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  • Meet Fury, the sister of the Four Horsemen you'll be playing as in the new action-adventure sequel.

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    The First 17 Minutes of Darksiders Warmastered Edition (1080p 60fps):

    Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Official PS4 Pro Trailer:

    Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition Review:

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  • IGN
    IGN 2 months ago +781

    Hope you enjoy the trailer! If you're new to IGN, each month our editorial team picks a different game to do a deep dive with and bring you exclusive content (we call this IGN First). For May, we visited Gunfire Games to get a first-hand look at the development of Darksiders 3, so stay tuned for more coverage on the game soon.

  • FreakinSweet86
    FreakinSweet86 46 minutes ago

    Is Michael Wincott returning as Death in a cameo by any chance?

  • OriginalName
    OriginalName 2 hours ago

    I've been waiting SO LONG FOR THIS!!!!

  • Jo Bones
    Jo Bones 1 day ago

    I'm sorry...maybe I'm missing something but since when was Fury a horseman? And isn't Fury just a more specific version of War?

    The 4 horseman according to mythology: Death, War, Pestilence (or sometimes Conquest) and Famine.

    How did you miss the opportunity to do something cool with Pestilence?
    Pus pockets and sickly combat moves? Puddles of poison and cool AoE pus explosions.
    Or Famine, a health stealing system, maybe even the ability to feed upon the souls of your victims?

    There are so many cool things that could have been uniquely done that aren't just "I'm the angry one."

  • Srbija Srbima
    Srbija Srbima 4 days ago +1

    copy of black prince ( prince of persia the two thrones )

  • X Ever X
    X Ever X 4 days ago +1

    Personally... I'm really digging the design

    • molag bal
      molag bal 2 days ago

      X Ever X all darksiders characters don't fit they all look weird or different

    • X Ever X
      X Ever X 4 days ago

      She looks like she's from Darksiders to me...

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 5 days ago


  • Ramiz
    Ramiz 6 days ago

    Waitin games : Darksiders 3
    Prototype 3
    Half Life 3
    Team Fortress 3
    Saints Row : ? ?

  • Ramiz
    Ramiz 6 days ago

    this is no place for help your brother

  • Kai _Hazzellx_
    Kai _Hazzellx_ 7 days ago

    I loved the art style of darksiders 1/2 it was my favourite along side borderlands but I dont know darksiders 3 seems smooth. I loved the rough, realistic look of the apocalypse.

  • MrAkaalis
    MrAkaalis 7 days ago

    The council managed to catch _War?_ What happened to *Death* though??

  • Jovie Asyrof
    Jovie Asyrof 7 days ago

    THQ is BACK???

  • 1xoACEox1
    1xoACEox1 7 days ago

    I already don't like her attitude...but its a Darksiders game so meh, ill deal with.

  • anime fan 101
    anime fan 101 11 days ago

    why do they keep saying war is chained and why does it show her in hell when in the first and second games they show that war is Free death has brought back humans the other two horseman should be on Earth and all 4 of them should be fighting the Council the way this game makes events play out doesn't make sense

    • Roland Ravina
      Roland Ravina 8 days ago

      Darksiders 2 and 3 happens at the same time. Darksiders 1 takes place 100 years after the events of 2 and 3.

  • Blah blah blah blah Hefner

    It almost seems like she is a villain in the way that our hero War struggles when he sees her.

  • Bioshock
    Bioshock 14 days ago


  • Lauren Carroll
    Lauren Carroll 15 days ago

    I can tell you high heels will ruin your toes in the end. Five years straight of ballroom dancing. Why does she need heels? She's a warrior for christ sakes.

  • Juan A Rivera Rosa
    Juan A Rivera Rosa 15 days ago

    Too much "beauty-fashion-glamour" for a "apocalyptic horsemen". She's no angel, no demon, no human. Her dark and unknown nature make her a "darksider". Fix her.

  • Mustafa KILIÇ
    Mustafa KILIÇ 16 days ago


  • Aaron Schmitt
    Aaron Schmitt 17 days ago

    i want to see pestilence too

  • dannyphyscotoxic
    dannyphyscotoxic 17 days ago

    Darksiders 2's trailer was far more impressive

  • Dj Meemex
    Dj Meemex 19 days ago

    It any chance in future to play Darksiders as MMORPG?

  • KinGx
    KinGx 19 days ago

    Nope...I am not liking it....in Darksiders 2 they did show that all the Riders escaped after WAR broke the seal...but What the hell is this.

    ARUN DAGAR 19 days ago

    where is death🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Kenny
    Kenny 21 day ago +1

    Finally, a game I will actually buy and play.

  • Lightning98
    Lightning98 22 days ago

    WAIT WHAT? When was this announced? im so hyped now

  • Ankit Roy
    Ankit Roy 22 days ago

    So Darksiders 4 will be about Strife as the main character? Well that should be fun, as he has got dual pistols as his main weapon.

  • Skull knight
    Skull knight 22 days ago

    I wonder if they will do a forth one after this that has the final horseman strife the Gun wielding badass thats the one ive been wanting to play as Then maybe they will do a 5th and final one that brings the 4 horsemen together to save the world from the end then reset to world before war screwed everything up before he brought the apocalypse to the world.

  • DSW W
    DSW W 23 days ago

    yes all of THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thenerfgunnerysgt
    thenerfgunnerysgt 23 days ago

    so is this like confirmation that there will also be a fourth game too? bc as far as I can tell they want to do a game focusing on each horseman of the Apocalypse, and after this on they still have one to go.

  • i like body pillows weeaboo junior


  • Zolfried
    Zolfried 24 days ago

    while she lookks badass and all.. looks like their art direction for characters have taken quite a turn from the previous 2 entries...

  • Серёга Богоявленский

    Чё я один тут

  • Dion Manalu
    Dion Manalu 25 days ago

    can't wait!!

  • Monster st2
    Monster st2 25 days ago

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!

  • tilldagmar
    tilldagmar 27 days ago

    I am not a fan of action game, I think darksiders is the only title I've played every installment in a game franchise and enjoyed, and I'm sure as hell gonna get the 3rd one when it's out.

  • Signal One
    Signal One 27 days ago

    ебанутая пародия на God of war:Ascension

  • Daniel Chew
    Daniel Chew 27 days ago

    About damn time

  • _Lord Helmchen_
    _Lord Helmchen_ 28 days ago

    iiiiiiiiiiiii nice i can play the fury xD

  • Leonardo Rodriguez
    Leonardo Rodriguez 28 days ago

    Im very happy to play darksiders 3 soon.i can wait until next year man!!! 👍

  • Woad_Brah
    Woad_Brah 29 days ago

    She looks ridiculous

  • Taylor Hood
    Taylor Hood 29 days ago

    Nice PS2 game trailer.

  • Demon Hunter Inquisitor

    3 часть ещё хуже чем вторая будет наверное

  • SulfuR `
    SulfuR ` 29 days ago

    what the hell was the point of death sacraficing himself to the well of souls at the end of ds2 if war is still imprisoned?

  • Jordan Karl
    Jordan Karl 29 days ago

    shouldn't it be famine or pestilence

  • rice3cooker
    rice3cooker 1 month ago

    Im pretty sure the rider of the black horse is supposed to be Famine not fury

  • R001
    R001 1 month ago

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH i wanted it to be strife!

  • tony thao
    tony thao 1 month ago

    Man i wanted to play the other Horseman that has two gun on him, i'm talking about Strife he the Horseman that has two gun on him, but i think Strife might be good in this Darksiders 3 game.

  • tony thao
    tony thao 1 month ago

    Man i was been hoping if there was Darksiders 3, Now there is part 3 and i can't believe it. thank you for this trailer.

  • Alex
    Alex 1 month ago

    Nice :D

  • 99thStryker
    99thStryker 1 month ago

    Piss her off and she will call in her cousin and he will beat you to death with a scale

  • Ohyawellfuku
    Ohyawellfuku 1 month ago

    So... shes not one of the 4? Dont recall a "Fury" rider... and Death is the boss... fav character in the franchise... baller. im skeptical about this.

  • borgie83
    borgie83 1 month ago

    So fawking happy about this! Had a feeling they would release 3 considering that they remastered the first two games. All I can say is a big THANK YOU!!!

  • Azertg Dssch
    Azertg Dssch 1 month ago

    this is no place for a horse....

  • Light's Blade
    Light's Blade 1 month ago

    Fury? I would've expected Strife.

  • internetguy
    internetguy 1 month ago

    was such a long time ago I played darksiders 1-2 to be able to play this one gets me hyped.
    I don't remember wars history why he is a betrayer and what death wanted to redeem him from
    and fury doesn't seem to know anything about what her brothers has been up to

  • Justin Carson
    Justin Carson 1 month ago

    Wow!! I thought that this game was dead in the water. Take my money!

  • Ramiz
    Ramiz 1 month ago

    We are dont want this Darksiders. Only real darksiders haves 2010 - 2011 graphics on this games. WE DONT NEED GRAPHICS!

  • Ryokkeno
    Ryokkeno 1 month ago

    Ah Hell, It's about Damn time!

  • Кот Бутерброд

    OMG It's real. I foung her... my... my true love. Finally...

  • Mr Seize
    Mr Seize 1 month ago

    I am a big fan of the darksiders games been waiting for a new one!.....just like god of war, looks good was hoping if series got picked up fury would be female. Thought it be cool? Hope they don't mess up gameplay and, how about an open world to explore?

  • J H
    J H 1 month ago

    PLLLZZ work his face a little bit more !!

  • Memer Mega
    Memer Mega 1 month ago +1

    finally,what we've all been waiting for

  • Ignis King
    Ignis King 1 month ago

    I'm terrified, please oh please be good. The only way I see the game story finishing is with 5 games the series and not 3. 4 horseman each get their own game (I think we got the best ones in the first 2 games), and a final game where you either choose or play all of them to wrap things up.

  • Nicholas Berry
    Nicholas Berry 1 month ago +1

    For any darksiders fans out there. The game description states that fury is "the most powerful of the four horseman" now.

  • only.Ruted
    only.Ruted 1 month ago

    vin gaaaketa amis grafika imis jmoti deda movtyan

  • dennie erham
    dennie erham 1 month ago

    hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

  • Mr.A Mr.A
    Mr.A Mr.A 1 month ago

    This is no place for a horse.

  • Devil-Beat Gaming.
    Devil-Beat Gaming. 1 month ago

    Fury? never f*ckin heard of her.

  • Xaltorez Aka Xal
    Xaltorez Aka Xal 1 month ago


  • Manas Upadhyaya
    Manas Upadhyaya 1 month ago

    i wont play with fury😚

  • Dmitry Rudenko
    Dmitry Rudenko 1 month ago

    4 vs 7 THIS IS AWEOME IDEA!!!!!!!!!!
    Damn, I am so glad it is happening! Hope they will add more charisma to Fury, or at least more charm. Death was awesome character with great attitude! I hope this will be even better!

  • larry lovehandle
    larry lovehandle 1 month ago

    Lords of shadow was a much better series than this. Darksiders 2 went on forever

  • Chaos Draco
    Chaos Draco 1 month ago

    So next one will be Strife eh? Lez go!

  • drizzitdude
    drizzitdude 1 month ago

    Strife is sitting in the back like "no fair man, our brothers have my guns!"

  • Grimm1ns4n1ty
    Grimm1ns4n1ty 1 month ago

    Yes! I've been in love with this series since We got to play with War and Ruin. I cant wait to play as furry, and hopefully strife after that!!! So glad to see this game. Though where is their marketing? I've only just heard about this five seconds ago, and this trailer is a month old or somthing?

  • calvito Valadez
    calvito Valadez 1 month ago

    finally 👍

  • Хищник
    Хищник 1 month ago

    спустя не одну тысячу лет выйдет 3 часть я рад

  • Cường Triệu
    Cường Triệu 1 month ago

    Her weapon reminds me of Prince of Persia

  • Robert Torquati
    Robert Torquati 1 month ago

    No....wheres stryfe? The third game should've had both stryfe and fury as switchable campaigns Because now we will NEVER beable to play as stryfe. Oh but such a great idea to coin in on the feminism wave. Oh brother.........I mean sister.....whatever

  • Diego Ramos
    Diego Ramos 1 month ago

    What time of the year in 2018? (early,mid,late)

  • Blasted Pizza45678
    Blasted Pizza45678 1 month ago +1

    I wonder what kind of form she is (Ex. Wars Chaos form,Deaths reaper form)

  • Mina Haruna
    Mina Haruna 1 month ago

    I hope Jesper Kyd is still going to handle the soundtrack. He did an amazing job with the part 2!

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 1 month ago

    Hell, it's about time...

  • Lil Thibby
    Lil Thibby 1 month ago


  • Falcon Millennial
    Falcon Millennial 1 month ago

    It looks likes skylanders

  • Damon Ashen
    Damon Ashen 1 month ago

    Wish she looked a bit ..... Smexy?

  • Mr. Warframe
    Mr. Warframe 1 month ago

    I want to play that so bad

  • Quentin Dark
    Quentin Dark 1 month ago

    So........ This is still a story before the end of the first game ? I don't really know how to feel about that.

  • Alucina Vecina
    Alucina Vecina 1 month ago +1

    Que Skin de Zyra es esa?

  • theskyattack
    theskyattack 1 month ago

    Can't wait to have tea with wicked killington again

  • Estevan Olvera
    Estevan Olvera 1 month ago

    Talk about "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"?

  • Rojenn Ortiz
    Rojenn Ortiz 1 month ago

    I finished Darksiders 2 like years ago. Can you guys help me refresh my memory, what happened to Death again?

  • Cherry Shark
    Cherry Shark 1 month ago

    well we know the who we are gonna play as in darksiders 4

  • M.Grey
    M.Grey 1 month ago +1

    okay i think the asaj ventress voice actor is pretty good for her,but seriously dont treat war like that,he looked pretty damn pissed when you grabbed his face.Also poor poor strife,its gonna take a 4th game and a lot of experience with darksiders on the developer's side to actually make a good game about him.Seeing as how every one has already taken so many of his guns,maybe he has a new knife gun blade thing going on to introduce a proper melee attack for him,i guess we just have to wait and see

  • Miguel Morais
    Miguel Morais 1 month ago


  • kelly heard
    kelly heard 1 month ago

    Just so happy they are continuing the series . Hopefully all siblings will unite !!!:)

  • Kalltrex
    Kalltrex 1 month ago

    is it possible to explain why war is chained up without spoiling darksiders 2? because i'm extremely confused

  • benlibodi
    benlibodi 1 month ago

    So this is the same time as Darksiders 2 when Death is dicking around with Tree of Life?

  • JustBeLikeBrett
    JustBeLikeBrett 1 month ago

    Fury's characters gives a vibe of Circe from DC. Whats up with her giving that evil vibe, and ditching her brother War? Death was all for family, or at least War. And were playing as her???? I also thought Death revived humanity, releasing War. So is this in between, like a paradox. Death is still adventuring. Whats up with these powers too? Does she take War's position? Will Death be mention or come back? ALL THESE QUESTIONS!

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