The Real Secrets of Alien Covenant Leaked

  • Added:  7 months ago
  • Alex Jones @RealAlexJones covers the leaked secrets behind the upcoming installment of the Ridley Scott Alien franchise, Alien Covenant.
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  • Runtime: 14:32
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Comments: 6 037

  • mark mark
    mark mark 2 hours ago

    I love it the more wild the story or out there it seems he gets the more I enjoy watching him... go figure.. good stuff

  • Emey Vielkuss
    Emey Vielkuss 3 hours ago

    This is well done BUT I don´t agree with the whole God and religion bullshit... "genetic engineering" is the next evolutionary step simply because it makes sense.
    We are already altering other living beings, our ancestors did it by breeding, nowadays we do it in labs.
    Most of the people are too uneducated and ignorant to understand what cancer is, so they don´t get the fact that there is no cure for it because your body is not fighting bacteria or viruses sneaking into your body - it is destroyed by it´s own cells which went rogue.
    They are like sleepers waiting for their chance to destroy the society/organism and you can´t fight the enemy when it doesn´t reveal itself.
    Those who "govern" the world don´t care about other people´s life and health.
    There are people out there who are so poor that they can´t even afford clean water - something you definitely need to survive.
    They are not poor because they refuse to work, the sick fact is: Factory employees in - for example Bangladesh - work 16 to 20 hours every day they still don´t earn enough to have a proper income. People are desperate enough to work for slave wages like the Europeans during the Industrial Revolution... history repeating itself in new places!

    Movies like RESIDENT EVIL are showing us a world where a group of so called elite creates a virus to kill everyone else.
    You think this is just fantasy? We already live in a world where companies create diseases to sell expensive antidotes.

    Movies like THE ISLAND and NEVER LET ME GO are introducing a world of modern human trafficking and legal slavery.
    You think this is just fantasy? There are already patents for parts of your body and physiological reactions... theoretically you are owned by companies like Fujifilm or Nestle - just theoretically!

    BRAVE NEW WORLD from 1932 or 1984 from 1949 are no longer fictional dystopias, we already experience what is described in these novels: Every electrical device with an internet connections helps to observe every movement or decision of yours. When you don´t "function" the way society wants you to, they feed you pills instead helping you to find a healthy and long-lasting solution. Not only governments try to control and dull your senses, every institution out there is willing to take advantage of you.
    Religions were, are and always will be pretty successful when it comes down to luring cattle into their traps. Most of the companies sell you sh*t and poison BUT thanks to advertising agencies they make you believe you struck gold.

    Don´t forget people: You can polish a turd but it will still remain a turd!

  • King David
    King David 8 hours ago

    the original ppl of this earth are the Africans/African Americans blacks, look up the dogon and you'll see there that they say blacks came from the heavens from a distant star or ship (mother ship)that has a elliptical orbit
    & with tha engry of that ship aids us in our DNA upgrade but not everybody thats why they need tha engineering

  • Martin Carter
    Martin Carter 9 hours ago

    Well I'm convinced, whom do I go to to sign up onto the winning side?, I've got British blood - this is the main criterion to be one of the 'elite', right?

  • Joseph Demello
    Joseph Demello Day ago

    last night at 10:15pm located in spokane washington My wife 3 kids and myself were on the trampoline looking at stars. as we were looking up and ive seen jets my whole life. i was raised on Nellis air force base in las vegas. out of nowhere appears a jet looking object with 3 circles under it. No light indicators blinking to let others know. Quiet as can be moving rapidly in one direction. No crazy movements. my kids described it as a fidget spinner. Im not a believer in this shit but last night 8-20-17 i know and my family knows what we saw. Its hard to explain but you know when something isnt right. It looked like television or star wars. or a dream. People will laugh like im on drugs or something but i had to post this because i dont know what else to do.

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith Day ago

    Best intro ever

  • Linda Diaz
    Linda Diaz 2 days ago

    REPENT seek God he's your only hope for talks about the horrors that are coming it's gonna be so bad men's hearts will fail them for what is coming God Bless You All

  • Elder Socia
    Elder Socia 3 days ago


  • Ciaran Mike
    Ciaran Mike 4 days ago

    All respect lost....

  • Juan Zavaleta
    Juan Zavaleta 7 days ago

    What a clown...

  • Blister Chicken
    Blister Chicken 12 days ago

    Well, time is always the best judge. And well, this film flopped. Every geek I know hated it.

  • Jose
    Jose 18 days ago

    This guy is an embarrassment.

  • Zero
    Zero 18 days ago


  • Khawaja Abdur Raheem
    Khawaja Abdur Raheem 19 days ago

    lol so this Alex guy pro trump or my first question second is he saying ⛛ people real

  • Nedeljko Zivanovic
    Nedeljko Zivanovic 19 days ago

    Shroom coffee!

  • Samuel Guerrero
    Samuel Guerrero 19 days ago


  • dennisdahmer
    dennisdahmer 20 days ago

    monsanto. EPA

  • Fred Dirkson
    Fred Dirkson 20 days ago

    Christ he is so mentally ill.

  • SkippingLegs
    SkippingLegs 23 days ago

    Interesting, well I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't mind turning into a fucking advanced alien species.

  • Player8Gaming
    Player8Gaming 24 days ago

    Copyright intro right there Alex!

  • M7CVZ
    M7CVZ 27 days ago

    Panspermia is a valid possibility, alien/ET terraforming not unthinkable, don't need any elite or phoniluminati for that, they can guess as good as the next person.

  • He IS
    He IS 29 days ago

    "Humanoid gods", they're called fallen angels or "nephilim".

  • Kim Dhillon
    Kim Dhillon Month ago

    As convenient as this summation is, the behavior of the elites show a true belief in satanism, and the alien agenda appears to be one more way of binding humans, to draw them away from the God of the bible. For a future where the masses are taught Satan is an alien and we need our leaders to interpret this phenomenon for us because of their ongoing and advanced knowledge of the phenomenon. Very helpful to know that even the elites know evolution is another binding, deceiving method to lure and keep the masses from salvation. I think the alien agenda is to deceive the gullible and in no way do the elites believe it, but use it to attract minions and deceive the public.

  • Robert Parsons
    Robert Parsons Month ago

    They are doing it in fruits and meet now,very,very soon all meat Will me manufactured in werehouses

  • funnybot77
    funnybot77 Month ago

    What if this is a paid commercial for the movie... Spiracy!

  • The Young Deplorables

    I think he's just making' this up for ratings...I'm down for Trump, but this guy sounds a little nutty.

  • Luis Davila
    Luis Davila Month ago


  • Alex du Plessis
    Alex du Plessis Month ago

    Is this based entirely off the trailer?

  • Paul Bridgewater
    Paul Bridgewater Month ago

    Lucifer: "Pro me, the U.S."

  • timo costa
    timo costa Month ago

    dont smoke crack folks

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson Month ago

    just like this dam phone - the contact these want be aliens doth got shits to do but spys...

  • Yakuza13329
    Yakuza13329 Month ago

    there is no way he actually believes all this LMAO

  • Steven Simmons
    Steven Simmons Month ago

    >< >< >< lmfao with the Predator music

  • eric hofmeister
    eric hofmeister Month ago

    He had to be doing this as a joke poking fun at himself right?

  • XenoPop
    XenoPop Month ago

    I want Ridley Scott to react to this dipshit.

  • Kit Zoey
    Kit Zoey Month ago

    The secret is it was a shit movie you lying gas bag

    ALI BHRA Month ago


  • Shawn Bishop
    Shawn Bishop Month ago

    It's gender reversals and the death of Christianity. The agenda is so sick that they can kill off all of us. They can run but they cannot hide.

  • thegreenman
    thegreenman Month ago

    it was a piss poor film

  • Perzië P
    Perzië P Month ago

    The moslim are the problem they like the aliens

  • Brendan Clarke
    Brendan Clarke Month ago

    Yes, but did you know that the president has silicone/biological hybrid organisms IN HIS OWN FAMILY?

  • Yeet_beeted
    Yeet_beeted Month ago

    What if I told you water wasn't wet?

  • James Conlin
    James Conlin Month ago

    you're a nutjob

  • Dañe Highfield
    Dañe Highfield Month ago

    Just look at the true history and origin of man, literally, writen on the wall, AND IN STONE NO LESS! THERE IS NO ONE BLINDER THAN THOSE WHO REFUSE TO SEE!

  • B Vee
    B Vee Month ago

    My only question is, how can I get the Prometheus guys workout plan? his traps are crazy!!

  • lonerangersheriff
    lonerangersheriff Month ago

    I love Wim Hof breathing. But it's possible to take it to a bad level. It's possible to work it correctly, for me, which is to meditate and pray. To worship Jesus Christ. To resist in prayer and spoken word, as a function of prayer. After reading the BIBLE, I know the end, which is truly just an infinite beginning. We win! Jesus Saves! No weapon formed against us can proper!

  • Com Plexity
    Com Plexity Month ago

    lol a coffee commercial at the end... Because he's receiving "the best" coffee... wtf

  • Matt Stavor
    Matt Stavor Month ago

    It's not more or less if this is happening. It's more about the possibility that this would be able to happen. At that point we can entertain the idea.

  • Trace The Truth
    Trace The Truth Month ago

    Lucifer trick the elites with the promise everlasting life, but that can ONLY be achieved by accepting Christ in our lives... Lucifer is the master of lie's they are stupid to believe in Lucifer.. LUCIFER IS JEALOUS OF MANKIND MAINLY WOMAN BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BIRTH GIVERS, AND HE (LUCIFER) CANNOT CREATE LIFE.. this was y he targeted Eve in the garden

  • Johan Rehnstrom
    Johan Rehnstrom Month ago

    "This is not some fiction I am telling you...". Hahaha...he is nuts. If he supported me, I would rethink my views.

  • Tompain K
    Tompain K Month ago

    ugh this guy

  • AVO
    AVO Month ago

    I dream about having Godly Aesthetics like that Engineer. Dam

  • moofymoo
    moofymoo Month ago

    tell us the truth about Wonder Woman next!

  • oiBane
    oiBane Month ago

    What's the point of living

  • Swag God
    Swag God Month ago

    a believe this but they are right humans need to be de populated

  • Cris rogers
    Cris rogers Month ago

    (cough cough) ....what now....??

  • Waya525
    Waya525 Month ago

    It is a movie, Alex. A piece of FICTION. It is not presenting any platform of religion in real life. And what is posted at the end of every Alien movie? "This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is merely coincidental. Names, characters, places, and incidents are solely fictional and are th.e product of the author's IMAGINATION and are used fictitiously. As for the concerns about the environment, those notes of contempt can be left at the door of those billionaires who can afford to do this research. People you support.

  • sɔıɯoɔ ɔ&ʞ
    sɔıɯoɔ ɔ&ʞ Month ago

    F.E.A.R. Campaign

  • Jacob Gillispie
    Jacob Gillispie Month ago

    Insects are animals...had to point that out

  • firdaus bin abd muttalib

    and that god is a Roman soldier who raped Mary...

  • K3v1n
    K3v1n Month ago

    It's very entertaining and fun to think about! it's funny how he is so serious about everything

  • Gaz Roberts
    Gaz Roberts Month ago

    That intro is why I love yanks! So over the top but I love it.

  • Jamasia Wilson
    Jamasia Wilson Month ago

    the point that they keep saying aliens are going to come! but aliens are ALREADY HERE!! how do you think more & MORE UFOS keep coming back you IDIOTS!!

  • randomcrap81
    randomcrap81 Month ago

    legit question Alex... when the doctor told you that you were mentally retarded, what was your reaction?

    ALBUS DUMBLEDORE 2 months ago

    i like watching info wars i just like to see how stupid americans are😂😂😂

    HOMINIX 2 months ago

    cool alien covenant commercial you fucking hack

  • Cheeseyjrdude
    Cheeseyjrdude 2 months ago

    Yeah, Covenant was really just a shitshow of a story Ridley Scott thought was clever. Unrelated side note, can I have some of whatever you take to think this crap up?

  • Santiago Huerta
    Santiago Huerta 2 months ago +1

    can I get $20 on what ever he's smoking

  • Melman
    Melman 2 months ago

    more entertaining than glen beck, they must both use the conspiratron 5000 computer.

  • Christian Schäfer / ZANGOJOE

    And still he doesn't know that Adolf Hitler was right and a true hero for humanity.

  • Ike Davis
    Ike Davis 2 months ago

    A UFO crashed on my mountain last month. Havent made it over to investigate (wife kid work). The only damn leak or RELEASE of info I'm interested in now is area 51!!! Info Wars guy on couch Russians someone release them all. Please. 2017 epic shit show.

  • Horace Frazier
    Horace Frazier 2 months ago

    Hitler also wanted to create white supermen

  • BCrafty121
    BCrafty121 2 months ago

    We all know that nobody who watches this show takes him seriously, right? We all watch InfoWars for the comedy of seeing Alex put underpants on his head and scream about globalist deep states. None of his subscribers actually believe him when he says that Obama is a time travelling vampire.

  • gingersnap
    gingersnap 2 months ago

    Don't forget to plug your merch bruh

  • gingersnap
    gingersnap 2 months ago


  • 730_BlackDon
    730_BlackDon 2 months ago

    No wonder they are taking your kids away u fucing idiot lol

    JOHNNY SELLA 2 months ago

    so the rich guys are together and want to rule the world they have more money together then anyone anything in the world ......wouldnt they just take us out ???....not that hard

  • Henry Ward the Kosciuszko Lion

    carbon dioxide is essential to plant life and the green house gas bollocks, because carbon dioxide is denser than oxygen = air. So they do not block our ozone layer.

  • richardhalo
    richardhalo 2 months ago

    Alex, just quit your job and learn to do something else useful with your life.

  • Charlie Shorto
    Charlie Shorto 2 months ago

    And he and his followers say that liberals are the retards.

  • KoDan
    KoDan 2 months ago

    That's great.
    But how do you fight it?

  • Stack em Short
    Stack em Short 2 months ago

    2017 and people still haven't figured out Infowars is a psyop

  • Mr. Midnight
    Mr. Midnight 2 months ago

    This is the score from the thing! Lol

  • Asian Face
    Asian Face 2 months ago

    I hear you and believe you Alex.... I have been faithfully following your show since the beginning, my question is what do we as the people do??

    • unidentified species
      unidentified species 2 months ago

      So you basically choose to believe anything he says.. No matter how crazy it is because you are faithfully following him.. But why..?

  • unidentified species
    unidentified species 2 months ago

    When one note is off.. it eventually destroys the whole symphony, Alex

  • TacoLoco1000
    TacoLoco1000 2 months ago

    alien covenant sucked, and prometheus was pretty bad

  • Dan Bonaduce
    Dan Bonaduce 2 months ago

    BS. The globalist are Satanists. Aliens are a rouge for fallen angels, aka demonic beings.

  • tempest411
    tempest411 2 months ago

    This guy is so full of shit.

  • jjviolator
    jjviolator 2 months ago

    THE ELITES! THE GLOBALISTS! THE CORPORATIONS! WE'RE ALL FUCKED!!! oh by the way, please buy my coffee as I really need your money!

  • Tom Powers
    Tom Powers 2 months ago

    I hope I get the mutation that allows me to eat peanut M&M's without gaining weight

  • MrGenyaAvacado
    MrGenyaAvacado 2 months ago

    Oh man COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE! Cordyceps is the mushroom?

  • Stitch Seam
    Stitch Seam 2 months ago +1

    We're all getting cancer! Buy PATRIOT BLEND ORGANIC COFFEE today! Made with real paprika!

  • Caine Cheslock
    Caine Cheslock 2 months ago

    isn't Alex christian? does he believe in jesus?

    YOU TUBE 2 months ago

    LOL. There was so much symbolism in Alien Covenant that had everything to do with political correctness and the same old programming the (((Elites))) want people to buy into and none of it has anything to do with Alien life and genetic seeding bullshit that Bill Hicks yammers on about. Open your eyes fools.

    • YOU TUBE
      YOU TUBE 2 months ago

      Cloudpuncher Yeah you are. (((David))) is representing. You can probably guess all the rest of the real messages, there are quite a lot of them. This is why people think many things in the movie don't make sense. They DO make sense, you're just not aware of the REAL story being told.

    • YOU TUBE
      YOU TUBE 2 months ago

      Cloudpuncher You can't figure it out? lol

  • Kevin Carter
    Kevin Carter 2 months ago

    "This is not my view. This is not some fiction I'm telling you." SAD!

  • Invader Zim
    Invader Zim 2 months ago

    Evolution is real, seeded Earth is a strong possibility.

  • Ted D
    Ted D 2 months ago +1

    I wonder how much money he got for this product placement?

  • Brian Burdick
    Brian Burdick 2 months ago

    Sevan Bomar - Mental Real Estate

  • Brian Burdick
    Brian Burdick 2 months ago

    Sevan Bomar - Mental Real Estate

  • Brian Burdick
    Brian Burdick 2 months ago

    Sevan Bomar - Mental Real Estate.

    Look it up on youtube!!

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