Debra Messing: Trump White House to be a character in 'Will & Grace' reunion

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    For Debra Messing, an ardent supporter of former Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, there are, not surprisingly, negatives to the election of President Trump.
    "I'm not sleeping well. I'm not sleeping well," Messing revealed in a recent interview, adding that she felt "scared," "frustrated" and "angry" at the Trump presidency.
    The actress however, says, realizing the need to cheer themselves up was one of the reasons that she and her "Will & Grace" co-stars decided to reboot the series, with ten new episodes due to air on NBC during the 2017 - 2018 season.
    "The other side of it is I sat down with the cast of 'Will & Grace' and we said, 'Should we do this?' And we said, 'You know what? We need to laugh and people in our country need to laugh too and we want to be able to give them that.'"
    Fans perhaps got a taste of what's to come when Messing, along with Eric McCormack, Sean Hays and Megan Mullally reunited in character for a video released last September - before the presidential election - that combined jokes with the message for viewers to vote for Clinton.
    Messing, who also spoke at the Democratic National Convention last July, said the new "Will & Grace" shows will reflect the current political situation, including - what's going on with the White House.
    "It's going to be truthful. You're going to follow Will, Grace, Jack and Karen's lives and our relationships and our careers, like we always did, but in every episode we're going to be addressing what's happening in real time."
    And Messing vowed that the new episodes will remain just as groundbreaking as it was it its initial run, when it was one of the first series to feature openly gay lead characters on prime-time television.
    "Always, the number one priority to make people laugh but from day one, we were shining a light and holding up mirror to people and saying, 'This is who we are now,' and so it's all right there. Obviously there's so much fodder for us to play with. There's lots of comedy to be mined from all the chaos that's happening in our world and I think the thing that I look forward to is what we did in terms of portraying gay and lesbian Americans 20 years ago, now we can do the same thing with trans citizens and the Q, the I (laughs), all the additional letters that we have now. But again, it's just doing what we always did."
    Messing spoke while promoting her new role as the global brand ambassador for CoolSculpting, the non-invasive fat reduction treatment, which she said is "literally like going in and getting a facial."
    The actress is also going retro with her other upcoming project, taking on the role as Baby's mom, Marjorie Houseman in the upcoming three-hour ABC musical reboot of "Dirty Dancing."
    Messing promised that "everything that you love about the original, all the characters, all the dancing, all the songs are all still there, the iconic lift." In addition the actress says the new version will have more about the Houseman family dynamics, a bit more of a "feminist thread going through it," and that "it deals with racial tensions a little bit more than it did in the original."
    Messing excitedly added that in the new "Dirty Dancing," you not only get to know more about the character Marjorie.
    "Marjorie dances and Marjorie sings," Messing said. "I sing a solo in the movie."
    The updated "Dirty Dancing" premiers on ABC Wednesday, May 24 at 8 p.m. ET.

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