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  • Weekly compilation the best car crash videos caught on camera.
    This compilation created for the educational purposes - watch and learn from the mistakes of others.

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Comments: 360

  • Bartosz Brzozowski
    Bartosz Brzozowski 2 days ago

    5:44 this guy down is fucking idiot

  • Bartosz Brzozowski
    Bartosz Brzozowski 2 days ago

    2:44 dead...

  • Nikki Hayes
    Nikki Hayes 3 days ago

    5:35 the van driver was not were in a seat belt

  • DocteurSmith
    DocteurSmith 5 days ago

    8:33 courtly girl in any situation :D

  • Nick Bucciarelli
    Nick Bucciarelli 18 days ago

    5:28 that guy wasn't wearing his seatbelt

  • grzesiek225
    grzesiek225 22 days ago

    oj ruscy ruscy kto dał wam prawko

  • Alex Nathaniel Namikase Orihara

    it's so happy and funny, they are stupid a bad people, all we are bad people

  • Alexander Funk
    Alexander Funk 24 days ago

    Russians are to stupid to drive maybe?

  • Abby
    Abby 25 days ago

    This might seem like a dumb question, but when the guy at 9:22 smashes into someone turning as he's passing them on a two lane road, who is at fault? I'm tempted to say the police officer but he probably wasn't aware of someone passing him from like four cars back, and had no reason to check to the left.

  • Hakar Doski
    Hakar Doski 25 days ago

    Russians hate new tires

  • MetalHalide400W
    MetalHalide400W 26 days ago

    5:27, look like he didn't even wear a seatbelt...

  • Pug485 Cheetos
    Pug485 Cheetos 1 month ago

    the guy at 5:27 was definitely not wearing a seat belt

  • Raditya T
    Raditya T 1 month ago

    6:27 thats not how you suppose to stop a hit and run driver or a motorcycle

  • Eren can
    Eren can 1 month ago

    little fiat cars from Rusland are suïcide cars its make from cheap material why
    they not banned that cars

  • Victor Richardson
    Victor Richardson 1 month ago

    5:14 Nice Reaction Time

  • MrPiddleStick
    MrPiddleStick 1 month ago

    Pause at 8:33. She is waving lol.

  • Britt Britt
    Britt Britt 1 month ago



  • Cdlrrcb Games
    Cdlrrcb Games 1 month ago

    pause at 8:33 ... "Hello"

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson 1 month ago

    At 1:05 u will see a McDouble

  • Angelina Fidler
    Angelina Fidler 1 month ago


  • TheStrickland94
    TheStrickland94 1 month ago

    A lot of these cars don't seem to have ABS. Is this common with vehicles in Russia?

  • Corniche 21
    Corniche 21 1 month ago

    Russian power

  • MrDoge17
    MrDoge17 1 month ago

    5:24 the guy in the blu car dont have the belt on well lucky to that guy that the crash whas not wors

  • Jeremy Jayden Roel
    Jeremy Jayden Roel 1 month ago

    botsen is LEUK

  • adam hocine
    adam hocine 1 month ago


  • Julio Veloz
    Julio Veloz 2 months ago

    The mayority of the car crash was on Russia

  • Wal Nutz
    Wal Nutz 2 months ago

    Russian music sounds like mariachi

  • Mark8675332
    Mark8675332 2 months ago

    I guess in Russia there's no tests to get a license, they just had them out like a piece of gum

  • PenguinF
    PenguinF 2 months ago

    5:26 And that boys and girls is why you wear seat belts.

  • Sean K
    Sean K 2 months ago

    5:22 Yo, that save though.

  • Adam-Danish Li
    Adam-Danish Li 2 months ago

    completely dumb driver 5.35

  • EastWood Studios
    EastWood Studios 2 months ago

    Insurance companies must have big business here

  • Allen Brown
    Allen Brown 2 months ago

    Still can't get over the fact that most of the wrecks I see in these are the result of people in too much of a rush. Slow down people leave your house earlier or just don't be in such a rush to get home from work it's not that hard to drive intellectually.

  • Mr_Hoovy 69
    Mr_Hoovy 69 2 months ago

    6:13 this fucking bitch cant drive (facepalm)

  • Alexis
    Alexis 2 months ago of avoid him, she decides to run him over.

  • 【PixelArtMaster】 「ピクセルアートマスター」

    it's me ms.tunner I'm driving with my feet

  • Pokemonarceus
    Pokemonarceus 2 months ago

    9:30 Right to the cops lol

  • Kizron Kizronson
    Kizron Kizronson 2 months ago

    First the internet was for porn.... then it got flooded with cat videos.... now it is being flooded with Russian car crashes.... The first person to post a video of two cats humping on the roof of a car as it drives off a cliff in Russia is going to make millions.

  • Durrrrl34
    Durrrrl34 2 months ago

    5:14 The only smart driver in Russia!

  • Astro News
    Astro News 2 months ago

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  • Aussie Andy
    Aussie Andy 2 months ago

    Need a new law. NO Brains NO Driving... most would be off the road i am sure, as they are BRAINLESS Morons

  • Carlos AC
    Carlos AC 2 months ago

    1:29 He knows how to use a car with no ABS

  • Nlgga MacWhite
    Nlgga MacWhite 2 months ago

    9:28 Karma

  • Robert Love
    Robert Love 2 months ago

    Drivers are just bad here in the USA, we just don't utilize dash cams as much as the Russians.

  • 3picEclipse
    3picEclipse 2 months ago

    Why am I watching this? I have a phobia of driving............

  • Marta Ziolkowska
    Marta Ziolkowska 2 months ago

    Guy in the blue van at 5:29 definitely had no seat belts on if he did he wouldnt have went flying to the side and hotting his head of the window, wear seat belts people

  • Malboro Garcia
    Malboro Garcia 2 months ago

    5:50 la tanga de la morra

  • TheArannaV
    TheArannaV 2 months ago

    It's always the same view, ground, sky, ground, sky, ground,

  • Natorisama
    Natorisama 2 months ago

    7:20, Russian "police officers" looks like gangsters. Well, not a big difference in real experience. Real gangsters are actually much safer than police. <_<

  • # iGames
    # iGames 2 months ago

    you do not transport animals in a fucking tipper lorry you evil piece of shit.

  • Abz Killto
    Abz Killto 2 months ago

    Why the fuck are Russians so stupid?

  • Exxon 2008
    Exxon 2008 2 months ago


  • Lotusdriver
    Lotusdriver 2 months ago

    The truck losing a wheel at nearly hits a woman pushing a pram.

  • Amaral Road TV
    Amaral Road TV 2 months ago

    Wow!! This is Great!)) love your Video!)) Please come to my channel i have new funny videos every day too!))💜💜💜❤💙💙💙💙

  • Daniel Alberto
    Daniel Alberto 2 months ago


  • Gaming Clips
    Gaming Clips 2 months ago

    russians need to tune their car
    they need to upgrade their brakes👍

  • Cameron Blair
    Cameron Blair 2 months ago

    Motorbikes scare me

  • firestorm
    firestorm 2 months ago

    russians drivers holy shit...

  • Lazlow Rave
    Lazlow Rave 2 months ago

    8:33 the person going head on, did the fool just wave before impact?!?!

  • John McMahon
    John McMahon 2 months ago

    Russian roads are treacherous and it doesn't help that a lot of Russians are fucking crazy.

  • John Horton
    John Horton 2 months ago

    I cannot believe how utterly stupid Russian drivers are. No one looks at rted lights, No traffic control signs, Turning from any lane, NEVER using rear view mirrors. WOW.

  • Jumo 004
    Jumo 004 2 months ago

    I'll never understand how people pull out or turn in front of cars they should plainly see.

    • Jumo 004
      Jumo 004 2 months ago

      +Mark Vance 9:27 I like how he thought blowing the horn was going to help!😄

    • Jumo 004
      Jumo 004 2 months ago

      +Mark Vance 5:39 Don't tell me! Let me guess! They "didn't see the biker"?😕

    • Jumo 004
      Jumo 004 2 months ago

      +Mark Vance 3:53 Don't have a cow, man!🐄😄

    • Jumo 004
      Jumo 004 2 months ago

      Some people just have to pass too, don't they? Regardless of snow, oncoming traffic, etc., they have to pass.

  • Car Crash Plus
    Car Crash Plus 2 months ago

    The number one cause of car accidents is not a criminal that drove drunk, sped or ran a red light. Distracted drivers are the top cause of car accidents in the world today. A distracted driver is a motorist that diverts his or her attention from the road, usually to talk on a cell phone, send a text message or eat food.

  • Kreys83
    Kreys83 2 months ago

    after many videos, I don't understand priority rules in Russian at intersections

  • spr35441
    spr35441 2 months ago

    Plot twist: you have to be legally blind to get a drivers license in Russia.

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin 2 months ago

    3:05 This guy stared death in the face

  • {Ammar } {Faisal}
    {Ammar } {Faisal} 2 months ago

    *تجميع* not تج8يع

  • Steffan Atherton
    Steffan Atherton 2 months ago

    i liked the cow. he wanted to moooove over lol

  • Steffan Atherton
    Steffan Atherton 2 months ago

    good vid

  • Gene R
    Gene R 2 months ago

    At 3:30 when the tire flies off the truck past the woman pushing the baby stroller she looks back at it like it's no big deal. Just another evening stroll.

  • vrmata100
    vrmata100 2 months ago

    people are stupid these days

  • Griss Cisneros
    Griss Cisneros 2 months ago

    so cool

  • Tomasz Gozdalski
    Tomasz Gozdalski 3 months ago

    Die voorlaatste was in Polen dat was de schuld van de politie

  • Paul Presto
    Paul Presto 3 months ago

    What happens if u crashed a car you'll get your butt beaten up 7:38

  • عبدالكريم العتيبي

    يأتيك من حيث لاتعلم 6:44

  • Ryan Forgoine
    Ryan Forgoine 3 months ago

    Car mechanics in Russia must be the richest people on the planet

  • Music
    Music 3 months ago

    Perfect compilation, of just stupid Russian drivers if im correct lol

  • Steve D.
    Steve D. 3 months ago

    Do Russians actually know how to drive??

  • Mihaly Lukacs
    Mihaly Lukacs 3 months ago

    Do you have a string for your brake? 2:09

  • Aviation Nut
    Aviation Nut 3 months ago

    Hey all you fuckers hit the like button. Thank you fuck heads.

  • Leandro Vieira
    Leandro Vieira 3 months ago

    5:51 Beautiful red panties

  • Ascension NCS
    Ascension NCS 3 months ago

    Look forward to watching the next video!

  • Azamat D
    Azamat D 3 months ago

    Слава Мудак ))))

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W 3 months ago

    Oh my god he hit the police at 0:23!!!

  • Central Scrutinizer
    Central Scrutinizer 3 months ago

    ...........   @2:41  .... Proof that Russia is the most dangerous place in the world to drive. In the middle of nowhere....retarded assholes can still be found...two at a time.

  • Jan Verschueren
    Jan Verschueren 3 months ago

    1:21 I swear, there's an empty distilled water jug in the boot/trunk of every Russian car.

  • AffiliatePro
    AffiliatePro 3 months ago

    @ 1:40, what type of car and make is that? The white one. I want one of those! Sweet car!

  • محمد المالكي

    حذيانه طارت هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  • maggots 666
    maggots 666 3 months ago


  • megatron29
    megatron29 3 months ago

    String at 5:50

  • GreenAsari
    GreenAsari 3 months ago

    2:45- a good russian is a dead russian

  • Anoraki
    Anoraki 3 months ago

    6:04 R.I.P. Shoe 2014-2017

  • Bull Bhutt
    Bull Bhutt 3 months ago

    5:39 she used that guy like an airbag! plus thong

  • EspenJ
    EspenJ 3 months ago

    5:25 "This is how I move from the drivers seat to the passenger seat"

  • krcn00b
    krcn00b 3 months ago

    this channel should be named: russian car crashes xD

  • Nazia Kousar
    Nazia Kousar 3 months ago

    SSSSSSSSS-oh fuaqe

  • picobumble
    picobumble 3 months ago

    These guys dont deserve a license

  • Levent ocakcı
    Levent ocakcı 3 months ago that moment...

  • Marc Dumont
    Marc Dumont 3 months ago

    5:23 of course this idiot's not wearing a seatbelt either

      TIMOSHINA 3 months ago

      Marc Dumont it's our mentality, especially for older united soviet people. For some reason they think a person who wears a seatbelt is a goof. Now find a logical explanation :D

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