Venom & Black Cat CONFIRMED for the MCU

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  • hi
    hi 7 days ago +1

    im going to be black cat. shes a fucking badass.

  • GameBoyBlue
    GameBoyBlue Month ago

    this is a response to this and the sequel video that deconfirmed Venom for MCU. Obviously Amy and probably many many Spiderman fans would like it. Just as many television show MCU fans would like to see those characters crossed into the MCU. My plan for this is that you have a Spiderman movie that has characters like Punisher and so forth pop up and then you, after the Sony Marvel Universe is built up have a Spiderman that heavily features those characters. What do you think?

  • ImperioMagno
    ImperioMagno Month ago


  • The Ghost Dog
    The Ghost Dog Month ago

    You deleted my comment you douche, fuck you...

  • Baron Saladfork Familiar


  • Dalek TITAN
    Dalek TITAN Month ago


  • Maestro
    Maestro Month ago

    Sony lied.

  • L i z z L o v e r
    L i z z L o v e r Month ago

    Donald Glover is Prowler aka Aaron Davis aka Miles Morales' uncle

  • Jordan Moore
    Jordan Moore Month ago

    Well let's just pray that Marvel Studios will retain creative control

  • Mus1cMan27
    Mus1cMan27 Month ago

    F***** YOU Amy Pascal!

  • Bobby Playz gamez
    Bobby Playz gamez Month ago

    Marvel and Sony should have not made the deal!

  • Bobby Playz gamez
    Bobby Playz gamez Month ago

    This is not going to happen!

  • CartoonProtocol
    CartoonProtocol Month ago




  • The Hummus King
    The Hummus King Month ago

    if tasm 2 made alot of money it wasnt a commercial failure... it was a critical failure

  • Allen Boston
    Allen Boston Month ago

    I understand what's going on now. And its FUCKED UP! Sony is planning to ride of the coat tails of Marvel by trying to squeeze venom and all there films into the MCU. Since SPIDERMAN is still technically theirs Tom Holland had to appear in whatever they say. So if they want a sinister six and silver and black they can do by forcing TH to appear but it will be at the expense of tarnishing the brand of the MCU. we already see that SONY only cares about money! So they don't care if they make bad spin off movies. They'll think that even if they put the movies out half finished they'll be successful because they're attached to MARVEL. Thus really fucking SUCKS. But I'm calling it now because I don't see SONY being above doing something like this inorder to save they're Good awful Movie division

  • kody keller
    kody keller Month ago

    Venom movie and Spider-Man: Homecoming do take place in the same universe & are connected . they may be different locations, but it will still all be in the same world. Kevin Feige confirmed that the vemon movie wouldn’t be set within the MCU . Also carnage will be in vemons movie can't wait !!!

  • Filipe Vasconcellos

    I think that reaction is more like: " That is a surprise to tell later not now"
    You, are all going with " Man the girl is crazy, that will never happening"

  • Chris Godfrey
    Chris Godfrey Month ago

    SOOOO Excited!!!! I prayed for this!!!! I was sooooo mad that we thought it was gonna be sony.

  • camau79
    camau79 Month ago

    sony should just let marvel work alongside the venom director and give us a great venom movie

  • x5-992
    x5-992 Month ago

    The box art for the Spider-Man Sphero toy shows an MCU Spidey fighting Venom. To me it feels like a pretty big clue if they're promoting Venom with MCU Spider-Man they will probably be connected.

  • Call Me Titus
    Call Me Titus Month ago

    Can someone clarify for me, can Marvel have creative control over Venom, Black Cat, Silver Sable?

  • 12chapin
    12chapin Month ago

    The confirmation was more do to Kevin's reaction/face, than on what she said. They mention there'll be 60+ characters in Infinity War(and Avengers 4)

  • Lord Kaden
    Lord Kaden Month ago

    they could have flash from spider Man homecoming be a character

  • laz kar
    laz kar Month ago

    Yeah, no. I don't trust Pascal. It's like trusting Joker.

  • John Osbourn
    John Osbourn Month ago

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!¡

  • K B
    K B Month ago

    Wait so if the venom movie is gonna be in the mcu then there gonna have to explain the 2 Eddie Brock's (the jack skrellington from homecoming and the actual comic accurate Eddie from the venom movie)

  • Pokemon: cards, theories, and more

    YES YES YES!!!!!

  • Mr.SexTrain
    Mr.SexTrain Month ago

    Me: "so are they doing the fucking black suit saga or not"

  • Superhero Fan 25
    Superhero Fan 25 Month ago

    Amy:That's a nice shared universe you got
    Amy:it would be a shame if someone...Fuck it up

  • Lundvalnaden
    Lundvalnaden Month ago

    am i the only one who doesnt like when spiderman has to use technology for his web ?
    and symbiote has to copy spidermans abilities to transfer them to venom.

  • James M
    James M Month ago

    So, Venom will be another one time villain killed off in one film? Lol

    Either way, I won't get my hopes up until it's officially announced. Marvel setting up the new Spider-man franchise is like a parent sending their kid off to college with a fat bank account and a new car. The kid can blow all the money and wreck the car. I'm still afraid Sony can badly screw it up with horrible plots, 4 villains in one film, demanding unrealistic terms when the agreement is renegotiated, or some other horrible idea. I still don't fully understand how much creative control Marvel has over the solo films so I could be wrong. The MCU films pretty much ignore what happens in the TV universe, so if the solo films end up being horrible maybe they can be ignored too. However, considering Marvel pushed back other movie releases to accommodate Homecoming I'm sure they'd be reluctant to do so.

    Or maybe, hypothetical situation, Sony screws up the solo films so badly Marvel takes them to court and the court rules the Spider-man rights fully revert back to Marvel as payment for Sony damaging a portion of the overall plot Marvel has built with the MCU. I know that's unrealistic buy hey, I can dream. Cheers

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil Month ago

    They`re not IN the MCU films.

  • Tony Stark jr
    Tony Stark jr Month ago

    Four words for Sony. Don't Fuck this up.

  • Guido Beninca
    Guido Beninca Month ago

    Its not bad if they do connect it, as the netflix shows are... which gives us knowledge of big things but it doesn't influence in the MCU. Besides, the Spiderverse is huge for itself. Hopefully Sony will continue its relationship with Marvel and wont think they can do it for themselves. Lets just hope that arrogance doesn't play for Sony as its been playing.

  • ice man
    ice man Month ago

    OK that's all great but you have one major problem how does Carnage. Work in the in the MCU? How do you establish his character without going rated R? How do you have him and Spidermanin the same movie together and make it work?

  • Tony Hamilton
    Tony Hamilton Month ago

    Who's going to play Felicia Hardy/Black Cat?

  • Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    Nope, still don't believe in this, show me the proof and I would buy your assertion on them being in the MCU, which I still think that having them as standalone movies without Spider-Man is not a good idea

  • CNFunnyJon
    CNFunnyJon 2 months ago

    Change of heart I see.

  • Cooper Schlickau
    Cooper Schlickau 2 months ago

    sorry, I call this BS, because i don't trust sony or amy pascal when it comes to spiderman or spiderman related spinoffs, i only trust kevin feige. just don't attack me please.

  • MrDman21
    MrDman21 2 months ago

    About damn time, now all they gotta do is get F4 from FOX since they ain't doin' shit with it anyway.

  • freddieawsome1
    freddieawsome1 2 months ago

    This sounds like sony's last ditch effort to save their standalone movies. Even they realize they cant do this without spider-man

  • actorben
    actorben 2 months ago

    Oh man! I can't wait to see which actress plays Black Cat & what her costume will look like!

    THOMAS CARNACKI 2 months ago

    Paschal never said they would be connected to the MCU. She was talking about the SONY Spider-Verse films all being connected to each other, not to the MCU.

      THOMAS CARNACKI Month ago

      SONY are also building their own Parker world – they are the ones who own 100% of the Spider-Man film rights so they can make films that also feature Spider-Man/PeterParker but, so far, it won't be the MCU version of the character.

    • Zach Sliker
      Zach Sliker 2 months ago

      THOMAS CARNACKI she said something about it being in the world they're building for Peter Parker. Wouldn't that be the MCU?

  • Smokefrog 1985
    Smokefrog 1985 2 months ago


  • Peter Corfield
    Peter Corfield 2 months ago

    isnt tom hardy a bit old compared to holland to be his venom?

  • Retard asouras
    Retard asouras 2 months ago

    I am actually very excited because (and tell me if anyone else agrees) this could mean that venom and black cat coming to MCU could mean good stories because marvel might help them and this could mean that Spider-Man is going to stay in the MCU also!

  • Megalomaniac Productions

    Soooo Amazing Spider-Man universe isn't happening anymore

  • Dan Cahill
    Dan Cahill 2 months ago

    Marvel stopped them LOL!!

  • Dracke Stalen Torgen
    Dracke Stalen Torgen 2 months ago

    Well im honestly relived

  • Failing pepper11
    Failing pepper11 2 months ago

    Lol marvel will have the first R rated movie

  • MrChipelo
    MrChipelo 2 months ago


  • Sayiseesteel
    Sayiseesteel 2 months ago

    I'm still hoping that Carnage show-up some day I mean, He needs some love to and I think he would be a great antagonist.

  • Vaas Montenegro
    Vaas Montenegro 2 months ago

    Get the Fantastic Four too Disney . Everyone knows the chance of you getting X-Men too is very small but atleast get Fantastic Four before they do another reboot

  • Silver Saber
    Silver Saber 2 months ago

    I just want venom to be a MCU villain

  • PowerSentai101
    PowerSentai101 2 months ago

    And then you also have Venom appear in Avengers 4 helping to defeat Thanos but the suit splits in 2 with Eddie Brock having half as Venom and Flash Thompson having the other half as Agent Venom

  • PowerSentai101
    PowerSentai101 2 months ago

    So I guess Venom coming out in the same year as Avengers Infinity War is so they can set up Venom because what you do is while you have Peter Parker as Spider-Man in space he bonds with the black suit and becomes Spider-Venom but he separates from the suit while on Earth you end with a post credits scene where the black suit ends up in Eddie Brocks apartment the scene fades to black and then you catch up with it in Venom

  • blackphoenix77
    blackphoenix77 2 months ago

    It makes sense for all of these films to be connected. And I'm seriously hoping that Holland's Spidey is going to be facing off against Venom and Black Cat eventually.

  • Xynot_
    Xynot_ 2 months ago

    Tom Holland v Tom Hardy

  • Carlos Devanand
    Carlos Devanand 2 months ago

    Ya man !!

  • Branden Wilson
    Branden Wilson 2 months ago

    I hope the venom is still rated r because venom is a more serious villain

  • sarthak sood
    sarthak sood 2 months ago

    Will Venom be in Phase 3 or Phase 4 ?? .If it is true,than Venom can even show up in Avengers:Infinity Gauntlet or if God woupd be more Clement,hevcan also be in Infinitly War.

  • SonicUnderground316
    SonicUnderground316 2 months ago

    This sound amazing on paper put here my concerns :

    Will the movies still be release next year, though (like it was suppose to). Not gonna lie, I'm OK with Venom getting a movie... eventually, but Spider-man is barely introduce and is facing his first real super vilain this year, can we slow the fuck down before showing Venom, pretty much his deadliest foe. Beside, though uncertain, the movies post infinity war have in my opinion, already have the pieces set take a stab at the Contest of Champion or Secret War (the original) storyline so instead of rushing a Venom movie could we have the symbiote introduce there, have Peters wearing the black suit for a while and have Eddie Brock later become infected by it, you know... like in the comic. Also, i know not everything has to be 100% like in the comic hell, i don't want it to be but i think they already have the chips set to intorduce the symbiote properly so why not doing it.

    Also, on the topic of Eddie, if this indeed take place in the same universe, although i kind of like Tom hardy overall, couldn't we have someone closer to the MCU's Peter age to play the part. Hell, we aren't even introduce to eh Daily Bugle yet. Now, again i know they can altered the original story for a cinematic adaptation, but still one of the best thing about Eddie Brock's Venom story is how intertwined it is with Spider-man, we can't really have Brock to become Venom on his own unless this movie take place in a not to distant future.

    As, you can see i'm mainly concerned about Venom cause in all honestly, i think Black Cat and Silver Sable though rather random can work as a self contain story, although i feel they would be much more at home in an story arc for Agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. potentially even in the Netflix universe !

  • Antonio A
    Antonio A 2 months ago

    I personally was dreading the Sony stand alone spider-verse but now that it's going to be in the MCU I actually am getting excited. Who wouldn't want to see Tom Hardy fighting with Thor or the Hulk.

  • king slayer 007
    king slayer 007 2 months ago

    You know what Mr. I hope you learned your lesson that sometimes be careful of what your saying because what did happen in the first place you saying that those movies aren't connected in mcu. But what did they? They shock everyone the thing here many of you believing that Sony was not going to deal with marvel and now what happen what they did is to deal with mcu. So that's why you need to wait and believe to a company that going to bankrup because the only thing they need to do is to sacrifices what they have but not at all maybe just a partnership so that's why I believe in Sony that they will to this in the first place note I'm not a fanboy of Colombia picture but just in PlayStation.

  • midi-clhorian gaming
    midi-clhorian gaming 2 months ago

    Kevin Feige already confimed that Venom is not connected to the MCU

  • Fidel Gomez
    Fidel Gomez 2 months ago

    I told your ass. everyone was tripping over nothing. Sony has the right to make what films they want. let them. as long as we have Spider-Man. plus who better to play Venom than yom Hardy.

  • Doublas Vicente
    Doublas Vicente 2 months ago

    Well might the vulture be in the Sinister Six????

  • Taha Anis Siddiqui
    Taha Anis Siddiqui 2 months ago

    This woman clearly doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm surprised that she's even at Sony after the email hacks. How do you think they are going to incorporate Venom having the same powers and symbol as Spider-Man without Peter getting it first? Why would Eddie Brock suddenly hate a teenage Peter he doesn't even know? Considering Sony's record, this is not looking good.

  • Leko JG
    Leko JG 2 months ago

    Im watching those now

  • TheMegawingzero
    TheMegawingzero 2 months ago

    as long as Marvel's doing the script, the production and like 90% of everything than it's cool.

  • Pre Retcon Beyonder
    Pre Retcon Beyonder 2 months ago

    sony proabbly realized that spiderman villans cant work alone like batman villans,flash villans or superman villan for example
    doc ock needs spiderman
    black cat does to
    venom also
    batman villans
    deadshot does not
    harley quinn and joker do not

  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 2 months ago

    She NEVER said they will be part of the MCU. There's no way that Feige is going to let Sony make MCU movies in which Feige has no input. You are "quite clearly" putting words in her mouth. She said the same "world" which could mean any number of things. She also said they would be "adjunct". That means a thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an essential part. The movies may or may not utilize Tom Holland's Spider-man but they won't be MCU canon.

  • Kaleiohu Lee
    Kaleiohu Lee 2 months ago

    Kevin Feige looked so uncomfortable when Pascal was rambling on about this... pretty sure she was going way off the reservation. Also last time we heard from her she got in trouble for saying Marvel/Sony collaborating is just for Homecoming.

  • Ian Mega
    Ian Mega 2 months ago


  • Voltaire III Lopez
    Voltaire III Lopez 2 months ago


  • Cédric Extended Play
    Cédric Extended Play 2 months ago

    like deadpool

    • Nazrat84
      Nazrat84 2 months ago

      Deadpool is not connected to the MCU at all, it's 100% an X-Men universe movie. This news about Spider-Man implies that the Sony stuff will be connected to MCU loosely like the Netflix shows.

  • Emmett McCann
    Emmett McCann 2 months ago +1

    Sony gonna ruin MCU. Fuck dissss! Hope these films do crap so rights go back to MCU/Disney Marvel! Plz don't be connected unless Marvel makes them or makes 3/4 of it and market it too.

  • Humppa
    Humppa 2 months ago

    there's a difference between Marvel Cinematic Universe and Spider-verse. Sony get helped by Marvel for built Sony's Spider-verse and Venom or Carnage belongs to Sony's Spider-verse not MCU. THERE'S NO VENOM IN THE MFCU!

  • XxDark PowaxX
    XxDark PowaxX 2 months ago +1

    This prove god exist...FUCK YEAHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!
    ( i'm atheist )

  • Miguel Zamora
    Miguel Zamora 2 months ago +1

    LETS FUCKING GO! Good call Sony.

  • Canada-Eh99
    Canada-Eh99 2 months ago

    Why is Amy Pascal still a producer on anything when she got fired from Sony 2 years ago?

  • Yung Reggie
    Yung Reggie 2 months ago

    Oh my God...

    I just spilled my covfefe.

  • kickback Gamez
    kickback Gamez 2 months ago

    We got venom now we need carnage anyone agree

  • Joltimus22
    Joltimus22 2 months ago

    *exhales large breath*, what a darn relief this is to hear.

  • Trent Thompson
    Trent Thompson 2 months ago

    I typically enjoy listening to your perspective on Sony/Spider-Man/Marvel issues but on this specific topic, you threw a damn curve ball at my expectations. I full heartedly expected to watch this video and leave with the feeling that someone else, someone who has a large enough presence in the Marvel fandom, was concerned with this. However, I watched in shock as the person who has repeatedly and very clearly stated their near absolute hatred for the Sony control over Spider-Man fell headfirst into something so unsure, unstable and unconfirmed. In the interview where this discussion took place, Amy Pascal is the only one talking about any of these movies being connected to the MCU, when in truth Fiege should've been the big speaker in the conversation seeing as he is the herald, creator and champion of the MCU. As she spits her venomous words it's quite evident that Fiege is uncomfortable with what she's saying. Now whether or not this is in part because this was a secret that wasn't planned to be revealed for some time still, as you seem to believe, remains unknown. But if you would recall another interview discussion about the connections between the Venom movie and the MCU (or just about any of interviews on the topic) Fiege clearly stated that the Venom movie was NOT part of the MCU. While some may take this as an interpretation of his words this is an exact quote "For now, there is no plan for Venom in the MCU. It’s a SONY Project." This leaves me with the assumption that this statement from Pascal is in reference to Sony attempting to shove their side projects into the already successful MCU to garner attention and a larger box office return without the consent of Fiege, Disney, Marvel Studios or anyone else involved. I see this as a threat that needs to be dealt with and explained NOW. The biggest unanswered question that makes me reserve any excitement for this movie being shoved into the MCU is "Are these films going to be co-produced by Marvel Studios in the same fashion of Spider-Man Homecoming?" This is the question that you Armin (or whatever your name is) should've been asking instead of fangirling into a dream. Also, you should've stated that without Marvel Studios' involvement these movies will probably be trash and shouldn't be allowed to be shoehorned into the MCU.

  • assassinsknight
    assassinsknight 2 months ago +1

    It's a lie people, they're trying to trick people into seeing it. They know about the boycott.

  • matevenodos
    matevenodos 2 months ago

    *Oh my god .............Oh wow help me god if this is anouther joke like last time .............Really hope this is real this time !*

  • El Kapitan
    El Kapitan 2 months ago

    Amy Pascal is just saving face. She'll say anything to attract Marvel fans for her Venomverse.

    EDUARDO BALBUENA 2 months ago


    WILD RAV3N 2 months ago

    Thanx BARRY!

  • Egor's Egor
    Egor's Egor 2 months ago

    Go home, Sony. You're drunk again.

  • Otoma
    Otoma 2 months ago

    Wait... what?

  • Jeramy Kelton
    Jeramy Kelton 2 months ago

    well that just made my father's day!

  • Bat Dude 39
    Bat Dude 39 2 months ago

    Yes yes yes yesssssssssssss!

  • Zakaria Shalih
    Zakaria Shalih 2 months ago

    Allah the master of Omniverse has answered our prayers

  • Stephen Flegel
    Stephen Flegel 2 months ago

    Please please please let this mean Holland gets the symbiote during Infinity war then!!!!! It's not secret wars, but this would be the closest they could likely get to comic book accurate Venom, and it would just straight up be badass to see black suit spidey fighting Thanos - even if it's only for 3 shots or something. Bad. Ass.

  • Danny Lackner
    Danny Lackner 2 months ago

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

  • Tilii
    Tilii 2 months ago +3

    How about Sony let the REAL mcu handle these films, and then they should go FUCK OFF. Sony spider-man universe is going nowhere. The real fans should know better then to get excited over this bullshit.

  • The Hero of Time
    The Hero of Time 2 months ago +2

    I'll take it but I want Avi Arad out of this

  • Mohd Emir
    Mohd Emir 2 months ago

    marvel can just take all my savings for their films from now on

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