Hasan the Record - America's War Problem: The Daily Show

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  • Chukwudumebi Enemor
    Chukwudumebi Enemor 6 days ago

    I honestly can not get enough of this guy.

  • Leena
    Leena 16 days ago

    why did obama want to stop AUMF when he attacked the middle east so many times 🙃 all American presidents are literal trash.

  • Halil Göktepe
    Halil Göktepe 17 days ago

    bu adam türkmü

  • no name
    no name 25 days ago

    What's a Yemen? Who the fuck are you? You garbage ass Indian piece of shit! What the fuck is India? A country owned by Britain and Europe for years, fuck you, you curry smelling bitch!!

  • Brouhaha Ma
    Brouhaha Ma 27 days ago

    Aw, you poor country. This is your end.

  • ruqayyah tahir
    ruqayyah tahir 28 days ago

    Best segment!!!!

  • Mark S.
    Mark S. Month ago

    ideas for next videos:
    1. what does a fox have to do with news?
    2. are cigarettes bad or lit?
    3. help! trevor noah has kidnapped me and is forcing me to make videos!!

  • vitamindubya
    vitamindubya Month ago

    Probably bad for the environment too

  • Laura Nicole
    Laura Nicole Month ago

    The way you say "gave the president some sick new powers" sounds like a power upgrade, like in Sailor Moon or something.

  • Chu Tuoc
    Chu Tuoc Month ago

    Wait wait wait. California??? Last time I check it's still U.S. territory. We know that orangey face SoB is stupid but... to that extend???

  • Summer Coles
    Summer Coles Month ago

    Where's my rightist squad?

  • Edna Mahamud
    Edna Mahamud Month ago +1

    people in America need to whatch this to now what the heck is going around the world and what their country is doing to us

  • Rose Eddystone
    Rose Eddystone Month ago

    It's sick. This BS started in the Korean War, which was euphemistically called a "Police Movement." Some soulless committee figured out that if you give it a new name, you can fudge the checks and balances. President Obama literally was trying to get rid of this power and the Republican congress refused because they want to keep the wars going when they got one of their guys in the oval office. They are literally seeding new wars and ruining lives because destability in the Middle East means they can pretend to be heroes swooping in to fix things, all the while profiting off the war machine.

  • WarriorPhilosopher1

    This would have been great had it not been for Hasan's overacting. Just trying too hard.

  • Colin Maharaj
    Colin Maharaj Month ago

    "no no no, you keep bombing"... after all his name was o-bomber.


  • Elin Nevi
    Elin Nevi Month ago

    Didn't Obama Instigate the conflicts in Libya and Syria.

  • Joey Enderle
    Joey Enderle Month ago

    He is hella cute.


    i'll watch your videos but please don't call me a minhajer

  • Carlson Jones
    Carlson Jones Month ago +1

    Trump is the worst

  • oloan manurung
    oloan manurung Month ago

    Hasan the Islam defender :D

  • OneWIsh1410
    OneWIsh1410 Month ago

    Minhaj is kind of a dork, he needs a new style. And shave that facial hair!
    Btw we all know that the Donald is nuts. But Minhaj should have also mentioned in this video that Nobel peace prize winner Barack Obama aumfed the hell out of civilians and wedding processions in Yemen. It is not just a Republican problem.

  • perfectionista492
    perfectionista492 Month ago

    What exactly is this supposed to spoof?

  • Layla jarrah
    Layla jarrah Month ago +1

    i died when it said mexico will pay for the bombs 3:17

  • TheByzantineBeserker

    Hasan's just upset because his relatives in ISIS are getting blown up.

  • Winter_8
    Winter_8 Month ago +1

    I guess when people ask me where I'm from I'll have to say "yam + lemon".

  • FewRee
    FewRee Month ago

    Hasan Minhaj: King! OMG YEMEN..LMAO

  • Lucas Demuynck
    Lucas Demuynck Month ago

    anyone know what vest he's wearing, for some reason i rly like it..

  • Erin Uporsky
    Erin Uporsky Month ago

    I didn't know that! Efff

  • marvin raphael monfort

    how about minahjerie? 😊

  • muqeet abid
    muqeet abid Month ago

    I wonder what trump thinks of Hanson Minhaj

  • omg hey there
    omg hey there Month ago

    I'm sorry about your cat, Hassan. How is he doing now?

  • justus wenzel
    justus wenzel Month ago

    fuck all the liberals, and nowadays conservatives (like trump) who demagogue on the iraq war, calling it a crime against humanity (even though much worse "crimes" were being committed by the Ba'aths. Guess what? no w Iraq is by far the best country in the middle east, save for their friend kuwait.

  • Rafael Díaz
    Rafael Díaz Month ago

    Minhaj está ahora mismo quemando la liga. Muy bueno

  • Angela Perez
    Angela Perez Month ago

    The real witch hunt, is the one Trump has against the Muslim community, and the illegals. Its so sad the Court House approve half of the travel ban. This Country is getting creepier every day.....

  • danielthesantos
    danielthesantos Month ago


  • Elinn Andersson
    Elinn Andersson Month ago

    Hasan's got excellent delivery!

  • Elizabeth Nakirijja

    "No no no. You keep bombing!"

  • S. Bakyhnh
    S. Bakyhnh Month ago +1

    Bombing the shit out of poor, war-torn Third World countries will definitely stop global terrorism. Also, your penis will grow 5 inches bigger.

  • Jakraful
    Jakraful Month ago

    I'm somehow extremely bothered by his jacket. it doesn't fit together if you close it!

  • Rambunctious Scales
    Rambunctious Scales Month ago +1

    Hasan is so f***ing cute/sexy!!

  • Business Education
    Business Education Month ago

    Every single country you mentioned Obama ordered military operations in as well so don't try and make it look like what Trump is doing is unprecedented. Sure Obama asked for restraint, but he still used it when it best suited him. If you want AUMF repealed, than it has to be replaced with legislation that gives the president power to authorize strikes on any terrorist organization that has declared war on America or allies, has launched attacks against the US or its allies or is planning attacks against the US or its allis. If you repeal AUMF alone everything would stop, the war against ISIS, Al-Queda the Taliban, it would all have to stop.

  • Avery
    Avery Month ago

    Ok Hasan is amazing.

  • Murillo Cardoso
    Murillo Cardoso Month ago

    I lost it at "...but knowledge... is _lit_"

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia Month ago

    That Shit Was The Bomb!!! It Blew My Mind.

  • letsgetverydrunk
    letsgetverydrunk Month ago

    Regardless of whatever the US's inner political workings are, won't the other country consider it an act of war, regardless? So what's the point? It's just about not calling it what it is...

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe Month ago

    This guy is cringy

  • tyrell simms
    tyrell simms Month ago

    Any body that thinks the Iraqi or Afghan people see us as Terrorists is fucking retarded. Tell me why these people want to be Soldiers in our Army, Marines in our Corps, and just citizens in our Nation. Why do these people beg for us to help them. Every body is so "woke" but can't seem to open their fucking eyes.

  • Ian Bradley
    Ian Bradley Month ago

    #TeamAmerica.. Still the best place on Earth, don't agree move. Don't live here don't bother leaving a comment. Hooray 1st amendment!!

  • Morulaganyi Kethobile

    !!!!! 😥😢😭😭This is an article from Nairobi Standard:

    NAIROBI The president of Botswana, Ian Khama, lands in Stockholm today, Monday. Negotiations to buy eight Gripen jets for around 14 billion krona are on the agenda for the three day state visit. In Botswana, the opposition is raging and threatens to tear up all agreements in the event of a future change of power. "If the Swedish government goes ahead with this deal with Botswana it would make them hypocritical”, said opposition leader Duma Boko. Botswana is considered to be one of the most peaceful and most stable democracies in Africa with a per capita GDP that is more than four times higher than the average in the region. But still, a fifth of the slightly more than two million inhabitants live in poverty and the democratic space has shrunk over the past ten years, a development attributed to authoritarian president Ian Khama, who today lands in Stockholm to shop Swedish fighter jets. In its communication ahead of the trip to Sweden, Botswana's government does not mention in a single word that any military issues will be discussed – despite a scheduled visit to Linkoping and the factory where Gripen is manufactured, as well as a meet and greet with Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist. Instead, they are talking about strengthening friendships and cooperation on poverty reduction, health and environmental protection. But behind "trade and investment", there’s a hidden potential Gripen business deal worth up to 16 billion pula, equivalent to 14 billion krona. The dialogue is ongoing between the Swedish Defense Materials Supply Agency FMV and the Government of Botswana. Botswana's defense force is currently implementing a so-called market analysis, according to the Swedish Ministry of Defense. When the first news appeared in local media just over a year ago, FMV confirmed to news agency Six that it was about "in round throws, eight units of the C/D version" of Gripen. The deal is very controversial in Botswana where the opposition rages against both its own president and the Swedish government. "Sweden is keen to show support for the development agenda in Botswana, but now they are complicit in the crime of taking resources needed to further development around education and health", said Duma Boko. Ian Khama's government party BDP has ruled the country since independence 50 years ago but voter support has steadily declined and the president is now for the first time leading a minority government. Ahead of the 2019 election, the opposition has been united in an alliance, which increases the likelihood of a historic shift of power. In such a case, Duma Boko promises to tear up a possible Gripen agreement. "We will not honor a corrupt agreement made contrary to the will of the majority of MP:s. If the Swedish government still signs an agreement, it is exposing itself to risk”, Boko said. 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"I have respect for the interest shown by Botswana's democratically elected government and the potential decisions that are made”, Hultqvist said. The independent think-tank Institute for Security Studies, ISS, confirms the view of the opposition in assessing the need for Gripen. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Jakkie Cilliers, said there is zero need. "It's very difficult to justify the expenses involved. This kind of technology requires huge logistical support systems. This is a vanity project run by the president. His power base is the military and he is a military man, said Cilliers. Khama has previously been the commander of the armed forces in Botswana. ISS has its headquarters in South Africa, which in the late 1990s bought 26 Gripen in a deal that is widely considered to be the start of large-scale corruption in modern South Africa. Only half of the jets are today in use while the others are in rotational preventative maintenance - planes are rotated between use and storage to keep all of them in shape. Pilots have taken up instructor jobs in China, mechanics are missing and the jets are too expensive to fly for South Africa - which has a 20 times larger GDP and 25 times larger population than neighboring Botswana. A flight hour for South Africa's Gripen C/D costs around SEK 90,000, according to Defenseweb. "In the case of South Africa, a regional power, one could possibly make the case that they have regional ambitions but even South Africa shouldn’t have bought any of that equipment, they should’ve invested in strategic airlifts, helicopters and not frontline fighter aircraft”, said Cilliers. In Botswana's case, a paramilitary patrol force is needed primarily to monitor border areas, according to Cilliers. Botswana's government spokesman Jeff Ramsay referred to regional and continental collaborations when DN asked about the need for Gripen. "But we are a democracy, they are entitled to say what they want. It is not uncommon for an opposition to oppose”, he said.

    Erik Esbjornsson

  • Mureithi Kivuti
    Mureithi Kivuti Month ago

    I just came out of watching the Philando Castile video, and right now i feel like America is just plain fucked

  • Nunya Biz
    Nunya Biz Month ago

    More like this please.

  • jesus lomli
    jesus lomli Month ago

    he's wearing the Jordan 1 off white

  • Ангел Цветилов

    I think Hasan Minhaj is very smart, but this fuckboy persona/attitude he plays on the show is so fucking annoying

  • tiny bread
    tiny bread Month ago

    lmao ilu hasan<3

  • ILhaam Oz
    ILhaam Oz Month ago

    Guns, guns, guns, war war war, kill, kill, kill, YES; Education uh NO What the effity eff is going on...

  • Philip Amarendran
    Philip Amarendran Month ago

    How does this guy have this much hair I'm so jealous

  • Rp wix
    Rp wix Month ago

    disappointed on trump for not bombing the shit out of saudia arabia epicenter of bulshit ideology humanity 0 1 islam cult of bulshit

  • Josh Krohn
    Josh Krohn Month ago

    I love you man, keep up the work you do!

  • BSinSeattle
    BSinSeattle Month ago

    This video does not have enough views.

  • Mohammed Rashid
    Mohammed Rashid Month ago

    I want that bag that makes knowledge lit!

  • john ZA
    john ZA 2 months ago

    Yeah bombing Mexico and letting them buy the bombs sounds like an amazing plan

  • Robbert Gelderen
    Robbert Gelderen 2 months ago

    Lol, and your country gives saudi arbia shit load of weapons! They are the same as isis!!

  • Hassan ALSAUD
    Hassan ALSAUD 2 months ago

    I could have sworn that I've seen his name spelled with two s'es. Like mine.

  • John Kantor
    John Kantor 2 months ago

    I hope you watch your family gassed.

  • Swaart Gevaar
    Swaart Gevaar 2 months ago

    50 Airstrikes?

  • Gallivandy
    Gallivandy 2 months ago

    I keep thinking your shirt says USSR....

  • LosAngeles323
    LosAngeles323 2 months ago

    I'd blow Hasan. Not like drop a bomb but just some bomb ass head.

    WILLIAM VELASQUEZ 2 months ago

    Hey snowflakes how the brainwashing today

  • sherries1223
    sherries1223 2 months ago

    Knowledge is lit.

  • jasexavier
    jasexavier 2 months ago

    The last time the U.S. formally declared war was in 1942.

  • Old Ben
    Old Ben 2 months ago

    Should change the name of Dept of Defense into Dept of Offense

  • Greedy Baron
    Greedy Baron 2 months ago

    Hassad ... u and Trevor... both... u 2 are Fire ... good show

  • maquis1911
    maquis1911 2 months ago

    Love it! Great info


    *It is like watching Damien the Omen, the reality show.*

  • Imri Tate
    Imri Tate 2 months ago

    I know this has nothing to do with what he's talking about, but omg he's so handsome. 😍😍

  • ArsenalFan127
    ArsenalFan127 2 months ago

    His jacket is awesome! Where do I get it?

  • TheWatsonGreen
    TheWatsonGreen 2 months ago

    Square this one up for me centrist/liberal Democrats: You insist America was and is already great, and yet Trump is President?

    Also, Obama was already bombing those same 7 countries (it was only 2 when he took power from Bush). Why are you okay with imperialist state violence when a Black Democrat does it?

  • Desmond Orioki
    Desmond Orioki 2 months ago

    Hey babe, we AUMFin' tonyt...?

  • CaffeineClown
    CaffeineClown 2 months ago

    Crazy video. It seems to say the president now is the first who will abuse this power, whereas since 2001 there's non-stop-abusement. Bush is a war criminal and so is Obama (and so were many US-presidents before them). Stop acting like there is any excuse for throwing bombs in/on other countries (that haven't bombed you first or attacked otherwise and no, terror is not a country).

    BENJAMIN DEWOLFE 2 months ago

    You're awesome, man

  • binarygamer1001
    binarygamer1001 2 months ago

    what is wrong with his face

  • AbdallN
    AbdallN 2 months ago

    Hassan, bro, buddy, chum, dude, i like you but those memes be cringey.

  • Lego Play Time
    Lego Play Time 2 months ago +1

    Is that your face on the mi-knapsack??

  • CAP198462
    CAP198462 2 months ago

    But, AUMF is based on the WPA, which give the president power to use military force for 90 days without congressional approval.

  • Sponge .
    Sponge . 2 months ago +2

    That's crazy how the president (Obama) has asked for checks and balances to limit his military power and congress rejects it.

    VALMER LYNN 2 months ago

    tool time with Tim Allen.....rghhh rghhh rghhh rghhh.

  • Ɨ eӿtrules Ɨ
    Ɨ eӿtrules Ɨ 2 months ago

    tbh make this a thing

  • Monnette Here
    Monnette Here 2 months ago

    Hasan is so fckn hot

  • Vic Siffs
    Vic Siffs 2 months ago

    That picture was not a yam. That was a sweet potato

  • Sydney Allen
    Sydney Allen 2 months ago

    I liked this but why didn't people talk about this when Obama was president. He expanded our drone program too. We need to be more critical of war under "leftists" because it's more harmful under them if everyone thinks it's chill.

  • Jeff Lusanne
    Jeff Lusanne 2 months ago

    Minhaj practically redacted Obama's actions out of this potted history. He manages to mention Obama requested a limitation on the AUMF without mentioning that Obama used it to start war in Libya. How can you list 7 countries that the US is bombing - twice (Noah does it first, then Minhaj again) - without mentioning that Obama started doing it in Libya, Yemen, and Syria! Moreover he escalated drone strikes in Pakistan and Somalia. This is written like a legal team's defense against war crimes for Obama; extract one ludicrously false statement (that he resisted AUMF) and be vague enough about dates so that you can imply that everything escalatory happened under Bush or Trump, not in the 8 years that just happened. Minhaj and Noah want to be on whatever yacht Obama is riding.

  • Ahmed Mauri
    Ahmed Mauri 2 months ago +1

    "what's a Yemen, some sort of hybrid between a yam and a lemon"
    I'm Yemeni and I'm not even mad

  • Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh 2 months ago

    bing bing bong bong...

  • maria
    maria 2 months ago

    yeah cool video and all, but where can I get one of those backpacks

  • Yasser aissa
    Yasser aissa 2 months ago

    I feel sorry for mexico because they will soon pay for Trumps wall and his bombs.

  • Nathan DePaulo
    Nathan DePaulo 2 months ago +1

    I think that you're spoofing youtubers so hard, that you're doing it better than the people who do it in earnest. Well done Hasan. "but knowledge..... is lit."

  • Mous
    Mous 2 months ago

    I can't find the Hasan miknapsack. I need it plox.

  • Janice
    Janice 2 months ago

    50 airstrikes in march!!!

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