'Is Farrah Ready To Be Debra’s Maid Of Honor?' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom OG (Season 6B) | MTV

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  • fo -
    fo - 4 days ago

    There's something fishy about this guy. It's either he's only with Debra for the fame and camera time he gets, The money OR it's some type of fetish he has. 😷😴

  • Ms. Karen
    Ms. Karen 5 days ago

    Just eat the dang Bacon already!

  • Loriana
    Loriana 15 days ago

    I remember when Farrah first got the breast implants, I was like b* wt*

  • What rabbits eat
    What rabbits eat 17 days ago

    farrah always seems like shes upset when she's talking to other people, and is NEVER happy for others when they have good news. having conversations with her seems awful.

  • Sonia Estrada
    Sonia Estrada 26 days ago

    Money money money

  • Happy Chickita
    Happy Chickita Month ago +1

    why do I get the feeling he's creeping on farrah and even sophia ugghhhhh

  • Mia CW
    Mia CW Month ago

    Farrah cracks me up! I always laugh at her scenes. She is very entertaining

  • Rose Lynn
    Rose Lynn Month ago

    she's such a bitch like u can here it in her voice and her face

  • Shaun
    Shaun Month ago

    she doesnt want to be the moh but if she didnt ask her i bet she would have had a fit.

  • Jenna Watson
    Jenna Watson Month ago

    Farrah's not ready of course but bitch that's your mom support her tf

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 2 months ago

    damn Deborah going on her 2nd marriage and farrah still not one marriage lmfao

  • Yes yes yes
    Yes yes yes 2 months ago

    ok simmon is a retard David doesnt hate farrah he is sexually obsessed with her and its pissed off that simmon is there and will be fucking farrah on vacation because in his old creepy twisted mind he thought he might have a shot.

  • Yes yes yes
    Yes yes yes 2 months ago

    David is a creep to the max, and the way he was staring at Sophia is just disgusting. clearly he has a thing for Farrah and is with Deb because of farrah. god knows how many times this guy beat it to her porn but eeewww keep that psycho away from Sophia

  • Amy H
    Amy H 2 months ago

    He does strike me as very creepy! He seems way too into Farrah's business, than again her whole family gives me the creeps! Her sick, twisted mother and a father who allows himself to be so disrespected by his own daughter. Makes me wonder what he's trying to make up for. 🤔

  • Christina H
    Christina H 2 months ago

    so what happened on marriage boot camp fake?

  • Eclair bear
    Eclair bear 2 months ago

    Lol Farrah just knows she'll be paying for this Bora Bora wedding.The guy is just trying to get in on the money train

  • Sydney Ezpereta
    Sydney Ezpereta 2 months ago

    Farrah is a fucking bitch

  • Bibiana Enamorada
    Bibiana Enamorada 2 months ago

    Je talks to Farrah like she's a little girl or a complete moron

  • Victoria H.
    Victoria H. 2 months ago

    No offense, but farrah acts quite fake.

  • Christina Alexander
    Christina Alexander 2 months ago

    I was maid of honor once .. and never again will I do that mess. It was a lot of work. I has to plan the wedding shower , bachelorette party , pay for a wedding gift , help do cake tasting etc it was so expensive and time consuming. Some honor that crap is.

  • Beverly Thacker
    Beverly Thacker 2 months ago

    Just watched them on Marriage Boot camp. This makes me confused.

  • Vincent Nicholas
    Vincent Nicholas 2 months ago


  • Annie  Loo Hoo
    Annie Loo Hoo 2 months ago

    Farrah is just disgusting

  • ChastityChained
    ChastityChained 2 months ago

    Debra's "boyfriend" seems like an opportunist and I think he only wants camera time.

  • perseveranda
    perseveranda 2 months ago

    so that screaming match on marriage bootcamp last friday was all for ...??? sigh they obviously revealed the finale of that show by airing this sneek peek cause farrah kept debra in her life, im not surprised tho, she needs a punching bag.

  • nicola dollard
    nicola dollard 2 months ago

    He put farrah in her place that's why she doesn't like him and why is Debra wasting time on farrah she has another child. farrah is one of those people that starts drama and blames others. why would anyone put up with this selfish bitch

  • Shango Yemaya
    Shango Yemaya 2 months ago +1

    hope the racist bitch dies soon

  • Madisita
    Madisita 2 months ago

    Ummm.. isn't this the man who freaked out months ago when Debra told her she wanted to get married or something? This is fishy

  • Demi-Lee
    Demi-Lee 2 months ago

    Can anybody give me the link to watch these? Can't find them on couchtuner? Thanks

  • Rachel Roberts
    Rachel Roberts 2 months ago

    she's such a bitch. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!!

  • nybsbfan18
    nybsbfan18 2 months ago

    she she seems pretty calm so far...

  • Krystal Ervin
    Krystal Ervin 2 months ago +13

    So I just watched marriage boot camp family addition and Farrah found her moms engagement ring on the table after she lied about being engaged. But here on teen mom apparently they are telling her that hey got engaged for he first time. Sooooooo one scene was faked

    • Lexi Kristina
      Lexi Kristina 2 months ago

      Bihh I thought I was the only one that peeped that shit 😂

    • MzEbbyFrost
      MzEbbyFrost 2 months ago

      Krystal Ervin same thing I was thinking

  • Stephanie Ortiz
    Stephanie Ortiz 2 months ago

    Farrah was acting like a bitch the whole time , I don't know why she's so ugly towards her mom . we only get one mom in this life that Lil bitch should at least show some respect .

  • Steven Quinn
    Steven Quinn 2 months ago

    Farrahs bought herself at least 2 rings Every man she meets she wants a ring Here goes ol crazy Deb got herself one Farrah can't take it Point Blank Period Her ego is fragile and can't live with this 😲😲💣💥

  • MakeupByTaylor
    MakeupByTaylor 2 months ago +7

    She's super jealous that her mom is getting married, and shes 25-26 & still can't get anybody to marry her! HELLO FARRAH! change your attitude & somebody might consider.

  • tulipchic34
    tulipchic34 2 months ago

    I don't know why Debra is forever sucking up to Farrah. She is a cow of a daughter. If my daughter spoke to me the way Farah does I would knock her senseless

  • Di Koehler
    Di Koehler 2 months ago

    You don't need a wedding when it's your 3rd and you're that old! Just a simple court wedding

  • Twwleesa mastneo
    Twwleesa mastneo 2 months ago

    her mum looks really chilled, really happy and smitten for this new guy.

  • Taylor Eaton
    Taylor Eaton 2 months ago

    They're all such fake people

  • Jeanette Prado
    Jeanette Prado 2 months ago

    Awkward ...... . .. .

  • eli winn
    eli winn 2 months ago

    she like anal lol

  • Ashley C
    Ashley C 2 months ago

    so she picks one daughter over the other?

  • Ni O
    Ni O 2 months ago +2

    Not smart Debra, it's a lot of stress to prepare a wedding. Why would you bring more stress into that for dealing with your unrespectfull daughter?

  • StowersFamilyof5
    StowersFamilyof5 2 months ago +6

    Lol now that everyone has seen marriage boot camp we all know this is a fake scene MTV. Lol

    • HeatDamageJourney
      HeatDamageJourney 2 months ago

      how is that affecting? And yes I've seen Marriage Boot Camp.

  • Caitlen Hathcock
    Caitlen Hathcock 2 months ago

    Everything about this clip is so uncomfortable to watch.

  • Abbie Major
    Abbie Major 2 months ago +4

    Okay so many issues with this clip. 1) Farrah's upper lip. 2) Debra' s creepy boyfriend. 3) Why not ask both your daughters to be in the wedding? 4) That ring 😝

  • Jamie Countway
    Jamie Countway 2 months ago

    I am very proud of her for being happy for her Mom and for not being rude to her Mom.

  • Ambition Freeman
    Ambition Freeman 2 months ago

    You should just invited and kept the details from her except the location.

    YOU PEOPLE SJ 2 months ago

    And that's where Farrah get the dysfunctional shit from😩

  • Blazer
    Blazer 2 months ago +4

    its her mothers wedding and she's annoyed by it? yeah she probably is since it ain't her wedding. selfish fish looking fug mug

  • C Jones
    C Jones 2 months ago +1

    The more I watch Farrah and her mom, the more I am convinced that they way Farrah acts is just a way for her to stay relevant. Her mother is behind the whole scheme. There is no way I am going to believe that Farrah's mom just lets Farrah get away with talking to her like that.

  • CALife
    CALife 2 months ago +10

    Even her mom found someone to marry her again than Farrah, sad case.

  • Amee Boyce
    Amee Boyce 2 months ago +36

    She clearly hates her own mom, it's quite sad really. God forbid the day Debra passes away I bet Farah would act the same as she did with Derek, pretending she always gave a shit

    • BulletForThyLover
      BulletForThyLover 5 days ago

      She and Debra talk shit about Sophia's father let alone never told him about the pregnancy. Farrah deserves no sympathy on that part. Sophia does.
      When it comes to the abuse, it's a sob story she uses to excuse her shitty ass behavior. Look how she treats her sister. Farrah blamed her sister for getting a dui yet swears up and down she wasn't driving but was behind the wheel driving. Lmao. Farrah is a sorry excuse as a human being. She needs to servely medicated.

    • Amee Boyce
      Amee Boyce Month ago

      Sindy Gradidge I was abused as a child and I don't hate my parents, you either forgive and move on or don't have them in your life. My point is I bet later in life she would pretend she cared all along after her parents are gone just like she did with derek. Plus are you really defending her behaviour? She treats everyone like an absolute pos, no excuse to treat people this way.

    • Sindy Gradidge
      Sindy Gradidge Month ago

      Amee Boyce actually you have no idea what is behind this strained relationship. She doesn't hate her for no reason - clearly Deborah has done and said things to farah at a young age that have scarred her emotionally for life. Watch the early episodes from 16 and preg Deborah treated farah like sh*t so I hardly blame her

    • Mahina Korewha
      Mahina Korewha 2 months ago

      Amee Boyce I totally agree

  • ButterfleeEllie
    ButterfleeEllie 2 months ago +4

    LMFAO AT FARRAH BEING THE MAID OF HONOR.... Did Debra forget that she has another daughter?? I think living on the coat tails of Farrah and being on reality tv, getting botox etc. has clouded her vision big time.

    • ButterfleeEllie
      ButterfleeEllie 2 months ago

      yeah i read an article that she was raised mostly by her grandmother (which is weird b/c why couldn't Debra raised her two children?)... But the fact that Debra is so obsessed with being in Farrahs life and going to therapy all the time, but completely ignores Ashley is questionable

    • hhumhuh
      hhumhuh 2 months ago

      I think Ashley (her other daughter) hates her more than Farrah does

  • Dahlia Perez
    Dahlia Perez 2 months ago +5

    jealous hatein fake ass Farrah! she's just ganna fk up Debs weddin day! she sounds so fake on been happy 4 her mother..jealous cause she cant trap a man even after she both her own ring lol

  • zazoo 2539
    zazoo 2539 2 months ago +60

    she ain't even ready to be her daughter much less her maid of honor.

  • Yanet Vivanco
    Yanet Vivanco 2 months ago +8

    I hate this family, they'll do anything to keep their name in the public eye

  • jelena speer
    jelena speer 2 months ago +20

    Is it just me but does Farrah look older than she is ?

  • A Human
    A Human 2 months ago +1

    Shane Dawson

  • Σάρα Ιωάννης
    Σάρα Ιωάννης 2 months ago +29

    If Deborah's got any sense she won't have her anywhere near!

  • Simplyme Forever
    Simplyme Forever 2 months ago +162

    Really, maid of honor?! Debra, your daughter HATES you! She treats you like complete shit and she even told you to go die! Farrah would have the biggest attitude on her mom's big day and it's clear David doesn't like her

    • Lexi Kristina
      Lexi Kristina 2 months ago

      Lovely Princess Oh don't worry about your brain cells babygirl...if you actually believe "editing" is responsible for the despicable shit that comes outta this hoes mouth you clearly don't have any.

      SHARON ANGER 2 months ago

      Simplyme Forever i

    • Bossy Tweed
      Bossy Tweed 2 months ago

      Lovely Princess Bruh editing isn't making Farrah look like a bad. This girl lied about an Uber driver trying to rape her! No one edited that lol. I honestly wanted to believe that there is no way a person can be this vile and nasty and just plain mean but hell her own 7 year old daughter says she should stop being so rude. That's pretty telling.

  • Mandy says fuck yourself
    Mandy says fuck yourself 2 months ago +179

    farrah is so jealous. She wants nothing more than to have a wedding. not to be married, but because she wants the attention. whatever floats your boat Deb! get married and leave farrah to crash on her own. She crazy. enjoy your wedding, then go build a life with your husband. go travel.

    • Lilly Lalsingh
      Lilly Lalsingh 11 days ago

      Farah is selfish and stuck up...and like her attitude stinks 😑😒

    • Wata Meloon
      Wata Meloon 2 months ago

      +Lovely Princess she's definitely jealous.

  • Don'V 2x
    Don'V 2x 2 months ago +9

    I love Farrah's reactions

  • leviny
    leviny 2 months ago +1

    At least Farrah made an effort to meet him lol

  • Belinduh D
    Belinduh D 2 months ago +7

    Farrah's mum can't even move her face 😂
    How much botox is in there? 😂😂😂

    • Carina Zuniga
      Carina Zuniga 2 months ago

      Belinduh D Farrah too...both have botox.. 😂

  • PhoenixBHO
    PhoenixBHO 2 months ago +33

    is farrah ready for more anal? LOL. whore

    • nenabeana
      nenabeana Month ago


    • PhoenixBHO
      PhoenixBHO 2 months ago

      nenabeana cuz she's likes anal..duh

    • nenabeana
      nenabeana 2 months ago

      What did this video have anything to do with anal?

    • PhoenixBHO
      PhoenixBHO 2 months ago

      Steph Starrett I'm a fan of anal so yeah n she did get paid which made her a hoe

    • Steph Starrett
      Steph Starrett 2 months ago

      PhoenixBHO the anal part doesn't make her a whore , the fact the world saw it is

  • PresentingNic
    PresentingNic 2 months ago +313

    This guy creeps me out...... something dodgy about him, kinda like Amber's Matt. I get the same vibes....

    • dani238159
      dani238159 Month ago

      He seems a little creepy 😂😆

    • Tassie G
      Tassie G Month ago

      He's the kind that has a catfish bride in Nigeria. He creeps me out, too.

    • LavenderTea
      LavenderTea Month ago

      Soulfiree88 I'd hate to marry someone who had watched or even owned my daughter's sex tape. Farrah's family.... what a bunch!

    • Soulfiree88
      Soulfiree88 Month ago

      LavenderTea I was wondering that myself ...I mean to each their own. But I would honestly hate meeting people or talking to people knowing they watched my sex tape. ( not that I ever would personally ) but for that creepy factor I don't know why anyone would.

    • PresentingNic
      PresentingNic Month ago

      LavenderTea ew gross..... makes my skin crawl..... 🤢🤢

  • Master J
    Master J 2 months ago +5

    The real life Colonel Sanders!

    • Mrs Simson
      Mrs Simson 2 months ago

      Master J 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

  • Alison DiCarlo
    Alison DiCarlo 2 months ago +47

    Too bad Debra left family boot camp to get engaged and it pissed Farrah off when she "found the ring". This family is too much.

  • Mirelli Sanchez
    Mirelli Sanchez 2 months ago +78

    She low key wants to be in bora bora but she don't wanna be her maid of honor😂

  • Supreme Champ
    Supreme Champ 2 months ago +148

    He Looks like Santa,just sayin

    • Chik Lit
      Chik Lit 2 months ago

      Supreme Champ I'm fuckin dead at this comment. Dead 😂

    • Bethsaida Romelus
      Bethsaida Romelus 2 months ago

      In my head I was like, "who is this santa claus man?" Did he lose wight?

    • Wendy
      Wendy 2 months ago

      he is Santa

  • Young Killer
    Young Killer 2 months ago


  • v a n e s z a
    v a n e s z a 2 months ago +92

    That look on her face clearly says "No."

  • Samantha Kolthoff
    Samantha Kolthoff 2 months ago +11

    That's an easy question to answer. NOPE LOL

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