Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Cast ★ Before And After

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  • Sol Jah
    Sol Jah 2 minutes ago

    gamora i want to marry and do all that 5 times a day, she one sexy ebony angel my drram girl ...

  • Sol Jah
    Sol Jah 5 minutes ago

    i love to do nawty things to mantis, i could suckle on her tweeters all day long and much more mmmmmm mmm bang tidy!!

  • superjimy ct
    superjimy ct 4 hours ago

    oh god i love karen gillan so much

  • Alessandro Vitiello
    Alessandro Vitiello 4 hours ago

    Vin diesel really lost his looks.

  • chris k.
    chris k. 6 hours ago

    Also Cooper was again AWESOME as RACOON he played his role very well i laughed a lot,i think RACOON has more fans in movie than Peter Quill.I can't imagine how many money Vin Diesel took for only 1 dialogue (Iam Groot),also i can't imagine the money Kurt Russel and Sylvester Stallone took for their guest star appearances in movie.

  • chris k.
    chris k. 6 hours ago

    Karen Gillian(Nebula) looks like Jennifer Lawrence only in redhair i haven't seen Karen Gillian's movies except Oculus,when i saw her ass in leather when she dancing in the office DAMN.

  • عاشـrـeـkـcـuـFـق الكـrـeـhـtـoـMـس

    whats the name of the song/music at 5:06 ?

  • Ashish Mathew
    Ashish Mathew 12 hours ago

    My favourite part 3:14 - 4:04

    • Ashish Mathew
      Ashish Mathew 12 hours ago

      Have this Commented so that I can watch it again and again

  • mauryyou1
    mauryyou1 12 hours ago

    What is the last song in background?

  • Funky Punky X
    Funky Punky X 13 hours ago

    2:07 those nips tho

  • James C
    James C 14 hours ago

    Thanos and Ronan weren't in the second movie.

  • Hạo Tôn
    Hạo Tôn 15 hours ago

    name of music 6:03 is what ?

  • Xeevo
    Xeevo 17 hours ago


  • magno serafim
    magno serafim 19 hours ago

    Não sabia que o guaxinim era o sniper americano

  • NOVA Akuma
    NOVA Akuma Day ago

    Everyone's talking about Nebula, BUT NOT Mantis or Ayesha??

  • Unit_312
    Unit_312 Day ago

    Snake Plissken RULES that video !

  • recep taş
    recep taş Day ago

    çökelek mi diyo lan :D

  • Tom Tommy
    Tom Tommy Day ago

    i love gamora from thailand

  • gabrieli aderinko

    am grooooth !!

  • DarthVader
    DarthVader Day ago

    Drax has poor taste in women..he called Mantis ugly, when she was the hottest among them, with Gamora coming close!😍

  • Finerz -FS-
    Finerz -FS- Day ago

    Why Yondu must die ?? Why not nebula >:(

  • FrostSnype
    FrostSnype Day ago

    2:08 can't stop looking at it!! 😰😰😰

  • rj rockstar
    rj rockstar Day ago

    2:09 that nipples tho

  • Faizan Haju
    Faizan Haju Day ago

    what is the songs name played during vi diesel 3:05

  • Nada Sira
    Nada Sira Day ago

    so that is what happens to weird skinny nerds when they put on weight and go bald...they get cocky...=vin diesel..lmao

  • Krizes Gaming
    Krizes Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Very good very good your video! Thank you!

  • Njddjjd Didijfnx
    Njddjjd Didijfnx 2 days ago

    Karen is fine as hell

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 3 days ago +1

    This video makes me full of self pity and wish I had the guts to hang myself, or had been born into a better life.

  • TwinnNightmare
    TwinnNightmare 3 days ago

    Mantis can get it

  • Hilnner Farias
    Hilnner Farias 3 days ago

    Shit, Nebula is damn hot

  • Herman Grewal
    Herman Grewal 3 days ago +1

    5:16 No hulk don't cum don't cum. lmao😂😂😂

  • crisstian contreres
    crisstian contreres 4 days ago

    3:54 peters face like damn

  • Ia Yu
    Ia Yu 4 days ago

    me likey mantis better with dark hair but nebula is love tho 👌 just smokin ugggh

  • vankov
    vankov 4 days ago

    Mantis is japanese?

  • Peter Plot
    Peter Plot 4 days ago

    hey what's the second song of the chris pratt-part??

  • Ulan Kantarbaev
    Ulan Kantarbaev 4 days ago

    We want to continue...........


    I love mantis😍

  • Ermek Tleuov
    Ermek Tleuov 4 days ago

    Өте қызықты видео. Ұнады. Рақмет.

  • zacky vengeance
    zacky vengeance 5 days ago

    batista look like an idiot now, more than before

  • Tyler The Weirdo
    Tyler The Weirdo 5 days ago

    I thought Meredith quilt was played by Angelina Jolie, not Laura haddock lol

  • dungeon master
    dungeon master 5 days ago

    mantis i love you

  • MrSottobanco
    MrSottobanco 5 days ago

    Elizabeth Debicki is cute.

  • MrSottobanco
    MrSottobanco 5 days ago

    Is Michael Rook Conar McGregor's father?

  • Arturo Caldwell
    Arturo Caldwell 5 days ago

    that dude is playing as cable and thanos damn

  • tavuweshwesh
    tavuweshwesh 5 days ago


  • noodle
    noodle 5 days ago

    Benicio Del Toro can fuck me any day.

  • Kili
    Kili 6 days ago

    Vin Diesel did such a great job XD

  • Kili
    Kili 6 days ago

    why rocket is a human? wtf?!

  • Michael Ferro
    Michael Ferro 6 days ago

    2:50. I will NEVER be able to watch a Furious film the same ever again. lol

  • ilkay DURUKAN
    ilkay DURUKAN 6 days ago

    Why u don't share music list ? :(

  • warrenguy76
    warrenguy76 6 days ago

    A fantastic cast! Zoe was perfectly cast as Uhura BTW!

  • Meyra
    Meyra 6 days ago

    I love that that girl got to be both blue (avatar) and green.

  • giangos
    giangos 6 days ago

    Nice video!!!

  • the angry kekistani
    the angry kekistani 6 days ago

    mantis is so beatiful

    on the inside

  • OsceolaLongBeard
    OsceolaLongBeard 7 days ago

    just came for 2:08

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh 7 days ago

    pom has perfect tits

    ABDUL KHADER 7 days ago

    Wow nice

  • X B E X
    X B E X 7 days ago

    tell me song on 2.19 pls

  • TheShadowfire204
    TheShadowfire204 7 days ago

    Weird seeing Vin Diesel that young, thin, and with a full head of hair

    MELUCHIDANCER 7 days ago

    I'm making the animated version of Civil War 2. The teaser trailer can be found on my page.

  • Eric Chao
    Eric Chao 7 days ago

    mantis is hot as fuck

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 7 days ago +3

    Mantis is so beautiful

    On the inside

  • R3SPYR !
    R3SPYR ! 8 days ago

    Nobody really changed considering it came out in 2017 and 2018 isnt here yet

  • cinema filmes
    cinema filmes 8 days ago

    na cena que mostra a mantis como é o nome da música que toca, alguém me diz por favor

  • ziljin
    ziljin 8 days ago +1

    I am a simple man I see titties and click because I respect wamen!

  • Duc Hung Van
    Duc Hung Van 8 days ago


  • ElInspectorRicardo
    ElInspectorRicardo 9 days ago +1

    I am in the need to have coitus with an antropomorphic mantis.
    Is this weird?

  • Lubar1279
    Lubar1279 9 days ago

    la mama de STARLORD es una MILF?

  • MoxieMike66
    MoxieMike66 9 days ago

    Snake Plisken...... I heard you were dead!

  • Grim Butcher
    Grim Butcher 10 days ago

    For all of you, who is wondering about the Karen Gillan dance:
    it's a scene from her TV show 'Selfie'. Full scene here:

  • Brent
    Brent 10 days ago

    Karen Gillian sexy and feisty

  • Candace Eberhardt
    Candace Eberhardt 10 days ago

    Harper is yanda

  • Ralf Campo
    Ralf Campo 11 days ago


  • 3ducs
    3ducs 12 days ago

    I came for the advertised tits, there weren't any.

  • chicagamer
    chicagamer 13 days ago

    And miley cyrus?

  • Android Dude Thingy
    Android Dude Thingy 13 days ago

    i saw nipples i like im a simple man

  • Space Fantasy!
    Space Fantasy! 14 days ago

    *You're only pretty in the inside*

  • haji abu
    haji abu 14 days ago

    Mantis Tabogan?

  • Thomas Conlan
    Thomas Conlan 14 days ago

    What is the song when Dave Bautista starts talking? around 1:00

  • Nicolas Marnic
    Nicolas Marnic 15 days ago

    Where is the thumbnail image???

  • Петро Куліш
    Петро Куліш 16 days ago

    4:41 please

  • RandomPrecision
    RandomPrecision 16 days ago

    I totally forgot Zoe was in Avatar and Star Trek..thanx mash-up dude..
    time is such the cruel thief,except Zoe seems immune

  • RandomPrecision
    RandomPrecision 16 days ago

    Bradley Cooper became a raccoon? still ageing better than Bautista

  • RandomPrecision
    RandomPrecision 16 days ago

    Chris only dates blondes?

  • RandomPrecision
    RandomPrecision 16 days ago

    wow,never saw fat Pratt before

  • Jacob McFarland
    Jacob McFarland 17 days ago

    Vin and bradley definitely changed the most

  • jason tennyson
    jason tennyson 18 days ago

    dam good video!!!!

  • MatijasMz33
    MatijasMz33 18 days ago +1

    The best cast Ever !!!!!!!! Love any from them. Thanx 4 Da Vid ;)))

  • Im Apple Gamer Gt
    Im Apple Gamer Gt 19 days ago

    Omg vin diesel 😲

  • Dairy Playz
    Dairy Playz 19 days ago

    That's funny the x files came on when mantis was on

  • Mr. Broccoli Gaming
    Mr. Broccoli Gaming 19 days ago

    what movie is it when its showing vin diesel at 33? i cant remember

  • John McCoy
    John McCoy 19 days ago

    2:09 Boner!! Cuz her hard nips

  • alexhander amethyst
    alexhander amethyst 19 days ago

    all the girls are hot expt the old lady

  • alexhander amethyst
    alexhander amethyst 19 days ago

    let me fuck u nebula

  • mlzanercik
    mlzanercik 20 days ago

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  • Jade Thompson
    Jade Thompson 20 days ago

    omg i didnt know that was karen from dr who

  • Tim Smothers
    Tim Smothers 21 day ago

    2:07 into this vid. Me likey. Me likey alot.

  • Sumer Singh
    Sumer Singh 21 day ago +1

    Apparently Michael Rooker always plays characters which are dick at first but when they die they make us cry

  • st1ng
    st1ng 22 days ago

    1:40 Why russian music from SEREBRO? How you know this music? :D

  • Rocket the raccoon Fan556

    3:01 what song is that

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