The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Opposing the Resistance in Phoenix

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  • Ryan Hoefer
    Ryan Hoefer Hour ago

    Wannabe MARK DICE

  • KeenMaShine
    KeenMaShine Hour ago

    Seriously fuck Comedy Central. It's just a liberal circle jerk at this point

  • KeenMaShine
    KeenMaShine Hour ago

    Hooray, more leftist propaganda from Comedy Central. What a fucking surprise.

  • Any1CanDance
    Any1CanDance 2 hours ago

  • Bonte Maelle
    Bonte Maelle 4 hours ago

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  • Rogue Dynamic
    Rogue Dynamic 6 hours ago

    Oh look, another Liberal bullshit attempt. Cant wait to see you idiots get caught in the crossfire from Liberals assaulting people and have them think you're actually on our side.. *Yes, Liberals are that fucking dumb.*

  • 裴效黎
    裴效黎 7 hours ago

    "Voting against your own interests"
    lol American leftists think they own minorities

  • vila420
    vila420 9 hours ago


  • Alex xeon
    Alex xeon 15 hours ago

    Fighting the mainstream
    You are the mainstream you lying hook nosed klllkke.

  • Spawnfreak
    Spawnfreak 20 hours ago

    Show backed by Viacom claiming to be against the mainstream media. Bitch Please.

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 21 hour ago +2

    Meh. The Hillary supporters were about 6x worse than this. Also is it just me or like 60% of these people seem like trolls rather than anything else?

  • Calamity
    Calamity 21 hour ago

    Fun fact: Washington didn't want there to be parties, and this is why...

  • C.K. Holliday
    C.K. Holliday 21 hour ago

    "Vote against your own interests"? The Democratic party doesn't have a monopoly on the interests of minorities. What too many people forget is people in minority races are *individuals*, and different individuals have different interests.

  • L.A. Classical Liberal
    L.A. Classical Liberal 23 hours ago +1

    So Comedy Central is just a large liberal circle jerk that's against Trump now? What ever happened to being offensive to everyone now it's just one-sided. Next time, if you really want followers then I recommend hitting those PC liberals or Antifa. You wouldn't do it because it would hurt your ratings :/

    • thepsychologistvjdj
      thepsychologistvjdj 21 hour ago

      antifaux is such ripe material for comedy, they dress like "ISIS" ffs

  • Hannah B.
    Hannah B. Day ago

    "Impeach Hillary" - trump supporters

    Much hate. Such stupidity.

  • Arthur BRIAND
    Arthur BRIAND Day ago

    God they are so dumb it's sad.

  • Peter Kazavis
    Peter Kazavis Day ago +1

    Enjoy your 10 episode run

  • MegF
    MegF Day ago

    White guy in a polo shirt and beige pants with a suspicious choice of haircut. Just might be a Nazi.

  • Tara Grants
    Tara Grants Day ago

    Jordan rocks! these people are unbelievable. how stupid can u be really?

  • Jon Bond
    Jon Bond Day ago

    LMAO! That was hilarious! Don't get me wrong, the Democratic party is going down faster than the Titanic. Which they brought upon themselves by convincing a generation they were victims, but that was legitimately funny.

  • Black Pilled Monk
    Black Pilled Monk Day ago +1

    Shilling Poser!! Fake as hell!!

  • JasnoGT
    JasnoGT Day ago

    Fox should make one these on the idiot lefties who believe Trump wants to deport all immigrants hates Mexicans and Blacks (untrue) caused global warming and hurricanes (Jennifer Lawrence) Libs are idiots easily brainwashed by mass media. The same idiots who worship the iPhone X not realizing it has Samsung screen.

  • Kyle Gatzke
    Kyle Gatzke Day ago +1


  • Julius CaesarII
    Julius CaesarII Day ago +1

    I dont really care for politics, but his sense of humor is pretty dull. I get the references and his sarcasm but its eh. Seems more about pushing an agenda then comedy, and i hate that from both sides of the political spectrum, i want comedy not this shit.

  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby Day ago

    ... in his ad for this show he claims "china isn't real" dude you know like only 1.3 billion people are chinese and i've been there like 5 times. So unless some superhuman is able to create a fake city for me to go to and fake 1.3 billion people then this guy has no brain

  • BroKuro
    BroKuro Day ago

    0:36 is baked alaska's body guard

  • Arlinda Barry
    Arlinda Barry Day ago

    1:25 outed his political stance. He's LEFT and if anything that's 100% against minorities interest!

  • Ben Wasserman
    Ben Wasserman Day ago

    I really wish all of these real people were paid actors. It would make so much more sense...

  • Poker Girl
    Poker Girl Day ago

    Everyone ❤️ pho

  • stephanie
    stephanie Day ago

    Most of the Trump supporters I know think they're so smart, but they're just as stupid as these people lmao

  • jpax28
    jpax28 Day ago

    Trying to copy Mark Dice. Lame

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews Day ago

    Is there already the Daily Show? So what's this? The far left's attempt at indoctrinating millenials against any real opposition to the leftist mainstream media headed by George Soros.

  • Bernie Lord of Cynder

    1:21 look at the white kid next to the brown kid bitting and licking his lips, its almost as if he is umeased about everything he is saying LMAO the whitSups will never be satified.

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores Day ago

    "DON'T TRUST ANYONE THAT TALKS TO THE CAMERA"....... and starts talking camera.

  • Amy Sternheim
    Amy Sternheim Day ago

    Imagine if Jonathon Swift were alive today. He'd have nothing to write about.

  • ramayomama
    ramayomama 2 days ago

    It's still not anywhere as funny as Alex Jones himself, this shit is luke warm and weak as fuck. Alex has comedy chops far stronger than this little bitch.

    This dude won't last half a season

  • Human AC
    Human AC 2 days ago

    At least there smart enough to know that hillary is a fucking snake. If "idiots" like these can understand that then i cant imagine the stupidity on the other side.

  • Tom Olby
    Tom Olby 2 days ago +2

    Comedy Central is just a propaganda arm of the Democrat party. And pushers of Cultural Marxism.

  • Conner McIntosh
    Conner McIntosh 2 days ago

    "Fake news! Fake TRIPOD! Only has two legs!!!"

    Bruh I'm so weak 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shumon Johnson
    Shumon Johnson 2 days ago

    "You can vote against your own interests, it's the American way"! LOL 😂😂😂

  • Frank Joseph
    Frank Joseph 2 days ago

    This is not happening ever come back?

  • Emersons Borakove
    Emersons Borakove 2 days ago +1

    I feel like this isn't helping the situation it's just saying" look at these stupid people. They are stupid cause they like Trump lol xd" I'm not a fan of Trump and support Hillary but to making fun of the other side is how we create barriers

  • kslee0920
    kslee0920 2 days ago

    I literally might just buy a tv and get cable just for this show this man is too good for just my computer screen

  • Stephanie Slate
    Stephanie Slate 2 days ago


  • Mark West
    Mark West 2 days ago +1

    Promoting the stupidity of the United States is the exact opposite of what this country needs.

    • Emersons Borakove
      Emersons Borakove 2 days ago

      Mark West agreed

    • Mark West
      Mark West 2 days ago +1

      If the United States is to survive when need to promote intellectualism, remove "alternative facts" from being considered normal, promote critical thinking, remove the stigma of smart people, bring science into the mainstream, abolish ignorance, and teach tolerance.

    • Mark West
      Mark West 2 days ago +1

      How clueless and removed from reality can be never ceases to amaze me.

    • Mark West
      Mark West 2 days ago +1

      Telling people Hillary needs to be impeached even though she holds no elected office only promotes ignorance and anti-intellectualism.

    • Mark West
      Mark West 2 days ago +1

      If this is going to be the long term narrative of Jordan Klepper's show then I have lost respect of him

  • luiciana chakraborty

    Love Jordon .. great he got his own show .. btw does this people realise how stupid they look on national Television ..

  • Presh
    Presh 3 days ago

    To impeach Hillary you have to make her president first though.

  • Rampala
    Rampala 3 days ago

    I can't like this video because of its anti Pho position.

  • andrew miller
    andrew miller 3 days ago

    I hate that I didn't know Jordan was in Phoenix I would've gone

  • Dante Garcia
    Dante Garcia 3 days ago


  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin 4 days ago +1

    For some reason, I feel like this is a troll. Because Jordan used to be a liberal journalist and commentator.

  • VicZX6R
    VicZX6R 4 days ago

    trumptards are so ignorant and clueless....most of them dumb fucks are poor and uneducated.

    • Emersons Borakove
      Emersons Borakove 2 days ago

      VicZX6R why are you so elitist. I support Hillary fully but we are all people.

  • PolarOpposites
    PolarOpposites 4 days ago +2

    Well I just wasted minutes of my life. This said nothing.

  • Ralph Pootawn
    Ralph Pootawn 4 days ago +2

    Im a liberal, and even I think this guy is a cuck.

  • R10king
    R10king 4 days ago +1

    How many think he's actually on their side.

  • Sean O
    Sean O 4 days ago

    When did Disney buy CC?

  • Pwn3r
    Pwn3r 4 days ago

    Trump supporters are the stupidest people on the planet. This video is proof.

    • Emersons Borakove
      Emersons Borakove 2 days ago

      Pwn3r and there aren't stupid Hillary supporters? Jump of your high horse.

  • steven
    steven 4 days ago

    "you can vote against your own interest its the american way " the kid responded by saying "exactly" .......The fact that john kasich dropped out of the race just goes to show that over 90% of republicans are mentally retarded. instead of choosing a moderate that could have brought both parties together to get major legislation passed,the people wanted a pussy grabbing orangutan clown in a business suit.

  • rubygibson03
    rubygibson03 4 days ago

    I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • gjaddajg
    gjaddajg 4 days ago

    The propaganda is real.

  • gjaddajg
    gjaddajg 4 days ago

    Implying that mainstream media _doesn't_ lie. pff

  • Front row seat to the end of the world

    Trumptards are so fucking stupid😂 laughing at you not with you.

  • E115
    E115 5 days ago +2

    "You can vote against your own interest it's the American way" oh man you're really being edgy and trolling them hard by being as PC as possible. Yeah that's right, if you're black and don't agree with me then you're voting against your interest! Ha blacks don't know how to vote in their own interest 🤷‍♂️

    You don't have the integrity to go after the crazy on both sides or the craziness of right wing religious values because then you might actually offend people. Woah don't bring up people's religion because we have to respect dumb beliefs, don't bring up crazy left wing commies white supremacist conspiratards because then we're not being PC! God I miss George Carlin. He was a lefty but he shit on people honestly and properly, and he didn't shy away from anything!

    • Doofy
      Doofy Day ago

      E115 people shouldn't be voting for their best interest, they should be voting for what's just

  • High Priest of Gavin Almighty Lord and Stoner

    This video isn't terrible, but the promo for the show is pretty ridiculous. Comedy Central has abandoned any attempt to satirize the far left. It is only those questioning the far left who are fair game I suppose.

    "Let's find an interview the dumbest people we can possibly find who represent the opposition."

    Don't give me wrong, I am glad that you actually criticize the president now. That was missing for about eight years.

    South Park is about the only good show Comedy Central has anymore.

  • Roberto Reyna
    Roberto Reyna 5 days ago

    You da man Jordan!

  • Rigoberto Gervacio
    Rigoberto Gervacio 5 days ago

    Would be funnier if he trolled both sides

  • bee pot
    bee pot 5 days ago

    A lot of keep being pompous, assholes, snobby, liberal comments below lol. Sounds to me a lot of people have lost their backbone. Since when do you care about what a liberal has to say about you? Especially on a channel hardly anyone watches anymore. Come on, being a pussy about this is sad guys.

  • Professor Katt
    Professor Katt 5 days ago +1

    this is why your channel is circling the drain...

  • Caligula138
    Caligula138 5 days ago


  • GainedSalmon 3
    GainedSalmon 3 5 days ago

    So he's basically just political black face like Colbert before him only he makes it way to obvious and has annoying music

  • RedCatracho
    RedCatracho 5 days ago

    Human stupidly is the one thing that never ceases to amaze me.

  • RedCatracho
    RedCatracho 5 days ago

    Trump voters are the best argument against democracy

  • Kristian Brandt
    Kristian Brandt 5 days ago

    I see.... Problem is you can't really imprison someone just because you don't like them, it doesn't work that way.

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  • Azyatic
    Azyatic 5 days ago


  • Ronnie Scott
    Ronnie Scott 5 days ago

    Why not showcase the wing bats on the left, that would be edgy and unique.

  • Zachary Fletcher
    Zachary Fletcher 5 days ago

    Bro where can i buy an impeach hillary shirt?

  • x 1
    x 1 5 days ago

    Bill Clinton is a rapist. Seattle mayor is a pedophile

  • x 1
    x 1 5 days ago

    He's super serial you guys.

  • x 1
    x 1 5 days ago

    This is CANCER

  • EndofDays213
    EndofDays213 5 days ago

    New level of trolling I admire lol

  • Lindsay French
    Lindsay French 5 days ago

    "I heard a rumor. Not sure if it's true."
    "Doesn't matter. Just spew it."


  • Carlos Herrera
    Carlos Herrera 5 days ago

    what the hell happen to key & peele

  • Christian Paquin
    Christian Paquin 5 days ago

    This guy may be the greatest troll in troll history 😂😂😂

  • Van H
    Van H 5 days ago

    this is modern art

  • Emilio
    Emilio 5 days ago

    "To initiate proceedings so we can oust Hillary from public office. Yes Sir!" - Definition of Trumptardism, these guys are mindless LOL

  • Amber Davenport
    Amber Davenport 5 days ago

    666 K views o.o

  • Dani __
    Dani __ 5 days ago

    This was beautiful. Genius

  • Ana Monten
    Ana Monten 5 days ago

    "You can vote against your own interest that's the American way."

  • Skankhuntt 42
    Skankhuntt 42 5 days ago

    I love how this is supposed to be against Trump supporters but I fond it awesome. TRUMP 2020

  • Evan Holloway
    Evan Holloway 5 days ago

    Sure they're too stupid to know she doesn't hold an office, but she still doesn't have a job because of them.

  • Michael Wiest
    Michael Wiest 5 days ago

    The whole impeach Hilary thing.. she could be holding some form of other public office and people didn't know because she fell out of the lime light. Devil's advocate I know

  • Stephen Schmidt
    Stephen Schmidt 5 days ago +1

    He is a liberal Mark Dice.

  • Anthony Mentalewicz
    Anthony Mentalewicz 5 days ago

    Comedy central everyone.

  • Christopher A.N.
    Christopher A.N. 5 days ago

    >1k comments on a 600k video
    >Obviously fake
    >Copyright claim anyone who does response videos

  • It's Ironic
    It's Ironic 5 days ago

    Wow, this guy gets paid by comedy central? I guess him being a joke as whole is a thing?? Serious ill go watch rick & morty fuck this douche

  • Mario Alvarez
    Mario Alvarez 5 days ago

    Reverse psychology huh, you dodgy liberals.

  • Mitch
    Mitch 5 days ago +1

    Oh look, another daily show reject got his own leftist cuck show. How surprising. Cant wait to hear you devote 98% of your show to trump bashing. Like all the other daily show cucks.

  • Ton Ka
    Ton Ka 5 days ago

    Just realized that we have a lot of dumb citizen....

  • Jeevat Singh
    Jeevat Singh 5 days ago

    Impeach Hillary Clinton