IT Trailer 2017 Movie - Official Teaser 2

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  • Bergamo Yuri
    Bergamo Yuri 2 days ago

    The soundtrack's title?

  • PhantomKid143
    PhantomKid143 2 days ago


  • Joormaa
    Joormaa 2 days ago

    who else thinks that the youll float too is fucking stupid?

  • Mark Jenkins
    Mark Jenkins 6 days ago

    Doesn't smell like caca to me señor

  • Bed Light
    Bed Light 9 days ago

    music name pleeeeeas

  • sherry Lorraine
    sherry Lorraine 15 days ago

    When does this come out?

  • mjelement89
    mjelement89 23 days ago

    Music anyone?????

    GHOST TOWN HEART 23 days ago


  • Yvonna Wilson
    Yvonna Wilson 23 days ago

    he look more like killjoy

  • Steve reefer
    Steve reefer 27 days ago

    It came out in 1990 Penywise terrorizes Derry every 27 years 1990+27=2017

  • Jay 99
    Jay 99 28 days ago

    trailer 3 we are going to get to hear pennywise talk

  • Krooksbane
    Krooksbane 28 days ago

    Bev is left handed, just like the book! It's the little things.

  • Joshua Traffanstedt
    Joshua Traffanstedt 28 days ago

    Is it September 8th yet? Shit, i can't wait! 2 more months!

  • Skip Skipper
    Skip Skipper 29 days ago

    Have u guys seen the old one I have

  • Skip Skipper
    Skip Skipper 29 days ago

    There seniors

  • Skip Skipper
    Skip Skipper 29 days ago +1

    They pretty much do and I don't think it will talk in the movie

  • SalemKid
    SalemKid Month ago

    my hope is that tim curreyh reprizes his roll as pennywize. I hated it when they got a new acter to play freddie cruger in the nightmare on elm street seriez. Tim Curreyh pleaze be the clown one more tyme! #TimCurreyh #WeAlFlote #IT

  • Christian Wurm
    Christian Wurm Month ago

    OMG Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things xD

  • Jeremy Cook
    Jeremy Cook Month ago +1

    Isn't there supposed to be a Comic con IT trailer this year ?

    • Jay 99
      Jay 99 26 days ago

      Jeremy Cook Yes trailer going to come out today and 2 clips from the movie

  • Josh fulcifan101
    Josh fulcifan101 Month ago +1

    I belong to a BRILLIANT  fan chat board that covers this film, so all fans of this new adaptation of IT, the original Mini-series, The Dark Tower movie and even King fans in general can have their say - sought of  continuation of the now defunct IMDb chat boards. And we need new members! Anyone who wants to join, please message me privately, I have to make a stated "agreement" that anyone who joins will NOT TROLL OTHERS IN ANY WAY, remember - that is what shutdown the IMDb chat boards! So anyone who wants to become a member - like I say, contact me, and I'll try to make that happen. And yes, the board is free!

  • Essa Khan
    Essa Khan Month ago

    whats that background music in the begining?

  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski Month ago

    IT wakes up every 27 years. The last time IT woke up in 1990. Now it's 2017. About time.

  • Mandalorian Warrior

    Looks like Ronald McDonald is pissed off that the kids decided to go to Burger King

  • Red Schatten
    Red Schatten Month ago

    Richie Tozier is finally funny

  • Pachin Lobos
    Pachin Lobos Month ago

    en el minuto 1:13 atras de todo en una esquina ay unos barrotes y ay algo parado detra saquenle captura y agan mucho soom oh en instagram busque a tomas_nd71 y el tiene una foto que se ve mejor :v

  • Rudy Lopez
    Rudy Lopez Month ago

    July 19 new it trailer 🎈

  • Aja Wilson
    Aja Wilson Month ago

    The second that balloon popped i was like oooh my lord this is gonna be a good movie

  • Todyynho_ Sweeth
    Todyynho_ Sweeth Month ago

    kd br nessa poha

  • awesome
    awesome Month ago

    what' a song?

  • Mahendra gavali
    Mahendra gavali Month ago

    Reeeаallуy nice moviе. I found it heereee =>

  • shoota darapper
    shoota darapper Month ago

    looks like one of those killer clowns

  • Willie_The_SpermWhale


  • Jay 99
    Jay 99 Month ago

    i want to see how pennywise talk

  • Tony Delorie
    Tony Delorie Month ago

    What happen to Eddie's trash talk? I thought he was just that small kid who had that crazy mother???

  • Tony Delorie
    Tony Delorie Month ago

    "It" never had a house?


    hell to the fucking no

  • Raili Paananen
    Raili Paananen Month ago

    ha haava t pennywise Clown hai tsotsi

  • Florence Xo
    Florence Xo Month ago

    0:53 😂😂

  • AlexAndDiegoGame
    AlexAndDiegoGame Month ago

    I was screamingly oh my god it's a clown

  • Leonardo Rodrigues
    Leonardo Rodrigues Month ago

    Does anyone know How much of the book Will be in this first movie?

  • emek eejj
    emek eejj Month ago +1

    looks like shity crap PG-13 not R

    go fuck yourself DISNEY

  • alecathesensfan
    alecathesensfan Month ago

    I hope we finally get to hear him talk in the next teaser !!

  • Jose Lemus
    Jose Lemus Month ago

    cant wait for this movie it will be rated r for violense/horror, bloody images, and for language and i like bloody images

  • Blessed TREJO
    Blessed TREJO Month ago

    "Do you use the same bathroom as your mother?"
    "sometimes, yeah"
    "Then you probably have crabs"

  • Nevel Papperman
    Nevel Papperman Month ago

    Real talk, who the fuck writes their name inside of their shoe.

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  • Mercenários insanos

    Finaallу I'vеe found hd It moviee hееееrеe =>

  • Olivia Jaenke
    Olivia Jaenke Month ago

    this is gonna hunt my nightmares!

  • Enriquez S.R
    Enriquez S.R Month ago

    Looks scary. Hope it is more. Now that I'm 17, I can finally get in by myself

  • Tyler Cobb
    Tyler Cobb Month ago

    "Everything down here floats"

  • Jenni_ Benitez09
    Jenni_ Benitez09 Month ago


  • Jaekast 0000
    Jaekast 0000 Month ago

    omfg... I hope that's the only annoying fucking kid in this movie...

  • Jaylan Smith
    Jaylan Smith Month ago

    wow the new season of stranger things look awesome 👍

  • Nevaeh Day
    Nevaeh Day 2 months ago

    *Clown appears with balloons*

  • GiovanniOmegaGo gamingkid

    I seen it and I am serious that it in that movie is real trust me people and that town is not real but I seen him

  • 78mert oyunda78 cannel
    78mert oyunda78 cannel 2 months ago

    Тhis is thе niceist movie i eееever sеe!!! I аdvise evеrуbоdу to watсh it :)

  • Milagros Rodriguez
    Milagros Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Nothing is like the original . I don't like his new look but I'm still interested in seeing the movie.

  • Zach
    Zach 2 months ago +1

    Can't wait.

  • Siphesihle Mthethwa
    Siphesihle Mthethwa 2 months ago

    Yоooоu cаan waatch It herеe

  • Matthew Carey
    Matthew Carey 2 months ago

    This movie looks like it's going to suck. IT needs real psychological suspense and drama, to be done well. Not cheap/predictable jump scares with a cheesy film score. I really hope I'm wrong but I don't have a good feeling about it based on the first two trailers. Also, judging on previous work that director Andy Muschietti has done, I'm very skeptical. Hope he doesn't blow it.

  • S for shut the F up.
    S for shut the F up. 2 months ago


  • Izzy Vidds
    Izzy Vidds 2 months ago

    Anyone know the background music at 0:03

  • CeeCee Cookie dough
    CeeCee Cookie dough 2 months ago +1

    when ur a kid, u think that you'll always be protected, cared for, but when ur alone as a kid, the monsters see u as weaker. u don't even know they're getting closer until it's too late.

  • Christopher Patton
    Christopher Patton 2 months ago

    i love the fuckin hair

  • sugarcookie
    sugarcookie 2 months ago

    This mооооviе is nоw avаailable tо wаtch hеrееe =>

  • Greyson'sPrincess97
    Greyson'sPrincess97 2 months ago

    OMG The kids in the movie are good actors

  • LeeshaX
    LeeshaX 2 months ago

    Feel like all the energy they doing in the movie is going towards his total look then the actual movie .

  • LeeshaX
    LeeshaX 2 months ago

    You guys idk if it's just me but i like his last look better not saying or jinxing the movie saying it aint gonna be as good . But the new look is a total flop to me .

  • Mystery Bunny Gaming
    Mystery Bunny Gaming 2 months ago

    "doesn't smell like caca to me," LOL

  • champion clash of clans and clash royale gaming

    Watcсh It оnlineе heereee =>

  • drgrockster
    drgrockster 2 months ago

    the clown looks ridiculous.

  • Cristin Pitney
    Cristin Pitney 2 months ago

    The creates of this movie changed how he looked this is bull people are pissed!!!

  • Original Juice
    Original Juice 2 months ago

    Hey just remember..Rape is Never funny..unless it's by a Clown

  • Blake the Blue Dragon
    Blake the Blue Dragon 2 months ago

    That's a lot of balloons to give away

  • lunabird89
    lunabird89 2 months ago

    im more afraid of the original IT.

  • Mark Fry
    Mark Fry 2 months ago

    Bill Skarsgard recently said he scared a bunch of kids on set while in make up and character. Someone should tell him that scaring kids with make up is not hard to do. It has more to do with the easy scare nature of kids than his acting chops.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 months ago

    Jacksfilms confirmed

  • Ehsan Sikder
    Ehsan Sikder 2 months ago

    Wаtсh It оооnline herе =>

  • Luis Basaldú
    Luis Basaldú 2 months ago


  • Derek Miller
    Derek Miller 2 months ago

    I dont understand why Bill has no stutter. He's stuttering Bill. :/

  • descendant of seth
    descendant of seth 2 months ago

    They all float down here.

  • Ghost Walker
    Ghost Walker 2 months ago

    Is there gonna be a it teaser trailer 2?

  • KingFluffs
    KingFluffs 2 months ago

    I wonder if it will have the leper blowjob scene. Or the gangbang... or the homosexual man having his armpit eaten by a clown...

  • Jose
    Jose 2 months ago

    God those kids are fucking annoying.

  • dan theman
    dan theman 2 months ago

    It look like this will only be the first of two parts, there are no scenes of them as adults in either trailer.

  • Mike 649Foxx
    Mike 649Foxx 2 months ago

    Good to see Neibolt street made it into this one.

  • Brian Novelli
    Brian Novelli 2 months ago

    homer voice: "boring!!"

  • silver
    silver 2 months ago

    the new pennywise look like a cute rabbit

  • Art Trivia
    Art Trivia 2 months ago

    I was looking at the cast and there are no 1985 scenes in this adaptation :(

    • Trevor Nourse
      Trevor Nourse 2 months ago

      They are doing it in 2 parts from what I have heard

    E-SLATER 2 months ago

    When is this film out?

  • EuropaModZz /mod
    EuropaModZz /mod 2 months ago +1


  • Hot CamArrow
    Hot CamArrow 2 months ago

    I'm so cyked for this remake, they got guys that won Oscars for Visual Effects and Original Score. Awesome

  • Luke M
    Luke M 2 months ago

    Why the hell do people want to see children suffer in movies today?? That disturbs the shit out of me

  • Galo Sandoval
    Galo Sandoval 2 months ago

    te voy a decir algo, a mi hermano Steve le gusta esa novela el tiene la pelicula pero a mi me da un poco de terror no tanto !gracias!

  • Emma
    Emma 2 months ago

    Oh no I hate clowns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LIV COLE 2 months ago

    these kids cant act as well as the old cast tho :/

    LIV COLE 2 months ago

    i cant wait to see this,

  • TSarchangel 90
    TSarchangel 90 2 months ago

    155 dislikes are fags.

  • Doomer Space
    Doomer Space 2 months ago

    don't smell like caca to my señor!

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