50 Cent is Standing Right Behind You

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  • We do our show every night from Hollywood Boulevard where the people who pass by our studio tend to have a lot of opinions. We went on the street to ask people what they thought about 50 Cent. Little did they know, he was standing right behind them.

    11th Annual Jimmy Kimmel Live Belly Flop Competition https://tvclip.org/video/u_0zHUuPgXI/

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    50 Cent is Standing Right Behind You
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  • Desired Mutation
    Desired Mutation 5 minutes ago

    Fun video. Anyway, speaking of 50 cent the real one people are sleepin on is lloyd banks!

  • Rose Gutierrez
    Rose Gutierrez 1 hour ago

    I use to listen to 50 cent at 13 yrs old!! my mom actually gave me 20 dollars to buy his CD back in the day lmao She had no idea what he was saying because she doesn't understand english so we good hahah. Still love him

  • p00pyp4nts
    p00pyp4nts 1 hour ago +1

    Didn't think I'd laugh at this but I did.

  • Berna Sahid
    Berna Sahid 2 hours ago

    You should do this again 😂😂😂

  • Jordan Cook
    Jordan Cook 2 hours ago

    Lol 50 is a good sport, he knows he's not the greatest rapper of all time lol he has to much respect for his peers to say that

  • mohammad alaskari
    mohammad alaskari 2 hours ago

    last guy is a bootleg version of 21 savage

  • Penina Ross
    Penina Ross 3 hours ago

    I wish he was behind me! Love 50!

  • Joseph Paquin
    Joseph Paquin 4 hours ago

    Good videо! Guys plеаse ratе my hоt video оn my channеl. Who liked this vidео, click "like" *)

  • FunWith KJL
    FunWith KJL 4 hours ago

    50 cent is and forever will be number 1

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 6 hours ago

    now do kanye and see if he can handle

  • L Gibson45
    L Gibson45 7 hours ago

    Lmao!! He got in her face and she didn't know he was there?!

  • Aryana Santiago
    Aryana Santiago 8 hours ago +81

    This video make me hot! You can watch my stream, bb!!!

  • Luke Allison
    Luke Allison 8 hours ago

    Do it with john cena and don't invite him

  • zafira vera
    zafira vera 8 hours ago

    we need more video's like these!!!!

  • Vinset J.
    Vinset J. 9 hours ago

    his not 50 cent anymore,his name is KANAN AND DONT MESS WITH THAT NIGGA

  • baran balkaya
    baran balkaya 11 hours ago

    try it with eminem

  • AKM
    AKM 11 hours ago

    1st guy is my nigga he said Kendrick Lamar👌🏼👌🏼🔥🔥

  • christian guzman
    christian guzman 11 hours ago

    50 cent Is a rat he exposed drug dealers Tru lyrics that led to endictements that's why he got shot

  • Debra Thompson
    Debra Thompson 12 hours ago

    Great !!!

  • Debra Thompson
    Debra Thompson 12 hours ago

    Can I get 50

  • Almina Xoxo
    Almina Xoxo 13 hours ago

    more videos like this!!

  • Keishana Wolfgang
    Keishana Wolfgang 17 hours ago

    2:44 when you talk bad first but when the person comes for you, you think he's the best HAHHAHA lool?!

  • sidharth chand
    sidharth chand 18 hours ago

    2 chainz is way better

  • Luq He
    Luq He 19 hours ago

    This seems staged !!

  • 1036911242
    1036911242 20 hours ago

    He is the greatest rapper's bro

  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia 22 hours ago

    50 was my favorite rapper in High school I had all his albums he still my fav till this day.

  • LoganTheLionheart
    LoganTheLionheart 23 hours ago

    50 ain't even in the top 50 tbh

  • Pïkä-xërrör
    Pïkä-xërrör 23 hours ago

    2pac vs EM who win

  • Jihad Shippe
    Jihad Shippe 1 day ago

    Soooo awesome!!! 50 is in my top 10. Learned a lotta game from his music. As an entertainer period. He's in my top 5, just an interesting guy...

  • Jay Laeddis
    Jay Laeddis 1 day ago


  • Umar GQ
    Umar GQ 1 day ago

    Do one of these with conor mcgregor 😂😂

  • jasonnect -
    jasonnect - 1 day ago

    I listened to 50 Cent thru all my childhood, I love him.

  • fakk you
    fakk you 1 day ago

    Fiddy is boss 👌 all the way from he bought his first s Class mercedes haha

  • Alger ienne
    Alger ienne 1 day ago

    The best idea eveeeerrr!!! 😂😂😂

    MTWENTY 1 day ago

    Next to Jay-Z and Diddy, 50 Cent is the true definition of a hustler in Hip Hop

  • Kryptic Eighty
    Kryptic Eighty 1 day ago

    the last one will always be funny to me

  • thejakeakar
    thejakeakar 1 day ago

    man that girl waz awesome ,,.,.,,who is this ,..,ha ha ha ha ha

  • unit My
    unit My 1 day ago

    50 makes people smile . He’s cool

  • Brett Mckenzie
    Brett Mckenzie 1 day ago

    I can't get over the Luigi and chewbaca walking in the background

  • Andrzej Rusin
    Andrzej Rusin 1 day ago

    jest ok fajna muza

  • felix palfreyman
    felix palfreyman 1 day ago

    50 my top 5

  • Battlefield 4 Montages

    "a 7?!"

    "oh wassap man...greatest rapper of all time"

  • Davije
    Davije 1 day ago

    he's so funny hahah I love him very much

  • T V
    T V 1 day ago

    51 cent

  • Mr Jsen
    Mr Jsen 1 day ago

    Hilariously funny

  • Tshepo Moloko
    Tshepo Moloko 1 day ago

    this is very cringe

  • JayJP Costello
    JayJP Costello 1 day ago +1

    Haha I fuckin love 50 😂

  • squidward tentacles
    squidward tentacles 1 day ago +1

    put Ice cube next time 😂

  • Rampage QRJ
    Rampage QRJ 1 day ago +1

    i meet him in gold's gym LA

  • Matt Barrie
    Matt Barrie 1 day ago

    this junk got me dyin

  • mxblue
    mxblue 1 day ago

    Although his newer stuff ain't the greatest, sometimes I feel people forget this man put on get rich or die tryin' and the massacre. Those albums were no joke man.

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega 2 days ago +1

    Hes the greatest rapper of all times man I was just playing with yal! LOL

  • gil thug-life
    gil thug-life 2 days ago

    traduz em português cara

  • Sexy Unicorn
    Sexy Unicorn 2 days ago

    All the black men acting like they've known him for their whole lives 😂😂💕

  • baba BZNZ
    baba BZNZ 2 days ago

    A www Hollywood are panicking how cute :3

  • Misteywoods
    Misteywoods 2 days ago

    didnt hear eminem name ..and people saying he is overrated if u asked 50 he will tell u em the best or atleast top 3

  • Maria Willoughby
    Maria Willoughby 2 days ago


  • brentan hagan
    brentan hagan 2 days ago


  • MrMeriojajaja
    MrMeriojajaja 2 days ago

    1:50 she looks like a black Scarlett Johanson

  • Spinster Jones
    Spinster Jones 2 days ago +1

    Jimmy Kimmel is the man

  • seadooman o
    seadooman o 2 days ago

    Nope in jail

  • 6ÉNI6 6V MΔL
    6ÉNI6 6V MΔL 2 days ago

    Finally they made him come out the closet

  • igo0di
    igo0di 2 days ago

    This is all put in set guys. It's fake

  • twstdlkefillys
    twstdlkefillys 2 days ago

    they should do this in NY his home town. I would have said he ain't the greatest but mos Def straight gangsta

  • Niko Grba
    Niko Grba 2 days ago

    This is awesome haha

  • RagingUtai
    RagingUtai 2 days ago

    maybe top 10?

  • Michael Choe
    Michael Choe 2 days ago

    Is he broke or acting broke?

  • Michelle W
    Michelle W 2 days ago

    50 Cent's smile... BEAUTIFUL

  • Devenus TM
    Devenus TM 2 days ago

    1:25 Luigi spotted :)

  • Vicki F
    Vicki F 2 days ago

    agust d is the best rapper of all time

  • Patrick Ngo
    Patrick Ngo 2 days ago

    that last dude was just like seeing an old homie of his from the hood.
    he chill as fck

  • Getting Jacked
    Getting Jacked 2 days ago

    LMFAO AT 1:38 when fifty has to knock to get back get back in

  • Shayaan Usmani
    Shayaan Usmani 3 days ago +1

    21 savage said fifty the best rapper on tape

  • Rod Williams
    Rod Williams 3 days ago +1

    The guy at 2:23 has been on this before lol

  • a a
    a a 3 days ago

    so fake all actors

  • Nezahualcoyotl's Revenge

    1:13 Ben Shapiro?

  • Virtue Edison
    Virtue Edison 3 days ago

    Love it, 50 definitely my #1 out of the top 5

  • Anti
    Anti 3 days ago

    LOL. Reader's Digest

  • Areguil
    Areguil 3 days ago

    He's grown more mature now.

  • Marla Bellamy
    Marla Bellamy 3 days ago

    Hahahaha. Love this. To funny😂😂

  • Melanie Soper
    Melanie Soper 3 days ago

    Love 50 cent he's so sexy and a great rapper and great actor!

  • Devin Ingram
    Devin Ingram 3 days ago

    we want more

  • Devin Ingram
    Devin Ingram 3 days ago

    jimmy u crazy for this one

  • lord xeus
    lord xeus 3 days ago

    they werent that surprised

  • avschase
    avschase 3 days ago

    Kimmel sucks bring back Ferguson

  • elia1789
    elia1789 3 days ago

    didnt know 50c could be so cute 😍

  • Campaign BankBoyz
    Campaign BankBoyz 3 days ago

    Best Female Baller Out The Rock ! ! !

  • Flavia Kendi
    Flavia Kendi 3 days ago

    wait he's still my all time crush idk how old he is

  • sali shala
    sali shala 3 days ago

    Pls give me 50 likes

  • Brianna Jackson
    Brianna Jackson 3 days ago

    I love how all the people they asked about a rapper were black...not being racist😂

  • Malik Awi
    Malik Awi 3 days ago

    50 cent is number one nd always

  • arian
    arian 3 days ago +1

    y did they only ask black people if they thought 50cent was da best rapper! not fair man! funny video tho

  • shew239
    shew239 3 days ago

    Not a single white person

  • suarez junior
    suarez junior 3 days ago

    Fake and scripted!

  • connelly bruun
    connelly bruun 3 days ago

    That's was a good video

  • Chris Rongey
    Chris Rongey 3 days ago

    First guy sounds like Gus Johnson, one of the play-by-play sportscasters from Fox Sports.

  • tickwick fitsit
    tickwick fitsit 3 days ago

    Who wants eminem is right behind you.??

  • XyZ CwP
    XyZ CwP 3 days ago

    He has a great sense of humour for a mega rich guy & seems really down to earth

  • lupe perez
    lupe perez 3 days ago

    I was foolin y'all...
    Those was jokes

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