Black Widow Spider Is Too Close For Comfort!

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    Coyote Peterson likes to get up-close with animals and spiders are no exception! On this episode of Breaking Trail he literally comes in contact with one very venomous lady - the Black Widow Spider!

    Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal enthusiast Coyote Peterson and his crew as they explore a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments throughout North America! 

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  • Runtime: 3:41
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  • Zack Lewis
    Zack Lewis 6 hours ago

    i have four black widows on my porch. I can't find spider spray and they only come out at night. every time i wanna leave my house at night i basically do the long jump over everyone of those mofos

  • obese candy
    obese candy Day ago


  • Eli Ehlers
    Eli Ehlers 2 days ago

    My mom jas been bitten by the black window venom is out she was only 7 when it happened she was camping in North Carolina she was asleep when she got bit.

  • Robin Martinez
    Robin Martinez 2 days ago

    we have a few black widows in my garage

  • Rebecca Meister
    Rebecca Meister 3 days ago

    Are the males venomous to? they'd have to be mighty careful if they were interested in a female ;approach with caution she could kill a male easily.

  • Evan Huff
    Evan Huff 3 days ago

    I have a pet black widow

  • Joe f
    Joe f 8 days ago

    what about this one

  • galaxy hitchhiker72
    galaxy hitchhiker72 9 days ago

    oooh Homestead! my grandma used to live there. Also, I used to have a horrible fear of spiders, but now I actually really like observing them, specially widows and orb weavers (I love those things. so gorgeous). I guess binge-watching spider videos for a couple of days helped. I didn't have a phobia though, so I don't know how it would work for arachnophobes...

  • erik alcaraz
    erik alcaraz 11 days ago

    one time i saw a blackwidow in my backyard hiding in a ramp i made

  • Rubi Huerta
    Rubi Huerta 11 days ago

    I stayed over at my moms for about a week when I finished with basic training and what not and I slept on this old wood chair I was sleeping on (the big, round wood chairs that look like a bowl) and I moved it around and felt webs every time. We eventually had to throw it out and when we flipped it over we found, in the base, two full grown female black widows with 3 or 4 egg sacks. I have since developed a sever case of fear for wood chips and spiders.

  • ItsLeon
    ItsLeon 15 days ago

    I held a false widow today

  • Amy Bradley
    Amy Bradley 16 days ago


  • Dawg Cat
    Dawg Cat 16 days ago

    I love black widows and spiders such fascinating arachnids but if I were to see one I'll leave it to its business

  • SSODxStreams
    SSODxStreams 18 days ago

    Coyote, I was bit by a black widow. I woke up one morning normally and put on some socks. Went to eat breakfast, felt 2 pricks on my foot like a thorn. After breakfast, went to bathroom to get thorn out and found the spider. Easily identified as a black widow. Idk how it got in my closed drawer. It's was worse for me cuz I got bit 2 times. My leg went into completely agony and was on the ground screaming in pain within 5 minutes. Was in hospital for almost a week because I had an allergic reaction, doctors said I almost died and was life threatening. Normally they aren't fatal but that was closest near death experience I've ever had. Don't mess with these spiders. Even though they aren't typically gonna bite you unless threatened, you never know what a spider might do.

    XiRCUiT.PRO 19 days ago

    1:04 when you have 300 ping and are also a spider.

  • • - Widowmaker • -

    Cayote, have you gave me my spider back. Or else i'll talk wih you repetedly with my gun, cherie!

  • LittleLemon EX
    LittleLemon EX 19 days ago


  • Jervy Recinto
    Jervy Recinto 19 days ago

    What is the difference between red backs and black widows?

  • Lesslye Moreno
    Lesslye Moreno 19 days ago

    Lol i cant even handle a lady long legs spider, imagine having the guts to be like him.

  • Nayeli Medina
    Nayeli Medina 21 day ago

    My dad's dad almost died because he gat bitten by a black widow spider

  • Tristan Magni
    Tristan Magni 23 days ago

    Couldn't he just wear gloves? Not like he needed to be super delicate he was using a stick.

  • Jason Henrikson
    Jason Henrikson 26 days ago

    my baby brother flipped over a rock and said "mommy look at the sider I found and it was a black widow

  • Luke
    Luke 28 days ago

    Im going to strategically push the spider with a small stick onto this large stick for a camera view

    *jams giant stick into spider web*

  • Emilio Ballesteros
    Emilio Ballesteros 29 days ago

    I saw this video hmm brave wilderness all give it a try 3 months later I watched all of his videos

  • John Gabriele
    John Gabriele Month ago

    They are scary.... I've cuped a couple in my hand rolling old tires into the tire trailer.... And them tires weren't out back of the garage but a week or two.... It was quick motions.... As soon as I grabbed the tire and rolled it in one swoop ... I felt the lump under many hand and in that same moment letting go as the tire rolled away.... Lol😨😨😨😨 I checked the tires and there she was sitting on the bead of the tire... How in the hell I didn't get bit... I dont know.... Oh and I seen a shinny brown black widow with the hour glass on her.... Couldn't believe that either.... I tried to get a picture with my phone but that was when cell phones were just coming out... So I couldn't get a good one....

  • Daniel Schein
    Daniel Schein Month ago

    Help I have a black widow in my pantry I am hungry but it is right where my food is I know it is a black widow because I have seen them before and was almost bitten by one a few months ago pls suggestions.

  • Del Beatty
    Del Beatty Month ago

    And that wasn't my first encounter.

  • Del Beatty
    Del Beatty Month ago +1

    I live in St. George, Utah. Me and my brother found one 2 times that size. It was scary. I found one a bout a week ago, I lit it on fire.

  • Night Goddess
    Night Goddess Month ago

    Why is there more than one !!!

  • Quinn Fournier
    Quinn Fournier Month ago

    I love spiders


    If you have arachnophobia and are scared of snakes and other things like that than the south is not for you

  • Natalie Childress
    Natalie Childress Month ago

    I once saw a black widow on the corner of my aunt's front door.
    The End.

  • Toby Watson
    Toby Watson Month ago

    Is it mean that I want it to bite him?😂🕷

  • Brian Bingham
    Brian Bingham Month ago

    Back in the early 1960s around 1961 or 1962 when I was about 10 years old I was with my family visiting my grandparents' large wheat farm near Swift Current, Saskatchewan,Canada I found an odd looking spider in a web on a wooden wagon spoke. I then got a glass jar with a lid and quickly captured this spider inside the sealed jar. I had never seen this type of spider back at our home in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada. The spider had what appeared to be a red triangle shape on its back. I went in the farm house with it and showed it to my grandmother. She immediately recognized the kind of spider it was and threw it into the wooden kitchen stove fire. She told me that it was a Black Widow Spider. I remember that it had long spindly legs as it moved inside the jar.

  • Shaniel Nathoeni
    Shaniel Nathoeni Month ago +1

    Have you looked at the comment and tought

  • Beans Rice
    Beans Rice Month ago

    coyoty u are awasome can u get bit by a wild cyoty

  • Cheese Cake Man
    Cheese Cake Man Month ago

    I'd rather get stung by a bee than get my fingers near that spider! No Joke!!!

  • Thatonellama63
    Thatonellama63 Month ago

    Last night I saw a spider creeping up my wall and ending up on my lamp... my first reaction was to grab my lighter and try and singe it... but after I flicked the lighter at it, the rather small spider quickly moved to the topside of the lamp... it was clearly scared shitless, as I stared at it. Being over 100x the size of an average spider, I can really understand how nature works. I grabbed a large cup and safely nugged him in there, and I proceeded to just put him back outside. I could see how happy it was as it casually walked away. Thanks coyote, you've really given me such a great perspective of how these animals really feel towards you. They're just trying to make their way in the world , same as us.

  • progamer 456
    progamer 456 Month ago

    the quality?

  • APiX TIA
    APiX TIA Month ago

    Don't try this at home, try it at school!

  • SeaMacaw
    SeaMacaw Month ago

    when you hve a name like coyote you jave no choice to do something like animal planet

  • Yippiia
    Yippiia Month ago +1

    coyote used to be such a puss back then

  • July Baby
    July Baby Month ago

    I don't have arachniphobia

  • Dalton Murphy
    Dalton Murphy Month ago

    I've been bitten by a black widow on my ankle

  • Penny Gwen
    Penny Gwen Month ago

    I have the biggest crush on this guy...! 💜

  • Crazy KitKat
    Crazy KitKat Month ago

    Are your videos Real

  • TheHrebo
    TheHrebo Month ago

    damn even in shoes rip australian i will never understand how can you live there :D

  • Taylor Glace
    Taylor Glace Month ago

    I captured a black widow and it had babies over night I di t even know it was! :o

  • Naya Grahn
    Naya Grahn Month ago

    if u have aracniphobia no spider os a spider for u

  • Erick Macias
    Erick Macias Month ago

    Are they fast?

  • Colby brown
    Colby brown Month ago +1

    Do a brown recluse

  • Alyssa B
    Alyssa B Month ago +1

    I was once watching some tv show but I don't know what it was called and a boy had a black widow in his room and it went in his dresser and into a pair of socks and when the boy put on those socks he got bit and was rushed to the hospital. Im not sure what happened after that. I decided to stop watching since I have arachnophobia

  • The DragonMeister
    The DragonMeister Month ago +1

    "Lady Death": Perfect Black Widow name.

  • Hermione Salazar
    Hermione Salazar Month ago

    my brother got bit by a brown widow

  • Kiley Figueroa
    Kiley Figueroa Month ago

    do the black widow

  • Ashwin Chopra
    Ashwin Chopra Month ago

    When I was watching this video, an ant crawled onto my hand. Since I was watching this video I thought it was a Black Widow and freaked.

  • William Jordan
    William Jordan Month ago

    "All its a big one"

  • Heavenly Spud
    Heavenly Spud Month ago

    Coyote: (finds a wild black widow)


    Coyote:"I'm gonna catch it and let it crawl on me"


  • thelegionary07
    thelegionary07 Month ago

    Black Widow bite challenge!

  • Javier Trucco
    Javier Trucco Month ago

    Two years later he actually gets bit by one

  • Liv The Triggered Savage

    Coyote: Go out with me?

    Girl: no. Let's be friends,

    Coyote: I'm Coyote Peterson, and have entered the friend zone

  • anonymous andrew
    anonymous andrew Month ago

    man i saw this one

  • GGlitches
    GGlitches Month ago

    `I will never take my eyes off this spider.           Looks at us=D =D

  • Dak Chil
    Dak Chil Month ago

    Never been bit by one, but having one just inches from your face is probably the most terrifying thing in the world

  • BarryIn AFlash
    BarryIn AFlash Month ago

    when you try to be spider man

  • rahayu dessy
    rahayu dessy Month ago

    i'm watching this after he free handling black widow spider

  • Kim Do
    Kim Do Month ago

    I just saw three of them like 40 minutes ago under some stairs lmao

  • Skyisland Games
    Skyisland Games Month ago

    My uncle was bitten by a Brown recluse

  • Omar Almeda messi
    Omar Almeda messi Month ago

    I love spiders

  • Oxana Pivovarova
    Oxana Pivovarova Month ago

    Brave wilderness why did u destroy the nest of the spider with the stick for the black widow ☹️

  • Gaming Creeper
    Gaming Creeper Month ago

    U destoy it web

  • Francisco Paredes
    Francisco Paredes Month ago


  • Cubing Mathematics
    Cubing Mathematics Month ago +5

    little does he know he actually free handles it three years later

  • buklao
    buklao Month ago

    I saw one crawl through the crevice of my car hood while I was driving a fee weeks back.... I still haven't found it

  • Mr.Skitzo
    Mr.Skitzo Month ago

    can you go over the brown recluse maybe not handle it but i would like to learn more.

  • Breshi
    Breshi Month ago

    I have one of those locked in a spice jar in my backyard

  • keydrek Jones
    keydrek Jones Month ago

    Brown recluse

  • Wyatt Harris
    Wyatt Harris Month ago

    Do you live in tooson

  • Christiane Louis Guanzon

    and after 3 years, he freehandles one

  • Samantha Howe
    Samantha Howe Month ago

    ha! you freehandle one in the future

  • Nimil Patel
    Nimil Patel Month ago

    Who else is from the video where he freehandled one

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash Month ago


  • Sebastian Hakin
    Sebastian Hakin Month ago

    i wish i had adventures but i never have

  • Sebastian Hakin
    Sebastian Hakin Month ago

    and coyote your a trained

  • Anything Crazy
    Anything Crazy Month ago

    I think that's a red back spider

  • Neon_Gaming// YT
    Neon_Gaming// YT Month ago

    Is there really a spider that ARE for people with arachnophobia?

  • Dabbers Panda
    Dabbers Panda Month ago

    im coyote peterson and im set myself on fire

  • Og Gramma
    Og Gramma Month ago

    I had one as a pet and fed it crickets

  • Levente Garamvölgyi
    Levente Garamvölgyi Month ago +1

    I'm Coyote Peterson, and I'm about to step on lego

  • Chris Gaming
    Chris Gaming Month ago +12

    who else is watching this after his other black widow video

  • Trent Anderson
    Trent Anderson Month ago

    I found 4 of these things in my barbecue grill

  • Alyssa Krueger
    Alyssa Krueger Month ago


  • Tiny Vids
    Tiny Vids Month ago

    Peterson if you had a choice would you subscribe to me or get bitten by the great white shark

  • Tice Cream
    Tice Cream Month ago +1


  • R.A. Games
    R.A. Games Month ago

    I saw a black widow in my backyard 3 years ago

  • Inane Payload
    Inane Payload Month ago


  • Nute Par
    Nute Par Month ago

    you are sweating

  • HemorrhoidPrime 83
    HemorrhoidPrime 83 Month ago

    Coyote is sweating profusely and I don't think it's because of the heat.

  • Gage blake
    Gage blake Month ago

    Any other California residents. If your not black widows are like a regular creature over here

  • Hannah Keasling
    Hannah Keasling Month ago

    now this isn't anything big, but one time we were getting something from our shed and we found a huge black widow in a corner, just hanging out, my fad used a stick and smashed it with a shoe

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