 3 months ago +1

    Millie saw this video btw

  • Madison :3
    Madison :3 3 months ago

    Millie is my bestie

  • Mehreen Khan
    Mehreen Khan 3 months ago +1

    Did they seriously just judge a 13 year old's outfit? 🙄

  • Danielle M
    Danielle M 3 months ago +1

    Why is Tracy always so negative when everyone else is positive. I mean I get everyone has their own opinion but idn, she needs to lighten up and be more open.

  • K D
    K D 3 months ago

    Tell me Camila didn't rock the former child star turned hot mess look 🔥

  • nathanraze
    nathanraze 3 months ago

    Gal Gadot

  • Ariane Alam
    Ariane Alam 3 months ago

    The girls are very nice but the video is a bit too long and please, give that 12 year old a break, let her wear whatever!

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