SECRET Hidden Places People FOUND in their Homes!

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    Tell me a secret about you! Also LIKE the video and i'll show you my secret room!
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    • Heidi Doran
      Heidi Doran 28 days ago

      Top Trends: My secret: I may or may not be hella gay!

    • RJHAR 2oo7
      RJHAR 2oo7 Month ago

      Top Trends I have a Freckle at the private bit

    • Bruce Service
      Bruce Service Month ago

      My deepest darkest secret is I don't have a spine

    • WATERbomb Gaming
      WATERbomb Gaming Month ago

      Top Trends my deepest darkest secret is all my relationships last for 2 minutes

  • ScienceDude 4153
    ScienceDude 4153 10 hours ago

    I broke a TV

  • Matthew Hartmann
    Matthew Hartmann 2 days ago


  • Clarence Talbot
    Clarence Talbot 8 days ago

    Show the room

  • Sulep Girl
    Sulep Girl 9 days ago

    Happy birthday

  • Euan Maclean
    Euan Maclean 15 days ago

    "All it needs is a TV and a games shelf in this Nania themed room." Shouldn't it have a bookshelf?

  • Liam Swift
    Liam Swift 15 days ago

    My crush is Lola in school

  • nenad jovanovic
    nenad jovanovic 21 day ago

    The first pic looks more like a secret room pedophiles use like in the movie running scared

  • the Lewis's
    the Lewis's 23 days ago

    I have a crush on someone in my class named Ariel

  • Kale  Dirlam
    Kale Dirlam 23 days ago

    top trends my sercet is that I think that you are not the real top trends you are just trying to no are sercets

  • Jamie Powell
    Jamie Powell 27 days ago

    this is boring

  • daersoulkeeper
    daersoulkeeper 28 days ago

    staircase wins

  • Dr.Kickass
    Dr.Kickass 28 days ago

    i work for the CIA

  • Mare Valkenhayn
    Mare Valkenhayn 29 days ago

    SECRET Hidden places people "FOUND"- looks more like made by themselves

  • david olson
    david olson Month ago

    my secret is: I like comic sans. I know, im stupid

  • Hector Gamintv
    Hector Gamintv Month ago

    Don't pin I'm gay

  • North Cola
    North Cola Month ago

    i am not a cool kid

  • KailaTheCovertOne
    KailaTheCovertOne Month ago

    "Come out, it isn't funny anymore!"

  • Kitcat LPSgirl
    Kitcat LPSgirl Month ago

    My deepest darkest secret is.. I ate the last cookie and blamed it on my brother.

  • Jonathan Kruger
    Jonathan Kruger Month ago

    soo were there enough likes
    Do we get to see whats there

  • Linsie Snyder
    Linsie Snyder Month ago

    Shame if the hydraulics didnt work one day.

  • bjkjoseph
    bjkjoseph Month ago

    #13 Looks like a priest hole.

  • Bart Bart
    Bart Bart Month ago

    what's your deepest darkest secret?

  • Helios77711
    Helios77711 Month ago

    Gay channels like this should be clearly marked with a warning label, perhaps the skull and bones.
    The video title lied, the description lied, what is this shit? As soon as I heard the accent, I knew I was in the wrong place.

  • ChatBoxGuy
    ChatBoxGuy Month ago

    I know how they did. Its a fucking absolute pain, but it can be done. the bricks that are turning with the solid frame have holes drilled right threw them and the solid standing bricks above and below have catches. and the turn style part which is your swinging doorway had more of these jointal connections. The person uses rods. Essentially the brick wall has to be built originally with the idea of building the door because the jointal bricks have to be built in. The idea goes back to Camelot days.

  • ChatBoxGuy
    ChatBoxGuy Month ago

    George needs to go to prison. He sold the house hiding the mold problem...

  • IndigoChild2000
    IndigoChild2000 Month ago

    shouldn't the title be "SECRET Hidden Places People CREATED in their Homes!"

  • salonika101
    salonika101 Month ago

    id love to see whats' behind the door

  • he who travels the world through music

    a well under a house is there a creepy video tape any were near there or how about a scary wet black haired girl?

  • 7H3RM4L R3CON
    7H3RM4L R3CON Month ago

    good try

  • Winged Artist
    Winged Artist Month ago

    "You just wouldn't know that it was there."

    . . .You WOOD'n't know--I'm--I'm sorry ._.

  • SupaLexy CH1
    SupaLexy CH1 Month ago

    I found a hidden room in a house I used to live in about 8 years ago. Had no idea it was there, living there 6 months before finding it, turned out to be a room that housed big fan motors for ventilation system that was plumbed in the roof. The people who set it up made a lot of money from hydro years before we bought it.

  • Wilson Lui
    Wilson Lui Month ago

    Secret rooms always give me the creeps.

  • sapphire hawks
    sapphire hawks Month ago

    my secret is i can somehow stomach rocks as big as my fist, any bigger and it gets stuck in my throat

  • Eric Leonard
    Eric Leonard Month ago

    i have 13 wives

  • Lou, Sir
    Lou, Sir Month ago

    Friends of mine have a home where their bookcase opens up to a stairway down to a room that has a porthole looking out into the pool.  It has a bar and pool table and bathroom.  It's ingenious since there is no space in the floorplan that is unaccounted for.  It was used as a Speakeasy.

    TODD HICK Month ago

    These are all known and purpose built rooms... nothing here was a secret room that people "found"...

  • Locklyn Blevin
    Locklyn Blevin Month ago

    I'm a gold digger

  • Hunter Whittle
    Hunter Whittle Month ago


  • Ajalynn Evans
    Ajalynn Evans Month ago +1

    i bit my toe nails

  • GabePlayz101
    GabePlayz101 Month ago

    Best channel ever... Love it

  • Rachael Sevigny
    Rachael Sevigny Month ago


  • Basketball Lover2000

    I found a secret room that in my attic.

  • christina bowman
    christina bowman Month ago

    one of my darkest secrets is I'm afraid of black squirls...


    6:22 giant fidget cube

  • david lloyd
    david lloyd Month ago

    these were not found by the home owners they were put there by them as a novelty. grabbing random pics off google dose not count as research.

  • LockDown
    LockDown Month ago

    most of them people builded them for the kids, they aren't found like you said... wait... HO NO!!!

  • Lars And lucy
    Lars And lucy Month ago

    I am scared of sharks

  • Leslie Platt
    Leslie Platt Month ago

    i am skard of the dark

  • Nate Miller
    Nate Miller Month ago

    when its closed you wooden see brilliant

  • Karma Dyer
    Karma Dyer Month ago

    I have a good scakt

  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool Month ago

    I'm nine and I have a girlfriend

  • david laveque
    david laveque Month ago

    I came across a secret master bedroom in a house I was to install mirrors for the bathroom. It took me what seemed forever to find the door. I looked inside and out, and could see that the room existed when viewed from the back yard, and could see on the architectural drawings too. Finally, I had to ask another tradesman, and of course he laughed, but FINALLY showed me the way in. at the top of the stairs to the second floor, there was a bookcase, which was on a centerline pivoting hardware. the tolerance was perfect. I was relieved, and irritated at the same time, as I had more stops to make that day, and spent too much time already. I'm sure that I'm not the only one to have had this joke played on them. But, for burglary, good luck! jokes on you!

  • Cindy Suba
    Cindy Suba Month ago

    whoa the part of 2:01 are crazy

  • Eric Dittlau
    Eric Dittlau Month ago

    😂😂😂😂 really

  • Aiden Whittle
    Aiden Whittle Month ago

    It reminds me of Coraline so many memories.

  • D Smith
    D Smith Month ago

    no one found anything

  • rob robert
    rob robert Month ago +1

    dude, you are hot!

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Month ago

    you are the best YouTuber I haven't talked and I like your videos because they are fun to look at and I want to be the first cometer and your videos

    BK ALL DAY Month ago


  • Misana Yunisaki
    Misana Yunisaki Month ago

    The first one reminds me of Annabelle

  • Ultra Penguin Hacker

    I know your ten can't hide from everyone especially part of the crazy family...

  • Jessica Bixler
    Jessica Bixler Month ago

    I am selling a house I owned since 04 that has a bookcase in the dinning room that moves and leads to a large walkin closet.

  • Steve Elder
    Steve Elder Month ago

    not too hidden with big ass hinges

  • blue pine
    blue pine 2 months ago

    I love all the secret rooms . So cool! A secret about me - hmm. You will have to wait till my reveal in late 2017 about Bigfoot to hear about my amazing secret gift from Lord Jesus. But I can tell you I have another gift of strong mind speak from Jesus. I can mind speak to other beings around the world and to Bigfoots near my home.

  • Bmx stunt Masters
    Bmx stunt Masters 2 months ago

    I have a brother

  • CoolBlasterTron 0-0
    CoolBlasterTron 0-0 2 months ago

    wuts ur second channel

  • Knox
    Knox 2 months ago

    I'm heterosexual but I like having prostate orgasms.

  • Kerry White
    Kerry White 2 months ago

    Hey, look at the Porsche hider I FOUND in my place. Goodbye.

  • TTV xhazrdous
    TTV xhazrdous 2 months ago

    Imagine someone breaking in or someone trying to kill you in your house and you just go through one of these hidden rooms safe

  • Gus W
    Gus W 2 months ago

    Take your shitty half assed blackmail for your shitty bedroom door secret and fuck right off you annoying little git

  • Destiny gamer
    Destiny gamer 2 months ago

    My deepest darkest secret is I f**cked your mother

  • marlin ewen
    marlin ewen 2 months ago

    i was raped

  • marlin ewen
    marlin ewen 2 months ago

    ok my darkest secret

  • Daniel Encinas
    Daniel Encinas 2 months ago


  • Haydn Payne
    Haydn Payne 2 months ago

    so they got drunk and decided to go to the front poach and lip the foot mat up? LOL

  • bumbwhole licker
    bumbwhole licker 2 months ago

    show the room plez

  • shallow lucy kitty
    shallow lucy kitty 2 months ago

    it's like " TO NARNIA NYA HA HA "

  • abhishek shankar
    abhishek shankar 2 months ago

    eehhh uummm ehh umm thats all i could hear....

  • leah Politzer
    leah Politzer 2 months ago

    what is your secret?!!!!!??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • babykate vlogs
    babykate vlogs 2 months ago

    I guess you could say it's not a secret anymore

  • Krzysztof Kurzatkowski
    Krzysztof Kurzatkowski 2 months ago

    You are a retard...

  • toxic creeper
    toxic creeper 2 months ago

    my friend in their grade that was a girl hugged me everyday

  • Private Paula
    Private Paula 2 months ago

    what a waste of precious lifetime,...

  • JimmyZ 9876
    JimmyZ 9876 2 months ago

    those covers that open and close that have a secret room those will be the best spot to hide in hide and seek

  • V160 Volcanic
    V160 Volcanic 2 months ago

    please open the door in you room!plz plz plz!!!!!!

  • FLip CLan Asher
    FLip CLan Asher 2 months ago

    i have 3 legs

  • Furious Gamer
    Furious Gamer 2 months ago

    Soon I will need braces that's my secret

  • alexandra davletova
    alexandra davletova 2 months ago

    My secret about me ummm I have a crush and I think he likes me and I'm my moms Daghter by the way.

  • thirdeye42
    thirdeye42 2 months ago

    Thanks for the new misleading video. Disliked and reported.

  • Anayet Khan
    Anayet Khan 2 months ago

    in my bed room i discuverd that therre was a room with a dead body in it

  • HeySuze Christ
    HeySuze Christ 2 months ago

    how are some of these "found" if the owners made them?

  • Rainbow cutie Kat
    Rainbow cutie Kat 2 months ago

    I curse and I'm 7

  • cupcakethecat/ angel hearts aj

    i have a secret: i have a secret room in my: basement

  • Kyscales1
    Kyscales1 2 months ago

    they found a porche in a secret place??

  • SwagLord007 My phone channel

    almost 2,000,000

  • R3znor
    R3znor 2 months ago

    shit video its not fucking found its build in the homes.

  • Mackenzie Moss
    Mackenzie Moss 2 months ago

    My deepest darkest secret is..... I might be possessed

  • dblock2626
    dblock2626 2 months ago

    hopefully your house doesnt catch on fire and u need to be rescued from the room that no one knows is even there

  • Damien Percy
    Damien Percy 2 months ago

    Im concerned about your childrens health because of mold - ............but only if you find the secret room WTF

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