What's up with RIDLEY? - Alien Covenant Review

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  • Grenge g
    Grenge g 7 hours ago

    Terrible movie. No more please Ridley Scott

  • Kommissar
    Kommissar Day ago

    Buster Keaton couldn't have created a funnier scene than the woman slipping on the blood twice, then blowing up herself and her own ship!

    IAN RUSSELL Day ago

    This movie had no script and if you saw the trailer you basically saw the whole movie and honestly was a rip of Hannibal script just turned into Hannibal in space.

  • Europa H2O Alien

    Today's actors are such shit.

  • Europa H2O Alien

    Ridley Scott need to retire, find a nice lap sweater and take up needlepoint.

  • konroth rec.
    konroth rec. 3 days ago

    they make things up as they go along

  • warlock
    warlock 5 days ago

    David was the archetype evil movie NAZI, blonde hair, listens to Wagner, kills thousands of prisoners, genetic engineering and creates a super race, how pathetic they can get, I am sick of this WW2 propaganda shit.

  • Nao Chue
    Nao Chue 5 days ago

    James Cameron needs to come back and do an Alien movie..... with Dutch in it. Just kidding about the Dutch part.

  • Nao Chue
    Nao Chue 5 days ago

    Yeah I was wondering where the queen that laid the eggs was. Plus it always confused me on why there was a big looking squid in the first movie.

  • walter0bz
    walter0bz 5 days ago

    next film: just make something that gives good material for fan-fiction edits .. hopefully with some neural-net magic a few years down the line , we can fix this mess.

  • KissingZombie's Channel

    I thought the Predators hunted the Xenos for centuries... NOPE... no longer canon... instead, a fucking replicant from Blade Runner created them.. oh god, please make it stop Ridley....

  • Richard Chaney
    Richard Chaney 6 days ago

    I agree but I still think that movie was tight

  • Lesley Russell
    Lesley Russell 8 days ago

    hes a mother fuker not leaving other director do an alien movie what he think it is?alien is not his story is obannons an always gona be

  • Lesley Russell
    Lesley Russell 8 days ago

    stop making damage to DAN OBANNON masterpiece 1979

  • S1nwar
    S1nwar 8 days ago

    what was most frustrating was the the creators had like 1 city. i expected something larger by beeings that powerful...

  • S1nwar
    S1nwar 8 days ago

    i think it is implied that david didnt change the genes bottom-up (by manipulating them in a laboratory) but rather top-down by unleashing the goo on different animal samples and just selecting the things he liked.
    you know, just like artificial selection can be seen as a way to change genes in modern day breeding processes.

  • Scho0rschi
    Scho0rschi 8 days ago

    SPOILER ALERTin the next movie, the xenomorph is created by the computer of the space ship, which we saw on Alien Covenant.

  • yaso aga
    yaso aga 9 days ago

    Ridley Scott making this idiotic and confusing also inconsistent movies on purpose...

    Because, After he's gone (dead);
    He wants people (other movie directors) to go back and try to fix his movies or try to make sense and full the gaps of the idiotic story lines ...Hollywood will keep add-on his movies and keep his legacy going...

    I think this is the agenda behind of Ridley Scott's amazingly stupid recent Alien movies...

  • jedslather
    jedslather 9 days ago

    Ridley totally destroyed his own work, what a mess it was, what a toe crushing experience to watch.

  • Suba
    Suba 10 days ago

    Ridley should retire.

  • jedslather
    jedslather 10 days ago

    It was a stupid movie, the story was sloppy, weak, poorly written and badly executed. The movie was just toe crunching bad.

  • FireOccator
    FireOccator 10 days ago

    I'll do the fingering.

  • Tizzy13
    Tizzy13 10 days ago

    Prometheus wasn't that bad, it had a lot of wasted potential. They shouldn't have removed the Xenomorph from the original script but it was still a great set up for the future of the franchise. Alien:Covenant just brushes that all aside and makes everything a bigger mess!

  • harveybirdman74
    harveybirdman74 11 days ago

    Ridley has come down with Lucas syndrome

  • John j
    John j 11 days ago

    Just watched it, horrbile movie... all the people were idiots and Walter is a head taller than David.

  • Travis Turner
    Travis Turner 11 days ago

    I wish this movie didn't exist

  • scampoli25
    scampoli25 13 days ago

    stop trying to be funny

  • Ry Muzic
    Ry Muzic 13 days ago

    Funny thing is,after my negative comment against Lindsey,I literally just banged one out watching her in a sex scene,isnt life fucked up ?

  • Ry Muzic
    Ry Muzic 13 days ago

    The beacon came from Lindsey Lohan banging the Xenomorph,Hollywood truly fucked this girl up

  • joeinferno23
    joeinferno23 14 days ago

    Tbh I already got the answers I was looking for in Prometheus that explained the engineers that sent out the distress signal in the 1979 alien and its origins.. Didn't think we needed another movie.. still a fun cool movie though.. lots of brutal moments, gore and action. worth watching but very predictable if you've watched the rest. Die hard Ridley fans will be pissed though since he basically just bombs out the engineers in this movie and takes a complete U turn in the franchise lol and leaving more questions to people.. but watching this film myself I still liked it.. better than the terminators we have recently had that's for sure.

  • Fabrice Soonekindt
    Fabrice Soonekindt 14 days ago

    OH..COME ON !!!😠
    WHAT A SHAME..Did Anyone SEE that ArtWork and the Company's Merging Yutani Harnassing the Alien's Tech and the Ship in a Weyland Hanger AND With Hicks Newt and Ripley!??BLOMKAMPF's ALIEN 5 HAD TO MAKE Way For Scott's DISASTER! BLOMKAMPF WOULD'VE BEEN KING AFTER THE SHITSTORM CALLED COVENANT! Damnit 😠

  • Virgil Vergara
    Virgil Vergara 15 days ago

    Covenant was a big fat flop of a movie. Who gives a shit about David and a bunch of stupid scientist who travel billions of miles to not even be concerned with safety features when investigating a new planet. Why couldn't they send a drone down into that planet instead? OMG I can go on and on how stupid this movie really is. If you haven't seen this movie don't go and watch it. Its a waste of time.

  • Here'sJohnny
    Here'sJohnny 16 days ago

    Prometheus brought something "new" to the franchise that could've been expanded upon, I wanted to know more about the engineers and why they created the bio weapons, and decided to seed life elsewhere etc, instead here's a movie about David.

  • Matt Young
    Matt Young 17 days ago

    This strory is so bat shit crazy that when ya say It out loud it sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person

  • Alex Jadiel Maldonado
    Alex Jadiel Maldonado 18 days ago

    I know Ridley Scott didn’t come up with the Alien Queen, but I really hope if he gets to make a sequel to Covenant he introduces a small Queen, not coming from David’s design. I want to see a Queen destroying David and his Xeno creations and laying the egg for the Queen that later lays so many eggs for the time of the original Film.

  • Alex Jadiel Maldonado
    Alex Jadiel Maldonado 18 days ago

    I liked it! Only because I enjoyed it even more than Prometheus. I hope we never see more of the Engineers. It wasn’t the origin I expected for the Xenomorphs, but even thou they were practically the same something felt off about them. Once David’s body is fully destroyed it won’t matter anymore.

  • N8R T8R
    N8R T8R 22 days ago

    When I saw this movie "WE GOT A BLACK HAWK DOWN"!!

    DJ CAUTION 23 days ago

    Far from my favorite- I was dissappointed

  • Malcolm Zzerosignal
    Malcolm Zzerosignal 25 days ago

    Plant nipples best nipples

  • chanon sornnin
    chanon sornnin 28 days ago

    I actually don't know what you on about. Some how, while you watched Prometheus, you complain about not having enough alien and when he made covenant, you complain about not having enough engineers. You are fucking toxic, you just jumping on the hate wagon like everybody does. And if fox were to give you alien, people would just hated your gut anyway because there will be another you, who would jump on that hate wagon because their video would get more click.

    • CorderyFX
      CorderyFX  28 days ago

      Well i don't just want that either. I want to see something more documentary of the Xenomorph. Explore the life cycle more, do things like when the drone alien has been alive for a while its head dome cracks off and its the Aliens head because it hardens over time. People bang on about when the face hugger jumps on different species it takes over that hosts characteristics in alien 3....and only alien 3 (unless you want to count AVP)....Dog makes dog alien. But that doesn't matter because the xenomorphs look different every single film anyway even though they all come from humans. It hasn't been bio-mechanical since the 2nd movie...so explore that more. we aren't getting that at all with these prequels. The alien is like least priority cuz Ridley wants to make a movie about robots that hate humans and gods...PERFECT if it was an original movie...but as an alien fan it gets frustrating when this David idea keeps treading over the franchise i was told this is about. In this movie Davids like "i did experiments and made a xenomorph"...i want to see those experiments.... i don't want it just mentioned and now we got alien.

    • chanon sornnin
      chanon sornnin 28 days ago

      CorderyFX: ok I see where you stand now. You could just say, I want to fucking watch alien killing people in the space.

    • CorderyFX
      CorderyFX  28 days ago

      Hey the aliens origin isn't something I'm desperate to find out (mysteries are sometimes more fun) but when trailers shove "ALIEN" in my face I'm gonna think a few things. Also Ridley himself has claimed it was his idea to bring this franchise back.there's plenty of interviews where he says that. I've been waiting for a spin off called "xenomorph" or something and can kick start a new original alien story.

    • chanon sornnin
      chanon sornnin 28 days ago

      CorderyFX: so what is your idea of alien origin story? Because all I've seen so far was pure hate, you don't exactly have any solution towards the franchise either. So let me tell you when Ridley Scott made Prometheus he wasn't set out to make another alien film, that was fox decision to slap an alien in there because they afraid that his original script won't make them any money. So yeah he is making it up on the way. And the film is more about human then alien, it's about what it is to be an organic sentient beings. Because David sees sentient being as an imperfect and irrational being so he became obsesses with the engineer biological weapon and create xenomorph. That is what I get when I watch it. Nobody want to watch another alien film where it run around and just kill people in the space. I fucking hate that. I don't want to see another alien vs predator.

    • CorderyFX
      CorderyFX  28 days ago

      Nah i saw it before i saw any other review, so it was my genuine opinion fresh out of the movie. After Prometheus i was like" That wasn't alien? all the trailers said other wise". With covenant i gave it a chance to be a Prometheus sequel and answer some questions, but then i got a lackluster alien movie that brushed over a proper Prometheus sequel in like 2 mins. my main frustration was "is this new franchise on an actual course or are they making it up as they go". You're on your own bandwagon of hating people who didn't like covenant. People are allowed to dislike belated entries in a 40 year old franchise that either alters the established timeline with no remorse OR if the new movies aren't handled with as much attention to detail as they should. You don't have to love something because Hollywood made it.

  • Daddi Jones
    Daddi Jones Month ago

    You sum this whole shit-storm of a movie up so well. Bravo

  • XMG3
    XMG3 Month ago

    This review is dead on, you can smell Ridley's hangout from watching this movie.

  • son of a gun
    son of a gun Month ago

    fucking hilarious 2:49

  • Helgamond Ratbone
    Helgamond Ratbone Month ago

    Why do I keep seeing these lame alien vids?! The first two movies were great! The rest suck! Move the fuck on

  • Musa Bloom
    Musa Bloom Month ago

    I found "Alien Covenant" to be depressingly nihilistic..no point in fighting, you're all going to lose, your religion won't help you, everyone is going to die horribly. I suppose this is how all SciFi has to be these days (eg "Life"). The original Alien movies were thrilling and at least allowed for the possibility of survival.

  • cicero
    cicero Month ago

    hahaha Kenny Powers vs Alien

  • Political Inactivist

    Magneto wasnt in this movie LOL

  • Stone Hendricks
    Stone Hendricks Month ago

    I have more questions about Ridley than Prometheus and covenant...

  • Ail'enduril
    Ail'enduril Month ago

    easily the best review out there, thank you sir!

  • steve john
    steve john Month ago

    ridley scott is a director a few months away from 80 years old.. have some respect people that he still chooses to work an eighteen, twenty hour day, to bring something, still visually and thoughtfully to the context, and to all you miserable haters who nit pick, sitting on your fat asses at a computer screen. he dos'nt owe you a thing, and if he enjoys a nip of jack, then I think he deserves. footage of him trying to stay awake, is probably cause he's tired, tired of probably half a century of intense of what motivates him to carry on.. half the idiots hating on this most recent addition to his catalogue, have probably never done more than four hours of solid work without a break. scott has done more for the economy than all the empty heads dissing on him, an if you don't like the story line, then get off your keyboard, an make it better yourselves. fucking opionated keyboard, video selfie warriors..

  • Mike Walton
    Mike Walton Month ago

    Oh that's why this movie missed the mark. Hilarious

  • Kraito Krombongus
    Kraito Krombongus Month ago

    Covenant Is a disaster to the franchise.

  • Sparnicco
    Sparnicco Month ago

    Seriously tho, WHATS UP WITH RIDLEY? He basically had a bromance with Michael Fassbender, and now its all about him. Don't get me wrong, Michael Fassbender is one of the greatest actors, but having a robot make the aliens (specifically the xenomorphs) is kinda absurd. Someone needs to take the alien franchise out of his hands.

  • SatanKaputMachen
    SatanKaputMachen Month ago

    Ridley should be sued!! Criminal fuck!

  • Asd Kjh
    Asd Kjh Month ago

    :DDD True - fully agree, he has alcohol problem. I have never seen so lazy made block buster filled with completely retarded primitive ideas. It was like "I need money for another bottle" so I make every possible shit to please the non demanding crowd.

  • Lornext
    Lornext Month ago

    This is not canon

  • spencerc6
    spencerc6 Month ago

    We're now one step closer to eventual movies called "Ass".

  • Harpoon2theRescue
    Harpoon2theRescue Month ago

    The latest 2 films having completely ruined this once magnificent franchise.

  • Pepe TWD
    Pepe TWD Month ago

    Well done mate. Awesome review. Love your work ! Keep it up buddy :))))

  • Zoványi Attila
    Zoványi Attila Month ago

    You are funny mate!I haven't seen the film but i am not sure i wanna pay for it....

  • Uke Skywarner
    Uke Skywarner Month ago

    you sounds like "Mr Plinkett"

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    For everyone screaming what an Alien film should be, what the lore is,
    and why the prequels are terrible, watch this it's pretty self


  • Valken
    Valken Month ago

    The characters don't seem stupid in the scripts, it's the way Scott did it that makes them look dumb. Scott is 79 years old, my grandpa couldn't even clean his own but* at that age. You can't expect all the details to be good from Scott, maybe if he was 20 years younger. Scott is like one of my teachers who had already retired and had been a great teacher, but now just couldn't do it properly anymore because of age, but still didn't want to quit.

  • David Šmerda
    David Šmerda Month ago

    Fully agreed!

  • Harjit Singh Sandhu

    your nailed it , said exactly what's on my mind?

  • Phase5
    Phase5 Month ago

    So human beings indirectly created the ALIEN by way through a man made robot.... I thought the original film was called
    ALIEN. Lmfao! Give up Ridley...stop making it worse you clueless old pseudo intellectual prick.

  • James Conkey
    James Conkey Month ago

    After seeing these Ridley Scott interviews...ALL my questions about why this movie sucked maximum ass have been answered. All of them. Thank you!

  • Nyran Stanton
    Nyran Stanton Month ago

    Its actually destroyed, everything I loved about the original alien, I thought when I first watched it, but that pilot of the alien ship that looks like a Trilobite, the Trilobite is where the artist got all the alien designs and ideas from, the first creature to exist or something, that we supposedly evolved from, is IN the original Alien, so, maybe this was where he wanted it to go all along? or maybe when he saw Jurassic Park, and the little mosquito idea, he decided hed go that way with it and have aliens created in a lab, maybe it was his idea all along to do that. I THOUGHT, the original Alien, was a perfect species of survival, that had nothing to do with humans at all. They might have to reboot, scrub, the whole franchise and literally start it all over again, same goes with Alien vs Predator :(....oh sorry he explained it at 1:18 , Prometheus is very successful...ok, that's why he went that way. :( The real sad part about this movie..................its made me not care about Alien anymore , i think ill stick with Alien 1 and 2 and DITCH all the rest.

  • Mahonski101
    Mahonski101 Month ago

    This the best review of Covenant so far.  Biggest movie disappointment of the year.  No one wants the Alien to be created by a dodgy android with a god complex.  I was happy with the Alien just being the Alien.  A scary, ancient, unexplained nightmare that came from the deepest, darkest parts of space that no one in their right mind would ever want to travel to.  Stay off the loony juice Ridley and fix this mess.

  • Tom Truett
    Tom Truett Month ago

    Covenant basically took the plot of a b movie where the newlywed couple has an auto accident during a storm, seeks shelter at a spooky mansion, meets their mysterious host, who, as it turns out, has nefarious plans for them. Variations range from "The Most Dangerous Game" to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

  • MMODoubter
    MMODoubter Month ago

    Who better? JAMES FUCKING CAMERON! That's who.

  • Nigel Farage
    Nigel Farage Month ago

    Been waiting so long this film, now I want to commit suicide! I liked Prometheus apart from the shitty characters.

  • Teufelhund Odinic Rite

    "Face rapes Jesus" ROFL...

  • Hanging Glider
    Hanging Glider Month ago

    Lmfao You funny Cunt!! I love my COuntrymen!! The real ones that is!

  • Resident Jason
    Resident Jason Month ago

    Nothing is up with him. He hates the fact he was forced to put xenomorphs in his David movie, as backed up by his previous comments. So he's trying to ruin the franchise.

  • Happy SpaceInvader
    Happy SpaceInvader Month ago

    Only true sequels to the original Alien are... Alien: Isolation and Aliens (in that order, actually).

    Everything else, including the prequels, can go to hell.

  • Happy SpaceInvader
    Happy SpaceInvader Month ago

    Unintentionally hilarious moment: man exuding blood from every orifice is brought back to a ship's med bay, whereupon a supposed doctor comes in protected only by RUBBER GLOVES! No mouth or eye protection. And when the guy inevitably splatters blood in her face and eyes... does she even go to wash that crap off? Of course not!

  • B A
    B A Month ago

    *You Sir are a God send for Movie reviews*

  • Yatsura2
    Yatsura2 2 months ago

    Videos like these are the reason why the kids nowadays cant understand, let alone aknowledge satire when it slaps their faces.

  • Aza Mam
    Aza Mam 2 months ago

    Ridley got lucky with alien 1 and you worshipped him , he's mediocre peeps.

  • Iafiv Iv
    Iafiv Iv 2 months ago

    I have a feeling Ridley Scott is getting older and the advanced age is starting to take a toll on him.The Alien franchise should have ended long ago trying to make it some kind of cinematic universe is not exactly the best strategy.The only saving grace is the fact that Covenant has bombed badly.Its final worldwide box office is looking to be somewhere below 250 million which if you add marketing costs plus the percentage of the gross that goes to the studio after the theaters take their share means it will fail.In the US its looking like it will not even reach 80 million.So unless Ridley has some dirt on the executives at Fox he will either not get any funding for future Alien movies or someone else will take the reigns.

  • King Vegeta
    King Vegeta 2 months ago

    Ripley Scott you suck Ass

  • King Vegeta
    King Vegeta 2 months ago

    It was bullshit

  • Marc Bell
    Marc Bell 2 months ago

    This is one reason people aren't going to movies as much. Why was the low budget original the best? A: Smart people wrote the script.

  • Killer0fTheSun
    Killer0fTheSun 2 months ago +1

    Uwe Boll > Ridley Scott

  • Will Nitschke
    Will Nitschke 2 months ago

    Ridley Scott is fucking useless. He pisses all over the cannon, fucked up the mystery of the origins of the Xenomorph, and his characters continually do completely moronic things to get from point a in the plot to point b in the plot. Audience must continually turn its brain off.

  • seva809
    seva809 2 months ago

    6:19 Xenoborgs?

  • Trill Gates
    Trill Gates 2 months ago

    But I don't give a fuck about David. Explain the fucking Engineers. Explain the fucking previous movie.

  • Gate
    Gate 2 months ago

    Poor Scott, he looks so tired xD

  • vonVince
    vonVince 2 months ago

    The biggest problem is that Scott is so set up on making these movies as philosophical treatises (there's all that what is God/creator etc etc) as opposed to just good Alien films (like the first one; a horror movie) that the plot becomes so muddled with all this philosophy and becomes very inconsistent.

  • Fleshy91
    Fleshy91 2 months ago

    It's time to start referring to Ridley Scott as "Ridley Twat."

  • vanglor1144
    vanglor1144 2 months ago

    I wasted 2 hrs of my life watching this trash.

  • CBU 2029
    CBU 2029 2 months ago

    faithful sequel to prometheus? i don't think so. most of what made prometheus interesting is missing from covenant. in that case most of what could have made covenant a good film is missing because crybabys and the studio wanted more alien an less prometheus in it. now we have this abomination of a film nobody likes. :(

  • darren676767
    darren676767 2 months ago

    parts of this review were hilarious. I probably won't bother with the movie, but I am glad it was made just so this review could be the result.

  • WinMore
    WinMore 2 months ago

    RIP Ridley Scott.

  • Pedjo Gt
    Pedjo Gt 2 months ago

    All my life i am big fan of alien...but i didnt see Covenant and i dont want to see him at all....especially after prometheus dissapoinment

  • olavjonas
    olavjonas 2 months ago

    Mr Scott is 80 years old. He is not drunk, just tired ass balls having to do interviews and directing movies when other people his age are busy dying

  • TrenchCoatHans1945
    TrenchCoatHans1945 2 months ago

    Crucify me, but I like the story.

  • thtkidfrmvab
    thtkidfrmvab 2 months ago +1

    Prometheus > Covenant

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