Angry Owner Kicks Gordon Out | Kitchen Nightmares UK

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  • TouchOfArt
    TouchOfArt 2 days ago


  • NedYarbNexus
    NedYarbNexus 2 days ago

    fuck it drive home, let his restaurant crumble.

    not once on the american Kitchen Nightmares,not even fucking Amy locked him out and sulked like this Butthurt Brit did.

  • Loving - Bunny
    Loving - Bunny 3 days ago

    God, just watching the owner gives me a headache.

  • SammehShred
    SammehShred 3 days ago

    I think Saint's Supper would be a good name, being THAT close to the church and all

  • Hello Problem
    Hello Problem 3 days ago

    I ring the doorbell just like that😂😂😂

  • lordlossize GG
    lordlossize GG 4 days ago

    "i dont like maggies" as if no. 11 was any good, and you had better suggestions. you didnt mention them.

  • Kevin Start
    Kevin Start 5 days ago

    He was just fapping in there

  • xSlattzZ
    xSlattzZ 5 days ago

    Maggots is a pretty shit restaurant name.

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise 5 days ago

    Gordon at the beginning reminds me of myself, ringing a doorbell with no response.

  • Hauyne
    Hauyne 6 days ago +1

    Gordon: Fuck me, get in there

  • Sleep dep
    Sleep dep 6 days ago

    Nicks bistro is off coronation street. Fml cunt.

  • Scrub9090
    Scrub9090 7 days ago

    Needs a new name? I guess he needed a Nickname

  • Loe7
    Loe7 7 days ago

    0:26 Gordon Ramsey at age 16.

  • keiron mate
    keiron mate 7 days ago

    Dinning St

  • Doge GodA.k.a Anonymous Dude

    Hello my name is.............................NINOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Isao Machii
    Isao Machii 8 days ago

    man british ppl are so kind, they cant even get mad lol

  • Depressed Lynx
    Depressed Lynx 8 days ago

    nicks bistro.…

    corrie fam?

  • Abd Palistine
    Abd Palistine 9 days ago

    I thought maggies are 7 letters not 6

  • TheGamer
    TheGamer 9 days ago

    Aww poor Gordon, left outside. Haha jokes. It's like being kicked out your moms house for a few hours because you been naughty hahahahha

  • Hydo Ridiahk
    Hydo Ridiahk 9 days ago

    I can cook........... Joe~~~

  • Chrisroder B
    Chrisroder B 10 days ago

    *how to get nobody to come to your shop ever again*

  • Forrest and Jenny
    Forrest and Jenny 10 days ago

    I seriously love to see Gordon cursing people out AND yelling at them.

    Just me? Ok.

  • crazy happypotato007
    crazy happypotato007 10 days ago

    That beard contour tho

  • Spongeboob
    Spongeboob 11 days ago +1

    He looks fucking homeless in the thumbnail ahahahahah I'm done

  • Joshua Bolt
    Joshua Bolt 11 days ago

    I thought Ramsey said "Maggots"

  • Neon grump
    Neon grump 11 days ago

    Gordon at 2:31 "fuck me, get in there" *makes slapping noises*

  • Pessimism
    Pessimism 11 days ago

    Bram Al-sayfi
    Bram Al-sayfi2 months ago
    Gordon is the definition of savage
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    Autumn Rivera
    Autumn Rivera1 month ago
    M but he is rich so he could pay for the window but I see your point of view but honestly I would have closed the place down............
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    C C
    C C2 months ago
    shouldn't the title be 'angry Gordon kicks owner out' ?
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    Don't resist the k embrace it
    Don't resist the k embrace it2 months ago
    Gordon: So what did the dinosaurs sound like


    Gordon:Fucking Hell
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    James Burgess
    James Burgess2 months ago (edited)
    If this was the US version, Chef Ramsey would've cursed out everyone within a 14 mile radius after that second knock on the door.
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  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 11 days ago

    look at a show before "reality" television took it over

  • Nazmeera Mujahid Saleem

    Salute You Gordan !!

  • Ciroluiro
    Ciroluiro 12 days ago

    This feels a lot more real

  • Kaillah Ik
    Kaillah Ik 13 days ago

    1st time watching
    Since 1pm , now 5.08pm

  • TheThepusherman7
    TheThepusherman7 14 days ago

    Gordan "I'm going to strike while the iron's hot, and hit him with my big RAW cock"

  • BearMaster
    BearMaster 14 days ago


  • Blazer_Nation
    Blazer_Nation 14 days ago

    When he was gone n the step he looked like he lost the pinewood derby

  • _ Ytekers _
    _ Ytekers _ 15 days ago +1

    "fuck me, get in there"

  • Rick sanchez The handsome scientist

    dawn of the last day

  • I Drink Milk
    I Drink Milk 15 days ago

    God this is so much more real than the stupid american one. Why does everything that comes from america seem so fucking scripted? Can those unoriginal cunts not just roll with the punches atleast once?

  • Inmehmeh
    Inmehmeh 16 days ago

    Its funny how different it is in the UK. Much less music and sound effects

  • RiceTanker
    RiceTanker 18 days ago

    Why the dudes face so red? Looks like a 5 year old had a temper tantrum...

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown 18 days ago

    dude they sound like THE SAME PERSON!

  • David Raines
    David Raines 18 days ago +1

    "Need a name that's like fuck me, get in there." Lol

  • Queen Semiramis
    Queen Semiramis 18 days ago

    Gordon is pretty sexy for his age😘

  • Htx457
    Htx457 19 days ago

    Leaving one of arguably the best chefs, or one of the few top elite outside waiting like a dumbass. That ass should be ashamed of himself... It's no wonder why Gordan is as good as he is and as far along as he is. He has the potential to take a lot of pressure and abuse. but that's ok because at the end of the day, he knows he doesn't have to be there, and that it's not going to effect his life either way. he's actually trying to get these people to have a place that will last.

  • Maddie Love
    Maddie Love 19 days ago

    Awww poor Gordon 😂

  • Chiz Kin
    Chiz Kin 19 days ago

    I thought they were saying maggots when they said Maggie's

  • vanessa KAY アリエッティ

    00:38 When you come back home late and your mum locks you out 😂😂

    • lildominator2
      lildominator2 16 days ago

      vanessa KAY アリエッティ all the time

  • Omega Henry
    Omega Henry 20 days ago +1

    "Kicked me out"
    "Who does he think he is?"
    I don't know, maybe the *owner*

  • imani brantley
    imani brantley 20 days ago +1

    You really started a game of "who's the pettiest" with Gordon freaking Ramsey?

  • Noor
    Noor 20 days ago +1

    why does that girl got a peach fuzz for a mustache and why does she even have a mustache wtff...

  • Broccoli Guy
    Broccoli Guy 20 days ago

    i thought he said maggots instead of maggies lmao

    BIG BROTHER 21 day ago

    He looks like Gordon Freeman's retarded cousin.

    BPRODUCTIONS 21 day ago


  • MegaSnippezz
    MegaSnippezz 21 day ago

    Thought it was Blink 182's Mutt playing at 3:27 lmao

  • Tehelil
    Tehelil 21 day ago

    pete comes to this place to eat
    owner of the restaurant : i'm gonna have to kick you out !
    pete : im going to disagree with you.
    gordon: where is the LAMB SAUCE

  • Tehelil
    Tehelil 21 day ago

    ramsay looks homeless

  • Brenden Infante
    Brenden Infante 21 day ago +1


  • Raul Barriga
    Raul Barriga 23 days ago +1

    Fucking programmed, how Gordon just stays there waiting, if this shit was real he would've left

  • Toxic Rengar
    Toxic Rengar 24 days ago

    Bloody hell

  • Billy Vanilla
    Billy Vanilla 24 days ago

    I thought he was calling it "maggots" at first

  • thebosstre
    thebosstre 24 days ago

    Lol count every ten seconds there is fuck fuck fuck lol😁😁😁😁

  • Zack Keenan
    Zack Keenan 24 days ago

    Who would ever go to a restaurant called maggots?

  • Mathew
    Mathew 24 days ago

    0:05 when i get back from school and the door is lock

  • gachiBASS Clap gachiBASS Clap gachiBASS Clap

    Surprised he didn't get thrown out alot more often

  • Ethan Daniel
    Ethan Daniel 25 days ago

    Did he say fucking bacon roll

  • Chloe Lauren Wood
    Chloe Lauren Wood 25 days ago

    Just call the place ninooooo

    I mean, it's unique

  • MustiiGT
    MustiiGT 25 days ago

    If Gorden knocked on My door i would break down My own door

  • MustiiGT
    MustiiGT 25 days ago

    My name is NINOOOOOO

    Ops wrong episode

  • CheezyTube Gaming
    CheezyTube Gaming 26 days ago +1

    Knock, Knock.
    Who's there?
    Gordon who?
    Let me the f**king hell in!

  • Jack Tipper
    Jack Tipper 26 days ago

    Have to agree Maggie's does sound like a bacon butty van

  • MagicTiff
    MagicTiff 26 days ago

    I'm surprised none of the cars are stopping and asking for an autograph! Like do they know who he is???

  • Mehdi Bosta
    Mehdi Bosta 27 days ago

    0:32 how he said that so peacefully is hilarious

  • Draco Zard
    Draco Zard 27 days ago

    Top 10 bravest anime villian

  • TruthAndMoreTruth
    TruthAndMoreTruth 27 days ago

    This doorbell is FUCKING RAW!!!

  • Wyatt B
    Wyatt B 27 days ago

    I thought they said maggots

  • Pirate Labs
    Pirate Labs 27 days ago

    Owner: "I don't like the new name, or the new menu, or the new decor."
    Ramsay: "OK, I have another name for your place."
    Owner: "What is it?"
    Ramsay: "Closed!"

  • Peachy_kawaii54 4
    Peachy_kawaii54 4 27 days ago

    Oh my god😂😂😂 Lol, I don't know why I'm so addicted to this😂

  • Hisakatt
    Hisakatt 28 days ago you gonna do this to mah boy Gordon ?

  • John Milanesi
    John Milanesi 28 days ago

    That restaurant looks more like a house

  • Vladpryde
    Vladpryde 28 days ago

    How about they call the restaurant......


  • Feltal
    Feltal 28 days ago

    M A G G O T S

  • John Smith
    John Smith 28 days ago

    ver sad gordn i cri

  • Beerus GodofDestruction

    Daaamn i'm watching these gordon vids from morning till afternoon, scary....

  • Shan Tv
    Shan Tv 29 days ago

    The place should be named......" Not named yet "

  • A k y m a r i メロディー

    Day 3 of watching Gordon Ramsay videos:

    i cAN'T STOP (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

    i need help ;-;

  • Lord PhoEnix the LEgEnd Elite

    That's absolutely bollocks

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Who the fuck is Nino?

  • TheOneAboveAll
    TheOneAboveAll Month ago

    A Wild Gordon Ramsey appeared!!!!!

    Ninnnnoooooo chose Amy
    Amy used Frozen
    Its super effective
    Gordon Ramsey used Cursing
    Fuck me
    Its not very effective.......
    Amy used Raw Hummus
    Gordon Ramsey escaped..........

  • Bluk
    Bluk Month ago

    Fuck i have hw but why am I watching these

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    Who else watches Gordon Ramsay while playing ranked in rainbow six siege

  • Tyrone Biggums
    Tyrone Biggums Month ago

    Aw he got his feelings hurt💀 he was in there crying fam 😂

  • Nathan King
    Nathan King Month ago

    Why isnt he letting me in when there is a closed sign

  • LyMIsH SK
    LyMIsH SK Month ago +1

    Wtf I just watched one video and now I'm stuck watching like a 1000 but I'm enjoying

  • Tyg Rahof
    Tyg Rahof Month ago

    I love how Ramsay says "we..." as in "We need to turn this around." He has no money in this fight yet he puts himself in there anyway to help others.

  • Hieillua
    Hieillua Month ago

    THe UK version is so much better

  • H4Z3RD
    H4Z3RD Month ago

    The biggest problem everyone has
    is admitting they are wrong

  • Crafts and Pets
    Crafts and Pets Month ago

    He has the sideburns, too!

  • Abrar Abdulkarim
    Abrar Abdulkarim Month ago +1

    Omg his eyebrows relationship is more successful than that restaurant 😂😂😂

  • Stuebe Doo
    Stuebe Doo Month ago

    What sound does a firetruck make?


  • Zachary Conwell
    Zachary Conwell Month ago +6

    everybody driving by must be
    then crashes.

  • Nathan Roberts
    Nathan Roberts Month ago

    what episode is this from

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