Voters For Trump Ad - SNL

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  • Americans (Taran Killam, Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney) offer insight into why they'll be voting for Donald Trump.

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  • Runtime: 1:26

Comments: 18 340

  • bluezzbastardzz
    bluezzbastardzz Hour ago

    Interesting to watch now, almost one and a half year later...

  • Joe Grisanzio
    Joe Grisanzio 12 hours ago

    This speaks VOLUMES in 2017

  • meatisadelicacy
    meatisadelicacy 19 hours ago +1

    Especially poignant right now.

  • Kris Rai Rodriguez
    Kris Rai Rodriguez Day ago +1

    literally what today is about.

  • Doug Grinbergs
    Doug Grinbergs Day ago

    after theRump's Charlottesville comments, surprised my Facebook feed isn't full of posts linking to this

  • Daniel Chae
    Daniel Chae Day ago

    Well, this has aged, unironically speaking, well.

  • Starlight_Feather

    The only thing that would make this funnier is if it was an actual commercial- like a bunch of ad takes the editor just decided to leave in.

  • Boglárka Dobosi
    Boglárka Dobosi 2 days ago

    OMG, this is so relewant right now!

  • Gracen Bell
    Gracen Bell 2 days ago

    What has Donald done wrong

  • Malcolm Kelly
    Malcolm Kelly 2 days ago +2

    This skit is so much more accurate as of a few days ago. I gotta give to SNL, nail right on the fucking head.

    (Explicit disclaimer: No, I don't think ALL Trump supporters are racist....just like 99% of them)

  • Richard the great
    Richard the great 2 days ago

    SNL nailed it.Racists for Trump.

  • Coffee Beans
    Coffee Beans 2 days ago +1

    This thing is not funny anymore #Charlottsville

  • Sri Kothur
    Sri Kothur 2 days ago +1

    This is still too relevant.

  • Succ Papi
    Succ Papi 2 days ago

    This is hilarious and I support Trump

  • Masterofdisguise 55
    Masterofdisguise 55 2 days ago

    I like and support Trump and I am not racist, but I can appreciate comedy and this is fucking hilarious!

  • Tosan Esoko
    Tosan Esoko 2 days ago

    Now I know the people that voted for trump

  • jevonwright
    jevonwright 3 days ago

    Oh snap.

  • Sarah John
    Sarah John 3 days ago

    What is the background music they play at the start of this skit?

  • BBM42
    BBM42 3 days ago

    It's happening already !

  • Lin-Manuel Fangirl
    Lin-Manuel Fangirl 3 days ago

    im so dead

  • KwangHoon Han
    KwangHoon Han 4 days ago +3

    so... snl actually do nonfiction

  • Tim Carter
    Tim Carter 4 days ago

    SNL has not been funny for ages. Why is this garbage still on? Too bad for the liberals, their plan of calling everyone they don't agree with a racist isn't working anymore. Hail to the Chief, President Trump!

  • Jason Cadtro
    Jason Cadtro 4 days ago +1


  • ThatoneLightbulb _
    ThatoneLightbulb _ 4 days ago

    Notice on the board at 0:54 there's a picture of Steve Harvey.

  • PoutyLoki1
    PoutyLoki1 4 days ago +2

    They need to replay this now.

  • Ashley Joe
    Ashley Joe 4 days ago

    What kind of books is he burning?

  • Immortalfrom90
    Immortalfrom90 6 days ago

    Muslims?Very offensive.Dislike

  • sand skelloten
    sand skelloten 6 days ago +1

    Was the Ku Klux Klan skipping in a circle?

  • Disloyal Dashie
    Disloyal Dashie 9 days ago

    Fuck you Saturday night live. WHO THE FUCK IS LAUGHING NOW ? HAHA LMAO TRUMP 2020

  • Clark Henderson
    Clark Henderson 10 days ago +1

    I love how this just got completely hijacked by actual Trump haters who actually believe Trump is racist.

  • Carmen S
    Carmen S 12 days ago +1


  • Lalaverp
    Lalaverp 14 days ago

    Hey Liberals, I have a question. Lets just Hypothetically say that Osama Bin Laden was a supporter of Clinton. Would that make her a racist terrorist? No! And just because the KKK supports Trump does NOT mean He supports them! You can't choose who your fans are! Just think, almost all famous people have weird followers that want to have sex with them in creepy ways! You Femminazis need to grow up, think clearly, and stop being retarded little babies that paint with your own period blood because you "think" Donald Trump is Homophobic or Sexist. My god. I'm 13 years old, and I can see the truth. Can you?

    • Alex Claain
      Alex Claain 5 days ago

      You do realise, that you are being sexist right now? Just asking out of curiosity

  • Tony Styles
    Tony Styles 14 days ago +1

    Wow these actors will go down as SNL LEGENDS

  • Mr.Stargazer
    Mr.Stargazer 16 days ago +1

    Best example of why the left lost the election if ever I've seen one.

  • Liane Cornils
    Liane Cornils 19 days ago +1

    Now I know why I never watched this show my entire growing years. I voted for Trump, because he brought back decency to the White House. I stayed clear away from left wing drug addicts and the real kkk, because I new better. He kkk was founded by the democrats. Duh.

    • etheangel2220
      etheangel2220 4 days ago

      +Liane Cornils
      I dont think you are being sincere. People voted for trump BECAUSE he was going to take the decency OUT of the White House and that is what his supporters wanted (whether they were conscious of it or not). Two weeks after your comment, we have a neo nazi terrorist running down people who you might consider "left wing." In those short two weeks trump has continued to bring disgrace to the dignity of the office...and NO its not the medias fault or bias reporting, because I am basing my view solely on that man's actions and words. And I cannot believe any reasonable or rational people would say otherwise, trump supporter or otherwise.
      Thus far he has been a weak and ineffectual president due to his own inability to focus on the real issues. Its only been half a year, and he should still have the benefit of the doubt, but he himself is quickly depleting that benefit.

  • Manny Arellano
    Manny Arellano 19 days ago


  • John Corella
    John Corella 20 days ago

    This is about right. And heartless

  • Zumo Rumo
    Zumo Rumo 20 days ago

    What did the burning books mean

    • Alex Claain
      Alex Claain 5 days ago

      Nazis back in their days had a massive book destroying event, where they burned every book that didnt match their way of thinking.

  • scheskatorce
    scheskatorce 21 day ago

    *right-tard austistic screeching*

  • Drixenol86
    Drixenol86 21 day ago

    I'm scared because of how accurate this is.

  • aTVboy
    aTVboy 22 days ago

    Now, leftists ask how they created animosity between trump and hillary supporters thereby promoting violence.

  • Michael Jennings
    Michael Jennings 22 days ago +1

    This is EXACTLY why trump won.

  • Redpill 286
    Redpill 286 23 days ago +1

    This is why democrats lost the election

  • 826WWEFAN
    826WWEFAN 24 days ago +1

    30 second ad to watch liberal crap.

  • Soapsword 486
    Soapsword 486 24 days ago

    hail trump

  • Hoppimike
    Hoppimike 24 days ago

    Obviously this is dumb and crude and I hope you lost viewers over this obvious slander... but I also think it's pretty bad-ass XD

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst 24 days ago

    totaly owned

  • NobleDestroyer Vevo
    NobleDestroyer Vevo 26 days ago +2

    The similarities between Hitler and trump are uncanny

    One of them ordered 9 million Jews to be killed and about 5 million other people for various reasons
    And the other one is trying to stop illegal immigration

    Pretty much the same thing

  • hevquip
    hevquip 27 days ago

    Dumb political shit is why I stopped watching SNL these last couple of years

  • Isaiah Prout
    Isaiah Prout 28 days ago

    Fuclimg Savage

  • Kirk Norwood
    Kirk Norwood 28 days ago

    Haha u Liberals are freaking hilarious

  • Adam 420
    Adam 420 28 days ago

    Well that went from "Why is SNL making a pro-Trump ad" to "An accurate ad for Trump voters" real fast

  • Generation Z
    Generation Z 28 days ago

    Another thing. If you see the guy burning books is a suported republican. But wait whose the party that's throwing a fit when people talk about stuff they hate??? Oh yeah the liberals and democrats....

  • Leela
    Leela 29 days ago

    Whoa, what was filming like? What if someone saw them?!

  • Herpeslip Herpeslip

    8 years of "Bush sucks" and "support Bush or leave America."

    8 years of "Obama sucks" and "if you don't support Obama you're racist".

    The record has been flipped from side two to side one, again. Enjoy the same old fu&king tunes.

  • DTauby 64
    DTauby 64 Month ago

    I support trump but now I can't stop laughing😅

  • lawdog89
    lawdog89 Month ago

    Hillary lost...Trump is the man. Get the fuck over it.

  • Sam Hurley
    Sam Hurley Month ago

    All these videos make me laugh even harder now that he won.

  • Ryan Matzelle
    Ryan Matzelle Month ago

    F**k you from a Trump supporter.

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez Month ago

    you nailed it!

  • Hugh Mungas
    Hugh Mungas Month ago

    Lol he won, take that suckers

  • coco bourget
    coco bourget Month ago

    noooooooooooooooo HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Duffy James
    Duffy James Month ago


  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee Month ago

    it is happening...

  • Rudy Barger
    Rudy Barger Month ago +1

    I bet you guys aren't laughing now. I love the liberal agenda push on SNL.

  • Bobsuruncle Mum
    Bobsuruncle Mum Month ago +1

    This is still the best thing snl ever made

  • bzylvn
    bzylvn Month ago

    I'm sorry..........who won again?

  • Юрий Грабовский

    This shitty sjw attitude got him elected

  • Judgmental Taco
    Judgmental Taco Month ago

    Omg 🙄

  • Vlad Boston
    Vlad Boston Month ago

    SNL elected Trump, hopefully they keep at it through 2020

  • Roman KTM
    Roman KTM Month ago

    SNL comedians keep on fighting American bigotry one week at a time. Thank you!

  • CloudyGames
    CloudyGames Month ago

    Fuck this shit i fuckin hate this bullshit these bitches say ohh so hilary gets A REAL COMMERCIAL AND DONALD TRUMP GETS HATE FUCK YOU SNL

  • Angela Gem
    Angela Gem Month ago

    even after all this time, this is still my favorite thing in the world

  • BallerinaTabi
    BallerinaTabi Month ago

    And how is being against Islam racist?? Last time I checked Islam was a religion, not a race.

  • BallerinaTabi
    BallerinaTabi Month ago

    How incredibly biased. Wow.

    JUAN CORDERO Month ago

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......... but HE IS OUR PRESIDENT FOR THE NEXT EIGHT YEARS....LMAOF

  • ThePhantom Timelord
    ThePhantom Timelord Month ago +1

    This is so accurate it's depressing

  • Collin Pace
    Collin Pace Month ago

    Joke's on you guys! We win and all we hear from the liberals is, "Death to white #$!@§ people!" Silly non-whites. Welcome to hypocrisy!😄

  • Siefer Tombchew
    Siefer Tombchew Month ago

    They even had him on the show and then make stuff like this

  • Grickery
    Grickery Month ago

    U could have done here to here (the second one is a hail hitler)

  • Okami No Heishi
    Okami No Heishi Month ago

    So accurate! Omfg!!!

  • 53anHarri50n
    53anHarri50n Month ago

    The year is 2017...annnnnnnd this guy won.

  • loredana godorogea
    loredana godorogea Month ago

    Btw i like Donald :) and i am happy that he won .

  • Minna Minna Bob
    Minna Minna Bob Month ago +1


  • Jaqua Temu
    Jaqua Temu Month ago

    This video is so racist #Why?

  • kyle nielsen
    kyle nielsen Month ago

    SNL does realize that technically, they're just shouting Racist instead of debating them about economics right?

  • Jacob Klein
    Jacob Klein Month ago +1

    Came here 4 the comments

  • DJ Lee
    DJ Lee Month ago

    I bet those Hillary supporters are still crying. TRUMP WON BITCHES!!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!! CROOKED HILLARY FOR PRISON!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Austinitsua
    Austinitsua Month ago +1

    I'm a conservative that doesn't mind trump, but goddam this video is funny

  • The Modern Investor

    This video hits too close to home, they literally hit the nail on the head. So many trump supporters are hard core racists and they won't even admit it

  • Aniket Yadav
    Aniket Yadav Month ago

    Donald Trump says there is no global warming.
    Kim Jong Un also said that his father never defecated.

  • Juan David Redondo
    Juan David Redondo Month ago

    Extreme use seed avrlm measure advance flash collector communication highly.

  • Matthew Alberico
    Matthew Alberico Month ago

    Cast of SNL is great but this season blew because they got way to out of control with the political humor. It's great and hysterical but every other skit ripping on Trump is just lazy humor. Great example is Trey Parker and Matt Stone coming out and saying they hated their last season of South Park because they went too political and it was just so unoriginal/same thing everyone else is doing. Hit the writing room and get back to original humor dominating the show, not pushing your agenda every two minutes. I love SNL political humor but I know a lot of people got tired of it because they overdid it and it was just repetitive Trump bashing. Make SNL great again! Oh and I'm not a Trump supporter, I figured I have to say that before liberal nazis on here try to castrate me.

  • Mike Scott
    Mike Scott Month ago

    Pretty much sums it up 💯

  • Zach Knight
    Zach Knight Month ago

    it was videos like this that made voting Trump feel so good.

  • Eli awesome pants
    Eli awesome pants Month ago

    omfg lmfao

  • Andrew Shepherd
    Andrew Shepherd Month ago

    Hilarious but apparently calling people racists didn't help you win

  • Carlson Jones
    Carlson Jones 2 months ago

    So true tho ( not all trump supporters are racist they are just ignorant)

  • Luke
    Luke 2 months ago

    A joke taken just a little to far. I get Trump says some inappropriate things, nut it's ironic how a culture who hates stereotyping people is stereotyping his base.

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