Dan Bongino to the GOP: What's it Going to Take? Go For It!

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    6-18-17...6:44 AM EST.
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  • Chris Blake
    Chris Blake 2 months ago

    Here's an idea for a rallying cry: Be able to shoot back!

  • Angie Dunham
    Angie Dunham 2 months ago +1

    Term Limits when our Republicans will not stand up for our President. we need to vote them out period. I love Dan he speaks the truth. sick of the fence sitters

  • Reinhold Koltes
    Reinhold Koltes 2 months ago +1

    Trump is working like a madmen; the GOP is sleep-walking---sad!!!

  • Barbara
    Barbara 2 months ago +1

    Republicans act like they want Trump to go down too! Could it be that at least one of them wants to run for President in 2020? Could it be that the established old timers are also Globalists? They seem to be comfortable with the SWAMP. WE are NOW at a LOCK THEM UP (Hilliary, Comey, Lynch, Obama) point. Stop the diversions and MOVE AHEAD.

    • Fuentes Joel
      Fuentes Joel 2 months ago

      Barbara don't think I not a trader an republican by blood democratic is the slaves paty look for history an them you know

  • danee Taran
    danee Taran 2 months ago +6

    Republican Politicians better stand up for our President or We the People will see to it no Republican will ever be elected into the White House ever again. "We The People" need to organize against the republican party members, until they stand strong for this President. MAGA President Trump will do it!

    • Barbara
      Barbara 2 months ago

      They know that if we don't re-elect them, we will have to vote for the liberals. YUCK! Maybe we need to look for new candidates to run against them!!

    • Fuentes Joel
      Fuentes Joel 2 months ago

      danee Tar go we the people

  • Lennox1492
    Lennox1492 2 months ago +6

    am joy reid is a black racist bigot

    • C5Ron7
      C5Ron7 2 months ago

      @Lennox1492: @JoyReid IS NOT a very nice person, she said that she was Happy the Congressman was shot, she thinks many more on the right should be SHOT! That is not just #FakeNews but inciting Violence against OUR NEIGHBORS! The ONLY thing that will make Joy Reid, MSNBC, CNN and all the other #LameStreamMedia outlets happy is a 2nd Civil War, BLOOD ON OUR STREETS! These people have gone way off the reservation with this, inciting this kind of violence is beyond any comprehension from anyone in this generation! They have NEVER seen what could happen here and would take GENERATIONS to repair IF ever!

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