MILO Appears on Dr. Drew 6/16/17

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  • Runtime: 42:41
  • milo  yiannopoulos  

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  • M R
    M R 22 days ago

    Sick of this white male fag culture

  • KidCity Lynnwood
    KidCity Lynnwood 22 days ago

    We love you milo

  • supercat380
    supercat380 22 days ago

    Milo is a debate genius and a rational man. Respect for Milo!!!!

  • bbjagaa
    bbjagaa 22 days ago

    Islam is dangerous not only for gays, its for everyone who is not muslim

  • Tharos The gaming nerd

    Yay it came out on my birthday

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 23 days ago

    every comment is positive, who is editing this shit?

  • Geert Bruineman
    Geert Bruineman 23 days ago

    It seems like a good portion of the interview is missing..

  • nasachusetts
    nasachusetts 24 days ago


  • michael carpenter
    michael carpenter 24 days ago

    Not being a fan of anyone, I must say, Milo stresses this principle.

  • Merrilyn Cooper
    Merrilyn Cooper 26 days ago

    Very articulate and intelligent man, wish more people had his courage

  • Josie Tzatziki
    Josie Tzatziki 27 days ago

    Well did handle it very maturely, very professionally, and with respect. He just works for the corporation that sensors free speech. Not his fault

  • Matthew VanScoik
    Matthew VanScoik 28 days ago

    Man you can really hear the Vicodin in this interview.

  • Martin Willett
    Martin Willett 28 days ago

    Gillian Anderson is English. Her X Files accent is as artificial as Hugh Laurie's on House

  • Wes J.
    Wes J. 29 days ago

    College rape has to be bullshit. At least at the rate people claim. 1 in 5? C'mon now. It's whore guilt, not rape.

  • Grimm Tale
    Grimm Tale 29 days ago

    I think Dr. Drew wants to psycho-analyze you Milo. Don't let him into your head - no matter what - I just don't trust the guy.

    AKASHIC TRUTH 29 days ago

    In college, in the early 80's, I had a cafeteria 'table' where debates and exploration of ideas took place. A seat at the table required a confidence and willingness to express ideas based on experience and facts. Other not so confident students sat nearby to listen and learn. We had Afghanistan, Elsalvadorian and Iranian youths from Ambassaorial families (even women allowed by their older brother Keepers since I was in a seemingly traditional marriage so they could sit / socialize with me "safely"), Native Americans, Black Americans. Nigerians, older Vets from the Seals and Rangers and those majoring in Astophysics, , Engineers, Anthropologists, Business Majors, History majors, etc. All were respectful, opinionated, most internationally traveled and tolerant of our differences of ideas. .... all friends. Hours and sometimes days and weeks were spent in exploring different ideas, beliefs, etc. So, as we moved on in life, it was shocking when most, not all, but most became one-liner media meme types. With no back-up to their opinions anymore.... It was like talking to a friend who has been brainwashed. Actually kinda' scary at first. It was from Internet lowering attention spans, creating memes and utilization of audiovisual trance states / frequency techniques. Turn off cable and use Critical Thinking when exposing ourselves to corporate backed media memes. Such memes are mental viruses that kill the brain cells of independent thought.

  • Neil Lemons
    Neil Lemons Month ago

    He speaks so much truth. It seems foreign to so many.

  • Neil Lemons
    Neil Lemons Month ago

    No Dr. Drew. No.

  • Bike-O-Vision Indoor Cycling Videos

    Excellent points. Excellently presented by Milos.

  • Brett Munoz
    Brett Munoz Month ago

    man, get off the family show tip. messing up the show.

  • mensabs
    mensabs Month ago


  • greenguy4u
    greenguy4u Month ago

    20 years ago the Marxist freaks on college campuses were funny to have around occasionally, but nobody took them seriously. NOW these freaks are everywhere! What happened?

  • Michael Burkey
    Michael Burkey Month ago +1

    There are 47,000 new HIV/AIDS cases amongst gays, they don't talk about this anymore. But you know why? Gays are fine. 47,000 new gay HIV/AIDS cases------------gays are fine.

    • Michael Burkey
      Michael Burkey 23 days ago

      ALJustice0 you are miscomprending my comment. Milo is the one saying there is an AIDS problem amongst gays and should be addressed, then contradicts himself by saying no one is talking about issues because they don't need to...gays are fine.

    • ALJustice0
      ALJustice0 23 days ago

      Has nothing to do with sex. It's a bloodborne disease. If you scraped your cut against somebody else's cut and they had AIDS, you have AIDS.

      Stop trying to demonize people.

  • benjamin kresge
    benjamin kresge Month ago

    I like the new Milo! He just had to dial it back to a 9 instead of a 15.

  • Arturo Esquina
    Arturo Esquina Month ago

    You're Awesome Milo!

  • Vestigo
    Vestigo Month ago

    Notifications aren't working for your channel anymore. YouTube is like something from Orwell's nightmares.

  • mpbirk
    mpbirk Month ago

    wow mainstream media is so censored why would anyone pick this over alternative media?

  • Violent_Bebop
    Violent_Bebop Month ago

    Good looking and an outrageous firestorm!

    "park my pink tanks" LMAO

    Definitely buying the book!

    Support awesomeness!

  • Kathy Logan
    Kathy Logan Month ago

    Love his vocabulary...!!!
    And his accent...

  • martin
    martin Month ago

    like I don`t always agree with Milo but it is a pitty England is leaving the EU a specialy we in the Netherlands will miss English input and not only on economic issue`s, but methode how to talk to the land of the free: America! Europe is in decent to a fascist national socialist EU. England doesn`t care for it and Brexit for all the good reasons thus exit the best of Europenen culture. Boy am I afraid for the future; America and England have to come to our rescue again not before ufcourse, everything In Europe is destroyed by stupid (third world) invaders protected by political correct assholes in Brussels. For the comming years I `ll miss hearing English allready not botherd by an American New York Brooklin accent at all. Russian is likely to becom something we gonne hear more and more. YozefsatalinTube put out this channal for your country. BrBrBrBrbr its happening....God help us

  • Cobalt Wolf
    Cobalt Wolf Month ago

    I'm gay but I'm totally on milo's side and the right as a whole. I'm so sick of my ignorant generation and all these whiney feminists and lgbt activists.

  • Jeff F
    Jeff F Month ago

    Homeless guy wanders by at 1:03.

  • Alex Delarge
    Alex Delarge Month ago

    He's irrelevant, he blew it on Bill Maher.

  • Daniel Malone
    Daniel Malone Month ago

    I love MILO, such a good orator...though he is quite the contratrian "I don't want my daughter to be a stripper" - then he hires jihadi strippers for his book launch lol

  • makethislookawesome

    Milo, I love you, but a tax break on $0 income doesn't incentivize anything.

    Take a dual-income, no-kid family, become a family, suddenly your household income falls by an average of half & your expenses increase by around a third.

    There is no tax-break possibly large enough to off-set that math, even at 0% tax rate for breeders.

  • Scott Barnett
    Scott Barnett Month ago

    Love IT, The Sleeping Giant Awakes

  • Pfrizzle 101
    Pfrizzle 101 Month ago

    Thank you for confronting Ivanka and her stupid lies about the wage gap. It disgusts me that she has so much influence over Donald Trump. I mean I get that he loves his daughter and would do anything for her but she is his Achilles heel. And her husband is garbage and hopefully, even though there is nothing in this "Russian collusion" witch hunt, hopefully someway Jared Kushner will be ejected from White House influence.

  • Kamrul 82
    Kamrul 82 Month ago

    he's full of himself

  • Nikki Battlescar
    Nikki Battlescar Month ago

    dude. i have a ridiculous amount of respect for Mr Milo. thanks for just existing, man.

  • Penny Caldwell
    Penny Caldwell Month ago

    good looks - like a mannequin-narcissistic-"always right-not even-yes, free to speak - not as intelligent as he thinks he is/was???who knows

  • Miss Use
    Miss Use Month ago

    he's baaaaakkkk
    and even more fabulous than ever

  • david ϟϟ
    david ϟϟ Month ago

    Fucking "dr" drew. Slimy MTV kike ambulance chaser. Exploits redneck teenagers and junkies. They should revoke whatever bullshit medical license he has.

  • BubbleBurst
    BubbleBurst Month ago

    I like that for once Milo speaks slower, I'm not native English speaker so sometimes he can be pretty impossible to understand for me. Usually he's like sped up but now it feels more like slow-mo which is good for me. Maybe he's a bit tired here. Great interview.

  • floxy20
    floxy20 Month ago

    I think it's time we added another protected human rights category, namely the right not to be discriminated against for holding political and social opinions than run counter to a particular consensus.

  • Daniela Rent
    Daniela Rent Month ago

    Milo is awesome 💙 intelligent and funny

  • Lavender Lust
    Lavender Lust Month ago

    Keep fighting for freedom of speech........let's de-escalate "words". Words only hurt feelings, bullets kill humans.

  • the guy
    the guy Month ago

    Is there something wrong with his eyes? Seems like he's trying to hide some kind of pathology by looking upwards when looking at people and when he's not looking at people he looks down

  • Monica
    Monica Month ago

    google Hanna Rosin Tedd Talks the rise of women. No pay gap. Milo is absolutely correct. Women are now making more than men in the U.S.

  • sellsword chick
    sellsword chick Month ago

    He sounds and behaves like Felix from Orphan Black only he's conservative.

  • kim dav
    kim dav Month ago

    Milo woke me up in time to vote for Trump daddy.

  • Dawn DelCastillo
    Dawn DelCastillo Month ago

    Great show, Milo I love you to death. You are spot on and I am speaking as a lesbian conservative woman and I feel exactly the way you do.

  • Willy Russo
    Willy Russo Month ago

    Milo is the modern Beatles.

  • ryan gonzalez
    ryan gonzalez Month ago

    We think everyone in the U.K. is gay like Milo 😁

  • oOTyLeROo1000
    oOTyLeROo1000 Month ago

    Fuck you Milo stop disrespecting Canada!! I used to like your ideals until all the videos where you laugh and joke about Canada! If it weren't for Canada, America would have most of its beef, its electrical power, its oil and its defence technologies. That all come from Canada! Oh and Britain wouldn't be getting billion in tax money both from Canada, which America also pays! Look it up people billions of American tax payer dollars goes to the UK.

  • AZWings
    AZWings Month ago

    It's good to see Milo in a more "normal" conversation mode. I don't necessarily agree with him, but usually his troll approach is just very off-putting. His antics often end up clouding his message, in my opinion. So, it was a welcome change to see this interview.

  • A Lil Kangaroo
    A Lil Kangaroo Month ago

    everybudy luvs Milo cuz he enjoys puttn penuses in his backside 😂😁😀

  • theowlsarefun
    theowlsarefun Month ago

    Hearing that Milo has someone he considers "the love of his life" makes me so happy <3

  • m Robs
    m Robs Month ago

    this dude gayer than AIDS but he lit AF

  • Stay Down
    Stay Down Month ago

    I live in a city which only hires women because of the 23% wage gap. Just kidding. Men would be f'd if the wage gap actually existed. No business would choose men that cost way more. Plus many companies don't open for only 8hrs a day. Hence the need for men.
    And normal women are more than fine with it for their families.
    "Honey are you working overtime again tonight?"
    YES. " " great our family will make more money by you working extra rather than sitting on the couch all evening watching tv.
    Love you.
    Okay bye. 🤑

  • Bubz of Steel
    Bubz of Steel Month ago

    gillian anderson is a brit. .. it's her american accent that's put on.

  • Rare Raindrop
    Rare Raindrop Month ago

    I didn't notice it when he did the dangerous faggot tour but he really *has* lost a lot of his accent! I heard quite a few hard-R "are" , what happened to our dapper Brit? lol

  • Larson Fam
    Larson Fam Month ago

    Success and security used to be tangible and sustainable things based and maintained by the actions of the members of a family and on a larger scale the interactions of a community, now the measure of "success" and the action of which its obtained has changed into a solitary and codependent life entirely propped up by the fickle accumulation if money, the ability to feed and clothe and house and secure a family is no longer in the hands of individuals directly but by their credit status. They must be AWAY from the home as much as humanly possible in order to support that home, its unnatural, literally. Our food is removed from our life, our children's education, the security is a number on someone else's book, instead of in our homes and molded by callous hands, only as strong as the back working for it. The level of money needed to obtain security in today's world is virtually unattainable for most people in most costs of living and on most wages, and even our gains are as fickle as a New England cloud. Its an anxious and frustrated world with less and less humanity. It can't maintain this way and we are seeing the repruccusions of an unnatural and godless way of life, no structure and no rules except to serve this machine that takes everything from us that matters and shits out the things we are suppose to need.

  • Josh Levine
    Josh Levine Month ago

    So, he is a bigot.

    • propoetide
      propoetide Month ago

      Only bigots call people bigots.

  • Tod Kopf
    Tod Kopf Month ago

    i jus cant stop staring at that bridge n tunnel blow out on the top of his nugget

  • tal
    tal Month ago


  • Christopher
    Christopher Month ago

    You Won me over Milo. Smart guy.

  • Stay Down
    Stay Down Month ago

    Who feels bad for people who always yell 'victim'?
    Only other victims indulge in that crap. It's a huge turnoff, unless you're a 19 year old single parent white chick fighting against weird issues that no one really cares about. "So everyone is the problem because they don't want men peeing next to their children?" Sure, it's not the pedophile, drag queens problem, it's literally everyone else's. There are never solutions from these a holes. Just accusations. "What can I, specially do to cure my transphobia? Or at least treat it?"
    And this is a safe space, so please Enlighten us without being judged. XOXOXOXO
    And sorry I'm trying to understand so yelling names won't work. I just want help. I want solutions, not hate speech. Although, hate speech is probably your safest bet. Questions are hard to answer. Yelling is much easier. Which will you choose?

  • absolutless
    absolutless Month ago

    No statistic or even a place to find a statistic is found here. Milo says what he wants, sources it how he wants, and is as much a liar as any extreme absolutist, who's incapable of intellectual compromise. He's arrogant, politically funded, and should absolutely be allowed to speak.

  • John 17
    John 17 Month ago

    Honestly, politics is nothing but money. When people understand that....

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore Month ago

    Start a youtube podcast like JRE

  • Phil Jaworski
    Phil Jaworski Month ago

    thank you milo i agree compleatly with your take on trump and your take on the 1st amendment rights and me i am in the center so thank you being a punk rock voice for us who want common sence

  • Etta James
    Etta James Month ago

    Dr Drew made a good point that Milo conveniently ignored (there's a surprise). Why do women "prefer" to go into the lower paid jobs like social work? Think Milo. Think hard. How is he allowed to get away with just saying 'who knows'? This is intellectualism for people who do not have to think.

    • Simple Noob
      Simple Noob Month ago

      Etta James cause you can't know what others think unless you read minds. if u don't know u don't know better then making something up

  • TimeToStop
    TimeToStop Month ago


  • TimeToStop
    TimeToStop Month ago +3

    Milo!! please spread your seed and make little Milos and Milas that think and look like you! Make your own dangerous army!

  • hans blixxx
    hans blixxx Month ago

    Buy and read Dangerous

  • Cade Born
    Cade Born Month ago

    Thank god at least Dr Drew isn't a fucking google.

  • Sarah Lutze
    Sarah Lutze Month ago


  • kingdomroots
    kingdomroots Month ago +1

    Please stop being gay and let's get married 😻

  • Momo
    Momo Month ago

    Love,love, love this interview 😙

  • G-man
    G-man Month ago

    (7:15) women are obviously disadvantaged in the workplace due to motherhood, but this is more than adequately counter-balanced by the countless males who work endless hours in boring jobs and share every dime with their wives. women choose to be the primary care giver and allow their male partner to be the bread winner> ask women when they become a mum what theyd prefer> working at some boring job 40-50hrs a wk, or looking after their kids, most choose the latter, and why wouldnt they?

  • G-man
    G-man Month ago

    (5:50) ivanka trump sucks! shes clearly a libtard/ fembot moron. she believes in the 'pay gap' and climate change, shes female> so inclined towards leftism, sexism, and stupidity.

  • Ra Isis
    Ra Isis Month ago


  • RimlandThesis
    RimlandThesis Month ago

    LOVE IT! MILO brings up the Tyranny of the Majority! Biggest threat to democracy (i.e. partly why there is an electoral college for electing US presidents) - de Tocville references dropped!

  • Dawn Rodgers
    Dawn Rodgers Month ago +2

    So happy to see and hear Milo again. He is a better American then most Americans! Best to you Milo!

  • Maxim X
    Maxim X Month ago

    Dr Drew - very clever move to get MILO onto your show. His voice is crucial !!!

  • Kattie
    Kattie Month ago +1

    what a wonderful discussion. No yelling, hate ...just a normal discussion!

  • gtiman67
    gtiman67 Month ago

    Milo speaks TRUTH the LEFT will destroy civilization from within as we see 👀 it in EUROPE today

  • Aaron TV
    Aaron TV Month ago

    Love you milo follow me at

  • Karl-Heinz von Scharnhorst

    Great to see you back Milo.

  • Patrick McCreight
    Patrick McCreight Month ago

    On the child birth process/wage.
    Like Milo said, what is correct to do is not to force an employer to pay them for it, however a correctness on this topic would be to support the family dynamic. Child has a father that can work...let's make it a point to keep families together!
    a woman has a role (in this case she has to give birth) and a man has a role (in this case when she is giving birth to further work).

  • Michael Musashi
    Michael Musashi Month ago

    I love gays. All they think and talk about is sex. I like sex.

  • Hollow Oax
    Hollow Oax Month ago +1

    This is the first time I've seen Milo since the pedophilia shit storm.

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith Month ago

    What's the model number of those Sony headphones? They look solid.

    • Brad Smith
      Brad Smith Month ago

      Appears to be the Sony MDR-7506. Around since 1991.

  • J W
    J W Month ago

    ...Ben Shapiro is much more intelligent than Milo.

  • Tom Hoban
    Tom Hoban Month ago

    Equal work, equal pay, it's what exists, it always has. This is great, nobody has a problem with it. It's as it should be.

    Now the push is for women to be compensated for time they take off from work. As if the poor babies are simply left at home starving when they're not. Men are supporting the women and children when the woman is recovering from child birth or raising the children. Why should women be compensated again for this? They're double dipping. Sucking money out of the father, then claiming they are victims because of lost wages. Subsequently, society has to figure out a way to pay her again for her choice to have a child in this line of logic.

  • Lionel Wilson
    Lionel Wilson Month ago +2

    You can see Dr. Drew's respect for Milo growing over the course of the interview lmao.

  • Ewan Vivers
    Ewan Vivers Month ago

    Accent is annoying

  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker Month ago

    He makes me feel ill, a God fearing take it up the arse REPUBLICAN and you all want to suck his dick, go ahead it is a free country as long as you are rich .

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