ALERT BREAKING NEWS Macron Wins KISS France Goodbye

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  • Foxman
    Foxman 3 months ago

    A noisy brad from the right wing position can't understand that Europe will stick together. You are a bad loser loudmouth.

  • Teo Anaru
    Teo Anaru 3 months ago

    french fries fr sure

  • tiestu
    tiestu 3 months ago

    "Super socialist Macron" you're an ignorant, inbreed, stoopid muricun. Are you serious ? no you aren't.
    Macron is not a socialist but YOU ARE A JOKE . Especially when deeper in you rant you talks about the revelation . That you have simpletons believing you is just laughable.

  • hedidit
    hedidit 3 months ago

    Le Pen is damage by sombody.ballots are rigged.

  • Darryl Catay
    Darryl Catay 3 months ago

    Why is it that you people never mention that the Refugees are a result of US foreign policy ?

  • Knights Templar.
    Knights Templar. 3 months ago France is Doomed

  • Icez storm
    Icez storm 3 months ago

    ahahha she got baby shaked by macron.

  • toliveforchritigain2012

    The name Donald means 'world ruler'.

  • 2phalanges
    2phalanges 3 months ago

    they need to be armed. and move the fuck out quick.

  • J CH
    J CH 3 months ago

    Rigged....Présidentielles 2017 : Triche évidente and "Macron est un psychopathe" :l’analyse d’un psychiatre

  • joe batters
    joe batters 3 months ago

    This guy is a whack job

  • Kumaroadking1
    Kumaroadking1 3 months ago


  • Jeff Bozo
    Jeff Bozo 3 months ago

    what does this idiot know of French politcs

  • patrick nieuwenweg
    patrick nieuwenweg 3 months ago

    Land of wimps Europe isn't a land ........????????

  • the Unrepentant
    the Unrepentant 3 months ago

    France having fought WWII in order to embrace International Socialism the time has now arrived to replace its citizens.

    From Morocco, Turkey and elsewhere the heirs of Ishmael and Esau arrive to claim their INHERITANCE.

    Due to the influence of the Holocaust religion citizens rush to rescue everyone and everything, much to their own detriment that leads to their own demise.

    Using Canada as an analogy, despite its vast territory, people are going homeless because of the conditioned reaction of citizens to save and not harm any trees and to prevent land from being disturbed and used on which to build new homes. The death toll across Canada of people living on the street now exceeds 1000 per month. An equivalent number of illegal migrants are welcomed into the country each month.

    France is vulnerable. Examine what is happening in Dearborn, Michigan to understand the process. Rents are raised and local citizens are forced out of their homes and businesses. French citizens are likewise in peril of dying off from being forced to live in tents in the parks.

    France should have adopted National Socialism in which the output of the nation benefits itself. The concept of National Socialism is fundamentally sound, but the process by which it was implemented was deliberately manipulated to make it appear evil, causing the French to reject National Socialism. The French fought the good war to subdue the force that would have preserved their national characteristics that they now desire.

    Under Globalism (i.e. International Socialism and Communism) the output of the nation ultimately accrues to the “state” that citizens mistakenly assume must mean their own country.

    Cui bono?

    “And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger…” — Genesis, ch. 17, v. 8.

    An ulterior motive was to destroy the German nation that alone stood in the way of global acquisition by the International Socialists.

    International Socialists witnessed the National Socialist economic miracle that elevated Germany from the depths of despair to prosperity in a few short years. Declassification now reveals that its technology was decades ahead of the others, while some was so advanced that it has not yet been released to the public.

    The world knew of the evil of Communism, which is a proxy of International Socialism (i.e. Globalism). Communism is not Russian. That takeover was neither conceived, planned, promoted, financed, trained, organized, carried out nor led by ethnic Russians. During the two decades that followed the Communists seizing power ethnic Russian leadership at each level was systematically exterminated. More than ten million perished. The new leaders that controlled every facet of life “spoke Russian badly.”

    During WWII, Churchill (who was an International Socialist) joined with the Communists, a proxy of International Socialism, to defeat the National Socialists. The Allies won the war, but Europe and France were brought under control of the International Socialists (Globalists).

    The process enacted upon Europe is more subtle than it was in Russia, making it appear that they are the authors of their own misfortune.

    Communism, International Socialism and Globalism are all poisonous fruit from the very same vine.

    France is finished.

    The post-industrial, post-national era is neo-feudalism in which all property is owned by a few wealthy landowners. Rent is their source of income. Government will pay rent for new arrivals, at least for a while.

    When their benefits expire they are easily replaced from a global pool. Boundaries are redundant.

    Sharia Law is essential to keep the population in check until the French are entirely vanquished and replaced and France becomes merely a memory and a place marker on a map.

  • Conversation Club
    Conversation Club 3 months ago +2

    Never going to Paristan.

  • MrRidingman
    MrRidingman 3 months ago

    Le Pen Rallys were well more attended than any of Macron's, it is those who count the votes who decides on the winner. Globalist didn't want a US repeat. Je sens la fraude.

  • dominique dupouy
    dominique dupouy 3 months ago +4

    R.I.P France

  • Eugene Rotter
    Eugene Rotter 3 months ago +5

    Fucking France I will not go there anymore Macrone same piece of shit like Trudeau

  • Chainsaw Surgeon
    Chainsaw Surgeon 3 months ago +5

    Now , America can watch what would have happened if Hillary would have been elected.

  • patrick nieuwenweg
    patrick nieuwenweg 3 months ago

    Europeans dont get scared that fast. Also ,we can break down the goverment, we are not scared Americans. And thank you Obama for such a wise advise [lol].

    • patrick nieuwenweg
      patrick nieuwenweg 3 months ago

      says an American [i asume] So we take in people ,and thats wat makes us wimps, i would say it makes us brave instead of closing the borders or building a wall

    • Wendy Wang
      Wendy Wang 3 months ago

      Europe becomes a land of wimps. Go keep burying your head under the sand, maybe that will delay death.

  • Russ G
    Russ G 3 months ago

    Next time one or more Muslims go Full Jihad Whackadoodle and slaughter some Frogs, click on this link:

  • Jim Braun
    Jim Braun 3 months ago +6

    Le Penn say's a run in 2022 . I got news for France ,there will be no France by that time .

    • Eileen Kolesar
      Eileen Kolesar 3 months ago

      no France is right....more muslims coming in and it will be a caliphate,,,wont even look like France in 2 years... no one will want to vacation there   just wait

    • Wallywood Wally
      Wallywood Wally 3 months ago

      That's what I'm thinking, Jim. I think they're about 4 years too late, anyway.

    • Curtis Rupp
      Curtis Rupp 3 months ago

      sad but probably true

  • critic thinker
    critic thinker 3 months ago +2

    He's been put there by force otherwise he would be the last

  • earth510
    earth510 3 months ago

    America will be next, civil war against democrats and republicans, we will then easily be taken over by the globalist .

    • Curtis Rupp
      Curtis Rupp 3 months ago

      we will know in 2018 we need to boot the corrupt democrats and widdle away the paid for republicans

  • Yorgy Bear
    Yorgy Bear 3 months ago

    tell'em the 1 ..........About ~ the Fumbling Tasseled Clown, ...........Who got his ass thrown around the Town ......................He got caught with a bottle of $nake/Placenta Oil under his dunce -ass Crown ........................And a stinky, Rotting, Ouija board ........................falling out of his poopy wedding Gown .....LoL................ at least ,I still love you .............

    As The People Come To the Realization of who,? is who,?--- {in God &faith }----- they accept the Mark of the Beast , .....when they choose not to Change for the (+positive...... at That,,,,,Final deciding crossroad-Point )

    We are at a time, When all of our crossroads/journeys are" transitioning "........all at once.
    Every body in the world. That is not in a comfortable position in life,.......... is going to turn on the people around them . And we will be left with no -------TEAM NAME/religion/faith.... Just Predators and Pray ....
    Cover you,r door's and Windows ......... meaning -( for those (3) day,s the person beside you will be tempted by the beast ......Any one who thinks they are going to survive longer than 3 day's . will lose their mind's......
    BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ROOM WITH .... Jesus is going to Take Children and TRUE BELIEVERS WHO PRAY FOR THOSE NOT SAVED YET. [ They Disappear ] ......All others must pray be merciful and unselfish to those around you..... as you suffer for ....(3).....DAY's .......and .....You will be saved as a( witness ) too....IN Jesus Christ's Loving mercy .... If All Goes Well --- unlike'd family/Enemies........ Will be best to be locked in a church with them and other's (Strong believers ). REPENTANCE will come NATURAL we spend last hours with dying enemies/in our life.....result of (petty/difference ).
    So as not to distract you from {PRAYING} ....among CRAZIES in Fear With The NEGATIVE Realization of - Immortality among Hideous Man Eating Beast's...........Humility among the rotting scrap's around us.

    DOOGIE GEE 3 months ago

    This man is Biblically ignorant and is a heretic

  • Julian Carver
    Julian Carver 3 months ago +2

    Possibly the biggest case of Election fraud in history?

  • stockholm17
    stockholm17 3 months ago +1

    God, you are such an idiot.

  • Eric Dupont
    Eric Dupont 3 months ago

    merci pasteur Begley pour vos vidéos .
    Nous sommes tristes ici en Françe . Il n'y a eu que 332 547 personnes intelligentes pour comprendre ce qui se passe et voter François Asselineau au premier tour , le seul qui aurait organisé immédiatement le Frexit ; dès le 15 mai 2017.
    Marine Le Pen aurait organisé les négociations pour la sortie de l' U E en 2018 ....peut être !
    François Hollande fera la passation de pouvoir à E Macron ce dimanche 14 mai 2017 ..... et après ? ? ?
    Elections des députés 11 et 17 juin ..........

    Thank you pastor Begley for your videos .
    We are sad here in Françe . Only 332547 intelligent people understood what happens and vote François Asselineau on the first round , the one who would have began Frexit on 05 15 2017. M Le Pen would have negociate leaving E U in 2018 ....may be !
    F Hollande will give the power to Macron on sunday 05 14 2017........and then ? ? ?
    Députés elections on june 11 and 17 .......

    I believe in Pleiades stars .

    Have a good day . Peace on Universe .

  • Ricky Taylor Jr
    Ricky Taylor Jr 3 months ago +1

    lmao.the French have been fried

  • Brenda Adamko
    Brenda Adamko 3 months ago

    "the french have voted for" is pretty misleading when you have a very large non-french immigrant population. This is classic divide and conquer people. Elections will solve NOTHING

  • Armelle Alexandre
    Armelle Alexandre 3 months ago +1

    If you planned on going to France...Don't go!!

  • bigbangnone
    bigbangnone 3 months ago

    Europe and USA are a conglomerate of greedy money seeking self pleasuring Frogs in warm water - slowly heating to a Caliphate boil !!!
    FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.......Ignorant fools who think having a strong police and military will prevent the West from being over-run by Muslims !!!!! It won't.

    Freedom requires a country to recognize early that a Trojan Horse with an intent to replace your US Constitution is invading and positioning within your own Government !!! WAKE-UP !!!!!!!!


  • Brenda Phillips
    Brenda Phillips 3 months ago +5

    They're lying down and letting the devil walk all over them. Sharia law is next.

  • TheFarmanimalfriend
    TheFarmanimalfriend 3 months ago

    Cry me a river asshole : )

  • Will Schmidt
    Will Schmidt 3 months ago

    Want to open a new business in France or Europe and make a fortune? Then open a hajib / burqa shop.

  • Ricn
    Ricn 3 months ago

    you can take times before ww2 and find a time in the bible to match. You are matching it to todays time. what are u going to do. are u going to march to whitehouse and say LOCK HER UP and FREE THE KIDS. are YOU going to sessions to LOCK her up and free the kids. or did you all j ust pray and listen to people talking but NO BOOTS on the ground. we need more then Prayer. IT has not helped us so far. IT does not help kids born with cancer. DR MEN ON THE GROUND DO that. Sorry , I just get so tired of this god stuff and then they all site back and wait for something to happen. we who voted trump want hillary arrested. pedo's out of govt. swamp cleaned. beside jobs, companies coming back. nd cops up in eastern states and california. they catch 3000 little fish. what does that DO. these are not the ring leaders.

  • Ricn
    Ricn 3 months ago

    are you the man that goes on haggman. DID you go to their shake and roll thing this weekend. the streets are full of muslims at prayer. NO ONE can get buy. THE cops are told to stand back even thought its against the law. There is a pic of it on the net. ALOT feel there is fraud. Brexit was told it was loosing. IT won. Hillary was winning she lost.
    LE pen was ahead in the polls for ages. then they changed the narrative to lepen was loosing. HMMM sounds a bit odd. THEY really need to investigate. Something is very wrong. NO ONE would want in more muslims. France will be worse then germany in 2 yrs.

  • applesjea620
    applesjea620 3 months ago +4

    So sad

  • Isaac
    Isaac 3 months ago

    To be honest though, Le Pen was probably a Zionist sellout running under the guise of anti eu nationalist. Just like Trump, Controlled opposition.

  • Erik Nielsen
    Erik Nielsen 3 months ago +1

    If this ever comes to the shores of the United States. I can tell you now there will be a civil war.
    And I can see it happening in France shortly. As it starts to become more a Communist and Socialistic country, there will be another French Revolution. And I hope that they bring back public exicutions with the Gilotine in the public square for all those commi socialist who infiltrated their government. I also believe that the election in France was hacked by Obama and the CIA of the United States. Liberals were absolutely not going to allow another massive upset with the population taking back their country from the Globalist Eleit and their agenda of world domination over their pessant slaves.

  • chuckbuckets1
    chuckbuckets1 3 months ago

    alex jones 2.0? who does that?

  • An Interested Man
    An Interested Man 3 months ago +1

    Screw the NWO! I will resist!

  • 57unicorn
    57unicorn 3 months ago +4

    France will also now be isolated from the rest of the world...apart from the nations of Islam of course...coz he wants the muslims there to kill all the French people.
    You are right.
    Byebye France.

  • Tommy Gunz
    Tommy Gunz 3 months ago

    strpong coffe

  • NCA YeshuaHaMeshiach
    NCA YeshuaHaMeshiach 3 months ago

    both candidates were against the jews, now they will be leaving , bible prophecy unfolding, times are coming to a close, all glory to God in Yeshuas name

  • Darrell Noorda
    Darrell Noorda 3 months ago +13

    RIP France. They voted for a guy who says get used to Muslim terrorism .he says it's the new normal! Sheep deserve to be slaughtered if they won't fight back.

  • archie bunker
    archie bunker 3 months ago +14

    ive never visited France and never will

    • Foxman
      Foxman 3 months ago

      We are a democratic nation. Marine LePen never had a real chance to win. Take it easy mate. That's the way it works for us here in Europe.

    • Eileen Kolesar
      Eileen Kolesar 3 months ago

      Karen you are so stupid...blind sheep    screw you

    • Wallywood Wally
      Wallywood Wally 3 months ago

      Karen FERREIRA Grow up, for God's sake!

    • Karen FERREIRA
      Karen FERREIRA 3 months ago

      What I want its for some americans to stop talking about a foreign country politics when they dont know anything about. We are not America. Its like you want to impose your view of the World to us. Wars and the climate changes will unfortunatly force more people to migrate toward our countries and what are we going to tell them when it happens go die where you come from!?

    • Cheeki Breeki
      Cheeki Breeki 3 months ago

      archie bunker Don't waste your time with these leftist cocksuckers, they're all a bunch of scumbags and sellouts, just laugh at them!!

    SNAKE PLISSKEN 3 months ago +8

    And here I thought that France was actually going to grow a pair... oh well

  • Nadhira Djitli
    Nadhira Djitli 3 months ago

    shut a hell up,we are happy that Emanuel macaron has france ,hhhhhhhhhhhhh, marie le pen is a raciste ,and she got what she deserve

    • Nadhira Djitli
      Nadhira Djitli 3 months ago

      Sharron Potocki, hi,we were colonialisate by france for over 130 years of massacres, tortures you name it ,they did what no one did in this world ,so i don't give a sh*,,t what is happening in france i hate that country, france is not attractive anymore so ?

    • Sharron Potocki
      Sharron Potocki 3 months ago

      Nadhira Djitli RIP France

  • Mary DeStefano
    Mary DeStefano 3 months ago +8

    We are on the path to globalism country by country😡

  • Walter 50
    Walter 50 3 months ago +7

    Good bye Europe, now it's prepared for fall of the illimenati world, GOD is going to clean them from this face of the earth, after that, no town,city or high house will be reconisable, we will get a new world after HIS hand move over this world

  • Edila Lewis
    Edila Lewis 3 months ago +3

    well France will win and triumphant when our lord Jesus comes back most serious we are at the end times

  • kay baysinger
    kay baysinger 3 months ago

    this pastor has no idea.of history. to. understand the bible you need to understand the history
    read Daniel chapter 8
    1 Thessalonians 4:16:-17
    REVELATION chapter 17
    this is telling about Rome and the PAPACY

    • kay baysinger
      kay baysinger 3 months ago

      EZEKIEL 4:6
      note a prophetic calendar year of 360 days or 12 months of 30 days each is used in prophetic chronology.This supremacy of this power then would last 1,260 days each day stranding for a year or 1,260 years from A.D. 538 when the last of the 3 opposing horns was uprooted to that year if Napoleons general at his command took the Frence army to ROME made the bishop of Rome Pope pius VI prisoner and carried him to france where he died
      the civil power of the PAPACY was curtailed and a republic was set up in rome

    • kay baysinger
      kay baysinger 3 months ago

      read 1 Thessalonians 4:16

    • kay baysinger
      kay baysinger 3 months ago

      read REVELATION chapter 20 verse 5-6
      AT the close of the thousand years the second resurrection will take place. then the wicked will be raised from the dead and appear before God for the execution of the judgement written.the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished .REVELATION 20:5
      JEREMIAH 4:23-26

  • kay baysinger
    kay baysinger 3 months ago

    the beast is already here it the PAPACY .the iron legs
    Rome is the iron kingdom
    Daniel 2:40
    Rome ruled the world from 168 B.C. to A.D. 476
    Daniel 2:41-43
    this represents the period from 476 when the roman empire began to break up
    the 10 toes represents
    4. Visigoths
    6 Suevi
    7. Herudi
    9 Alemanni
    10 Saxons

    after the breakup of the western Empire of ROME..papal Rome succeeded pagan Rome as the center of civilization and political power.IT rose among the 10-divisions of Rome and overthrew 3 of these kingdoms which were followers of the Arian form of Christianity and opposed the spiritual supremacy of the PAPACY. these 3 kingdoms among the ten were the HERULI BROUGHT DOWN In 493..the Vandals in 534..Ostrrogoths in 538

  • kay baysinger
    kay baysinger 3 months ago

    the beast is already here it the PAPACY .the iron legs
    Rome is the iron kingdom
    Daniel 2:40
    Rome ruled the world from 168 B.C. to A.D. 476
    Daniel 2:41-43
    this represents the period from 476 when the roman empire began to break up
    the 10 toes represents
    4. Visigoths
    6 Suevi
    7. Herudi
    9 Alemanni
    10 Saxons

    after the breakup of the western Empire of ROME..papal Rome succeeded pagan Rome as the center of civilization and political power.IT rose among the 10-divisions of Rome and overthrew 3 of these kingdoms which were followers of the Arian form of Christianity and opposed the spiritual supremacy of the PAPACY. these 3 kingdoms among the ten were the HERULI BROUGHT DOWN In 493..the Vandals in 534..Ostrrogoths in 538

  • J.MaestroGringoPendejo
    J.MaestroGringoPendejo 3 months ago

    EMERGENCY ALERT Active Tuberculosis Cases Increase 12% Among Refugees In Minnesota
    NEWS UPDATE Donald “Big Government” Trump Approves Of Even Bigger Budget Than Obama
    BOMBSHELL: Study Proves Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier
    The Alex Jones Channel
    The Alex Jones Channel

  • IsGodCallingYou
    IsGodCallingYou 3 months ago +1


  • Patriotic Angel
    Patriotic Angel 3 months ago +1

    Oh no, not good!😇

  • Zeta Cinematics
    Zeta Cinematics 3 months ago

  • Jane Hilton
    Jane Hilton 3 months ago +2

    oh my!! well I do love that shirt! pastor!! thank you for all you do!!

  • kay baysinger
    kay baysinger 3 months ago

    to understand the end times get the book .The great controversy..E.G White

  • kay baysinger
    kay baysinger 3 months ago +15

    getting closer to the end times...

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