Why no aquarium has a great white shark

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  • Many have tried to keep a white shark in captivity. Here's why that's so difficult.

    There are several aquariums around the world, including one in Georgia, that house whale sharks, the biggest fish in the sea. But not one has a great white shark on display. Aquariums have made dozens of attempts since the 1970s to display a captive great white shark. Most of those attempts ended with dead sharks. By the 2000s, the only group still trying was the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which spent a decade planning its white shark program. In 2004, it acquired a shark that became the first great white to survive in captivity for more than 16 days. In fact, it was on display for more than six months before it was released back into the ocean. In the following years, the Monterey Bay Aquarium hosted five more juvenile white sharks for temporary stays before ending the program in 2011. It was an expensive effort and had come under criticism due to injuries that some of the sharks developed in the tank. Responding to those critics, Jon Hoech, the aquarium's director of husbandry operations, said: "We believe strongly that putting people face to face with live animals like this is very significant in inspiring ocean conservation and connecting people to the ocean environment. We feel like white sharks face a significant threats out in the wild and our ability to bring awareness to that is significant in terms of encouraging people to become ocean stewards." Check out the video above to learn why white sharks are so difficult to keep in captivity and how the Monterey Bay Aquarium designed a program that could keep them alive.

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  • DR. FINE
    DR. FINE 5 hours ago


  • Ella Pequiro
    Ella Pequiro 7 hours ago

    Did you know why sharks were first born in the open ocean and not on the aquarium?

    Its because they yearns to swim freely, yearning of swimming the 75 percent of open waters freely, they were not meant to be cage up and they were not born to swim in the waters that has its walls😢

  • Daddy Gabby
    Daddy Gabby 8 hours ago


  • Alex Escobar
    Alex Escobar 11 hours ago

    an i the only one who dosent f*ck with aquariums?

  • Do it slime Style
    Do it slime Style 18 hours ago +1

    To much stress

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat 21 hour ago +1

    When great white sharks are held captive they will bump into the wall until they die

  • Maurirz
    Maurirz 23 hours ago

    What is the name of the song at the end? I love the creepy vibe ^^

  • Shannon Garrity
    Shannon Garrity Day ago

    Has it is have LOL

  • Hope Macaulay
    Hope Macaulay Day ago

    Hm it's ALMOST like sharks aren't supposed to be put in tanks 😂 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • ORagnar
    ORagnar Day ago

    Sea dogs!

  • Dark Casserole17

    I haven't watched the whole thing but here we go

    Great Whites and other Sharks have to keep moving to keep water over their gills and breath otherwise they die. They needed more space to stay alive in the Aquariums

  • Fashion4TheSole
    Fashion4TheSole Day ago

    All for people's enjoyment ugh. Please leave the sharks in the wild

  • James Farmer
    James Farmer Day ago

    Leave the sharks alone dickheads

  • Adeel Ahmad
    Adeel Ahmad Day ago

    main reason is when you stick them in the aquarium, they lose their predatory instincts, the instinct to kill, just like killer whales, only difference between, sharks are not as social as killer whales, they usually solo predators in wild, so keeping them contained makes them feel like they losing their whole natural way of life. They don't eat because you don't let them use their predatory instinct, when they lose that, and it effects it has on their diet, they lose their sense to live, just like a human cabbage, they become a shark cabbage when stuck in a tank, the time then starts to tick away until they die. LOL

  • DreDre_TheDream
    DreDre_TheDream Day ago

    Funny they don't want to take and incapacitate animals but they do it to people lol. Amerikkka is great isn't it?

  • Emily Contreras
    Emily Contreras Day ago

    Awwwww I was gonna go in a few months now there is no more 😔

  • Karolina Vonau
    Karolina Vonau Day ago

    omg lol

  • Kauã Rodrigo
    Kauã Rodrigo 2 days ago

    Olha como eu sei fala os ingleses também gkecniaafv kdagllbvdc jdbx jdwkkcfhnlfdwzswg

  • Fatima Aliyeva
    Fatima Aliyeva 2 days ago

    I remember seeing a great white in the Monterey bay aquarium in 2014. Shame on any aquarium that is keeping great whites despite they know it will kill them in a matter of days. All the zoos and aquariums are horrible places that should be banned. One day we will look back and see them as atrocity perpetrated towards animals. Hopefully before some great animals will go extinct.

    SANTIAGO 2 days ago

    Sea World should do this with their orcas.

  • ruby lester
    ruby lester 2 days ago

    well those great whites, they have big teeth

  • Aaron imbragulio
    Aaron imbragulio 2 days ago

    people need to stop great whites aren't meet to live in a tank their open water sharks their a few problems combined that probably caused the sharks to die lack of sleep due to not being able to keep going forward like there ment to change in diet and their being put in a limited space when their a shark that needs hundreds of miles to be happy not a tank

  • Ghosssttt
    Ghosssttt 2 days ago

    Why don't we just leave them alone?

  • Tigerbro Productions

    I saw It at Monterey bay aquarium

  • David Amorao
    David Amorao 2 days ago

    Monterey had a great white for an event.

  • Nathaniel Mulqueen
    Nathaniel Mulqueen 3 days ago

    my aquarium has a great white but its small

  • fatboy19831
    fatboy19831 3 days ago

    The only way this could work and only seasonally is if they had a tank open to the sea and live bait was used. The sharks would return to feed. It would be a gruesome exibxit.

  • fatboy19831
    fatboy19831 3 days ago

    This is so sad.

  • Zakk Kaye
    Zakk Kaye 3 days ago

    why do they feel the need to catch healthy animals to show the public?

  • Lady of the Galadhrim

    Humans - the ultimate dicks. Ruining all species including our own.

  • Sebastian Camacho
    Sebastian Camacho 3 days ago

    I live in Monterey!!!

  • Alex Stamatakos
    Alex Stamatakos 3 days ago

    Ripley's Aquarium Of Toronto Has Great White Sharks.

  • Mr Jack Frost Mr Jack Frost

    That is kinda sad

  • CRaftY ManGO!
    CRaftY ManGO! 3 days ago

    I don't understand. I personally don't find it more interesting to find great whites at aquariums, if they keep dying by being captive, then why don't we just leave them alone? I mean, you can still see them by doing that ocean-cage-thingy.

  • Anneka Visscher
    Anneka Visscher 3 days ago

    Australia's famous aquarium has a great white shark still

  • Valery Palma
    Valery Palma 3 days ago

    Orcas and these animals should be let free aquariums should be banned and zoos

  • Amanda Lynch
    Amanda Lynch 3 days ago

    Love how the last words are, "And within three days, *it was dead.* "

  • Xyclosus
    Xyclosus 3 days ago

    Yea they do that

  • Codi Bluezony
    Codi Bluezony 3 days ago

    Sea World should be banned! It is animal cruelty!

  • Miami Sports Network

    Sooooo great whites are stupid

  • krisable28
    krisable28 4 days ago

    If an alien comes into your home and starts trying to shove you in a tank to transport back to Saturn, do you think you'd go peacefully?

    Humans are garbage, myself included because I've supported aquariums and Seaworld.

  • Aava Manninen
    Aava Manninen 4 days ago

    It's almost like sharks and sealife aren't meant to be kept in captivity

  • evan butler
    evan butler 4 days ago

    kill them all i say nothing but dangerous pests

  • evan butler
    evan butler 4 days ago

    sharks need to be wiped out

  • Tan Tans
    Tan Tans 4 days ago


  • Super Vegito
    Super Vegito 4 days ago

    Is it possible to breed great white shard with an Lions?

  • james martin
    james martin 4 days ago

    Whale sharks are fish. Just when I was starting to take Vox seriously.

  • XxChaotic MinerxX
    XxChaotic MinerxX 4 days ago

    Can't wait to swim with baby sharks

  • dynasaur
    dynasaur 4 days ago +1

    I can answer the video title: They are being held in captivity where they cannot thrive, used only for the purpose of money. I hate the human race...

  • Emma Walsh
    Emma Walsh 4 days ago

    Why doesent aquariums have sharks? CUZ THEY ARE HACKERS AND WILL EAT EVERYONE GGAGAFAGGA... Wut... nvm

  • Oscar Martinez
    Oscar Martinez 4 days ago

    wtf is wrong with her eyebrows.

  • AresTechno
    AresTechno 4 days ago

    Poor sharks.Taken from their home and put on display just for humands pleasure.

  • David Antreus
    David Antreus 4 days ago

    Leave animals alone and put humans instead.

  • Don Chisciotte della Mancia

    Genova has

  • Jeannette Esther
    Jeannette Esther 5 days ago


  • Andrei Cernucan
    Andrei Cernucan 5 days ago

    because great white sharks are great

  • Matt Haworth
    Matt Haworth 5 days ago

    You're missing some other details. Although smaller great whites could be kept, they weren't kept for very long because their feeding strategies resulted in them attacking other animals in the tank.

  • Manuel Borges
    Manuel Borges 5 days ago

    Why cant they just leave them alone :(

  • sana S
    sana S 5 days ago

    Let them live

  • oh kale yeah
    oh kale yeah 5 days ago

    all of that effort just to put it in a tank for people to look at and study. some animals do not belong in captivity.

  • richard harris
    richard harris 5 days ago

    Animals aren't meant to be captive unless bred for the purpose of a household pet wild animals should be left to be wild and we should study them as they see fit not the other way around we as people need to respect animals in their natural environment as we see we would like to be treated

  • Keaos0
    Keaos0 5 days ago

    Sounds to me like they'd need a 10 mile long and deep tank to actually put such a shark class on display. if you ask me, they're better off building a strong observation post underwater. Not sure what they would make the windows out of... but preferably something strong enough to resist all forms of punctures and overall stress...

  • JoshSkates SUCKS
    JoshSkates SUCKS 5 days ago

    Wtf it like the great white sharks act like royal

  • Paige Laporte
    Paige Laporte 5 days ago

    Don't people learn from there mistakes. Great white sharks are all ready endangered so they should stop trying to catch them for display.

  • Lydia Deetz
    Lydia Deetz 5 days ago

    Hey, maybe DON'T capture great white sharks if they're all doomed to a premature death? 🙄

  • Kidshaped
    Kidshaped 6 days ago

    poor sharks

  • Zook Inthe6ix
    Zook Inthe6ix 6 days ago

    None of these marine creatures should be in shitty man made aquariums.

    JIGGLY PUFFF 6 days ago

    It's so sad, That god made these animals to be good, and they were good, until when Adam and Eve disobeyed god, and animals are now our "enemies." No, we are their enemies because we're the ones who kill them, we are the ones who eat them. We take advantage of animals....This is why one day, all animals are gonna go extinct and we will have to live off something else, we won't eat meat again, just plants. And animals are beautiful creatures, They're people too. I own a dog, two dogs in fact, and they're so important to me, I walk them everyday, we go to the park every 3 days a week. I feed them well, I shower them every 4 days, So, as pet owners, remember to help your animal correctly because they could die of depression.

  • Rollogic
    Rollogic 6 days ago

    Sharks actually showed up 312,749,658 years before mammals to be exact.

  • Sammie Redfern
    Sammie Redfern 6 days ago

    No animal, including aquatic life, should be used and abused for human amusement and 'benefits'.

  • panchotheaddict420
    panchotheaddict420 6 days ago

    The sharks commit suicide. Theyd rather die then be trapped in a living hell

  • EQOAnostalgia
    EQOAnostalgia 6 days ago

    Leave the sharks alone! LEAVE THEM ALLLLLOOOOONEEEE!!!!!

  • Gorillz
    Gorillz 6 days ago


  • LegendaryGames
    LegendaryGames 6 days ago +1

    why are there orca's in aquariums 19.000 PSI + Bite Great white shark around the 800+ ??

  • A.P. 0412
    A.P. 0412 6 days ago

    Honestly sharks are not supposed to be held in captivity some cannot handle it

  • Pay TriXX
    Pay TriXX 6 days ago

    The developers probably patched it to stop great white farming.

  • Alex_ YouTube
    Alex_ YouTube 6 days ago

    How about just don't keep great white sharks.

  • pilkers2
    pilkers2 6 days ago +1

    Becuse great whites can't live in smalll spaces BUT it only lives about a few days in an equarain

  • Sarang Sarah
    Sarang Sarah 6 days ago

    There are some animals that do better in captivity for example pandas they are too shy to breed and if it wasn't for captivity the pandas would've been wiped out. I think that's the case for other endangered animals putting a few in captivity will help with rising popularity of the animals but they should always be release and during their time should be given plenty of room.

  • Tøp Phan trash
    Tøp Phan trash 6 days ago

    How come we can keep animals in captivity? Why not humans? Oh I know it's unhumane. But we don't see a problem when it's animals

  • rude guy
    rude guy 6 days ago

    Millions spent on shark research and they still haven't got a clue.

  • Fun Pazion
    Fun Pazion 6 days ago

    Maybe because just like lions they know. Their territory. For a shark to later find out that his water has changed is a great panic

  • plup dlup
    plup dlup 6 days ago

    I remember seeing these sharks when I went to the aquarium. I didn't realize it was the only one that could properly sustain them for a reasonable period of time

  • Jared Cox
    Jared Cox 6 days ago

    Just leave the sharks alone. Let them swim free without humans messing everything up. And stop eating fish, a certain percent of the animals captured and killed are in facts sharks, dolphins, and whales.

  • Shawn Garcia
    Shawn Garcia 6 days ago

    hmmm... why didn't they glue wall detecting zappers or something that makes a vibration on their nose?

  • Joy Leake
    Joy Leake 6 days ago

    The reason the shark they released died was because his nose was clearly damaged from banging against the aquarium walls; on a shark's nose is most of the electrolyte sensors he will use used to navigate the ocean and track prey without them he was more vulnerable two predator and likely will starve because he cannot locate prey as well.

  • Ranger
    Ranger 6 days ago +2

    Ever play the JAWS video game

  • Кирила Деянова

    Because they're racist

  • Brooklyn Mckinney
    Brooklyn Mckinney 6 days ago

    I was watching this when I was draining tuna

  • Some Random Neko
    Some Random Neko 6 days ago

    This video is saying how sharks can't really be in aquariums. Not how PETA should be in the comments about how animals shouldn't be in zoos. Keep your opinions to yourself, god.

  • Cupcakegurl Candyblaze

    Hmm, maybe because it's incredibly messed up to keep animals that swim in an entire OCEAN, in only a small tank?? Just a thought.

  • TheMemer27 No
    TheMemer27 No 6 days ago

    I just went to a aquarium with a great white though

  • Kelly14UK
    Kelly14UK 6 days ago

    First thing a Great White needs is absoute freedom to be themselves out in the deep ffs

  • Isabelle Orinion
    Isabelle Orinion 6 days ago

    has anyone been to madalay bay?

  • sammy man360
    sammy man360 6 days ago

    I thought it was because they could break the glass

  • Ahmet Can Karaaslan
    Ahmet Can Karaaslan 6 days ago

    Why is this in my reccomended?

  • yay margaret
    yay margaret 6 days ago

    because they're endangered and the need more room to swim than a tank....that's all you need to know

  • Sana Hussain
    Sana Hussain 6 days ago

    obviously they'll die...they are free animals...they reside in the deep, open ocean....You cannot just catch a shark and force it to live in a freaking tank! They are not created that way...obviously they won't survive...

  • Josephine Jasmine
    Josephine Jasmine 7 days ago

    We should not keep any fish in a tank. They deserve to live in their real habitat, not being an attraction for human.

  • Craft2299
    Craft2299 7 days ago

    So its like sharks are meant to be killer drones...

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