IndyCar wreck at Texas collects eight cars

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  • Lynn Knerr
    Lynn Knerr 20 days ago

    no not Mikael Aleshien

  • phoenix0282
    phoenix0282 2 months ago +2

    awesome crash that is hard RACING :D

  • Rodrigo Felix
    Rodrigo Felix 2 months ago +1

    is there a driver named Lotion? 😁

    • Squivsy
      Squivsy 2 months ago

      Rodrigo Felix yeah I always hear the commentators say his name it sounds like their saying lotion lol

    • Rodrigo Felix
      Rodrigo Felix 2 months ago

      Lucas Esquivel no prob! but ain't that funny? haha 😂

    • Squivsy
      Squivsy 2 months ago

      oh ok sorry

  • Man VS Cube
    Man VS Cube 2 months ago

    OH FOR F!!KING CRYING OUT LOUD!!! WHAT THE F!!K?!?!?! I knew that was going to happen!! I KNEW IT!!! This is what happens when all the cars are BUNCH UP TOGETHER and there is basically NO ROOM FOR ERROR! HONESTLY!!! WTF ARE THESE DRIVERS DOING?!?! How could they even continue racing at Texas after Kenny Bräck's accident?! This is the kind of racing that will get drivers hurt... OR WORST THAN THAT! THIS IS F!!KING MADNESS!!!!!!

    • Karine Noel
      Karine Noel 11 days ago

      WOAH! Take a deep breath and CALM DOWN.

    • Captain Slow
      Captain Slow Month ago

      Man VS Cube Kanaan caused most of the wrecks so take him out and there would be a lot cleaner race.

    • phoenix0282
      phoenix0282 2 months ago

      Open-wheel oval racing is not for faint hearted. Better stay with F1 and their obsession for safety. Here in America we are not afraid of that and we will not stop doing oval it is in our DNA :)

  • Brandon Dollar
    Brandon Dollar 2 months ago

    Thanks for ruining a bunch of race cars, TK.

    • E Sol
      E Sol Month ago

      Everybody's fault for racing like that. It was just a matter of time. We were just waiting to see when, where and who. A three wide situation is not the fault of the first (the one on the racing line). TK contributed by not driving smoothly, but it was not the first contact involving the #10, #5, #7 or even the #18. Three wide really should not have been done.

    • Rodrigo Felix
      Rodrigo Felix 2 months ago

      Brandon Dollar aleshin's fault...

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